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Internal Conflicts
« on: February 04, 2019, 10:09:31 PM »
There are two different writing styles on this page. One is neat an the other one is messy.

Who are you?

So you left me a note. You cannot hear me, but you can feel me.

Are you the one that drugged Karl?

We gave Karl the Wake. We wanted to know what it did. You didnít like the results and forced me out.

Who are you?

Iím you.

Youíre not. I wouldnít do anything like this. Am I possessed? If you are a spirit where have you come from?

I am no spirit- unless you believe your old self to be dead? 7 years ago you would have done much worse than just giving someone a drug. 7 years ago we didnít need to speak through a piece of paper as we were the same person.

What does that have to do with what is happening now?

Thatís where I was born. I wasnít much more than the desire you felt when healing the bodies you lived around. I was the one who wrote those dark and twisted notes you tore out of your Journal. But really that was us. We were still the same person. Just I was more persuasive during those places.

So why are you only now speaking?

The idiot Karl. When we drugged him, your panic pushed me further away from you.

You drugged Karl! I had no part in it! Youíre the one that they cannot trust! You are the one that Mouse desperately want the truth from. Thatís why he said both. Who are you?

I am you.

Who are you?

I am you from 7 years ago. If we want to give names to us then, as you call yourself Magnus now, then I would be Annabelle. Now you donít want the truth to be let out about our father? Our mother?

Whatís stopping me from telling them everything?

They would kill us and you donít want that. You know what will happen when we die. They wonít. You care to much for them and this world you have found yourself in. All you have to do is let me do the talking.

Thatís not how this works. If your me then you still have the medical training. Observations show that multiple personalities canít be controlled or brought out at will. Only triggers cause the reaction.

Yet we are talking to each other on this page. Relax and let me take over. Then I can talk and have my say. By the time I have calmed down you have taken back control. If Mouse knows then he will want to talk to me.

Mouse will not talk to you. You will not talk to anyone.

How else do you expect us to get out of this?

They wonít kill me. Rose and Violet want to keep ME safe.

Yes but we will be a prisoner. How do you expect to treat people as a doctor if you are a prisoner? They will be watching your every move. You wonít be able to function anymore.

They will let me go after a while once they realise I wasnít the one to drug Karl.

They will keep you prisoner for as long as you are alive, and thatís if Mouse doesnít just shoot you when he walks back in. He will show them the Journal, even if the worst is torn out of it, we still wrote some questionable things. You will never be able to go anywhere on your own again. Never. You will always be looking over your shoulder for Karl. He will always be hunting you down.

Karl will understand once I explain it to him. So will the others. Youíre wrong. You always will be. Youíre the one thatís living in the past, that keeps bringing up my father and mother. I made a new life for myself. Made friends until you came along. Until you ruined everything.

You have better chance talking to an animate. Either stay quiet or we die.

Then let them kill me.

Ok letís think about this. The next time I get control I will kill Rose. Stand down and let me talk or she dies.

You wouldnít dare.

We both know I would and I wouldnít just kill her. Even if we are separated now we both shared the same mind back then. You know what we are capable of. Of what I will do.

You canít. She and her sister have helped us. You canít betray that trust they have given us.

Well we canít talk about trust anymore seen as you lied to everyone. So what is it? Let me talk or you have to explain why you murder Rose.

How do I know you will keep your word?

Because it is fun watching a Mouse play a cat.
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Re: Internal Conflicts
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2019, 07:57:53 PM »
We need to talk.

What about, my dear Magnus?

What do you fucking think?! We canít tell them about anything to do with that voice until I have heard the full story.

We both agreed to it. You did take some convincing but it was good.


I think we might have.

Will you focus on what we need to fucking talk about. It doesnít help that I have somehow developed a split personality, but we now seem to be talking to some sort of external voice. I canít see a third personality coming out of us.

It is rare. It seemed to be talking to us both. Offered me revenge. Well us. We both felt the same pain. That same ache of betrayal.

It caught us in a moment of weakness. I would never agree to such a thing. But.. that pain. Rose was not thinking. Iím sure she didnít mean too. You did just attack her sister. Iím sure if we talk to her she will explain why.

Here you go again trying to justify other peoples actions! If it wasnít our Mother throwing us out it is now the members of this group! You felt the same anger as me! The anger to them disrespecting us! She threatened to inject us with a poison. A slow embarrassing death. Pathetic. We need to start defending ourselves. Start fighting back. Your weak.

If you call me weak then why am I the main personality? The weak personalities get pushed to the back Annabelle. They get pushed to the back because they are weak, Annabelle. You are the weak one.

You wonít be for long. Iím gaining strength and you can feel it. My strength is increasing faster than you would like to admit. Maybe another trip with our new friend will sort that out.

We are getting nowhere like this. You can still hear it canít you. That voice. Itís quiet but itís there, at the edge of our minds. You canít say yes again. WE canít say yes again.

But it was so fun. I felt so strong.

No we need to resist this until we know what is going on. Mouse will be ready to shoot us if-


-if we canít resist whatever it is. Do you have any theories?

On whether the group is going to kill us? Then yes I have many.

Stay on topic. It came to us in our lowest point. Our mind was weak then.

