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Bran's Journal
« on: December 04, 2019, 12:05:51 PM »
Why did I leave the Army?

What the FUCK is going on?? If I thought the level of politics and deseption in the army was bad than the top level of Ambrian society is a whole other level of fucked up! I'm not one for writing but I reckon writing this down is the only way for me to sort my head out.

So Ambrias mortal enemy and a disgraced member, no, EX-member of the Ordo Magica, both are at least assumed dead by the crown and therefore Ambrians. At worst their deaths are faked, by the crown and then they are kept hidden and 'secure' by the crown, with lies about their fate peddled by the crown to unsuspecting Ambrians.

Now I don't understand what it takes to run a kingdom and I assume that sometimes deceiving the public is in the greater interest of the kingdom but to have two case's so similar for such dangerous reasons, I don't understand it.

I fear I either will never understand what is going on right now and that it will eat at my soul to my death or in the process of understanding my death will be brought about a lot sooner than I would like.

I can't believe I'm starting to think this but I am being to sympathise with K and think that maybe Q is going down a very dangerous and dark path. At least K is trying to stop history repeating itself but as for V, he seems to have no positive reason for being kept alive.

It makes me wonder was he kept alive and then he's escaped with the help of some nobles to take down the crown and cause destruction and chaos or is this all part of Q's plan. Whatever has happened I'm starting to think we should stop finding answers and try and get rid of some of these threats even if they are protected by the Crown. I never thought I'd be thinking Treas... No I can't even write the word.

What I would give to be back with my men in the army. I like the group I'm with now, most of them are good fun, all are useful in their own way. One of them is even a little scary though as long as she's with us we should all be fine. Anyway as much as I'm getting on with them, they seem to draw danger towards them, danger above their current pay grade.

I regret now how I dealt with my retirement. Under the circumstances when the Captain left, turning down the promotion made sense with the others lined up for it. I could never have forseen Vernon Dardell happening. After that sorry afair at the village I needed to do something but I wish I hadn't retired to do so. Surely with the adjutant and my men respecting me as they do, once Vernon was out the door I could have rectified my mistake and gotten the promotion. I would have taken our unit back to what it was when the Captain was around and I fear my life would have been a lot simpler.