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Asquith's Party
« on: March 10, 2020, 09:15:24 PM »
Admiral Percy Shaw- A sharp up a comer in the British Royal Navy Percy has attained the rank of Admiral at only twenty nine.  There is gossip about the validity of his position which has come as much from Percy’s noble family in England being distantly related to Royalty as much as Percy’s genuine skills. Clever and capable if a little soft Percy seeks to secure his position with the capture of some high profile pirates, but none of that matters tonight where he has come to relax and hear the news from England from the guests of honour

Ex Privateer John Beckett- This one eyed rouge has been all the talk of Port Royal lately, the release of his memoirs in London has caused quite the scandal but anyone who’s anyone has read them. John Beckett has traveled the world fighting his arch nemesis a mysterious masked pirate known only as the Spaniard, their final battle took place in the flaming wreck of Becketts ship The Old Lady where Beckett bested his foe in single combat but lost his eye leading to his to retirement, this outlandish story is of course a lie, Beckett is a con man who can spin a good yarn, under the eyepatch is a healthy eye. He’s in the area to “research” his next novel but really is just leeching off the nobility.

Lady Victoria Fox- The matriarch of the Fox clan an influential local family who make much of their money from the Slave trade, she is at the party due to having provided Asquith with much of his replacement manpower. Is an old evil sly woman who is known for getting her way, her husband died tragically a few years ago choking on his food but his has hardly stopped her from expanding her empire which he controls through her three sons Matthew, Mark and Luke. It is rumoured in shady taverns that the good Lady is a practitioner of the black arts of voodoo she learnt from one of her slaves before having her whipped to death. I’m sure these are silly rumors.

Governor George Stainland- The drunk and stupid Govener of Port Royal, he reached his position due to family connections in England which wanted him out of the way. Is sadly just smart enough to understand how useless he is at his job and so has taken to food and drink as a coping mechanism.

Frank “Smiley” Smith- A member of the nouveau riche, no one really knows where his fortune has come from or why he has been invited to this party. Is in truth a ruthless Gang Boss and smuggler who managed to earn enough to go legit. Has nothing but contempt for the upper classes but knows he must play the game.