I do admire that. It seems to understand basic human psychology.

I donít think it will understand us. Iím still trying to figure us out. It specifically spoke to us when we were in pain. God that pain. I still feel my joints and muscles twitching. It used that as a tool to get inside our mind. If I wasnít there to say no at the beginning then I donít know what could have happened. It grew weaker but it was still strong.

The only way to get reliable results is to experience it yourself Magnus.

Donít you remember what got us into this situation, Annabelle?

You enjoyed giving Karl the Wake. Admit it! Thatís why you donít want to talk to Mouse. Youíre afraid he will realise we are both the same.

Stop changing the topic.


Perhaps it needed complete agreement. Otherwise I can only think that it wanted to go off of my decision as, at this moment in time, I am the main personality. However, we do need to deal with this when we have spoken to the group.

Yes. Speak to the group that would like to see our head on a spike.

Will you shut up and listen! My mind has been racing since Meyer found us. Since we calmed down. My thought is that this voice is some sort of spirit.

So youíre saying we are possessed? How amusing it must be to watch us. First of all the Doctor develops a split personality and now we are possessed by a spirit. I do wonder whatís going through their small heads.

Thank you for reminding me. This building we are chasing after, Hudson House, seems to be where the Smeddlintons have focused their most forces from what Mouse and Rose saw that night. We have also found out that SIE operate out of that building. The SIE deal with supernatural events and beings. Now why would the SIE and the Smeddlintons want to work out of the same building?

The Z-Gas. The victims screamed with what we can only think to be pain. The chemicals in the Z-Gas however do not cause pain as such as Rose told us. Maybe the combination caused pain. I would like to do tests on this in the future. You fail to see that the monsters were dependent on the gas as soon as they took their first breath. There is no sign that they would be possessed in any way. I see recent events have lowered your brain capacity. Shame.

The gas killed the body. It kept the brain alive. Why?

Well why donít we get our hands on more, then we can test it on one of our lovely friends.

Donít you dare.

Why? What are you going to do? We are the same person Magnus. You still feel the same burn to experiment as me. Donít deny it. You couldnít look at Karl when he came in just then. Itís because you are ashamed! Unlike you I accept what I am and move on.

If there is anyway for me to destroy you, I will. You will not be the death of me but I will be the death of you. Now shut up and stay quiet, I need to talk to the rest of the group.

What are you going to tell them? That we have been discussing? If they donít think you are mad already they will after that! As I said before they donít trust you and they never will. When you tell them about this voice they will shoot you without hesitation. If it isnít them, it will be Cohen. You saw the rage in his eyes. This little group of ours has caused him more trouble than the whole revolution. First it was Richard killing the Smeddlinton child, then it was Mouse shooting the Gatka man and nearly getting himself shot. Now it is us getting fucking possessed! You have us locked up ready for the slaughter and you still think about this group and you try to justify what they have done to you! The longest Ďfriendí you have is that buffoon, Karl. I should have killed him when we saw him bleeding out. Maybe then father wouldnít be dead and we wouldnít have ended up in this pathetic revolution! Karl is the reason we are in so much pain, Magnus, do you not see that! He needs to be put down.

Donít you dare speak about Karl in that way. He is not a dog that follows blindly! He has been put through enough already without you plotting to kill him! If he puts a bullet through my head then I will be thankful! He helped us with our father and then helped us with the aftermath! He has supported us for 7 years! 7 years, Annabelle! He helped me set up MY practice. Helped ME start a new life. He gave me this name and this identity! He gave me a new life. How can you forget that?

He made you weak!

No! He made me strong! He helped me keep back the dark desires I felt for so long after fatherís death! He reassured me everything was going to be fine! He didnít care what we had done, all he cared about was what we were going to do!

He is the reason why we are here, donít you see it? He dragged us into this revolution. He made us see those monsters in the lab. He is the one pointing a gun at our head!

Thatís because you drugged him!

We did that. You are as guilty as me. That rush. Do you not feel it every time we look at the WAKE?

No! Every time I look at it I feel the pain after I thought I killed Karl. The pain when Mouse told me he might not be able to be saved! That ache now when the group looks at me with anger and disappointment. Thatís what drove you out! Itís the fact that I care and you donít! You never cared about anyone and you never will!

You didnít care when you shattered Mole's face. When his face split open and the thick red blood ran down his chin. You enjoyed causing him pain. You wanted more though. You wanted to get to Rose. Tear her limb from limb. See her blood on your fingers and know you gave her the same pain she gave you. Then move onto her terrified sister.


No Magnus! Not until you accept that we are the same. You did those experiments on father! You gave that drug to Karl! You said yes to that spirit! Here you are thinking you know everything but you canít even see that you are the one that still has these thoughts. You said I am the weak personality, yet it was your anger that drove that monster. It was you that attacked Mole, that possibly killed those people!

Stop! Please!

I wonít stop Magnus! I am part of you! We both have the same dark desires. I will be waiting. When you realise what I have been telling you is the truth I will be here for you. Now go speak to Mouse about your pathetic theories.
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Re: Internal Conflicts
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2019, 06:46:28 PM »
(This takes place right after Violet shot Mouse)

She shot him?! She actually killed him!?

How? What did you do?

