Author Topic: Tung: a user's guide  (Read 135 times)


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Tung: a user's guide
« on: May 07, 2019, 12:52:58 PM »
   Can Jiro see or is anybody likely to tell him?
      Will Gorum care about the circumstances?
         Kill them
         ELSE kill them but apologise
      ELSE is Jiro going anywhere soon?
         Wait 5 minutes, return to "Can Jiro see...?"
         ELSE grumble

   Ask Jiro if we need to keep any of the targets intact
      Try not to forget which ones but maybe accidentally do it anyway then apologise
      ELSE smash
   Can I hit it?
      ELSE use less power attack.  Can I hit it now?
         ELSE uh... can Jiro or Beshka do any weird buff stuff?
            Smash with caution
            This has literally never happened.  ABORT.
   Is it dead?
      Are you raging?
         Eat it up, yum-yum
         ELSE feel revulsion at what you have become.  Then kill something else
      ELSE is it Jiro?
      ELSE is it Samantha?
         Your dark task has come to completion.  Definitely eat it.
      ELSE return to "Can I hit it?"

Social interaction
   Does it speak Orc?
      You're probably going to kill it soon, let's be honest
      ELSE ask if it speaks Orc a few more times
   Is it friendly?
      It won't be if you keep talking to it.  Go do something else
      ELSE try really hard to make friends, no matter how angry it gets, especially if it's Venn Vinder.
   Is it in a position of authority?
      Bellow at it, tell it that you disagree with its philosophy/religion
   Has the conversation lasted for more than 5 minutes?
      Let somebody else handle it.  Ask Garren for synopsis later.  Garren doesn't mince words.  We like Garren.

Information gathering
   Can we help with Knowledge religion or nature?
      Feel like the smartest person in the universe
      ELSE find something pretty to look at

Are you working with...
   You owe him a life debt.  Defend at all costs.

   You are not sure if she is literally a child and at this point are afraid to ask.  Defend at all costs.

   Kind of a cool guy

   You find him charming in an undefinable way.  You are convinced that Samantha is somehow his wife, his daughter and his craft project.  Weirder things happen where you come from, though.

   You think she is fear personified and would destroy her were you not convinced that she is full of spiders and darkness.

   You think he's a kindred spirit.  Gets sad about things sometimes when he should just burp lightning at them.

   You are trying to work out how to kill her before she tries to steal your magic eyeball.  You think she is 3 people and you don't know if you trust any of them.

   You aren't sure if he's listening but it seems to make Jiro happy to know you're worshipping him.
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