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Back with Banel
« on: August 31, 2010, 02:40:40 PM »
Back inside the mound with the rest of the group. Banel sat down at his desk reading his notes and muttering to himself, Plikah stood next to him attempting to read the scrolls on Banel's desk. Behind the daemonologist is one of his daemons, the deep blue Praying Mantis like daemon, its eyes firmly fixed on Hefli who is swinging his axe about in a more relaxed manner. Sat down at the other side of the room is Kyth, his bow layed down on the table as he watches the daemon stood infront of Hefli

Downstairs tied to the bed is Tallia, her eyes clearly showing the pain she is in ... Oderin ignoring the obvious look of pain on her face is quietly watching her moves and observing/studying her ... Some time passes and Tallia begins to struggle less and attempts to do wot she can to make herself comfortable

Upstairs Hefli has begun to strech and clean his armour, Kyth looking around at the various runes marked along the walls ... Then a large thud can be heard against the wall to which the daemonologist is sitting by ... some dirt falls from the roof and the tables shake from the impact, downstairs dirt also falls from the well as well as the roof ... ... Banel looks around in a somewhat panicked manner, the daemon looks around in a more confused manner and Plikah (the dromish boy) moves closer to Banel with a look of terror on his face

What the ... No it cant be?!   <Banel begins to move to the door, with Plikah still grabbing hold of him, as he gets closer to the door he takes a hold of the boy and points to the table>   Go hide under there   <Banel then looks towards Hefli and Kyth, the look of panic still not having left his face>
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