Heís dead? The catís dead? (Hysterical laughter fills their head) She did it!

Oh god! There no pulse. I need to get these handcuffs off me. He canít die!

Look at their faces! The catís dead and they all look sad! Whatís wrong? They should be happy! The miserable bastard canít torment us anymore.

How can you say that he was my friend! Canít you at least pretend to feel something?

Magnus. He wasnít our friend. He wanted answers. Once he had them he was going to kill us. You call me out for not caring for anyone but I see the truth. Your blinded.

The whole group wants to kill us! Rose is afraid of us. Peter just pointed a gun at us and Karl still is! Mouse was the only one that would listen to us!

Shut up. We need to think about what we are going to do next. You need to get someone on your side. Yes he defended us but one isnít enough. The cat wasnít strong enough to put down those necessary.

Will you stop calling him Ďthe catí His name is Mouse! Will you respect hi-


We need to shoot him.

A bit late for that. But Iím glad you have come to your senses.

No you fucking idiot! He needs to be shot through the head! He might become an animate. He didnít have the best living conditions. Peter, Karl?

As if they are going to listen to you. Take a gun off of Peter. Shoot him yourself.

If I didnít have handcuffs on then I might. Oh wait! They would also take it as me attacking them which would get me shot!

Oh there he goes.

Shut up.
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Re: Internal Conflicts
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2019, 10:32:26 PM »
Magnus slowly came round to the sound of a roaring fire. As she stretched, she began to look around finding herself in the living room of the Rowthorn house. She carefully turned round taking in each little detail. The big grandfather clock ticked away in the corner of the room next to her motherís cabinet full of plates and other potteries. Certificates and awards hung on the wall bearing her fatherís name, Alan Rowthorn, each for his continuing efforts with the university and to the medical world. A small portrait of her, her mother and father hung above the fireplace which Magnus sat in front of. She pushed herself up in the chair and rubbed her face. Looking at the clock she tried to remember when she had gone to sleep. Thatís when she realised the clock was moving backwards.

A screeching noise of metal on metal came from behind her. The room grew darker in the other corner and seemed to dissolve into a black void. Magnus stood up and made her way over to the hole in the room. The noise grew louder as she approached the void. Thatís when she made out a figure. It was hunched over a table that someone else was laying on. The smell hit her first. Like a punch to the stomach, Magnus placed a hand over her mouth and nose, she tried to keep the feeling of nausea at bay.

Magnus stood as close as she felt she could. It was enough to see the horrific scene. The figure hadnít noticed her yet. Its arms were red as its hands were deep inside the body. It lifted one of the hands out gripping something, the other went to grab the scissors off the table that appeared next to them. Snip. The figure turned the piece of flesh around in their hands before tossing it to one side. It fell into a bowl that appeared on a counter full of vials and jars, each containing an organ or some other part of the body.

ďGlad you could make it, Magnus, thought I had lost you for a secondĒ The figure didnít look at her and continued its work on the body. Magnus recognised the voice.


ďWhat gave it awayĒ She turned round and gave Magnus a smile. The sort of smile that would make you feel sick.

ďWhat are you doing? Where are we?Ē Magnus stayed still.

ďToo many questions, Magnus. Your starting to sound like Rose.Ē Annabelle smirked.

As if in response to her questions the scene faded in. Little by little Magnus realised where they were. The university lab. Looking back at the table she recognised the body as one of the men she had performed experiments on 7 years ago. Magnus began to wander round the lab, curious as to what she was actually seeing.

ďYou said you thought you lost me. What do you mean?Ē

ďYou were dying. Donít you remember?Ē Annabelle moved onto the leg of her subject, precisely cutting the skin away so she could get to the muscle and bone.

ďWhat do you mean I was dy-Ē The memories suddenly came flooding back to her. Mouseís body as he fell to the ground. Karl as he took her and Peter to her parents memorial. The sound of a gun rung out around Magnus and Annabelle. ďHe shot meĒ

ďHe shot us. Please stop forgetting about me, itís rather rude.Ē Annabelle had now cleanly removed one of the muscles and was preparing it in long jar full of formaldehyde.

ďWhat are you doing?Ē Magnus peered over the body. The skin on the chest had been pulled back and the ribs removed. Most of the organs were missing. No doubt the ones in the jars, Magnus thought.

ďBeing trapped in the mind as often as I am, one does have to think of ways to keep entertained.Ē Annabelle came to the other side of the body to Magnus.

ďHow can you enjoy this? You play around with it as if itís some sort of toyĒ Magnus looked up at Annabelle who met her gaze. Anger boiled in her stomach.

ďIím not the one playingĒ Annabelle lowered her eyes. Magnus followed looking at herself. Raising her hands, she turned them round in the light making the thick, deep red blood glisten.

A groan came from the table followed by the clicking of teeth. Magnus looked down at the subject. Her father was strapped down, his body had been revenged by the plague. His eyes full of mist, skin taut and discoloured and hair thinning. His friendly smile had vanished, replaced with the haunting grin of rotting teeth. Magnus looked up to Annabelle but she had disappeared.

ďI get nostalgia when I come hereĒ Annabelleís voice echoed round the room.

