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Yagaba's journal
« on: May 12, 2020, 10:09:38 PM »
The below is written in crude barbarian between the pages of a worn leatherbound journal. Several pages have already been ripped out.
With the arrival of battle in the morning and my death almost a certainty in the realms of Symbar I suppose a book and quill is more useful as a journal than reserves to wipe my ass with. At least this way I shall be, at the very least, inconveniencing the Sovereign Oath. If keeping a piece of my experience within these pages means that one day it will fall into the hands of one of my kin, then so be it. I shall start off light, and hope my writing is still intelligible to my Biaga clansmen.

I suppose I should try to start from the beginning. Itís difficult to remember past the terror of Grabando. If I survive long enough I will note about this later mind you . Being kept awake at nights at the screams of clansmen was what I suppose drove me on my path, only confirmed by dreams sent to e by Arex. The white wasnít where I thought Iíd ever end up as a child, but here we are. I canít say itís been all bad. My ability to handle spirits has led to many entertaining encounters.

My present company, an odd mix of barbarians, humans and even a dwarf and ogre, take it differently, though I suppose they donít care if it helps find treasure. I find it a necessity. The past is all, and the longer we keep connections to it the longer I believe we preserve the old ways. On a side note, the travel to and around Symbar have had me thinking whether it is the old ways that have caused such chaos within the Davakar. I should hope that these great tomes we have found will help to piece together some of the lost past.

My treck through Ambria was disastrous at first. Ambrianís, I have found, are completely unsympathetic to even their own. Such a break from the traditions of clan Baiaga hit hard, even after being outcast. There was plenty for me to learn, but first I wanted to learn tongues, learn as many as possible. Of course, I started with Ambrian, and as I worked my way through the villages to the towns and then cities my coin pouch was growing empty and my stomach along with it. Most jobs had me doing menial work, though one particular bakery job was quite the catch.
I quickly learnt the Ambrianís did not favour my skills. After traversing to woodlands and donning my ceremonial shroud a group of returning hunters had spotted me. I suppose among the mass of bones teeth and severed fingers I would look quite the sight.    
The Ambrianís catered to a strange bunch, and the poorer I got the more entertaining I found their willing to stoop to any level. They were like cockroaches, but bigger, and uglier. In the end though, this is what saved my life. People within Yndaros were a peculiar bunch, and at my worst, where I thought of abandoning my dream, a fellow contacted me. I hadnít the slightest clue who they were, or who they worked for, but the idea of using my abilities in such ways didnít sit well with me. You see, they needed to know where a contact, who had perished, had hidden coin. I suppose they did not know how my abilities worked, or that I must have a body part of said spirit. One of their associates had a fingerÖ I didnít ask.
All was going well until we came to the resting place of the man. It was an ugly sight, but also a trap. I think it was something of a gang war, but I ended up an oddity to the small people who bashed my skull in. They didnít kill me for whatever reason, perhaps wishing to sell me to the Black Cloaks, but this is where present company, predominantly Crackbones, came in as a knight in shining, 9Ē9ft armour.

I suppose I should preface in saying that my time with Ambrianís had been an overall poor experience, and when a towering man with 5 other equally strange people came along and saved my life, I hopped onto their bandwagon. Despite three of their party being Ambrian, they seemed well enough. Crackbones was most accommodating, and I think he believes I hold the secrets to the world. He was straight forward with his goal: be the first to find Symbar and itís throne of thorns. I thought why not, perhaps I could learn a new skill along the way. It felt right, either way, and I had no regrets leaving my not so stable life behind for an even more unstable, unsure future.