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The Federation Frontier Force - Your New Job
« on: September 14, 2019, 03:52:52 AM »
Welcome to the Federation Frontier Force! You are about to embark on an important and exciting journey into the depths of our known Galaxy and - Federation funding permitting - beyond!

The FFF offers flexible working conditions through contract work facilitated by the Galactic Federation. Payment only on contract completion.

The Federation Frontier Force is one of the few creations of the Federation brought into place prior to its collapse. Formed in part as an attempt to patch up some of the mess, and in part to avoid some very painful and expensive lawsuits under its own laws. Almost all of its administrative staff is comprised of former employees of federation outposts which were dismantled. Its contractors, however, are a mottley gaggle of mercenaries, thrill-seekers, veterans and convicts all looking to do the Federation's clean-up for their own reasons. Whilst the Federation might previously have included expensive things like interviews and background checks, it can no longer afford the luxury, even offering convicts deals to join the FFF in return for their release.

The Base
Station 4X-2B-002a - or simply 'The Base' - is a space station orbiting a K-Class Star. Originally a refuelling outpost due to its position at the convergence of many hyperlane routes, it was repurposed when the Federation could no longer afford to stock it with fuel to sell. Thankfully, the convenient placing, docking space and license to sell booze and drink it on the premises make it the perfect home for the FFF.

Captain Neesh
A Human who was formerly in charge of a number of missions to hostile fringe planets at the edge of Federation territory, Captain Neesh now heads the Federation Frontier Force. An aged and jaded figure, Neesh has resigned himself to the life of a pen-pusher, and gets his kicks these days by berating the mercenaries of the FFF and spending his salary on collectible holo-pogs. Captain Neesh serves as a liason for many teams leaving for or returning from missions - many payments requiring his personal biosignature to go through.

An enigmatic figure on The Base, Charleton had an all-but-permanently docked luxury corvette which they have largely converted into a restaurant for the contractors using the station as a hub for work. The Love Boat is a friendly and welcoming place, provided you have the Bux to pay your tab and don't mind the chatty barman - Captain Charleton himself. A burly, dark-skinned human who looks like he's made for more than running a bar - and from his gossip sounds like he once did. He claims to be a well-versed smuggler, explorer, broker, brawler, lover - you name it - and even now offers to procure certain favourites anything they like, with a price. He almost exclusively mans the bar, leaving the waiting and cooking to a small crew of droids and an elusive 'assistant' often hear clattering about in the kitchen, but Charleton forbids from coming into the public eye.

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