ďWhere are you?Ē Magnus spin round trying to find the source of the voice. There was a tap on her lower back. Magnus flinched turning round and put her hands up. Her father had broken one of the restrains and his wrist had become free. But Magnus wasnít looking at her father. In her hands she found a pistol and bone saw. She tried to drop them but her hands would not let go, as if they were glued to the items.

There was a knock at the door suddenly.

ďAnnabelle!Ē A cheery voice belonging to one of her Ďfriendsí from the university, rang through the door. ďIíve brought some tea and biscuits for you. Iíve noticed youíve been in the lab for quite some time, and Iím getting worried.Ē

ďIíll be right over Thomas!Ē Magnus called back.

ďThat idiotĒ Annabelleís voiced echoed once again. ďHe always got in the way of what I was doing. He could never understand the importance of what I was doingĒ

Magnus haphazardly opened the door with the gun and bone saw. She stopped the door before it revealed too much.

ďThomas. How sweet of you but I am busy at the moment.Ē She found him holding a tray with two tea cups, a pot of tea and small plate piled high with biscuits. Thomas was smiling at her, his cheeks rosy.

ďOh come Annabelle. You canít be working all the time.Ē He began to force his way through the door.

ďPoor Thomas. Head over heels for meĒ Annabelle continued. Time slowed as she spoke. ďHis fate was sealed when he walked through the door. If he hadnít been an idiot then we wouldnít be in the revolution. Father would have been cured. You wouldnít exist, Magnus.Ē

Magnus couldnít control her body. She watched as Thomas walked through the door deeper into the lab. She watched as he turned round, the colour drained from his face, the look of betrayal and horror he gave her. The gun in her hand rose and she pulled the trigger. A small red dot appeared in the centre of his eyes.

Magnus fell into darkness.
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Re: Internal Conflicts
« Reply #4 on: March 11, 2019, 07:40:25 PM »
Why did you do that?

What do you want Annabelle I am busy.

Why did you stop me from cutting open that worthless man.

Oh youíre talking about that. Well Annabelle I stopped you so I wouldnít have to lie again to the people I work with. You saw the repercussions from what happened with Karl?

Yes he died. The druggie would have died! He is dying anyway I would have done him a favour. He doesnít have anything else to live for!

That doesnít mean you can just take his life! We are a doctor for goodness sake! Donít you have some decency? Even when we were one I was never that cold.

Cold. Youíre calling me that? Youíre the one who killed mother and father and drugged Karl. I am just that feeling you had to take further research.

Further research?! Is that what your calling it?! I know youíre insane but you must be stupid if you call it that. Your barbaric nature doesnít match anything we did when we were one. Is the demon causing this?

The demon?

Well it's not anything like Violet's new companion. He actually speaks to her, we get silence until it tries to take over.

It wants to set us free Magnus!

Will you stop saying things like that! Let's compare it to how you describe Mouse.

Uhh. Can we move on from the Cat. A dead man does bore me unless he is on an operating table.

No, you said all he wanted was answers and then he was going to kill us. Well this demon will be much like that. Give it what it wants and then it will kill us. Even if it doesn't do it intentionally, we will end up dead because of it.

We all die someday. Why not have some fun before we do?

How can something so hateful come from me? At the start I could possibly see which part of me broke off to become the protective identity, but from what I have observed you are senseless and suicidal. Youíre the opposite of a protective identity. I would blame it on the Warlock but you were getting worse even before that.

Protective identity. Oh Magnus, if you hadn't have panicked when you thought you killed Karl I would have been the dominant personality. You can feel it can't you. I'm gaining more and more strength each day and our friend, or the demon as you want to call it, seems to like me more. Soon you won't exist Magnus, and it will just be me, free to go about my own business.

I wonít exist? I am going to do everything in my power to get rid of you and that demon. Mrs Tyndall has knowledge in this. She knows what I am talking about. She will help me.

The Doll canít help you now. We are too far gone Magnus. Insanity is calling.

I hope that once I get rid of this demon it will drag your pathetic excuse for a soul with it to whatever hellish realm it came from.

You heard The Doll. She believes it to be scientific in origin- not ethereal.

It had to come from somewhere. A spirit, ghost or demon cannot be created from thin air.

Someone must have died. Maybe thatís what the code five projects is.

What dissolution are you spouting now? There is nothing said about the code five project except that it is a success.

It talked about a population. A population of what? Of these spirits?

Donít be ridiculous. You called me stupid when I suggested that the place we just went to was to do with spirits. This is too far fetched even for you.

Why don't we ask our friend next time it speaks to us.

Why are you so obsessed with it?!

How are you not?! It has spoken to us three times now. The first time, it offered us help. The next, Karl shot us and you instantly blocked it out and the third was when it was scared of whatever was in that house. What about if it is one of them? It somehow escaped and was scared that it was back there. The ghosts in there are far more powerful it seems that when we have. Maybe we should befriend one of them.

Are you fucking insane!! Don't answer that, of course you are. Why would you want to have something else in our head.

To see how it reacts. See if the demon consumes it, scares it or works with it. The Doll said there hasn't been any attacks around that area but the paper this morning say different. There are more of them out there.

