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A crumpled, stained note
« on: May 02, 2019, 12:16:39 PM »
A few months ago, I paid a small amount to have a literate citizen of Sandpoint write a letter on Tung's behalf.  It was right after we brought back Jiro when thoughts of "what happens when we die?" were at the forefront of Tung's mind.  The below is that letter.  If he dies in combat in any future session, this will be somewhere among his belongings, probably crumpled up and stashed in a secure fold of his loincloth.  Just thought I'd post this since I was going to at some point later on, anyway.

After several IC weeks of being exposed to blood and sweat, it's a dreadful object.


If you are reading this, I have died and you have found my body.

I hope you know who I am already.  If you do not, I am Tung.  I am a member of the Serrated Fang tribe but they are dead and will not be able to help you.

My tribe do not have any burial rites.  Traditionally we eat our dead but you probably do not want to do this.  I will not ask you to.  Do with my body what you will.  It would be nice if it were used for something nice, maybe to help some plants to grow.

If I am carrying any goods of value, please return them to my friends.  My friends are Jiro, Fripflop, Beshka, Garren and Sabina.  They are probably somewhere near Sandpoint.  Ask around for Fripflop because he is a frog and will stand out.

Please leave me with at least one weapon.  It does not have to be a good one.  It would be nice if it was a good one but it does not have to be.  I need to be able to defend myself when I get to whatever happens after this life.  It is very important to my identity.

Please do not attempt to resurrect me.  I will not come back if you do.  If I am dead I am with my god now and he will probably get very angry if I try to leave him so I will not leave him.  I have not lived a good life and I am unlikely to do better with a second chance.  If I die in combat and I die defending a good cause or a good person, that is probably the best I can hope to do.

I am sorry that you had to find me.  I hope it did not upset you.

If you knew who I was then goodbye and I am sorry I could not do better.  I am sorry I could not be a better Tung.  I hope I was enough.

Tung of the Serrated Fang, Eye of Gruumsh.

"Eye of Gruumsh has been crossed out.  An addendum has been added in Orc.  It is in considerably less neat handwriting, looking more drawn than written.

At the time of writing, I am no longer a worshipper of Gruumsh.  Despite this, please do not attempt to resurrect me if the opportunity arises as I will not return.  I have already had my second chance and am satisfied with the life I have lead.  In death, I hope to find peace and in that peace, I hope you too find closure.

Thank you.
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