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Jin Da Background

I woke with a jolt as light flooded my eyes, the sudden intensity causing blinding pain. I was tied to a chair. A voice suddenly rang out from the darkness.
ďYou will tell us about your plan to steal one hundred million Dollars from my employer Mr WanchengĒ
I remember thinking it was possible I was in over my head.
Then the beatings started.

Born May 10th 1991 at ten minutes past ten at night, Da Jin was a sickly frail child, but the first few years of his life were happy ones. His family lived in Tai Kok Tsui, his parents Hai and Ling ran a popular small restaurant. When Jin Da was just five years old his Mother died giving birth to his Sister Meili. Matters would only go downhill from there, his Father now had to give even more of his time to keeping the restaurant going and Jin Da was expected to help where he could. He Father was consumed with stress and Jin Da found him to be increasing distant.

In early 2001 a new crime lord came to Tai Kok Tsui, Me Wancheng quickly started running a brutal protection racket.  Hai did everything he could to keep the restaurant open, look after his children and pay protection money. But it wasnít enough, in 2003 after being two months behind on payment he was beaten, still he tried to pull it back, he believed all he had to do was work hard enough to fix the problem. The stress from Mr Wanchengís thugs led to a fatal heart attack, Hai died working in the small restaurant he had loved. He was thirty-three years old. His children were orphaned, as far as Jin Da was concerned the only man to blame was Mr Wangcheng.

Jin Da and his Sister moved to Sham Shui Po district to live with Haiís sister Jia, she was a kind loving woman with no children or partner of her own and probably couldnít really bear the financial burden of two extra mouths to feed but she felt she had to for the memory of her  brother. Jin Da dreamed of revenge, it was all he wanted, to hurt Mr Wangcheng in the same way he had been hurt, to take everything from him. He started skipping school, wandering the streets of Hong Kong to distract himself. He started stealing. At first for the thrill but later for the challenge, he fell in with a group of similar kids. By the time he was sixteen his aunt was forced to kick him out, the police had been around a few many times looking for him. If he didnít want her hospitality then he was old enough to look after himself now.

Jin Da spent a few years as a thief  but over time he grew restless, he started pulling quick confidence tricks for even quicker money, he was clever enough to stay ahead of the law for a few more years. This lasted until he was twenty five and he was caught cheating at cards by Taoist Mage and professional con artist Cheng Xilai, instead of being offended Cheng saw promise in the young man and brought him on to be part of a small group he ran who pulled off big scores preying on the rich.

The next ten years were good ones for Jin Da, he learnt much from his new gang, even finding out he had a small talent for illusion magic with some encouragement from Cheng, after all Confidence tricks are simply lies that make reality what you wished it to be, illusions were the same principle. He entered a relationship with Jian Qu another member of the gang who specialized in technology. He even managed to go back to his aunt and Sister and beg for forgiveness. Lying that he was now a legitimate businessman, either way he had enough money to help support his Sister which was the main thing, all those years though one burning need was still inside of him. To make Mr Wancheng pay. He tried to convince Cheng to take him as a target, but Cheng ruled him too dangerous. Jin Da accepted this but over time is gnawed at him more and more.
In the end Jin Da destroyed his relationship with the gang, in place of the revenge he sought he went out drinking and partying to the late hours of the morning, he cheated on Jian with other men and lied constantly. Eventually Jian broke it off, the lies were too much, he didnít think Jin Da knew who Jin Da really was, he was just whatever lie was most convenient Cheng believed Jing Da had become a liability due to his obsession and so had him thrown out of the gang.

It took Jin Da a few years to form a gang of his own, and as far as he was concerned now was the time to strike out against Mr Wancheng. He hatched a stock market con. The mark had been trying to move on from his gangster past and turn legitimate, unfortunately most of his investments in the stock market were not paying off due to the sudden turn of fortunes.Jin Da would set it up so Mr Wancheng believed he was an insider who had a piece of technology that allowed him to hack into the data from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange before it became public and thus invest with a 100% success rate which was still highly illegal, however the investment required Mr Wangcheng transfer Jin Da the money to act as broker. Jin Da used all his savings to give a return on the small first investment, intending to take the man for everything the second time round.

This did not go to plan. Jin Da was not at his best, blinded by anger and pain and drinking too much, the plan was shoddy, he and his gang were caught, but not by the police. It was much much worse than that.

The beatings lasted a while.
I talked quickly after that, tears running down my cheeks I gave up everything, who I am why I had tried to do what I did.
Mr Wancheng sat in the corner listening, his eyes blazing with hatred , after he heard my confession he stood up and pulled out his gun pointing it directly at me
There was a loud bang and the world faded into blacknessÖ

Except it didnít.

Jin Da has returned.

Heís been sighted on the street, talking with contacts as if nothing were amiss, he been sighted playing poker with old friends in musty dark rooms, itís even said heís been seem out his favourite bars, drinking and talking late into the night.

And there are odd reports of Mr Wancheng, of the strange dreams heís been having, about the impossible things heís been seeing in his house when day turns to night. Itís said that a vengeful spirit has gotten itís claws into Mr Wancheng, and who knows who that could be, Mr Wancheng had many many enemies after all

The two things are probably unconnected Iím sure.
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Excellent!   8)

Great start .. looking forwards to finding out more about the hunting of Mr Wancheng!