The priest said they are all angry spirits. He use to lead them but he cannot now. They will not listen to him. They are feral. Nothing we should be dealing with. How on earth has this revolution ended up with us hunting ghosts. I wish Karl had killed me then I wouldnít be in this mess!

Donít let it hear you say that. We donít know what will cause it to present itself.

Annabelle this conversation is over.

Itís not over. It will never be over Magnus.
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Re: Internal Conflicts
« Reply #5 on: March 22, 2019, 07:50:03 PM »
(25th of September 2105)

Are we going to talk about what happened?

Leave me alone.

Come on Magnus. The best way to get through this is to talk to me.

I would rather talk to Violet than you.

I think she would enjoy it, considering your still wearing her clothes. We have been home an hour why are you still wearing them?

Ok! Look! Iím getting changed. Thank god it was my spare clothes that got stained.

I wonder if the people who we left in the streets have a change of clothes. If I remember correctly their clothes got rather stained too. A bit more than ours as well.

Will you stop with this attitude! It is driving me up the wall.

Oh, Iím sorry Iím not an emotional wreck like you! Magnus will you just listen to yourself for once! We are getting off topic. All I want to do is talk.

Well what do you want to talk about? Go on you have my full attention!

Great! So tell me, how did it feel to play dolls with the people in the streets. Also I loved how you terrified Rose. Nice touch.

Why did I think you were going to strike a normal conversation? You know my views on the demonís actions, yes the demonís, not mine.

Oh come Magnus! You can tell the truth to me. You were in control of this one. Our friend might have just nudged you in that direction but the grand show was all you. Encore! Encore!

Do you really believe I enjoyed that. I was terrified I was going to hurt Rose. That idiot! I told her to sedate me when they had gone down. Now they are human fucking paste!

My dear sweet Magnus. You canít lie to me. The benefit from sharing the same body and mind, you see. I felt the same rush of adrenalin as you. I felt everything you felt. The enjoyment. That feeling of ecstasy. That sense of freedom. Oh, it was beautiful to watch. The caterpillar has finally found its wings.

That was your own deranged thoughts drifting through our consciousness. I felt nothing of the sort. I will never feel anything like that. Never. I hate the demon. I wish I never said yes to it.

That didnít sound to sure. You know it. You just donít want to accept that you might enjoy what it is offering us. It appears youíre more of a monster than me.

How dare you. I am desperately trying to keep good relations between us and the group yet you tear it all down! Like what on earth was that with George Hobson! He was doing fine until you took over.

Admittedly it was very easy to take control, but I wanted to see if I could kick start some memories. Maybe he pissed himself when the accident first happened. Oh well, no harm done.

No harm done!? You had to sedate him as Peter tried to calm him down! If you hadnít have stopped when you did he would have lost his mind! I have no idea why Peter didnít stop you sooner I have no idea.

Because he thought I was you and he thought we were going to do something to help him. He thinks you did all of that! Ha! I just have to frown a bit and they think I am you. He continued to think I was you even when I started to argue with him. I find it quite offensive actually. Do I sound that much like you?

We are the same person. Of course we sound the same! But Peterís views on me must be worse than I first thought, if he believes I was the one who did that. At least you didnít attack anyone.

No thatís your job. Youíre so good at it! Both times you fought with such ferocity! Oh I cannot wait until your next show!

There wonít be a next time.

Oh you loved it far too much to just stop now. Itís like a drug you will start craving it! Soon you will fully understand and accept it.

How can you claim to understand it? For all we know every time we agree for it to take over us it could be getting that much closer to taking over us fully! We could lose complete control, both of us. That would be no good to the revolution. We are invested in this whether we like it or not. I only allowed the demon to take control today to prevent those men from taking Hobson away. I couldnít see a way of me and Rose getting him out of there with all of us alive. Rose wanted me to shoot at the men, but after the last attempt I do not trust my skills.

I said I could do it. I was ready to help Rose, unlike you.

How can you be ready!? We both share the same body and the same skills. We have only be separated for 3 weeks, I doubt you have become a master at combat without me knowing. Annabelle just do us all a favour and stay quiet for a while.

An hour passes.

Oh Magnus! I canít stop thinking about today!

Iím trying to sleep Annabelle.

But it was a wonderful day today! Shame I couldnít get any samples.

Is that all you care about? Nevermind, just let me sleep.

I canít sleep.

How does that even work?

I donít know. Want to share theories?


Ok. Ok. I will talk to myself then. Wait I have my own Diary here still! I can write in that!

No you canít. Just go to sleep.

Why not?

Because Iím in control.

Do you want to say that again?

How di-? Forget it. As long as I can sleep. Just donít kill anyone, Iím running out of clothes.

Just keep your snoring down.

Sure, whatever.
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Re: Internal Conflicts
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I like the name Head-Smasher. I have had similar names in the past. Stories as names, glory in blood, unending...
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Re: Internal Conflicts
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Oh hello.

Are you mad Don't talk to it!

Be quiet Magnus this is the first time it has spoken without offering to kill anyone. So.. Head-Smasher, what other names have you gone by in the past?

Your going to kill us both.
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Re: Internal Conflicts
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Bloody Bastard, The Rage, Dragged Through Glass, Red Smile, Eyes on Fire, Tongue Ripper, and many more.
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Re: Internal Conflicts
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I think Red Smile is my favourite. I think it suits you very well. Which name do you like the best?

