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The Birthday

Rose woke with a start, it took her a second to get her bearings, to calm herself from her dream, to remind herself that she had been simply locked in her head, she hadn’t been back in prison, De Rosa was not there with her, she had not beaten Rose to a pulp, laughing about how much of a fool she was. It was just a bad dream just another horrible bloody dream. She considered going back to sleep but the idea didn’t seem appealing. Too many ghosts. She rose and checked the calendar pinned next to her bed. It was November the eighteenth. Her thirtieth Birthday.

Just one year ago she’d still been languishing in a prison cell, despite all the horrors and difficulties in stopping project V she had to admit this life was better than the one she left behind. She got dressed for the day, picking the crumpled and creased clothes off the the floor. Judging by the light outside her window it was still early morning, Violet wouldn’t be up for a few hours yet. She headed downstairs and let herself into her lab. She had been exuberant when she had finally got it back from the tailor, she did what she did for it’s protection but she never felt right when it was in the hands of others. With the money they had made from the Hastings job she and Violet had had enough money to put towards a more secure living space, one only they knew the location of, perhaps in time she’d trust Peter again but on the other hand one doesn’t tend to get over high explosives placed in ones living quarters.

Rose started the morning with some complex theoretical alchemical work, it had been nice for the past few weeks to work in a more relaxed lab environment, everything had stopped being so life or death. She had the time, money and equipment to do things right. No more cutting corners for expediency's  sake or jury rigging insane creations from whatever scant materials she had on hand and praying it didn’t blow up in her face, sometimes she wished some of her colleagues knew exactly how ingenious her work was but then even Peter, god bless him wasn’t on her level. Magnus could have been but then she never did get to teach her like she wanted, and if she had there was every chance it could have backfired. She spent a pleasant few hours trying to break a formula for Throrpe before Violet came in to give her a hug and a joyful cry of Happy Birthday.

They had breakfast together in the kitchen, Violet cooked eggs, she knew just how to make them like Mother did. Rose took a short stroll around the corner to get the morning papers and then looked over the Papers whilst Violet cooked , the gossip about the witch and the architects had mainly died down now that it had been a few weeks without incident, the police were looking for her but with the new identities and safe house she felt secure for now, she noted Mother and Father were still milking the connection to her for all the money it was worth with yet another fake propaganda story slating her, perhaps she should pay them a visit she thought before dismissing the idea as pointless. They were bitter nasty people, let them have this. What really concerned Rose was the news in the papers regarding the Smeddlingtons, the family had been doing unexpectedly well since the prodigal son returned. Her and Peter were still debating if to take action directly but an eye needed to be kept upon that household.

After Breakfast they exchanged gifts. Violet had bought Rose The Kinship of the Three by Wei Boyang she received in return the most beautiful red dress from Rose. Rose still regretted the words she had said to her sister in the Hastings manor, whilst she had apologised and been forgiven she still felt it hung over the whole relationship. She would have to find a way to do better in future.

She had never really believed she would make it to thirty, in some way this is why she had struggled the past few weeks. She threw herself into a battle she didn’t believe she could win and yet somehow against the odds she had. The question of what to do next hung on the air, tempting and yet dangerous. Peter had agreed a few weeks lying low would not hurt the cause, especially when Rose agreed to help him in teaching some of his strays. But the time was coming for action again. The Tailor had been asking about the groups next move. She didn’t fully trust him but his money was still good. Still she had plans to invest the Hastings money into a legitimate alchemy business, a way to fund the work without relying upon others, she suggested the same to Peter but sadly he had responded with a lecture about the exploitation of the working class. Oh well, she’d have to be the sensible one as always.

Peter had requested a meeting with her later that day at four in the George, until then she planned to treat Violet to a day gambling in the fighting pits. One battle was won but the war was not yet over. She doubted the war would ever be over. After all there were still many bastards left in this world. And the only way to deal with the bastards is to kill them before they kill you. And they’d never see what she had planned coming. Certainly Lord Weston wouldn’t enjoy the Christmas present she had planned for him this year.

She stepped of her house arm in arm with the person she was closest to in all the world. As long as they had each other Rose knew they they could face anything.
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