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The Pitch
« on: July 30, 2020, 01:16:12 PM »
Dark Knight will be a game based in the Dresden Files Universe which uses the FATE dice system. It's not necessary for you to know about the Dresden Files books as it's your pretty basic Urban Fantasy world with faeries, vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts etc.

You'll be a playing a group brought together by the White Council (A Council of Wizards which enforce wizard law) to investigate strange going ons underneath the streets of huddersfield.

It seems that there are a variety of magical beings who have not been playing nice in Huddersfield. Whilst the White Council are only interested in one particular wayward practitioner it will be up to you and your group to decide whether your moral compass points you in the direction of meddling in the affairs of other nefarious creatures.

It would be wise to consider your steps carefully as some of the shadows which are cast over the town of Huddersfield run darker and longer than others. Things very much go bump in the night and as you learn more about the supernatural world they will learn more about you.

As always, happy to answer any questions you may have. Message me on Facebook as Jessica Herrett or on here.
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Re: The Pitch
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2020, 06:37:39 PM »
Characters you can choose from:

Focused Practitioner
Minor league of the spell-slinging set. They have one rather narrowly defined aptitude at spellcraft which they practice to the exclusion of all else. E.g: Pyromancer, Kinetomancer, Ectomancer, Alchemist.

Not werewolves. Where werewolves change their bodies, lycanthropes change only their minds, aligning their thoughts and senses with those of a beast.

Minor Talent
Mortals who have small, limited powers, whether due to long-forgotten traces of inhuman bloodlines, exposure to the supernatural, or simply the right combination of willpower and belief. People with 'one-trick' powers might not have a lot of mojo but can be very effective in the hands of a driven and creative individual.

Pure Mortal
Pure mortals are ordinary (or mundanely extraordinary!) people who don't have anything supernatural going on - save for perhaps the company they keep or the things they've seen. Pure mortals can come from all walks of life - police, doctors, mobsters, actors, students, and more.

Red Court Infected
Red Court vampires - nasty bat-things which live inside an apparently human (and typically gorgeous) flesh-mask, drool narcotic venom and feed on blood - are able to infect humans, putting them on a potentially inevitable path towards becoming a full-on Red Court vampires. These infected individuals possess some of the same capabilities as the monsters that bit them - at least at a 'junior varsity' level.

True Believer
Faith has power in the Dresdenverse, where the strength of your belief can - when focussed properly - turn back the tide of darkness. There are special mortals among us whose beliefs are so strong that they cross into the territory of true supernatural power.

Weak Were-Form
Some humans have learned (or were simply born with the capability) to take on the form of a beast; when that beast is a wolf, we call them werewolves, but there are many other were-forms out there. The animal in question isn't supercharged or innately magical, but with some practice, the shapeshifter can use it as easily as their human form, within the limits of what that animal can do.

White Court Virgin
White Court vampirism is a hereditary condition, passed along when interbreeding with humans, always breeding true. But the condition doesn't truly take hold until the 'virgin's White Court vampire has killed for the first time with his emotion-feeding abilities.

Half-human, Half-Faerie. Before each changeling stands 'the choice, a razor's edge dividing their mortal nature from their faerie nature. When they call upon the abilities of their faerie blood, they - bit by bit - push themselves to becoming full faerie (when the player becomes full faerie they will then become an NPC due to the rules that the faeries must abide by in this world.
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