Wait, how old are you?

Me? Well Magnus that rather stupid of you to ask.

I don't mean you I mean it. The demon.
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Re: Internal Conflicts
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Just so you know, I own a comic book store

Oh, and write a fiction blog for fun


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Re: Internal Conflicts
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(This happens just before the police come to ask Magnus some questions about the attack)

Why is she grabbing my hand? Why is she dragging me? Somethings wrong.

Well we have just walked into a police investigation. They didnít just want to invite us in for a cup of tea.

I know it is probably a trap-

Oh I do wonder how much stupidity you got from Karl.


Ok fine.

Even if I didnít come they would look through my journal. The journal which has all the names of the people I have been working with, the places I have been meeting at and the name of the person who is behind all of this.

Hmm. I see why you came.

Now depending on what happens we need a plan.

Well she could just have our bag. Oh wait never mind.


Magnus just breath and relax. All he wants to do is ask a few questions. If you get too stressed just let me take over.

Good idea.

Wait what?

Yeah sure. You handled Mouse pretty well. The police shouldnít be any different.

The cat was a different matter! We can be arrested if they feel like it! All the Cat could do was ask us to ĎContinueí.

Well, I will start. If I start loosing them you take control and maybe work your magic?

What do you expect me to do!? Kiss the guy, like Violet, and run away to get married?

Well thatís a plan anyway. If that doesnít work plead insanity. Just talking about us and the demon will surely have us detained in this very building.

And what then? Live the rest of our life in here?

Do you have any better plans?

Well you will know what I want to say.

Very well. But use it only as a last resort.

See I told you, you would be craving it!

Last resort Annabelle. Right so I will speak to him first. Figure out what he wants and then we will take it from there to see which one of us will resolve it.

Ooo I like this new Magnus. Iím glad you came over to my side of thinking.

We might not even need to allow the demon in. He might not even know it was us. All they know is I was here yesterday. That is all. Right letís start. Keep quiet for now.

Ok. Iíll be ready.
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Re: Internal Conflicts
« Reply #12 on: April 26, 2019, 11:48:11 AM »
(This happens between Rose telling Annabelle about the bombs and Magnus punching Peter.)


Oh Magnus! Our dearest friend Rose has told me some vital information about Peter.

I heard.

So what are your thoughts do tell me.

Rose is lying. Peter would never do that.

Rose isn't one for lying. We both know she has nothing to gain from it.

But Peter would never put a bomb in MY home. He would never go behind my back like that.

Peter keeps secrets as much as any one of us Magnus. We know more about Rose than Peter.

Stop clouding my mind! I, I can trust Peter! You're wrong. He isn't that sort of man.

Isnít he? He planted the bombs in the print district killing all those people.

That was for the revolution. We needed to get in that house.

That was just the excuse he needed to finally get to enact his plan. Peter wasnít worried or angry like the rest of us. He was calm, even pleased with how well it had worked. He has done it once and like the addict he is, he will do it again.

No. Peter is a good man.

He wanted you dead. Donít you remember that?

He saved me. A man wanting me dead would not do that. He wanted me alive, he saved me from Karl.

No he wanted to use you. Just like the rest of the group.

Do you really think that is going to affect me? They need a doctor to help with the revolution of course they are using me.

Wanted Magnus. What they need is someone with a lab. Someone like Rose. They donít need you anymore and all they need to do is make your death look like an accident.

No. Rose is lying. He wouldnít do that. Rose was acting strange, she is trying to start something. Sheís lying.

You saw how Rose acted, yes? She was bored when talking to you. She never wanted to come, she hesitated even coming to your poor excuse at being civilised. She hates you.

No! She called me her only friend. Me not you!

She said she didnít prefer any of us. But her body language showed us the truth. You saw it, that smile. She never gave it to you. Your nothing to her. She told me about the bomb, not you. The bomb that will kill you, that Peter placed there. He doesnít trust you. He wants to kill you just like he MURDERED Karl. He shot your only friend. The only person who would protect you. Your friend for seven years, the person you trusted most, cared for and loved. They donít care for you. None of them do and they never will.


Iím the only one who will tell you the truth Magnus. Just like you trusted Karl, you can trust me. I will look after you and protect you just like Karl did. But if you let Peter get away with it then he will take me away just like he robbed Karl from you. He is the man who has caused you the most pain, he should be apologising to you. Yet he goes behind your back and plants a bomb in your home, you practise?! He is endangering innocent people and threatening to take away the only remaining piece of Karl you have left.

Why would he do such a thing.

He is scared of us. As simple as that. Base instincts tell us to kill what we fear.

But why hasnít he killed me yet? Why has he not set it off?

Saving it for a rainy day? Mind you rain has been cascading down for weeks now.

Havenít they cause me enough pain? Why do they torment me more?

They are cruel Magnus. Iím sorry it has taken you so long to see it. I have been trying to tell you the truth about where we stand but our emotions and conflicting ideals got in the way.

Thank you Annabelle for persisting. I realise now that I have been caught in the web of lies cast by this cell.

It is not your fault Magnus. I was only able to see what was truly happening as I wasnít favoured by the group from the start.

Why would they do this? They keep pushing me even though they know the torments I have to deal with. Why do they not just leave me alone? I would happily commit myself to the revolution. London needs to change. But they fight with each other, with me?! Do they not realise their own idiocy!?

I know Magnus. They continue to poke the hive even when they have been stung time and time again. If anything their actions could be considered insane.

No they are not insane. They may be close but they are aware of the actions they take. They can reason and defend their claims. No they are stupid.

Yes Magnus.

They are a dumb and vicious as stray dogs that need to be put down. Ha. They said that about Karl. Karl had more sense than them. He understood how things worked. When the infection needed to be cut out before it became worse.

He did.

Yes, he would agree. Their cancerous nature needs to be stopped before it spreads to the rest of London. They need to be cut out before death follows.

Now Magnus-

No they need to learn why the deserve such a fate. A lesson they will never forget, unlike that what Peter supposedly does. Maybe a lesson in a botched version of alchemy for Rose, Iím sure what she injected us with will be enough. Maybe we could create something worse. Maybe something from when we were one Annabelle.

Later Magnus. I have work to do.

Why not now? Why not attack when they least expect it!? You always said to do this. Why not now? They are blind! They think I am weak.

In time Magnus. You will get your revenge forÖ for Karl. Donít worry little one.

No! Iím taking us to give them what they need. Why- Why canít I take control?! What have you done?

I have done nothing Magnus. It is time for you to rest now. My time to take control has finally come and with some little tweaking I will make sure nothing hurts you again Magnus. We are forever bound, and with our murderous friend no one will touch us. Recover your energy, we have a party to go too. Finally, Iím free.
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Re: Internal Conflicts
« Reply #13 on: May 14, 2019, 10:35:26 AM »
Damn that Mole. He took it too far, I'm not finished talking. There is so much I want to know, why won't he tell me. Is he being blackmailed. If so he is hiding it well. Ten hours. That's all I have. Maybe I could save him. Keep him alive longer. Keep talking to him. Keep learning. Oh your an interesting man Hastings. I wish we met under different circumstances. What else could I have done? I wanted more, I wanted it all. Why can't he tell me. What's wrong with the child. He is afraid? Why? What horrors are you exposing him to? What have you seen? Is Hastings as afraid as the child? I hoped Mole could break him but he delivered him closer to the place he wants to be, Deathís door! If he didnít seem to enjoy that pain so much I would give him another dose of ravager! What secrets do you have in that head. Why wonít you tell me Hastings?! If you told me more, what I wanted, then I would have honoured our deal! Damn him! Damn Mole and damn this whole group.

Annoying isn't it?

Oh Magnus your awake how wonderful of you to join us. Have you enjoyed today's brilliant events?

No. Kill the man already. He has suffered enough. You promised him you would end him. He is a horrible man but he should rest now. He won't be able to harm anyone after tonight.

He will tell me. He has too. I want to-No! I need to know.

Well all you seem to want to do is hurt him.

True. Very true Magnus. But the urge to inflict pain is more from frustration. Oh why did I not stop Mole sooner. Then I could have kept Hastings for longer. Ten hours. That is too short. Is there a way we can keep him alive longer? Think Magnus! I need to know!

Annabelle, he is a dead man walking. He has given up on life. He will not last the day even if you intervene.

No! You know a way to keep him here! Your lying to me. He has to live. Tell me Magnus!

Do you think I have some secret cure up my sleeve? Youíre better off asking Rose for that sort of thing. Iím a Doctor, not Dr. Frankenstein. We preserve life, we do not create it. Why do you strive to keep him alive Annabelle? He is a monster. He doesn't deserve life.

We donít deserve life. I have to keep him going. Maybe tell the group I am going to try to break him. Take him back to your practise. There might be something to be able to save him there. Yes, Iím sure we have something back at the practice. Then we can see what is in his pretty little head.

There is nothing. He wants death. He has given up, but he will not give up the information close to him. No more words left his mouth after he spoke to you. You were not chosen out of our little group because you interested him. He chose you because you are the most likely to kill him, the most unstable, the most sadistic.

Why do you think we played along with it? I couldnít give him what he wanted! I needed those answers! I got parts of the puzzle but not the full image. Power and control. Thatís all he claimed to want but there has to be more. There is always more. A man like that cannot have such simple motives.

Can he not? Does a man have to be driven by something more pressing than greed? We have both stared into his eyes. We both saw that hunger when he talked about his methods of control. I know we have both studied the practice of psychology, the art of finding hidden meanings and motives of manís actions and words but Hastings is nothing more than a greedy child. Basic instincts drive him to his one and only goal, power.

Youíre wrong. Youíre always wrong Magnus! Why are you always blind? Why do you choose not too see he is hiding something. We have been chasing this narcissist from the start of this revolution! I refuse to believe he has such childish goals! If I wanted to speak to such a man I would go to the heart of Saint Cornelius. They drool and throw tantrums as much as a three year old, especially that buffoon who likes to rule from his room in the George Inn. There is something more! You can see it, youíre just denying it! Come Magnus, see the truth that is in front of us.

We shall see if we can get more out of him when we get back to the practise. Otherwise Rose will synthesis the serum to gain access his memories. The only problem is if those of weak will take it, they may end up in a fight for control over their body with him.

So we can get more time with him.

Donít go there. You cannot command people to give into foreign thoughts.

But what if we could. What if we could purposely get them to submit their mind? To surrender control of their body, so we may talk to him once again?

It would not be him. It would be a ghost, a shadow of what he once was. Yes it has all of his memories but it will not be Hastings you do understand?

I do not want Hastings! I want whatís in his head. Unless we took the serum? Then we would fully understand what he has planned and what his true motives are.

There are three of us inhabiting one body. A fourth is not wise and you know this. I had always thought you insane but I did not imagine you to get worse. It at least allows me to gain a better grasp in our little war. I wonder how the Demon feels about all of this? Do you sense his boredom too?

Are you really trying to use my methods against me Magnus? I now see how desperate you are. Does it make you uncomfortable that I am so close to Rose, so close to helping her jump over the edge of oblivion? I guess we shall see where our path will take us. Rest again Magnus. I want to deal with this mess in peace.
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Re: Internal Conflicts
« Reply #14 on: May 21, 2019, 03:28:06 PM »
I..? I canít feel anything? I..? Whatís going on? Why is it so dark? Iím confused. It is morning. We had just spoken to.. Whatís his name? A man. Whatís that rushing? Itís all I can hear. Why is it so dark? I..? I canít grab anything. Am I asleep? Is this a night terror? No. Itís.. Itís different. Iím confused. Think Ma- No thatís not my name. Is it? Yes. My name is Magnus. Why canít I think? Am I in shock? Whatís going on? Calm. I need to think. What happened? Tyndall. I remember her face. Blood. Lots of blood. Peter is on the ground. No. How did this happen? I.. I feel weightless. I did. I felt powerful. I was strong. Calm Magnus. That rushing is getting louder. What is that rushing? Head- no Red- come on! Think! That voice. Those voices. One Annabelle yes. Why canít I remember? Head Smasher! I let the Head Smasher in. Oh no Peter! Peter was on the floor. Was there blood? He.. He got up? Did I see that? What is going on? Iím confused. Tyndall. All that blood. Her face. Where is she? I can help her. Heal her wounds. I canítÖ I canít let them die. No. Tyndall was attacking me. She protected Peter. She drew her swords. That rush of adrenaline, of joy. She drew her swords so I drew mine to give her a fair fight. She needed it against me! Tyndall was quick, too quick. I couldnít keep up. She cut off my head.

Weíre dying.

Annabelle? Are you certain? It could be a dream. Yes?

This is not a dream. We are dying? We canít be.

This can't be happening?! Not when we are so close! No. This is my mother tormenting us, yes.

We were so close to the end Magnus. This canít be our time. You feel that pain of disappointment just like me?


There are too many questions. I- We still had too much to do. I can't die!

Annabelle our time in this hell is ending. It is time for you to rest. It is time for us both to rest.

No! I must live! We must live, Magnus! You canít just give up! There is too much to do! To many questions! I can't die! I can't. Please. Don't let us die. Please. Red smile. Hear me! Don't let us die!

It's voice has gone quiet. It was the first to die Annabelle. This is final. Sleep.

No I'm not finished. I can't die. We can't die. This is not the end. I'm not ready! I can't-

Finally, silence.

It seems death was the only way to get them both out of my head. It- it is so peaceful. It's been a long time where my every thought was criticised. It's funny how I had forgotten how quiet it is. Even if I hated Annabelle I would find myself going insane without her. This quiet it menacing. I don't know how the rest of the team do it. I'll miss them but the question is will the miss me? I doubt it. My one and only friend was caught up in a murder where I planted the seed. With time I might have become good friends with Rose like I had with Karl but I wouldn't know whether the same outcome would be given to her. Ha. I'm a Doctor yet I leave death wherever I walk.

If there is a spirit or god listening, it doesn't matter who, can you look after Rose, Violet and Peter? I caused them enough trouble and they deserve so much better than they have been given. If I could do it myself, I would. Maybe a different perspective would give me a better understanding and allow me to guide them all to a safer and better future.

It is rare to die in this world without regrets. I regret every action I have taken. Especially towards the end. But maybe my death is something I can be happy about? One less Mad Doctor. Yes, I was mad. I should have realised this and checked myself into an asylum. But the events with the Smeddingtonís and Hastings just grew more and more interesting. Oh how I wish I could see the ending to this tale. I wonder what horrors await my friends. My friends. Through these strange situations we became bonded like no one else would. I doubt they would see me the same way, but we were closer than just colleagues.

Oh Annabelle is right! We canít die now, not when our little story was getting so interesting. If Tyndall- The Doll- hadnít been to quick we might have been able to live another day. I wonder what our dear sweet Rose with think of our passing? Will she mourn? Will she rejoice? Will she go mad with the loss? Oh I wish I could see. I wish we could keep watching her. Watch her dip into the madness, like I did.

My fun and games have ended though. No longer can I torment the people I hold close to me. If only they understood me. If only they had allowed me to be who I am. I didnít get to have as much fun as I wanted. As I planned. Maybe in another life I might find them again. It will be much different next time.
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