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Another Time, Another Place...
« on: January 22, 2019, 02:02:02 PM »
Sat chained like some animal at the bottom of a deep dark pit Rose couldn’t help but think how angry she was that on top of all the other injustices she had suffered that these events had proved her staunchly catholic mother right. Her sin’s had finally caught up with her, after a sham of a trial the judge had thrown the book at her, since arriving in prison she had been beaten and abused and now thrown into solitary confinement to teach her a lesson in “manners”. Like Lucifer she had paid the price and now she rots in pandemonium.

But she knew this wasn’t the end, yes she’d thought that before, during the trial she kept holding on to the slim hope that Violet would come storming through the doors with a winning smile and a bloody weapon and sweep her away from this cruel conspiracy of aristocrats. But alas it turned out to be a mere childish fantasy, she had used her contacts to smuggle notes to her Sister to clear out their base, specifically to make sure nothing happened to her beautiful lab. Survival was the important thing now, if she was to spend the rest of her days here she was glad her sister had got away.

Of course Rose had no intentions of spending the rest of her life here, she had been set up, slandered in the press, the daily mail had called for bringing back public hanging just for her, the times had serialised a piece interviewing her parents on what it was like to have raised one of the most notorious killers of the century even though she never bloody killed anyone and even the crooked courts knew that. But these lies, these hurtful half truths made her blood boil, and she knew, one day she would get out  of this pit. And when she did, everyone who was responsible for putting her here would see what hell the witch of the east end could stir up.
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Re: Another Time, Another Place...
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2019, 05:59:57 PM »
What happened to the other guy? I just got a new sniper rifle I wanted him to see the end of...

Who are you? What is this drokk? You don't know hell. Being a blokker is worse than that stromm. Let alone if a Judge catches you. Pfft. Jails are cushy where you come from aren't they?

Ah pick yourself up buttercup. [Hahaha]

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Re: Another Time, Another Place...
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2019, 11:28:58 AM »
“But how did she even survive?”

The fist smashed into Rose’s face sending her flying back into the wall of the prison canteen, her head cracked against the wall and a blinding pain ran through her skull, part of her thought at  this point it’d be just easier to give in unconsciousness, give up the fight and let the bastards win. Alas the woman was too stubborn for that, in addition she had known reckoning was coming and looking to the left of her she saw just as Francis had promised her was a slightly loose bit of wood panel. The only question was if Francis was true to her word of what would be inside, after how Rose degraded herself for Francis it better be.

A crowd had formed around Rose and Julia, Julia being the lovely lady responsible for Rose’s current predicament, Julia was a lifer, an underground boxing champion who had got into too many fights outside of the ring and was one time unlucky enough to kill the wrong person, past the prime of her life Julia was still a wily opponent, she looked like a rottweiler crossed with a warship and was about as dangerous. Julia had taken some offence at Rose’s existence during her first few days at Belmarsh. Rose had already noted before the fight had started the lack of guards, either they had been paid off or were all too happy to see the witch of the east end gutted like she deserved. If she didn’t win this fight Rose was dead, if she survived she had a chance of making it through prison. But Rose was not a fighter, she had relied upon Violet to her detriment and now it seemed this was the time that this personal failing came crashing down upon her. On the floor in pain she heard Julia bragging to the other inmates how she was going to kill her slowly. Had Julia been pragmatic and taken Rose as the threat she was she might have survived.Through bloody teeth Rose smiled. And reached over to the loose wood panel.

The panel was not as loose as Rose had hoped for, she struggled for a few seconds swearing under her breath, not like this she thought, anything but this, those few seconds drew the attention of the monster she was fighting, The monster let out of roar and started charging to finish it’s prey, with one last burst of energy Rose gave everything she had, she wrenched the plank of wood and spun it round hitting Julia straight in the head with a nasty crack the wood shattered, Julia stumbled backwards, she was hurt but this wouldn’t slow her for long, wasn’t even part of the plan was just a desperate maneuver from Rose. Rose looked to the now uncovered space and saw what she was looking for, what she needed. Two grim knives. Rose went for them and forced herself to stand. The monster was in front of her angry and ready for another assault, but when she saw the blades just for one tiny second Rose thought she saw fear in the face of her enemy, time seemed to slow as Rose made the shots, it was now or never, one went through the eye the other into Julia’s neck. It took a few seconds but the monster came crashing down gurgling as blood filled her throat. Rose knew now what she had to do next, finish her enemy, finish her in a way so no one would forget what happened to people who crossed her, she needed a legend to survive this place. Somehow despite the damage taken Julia was still alive and screaming. Rose knew what she was about to do and her stomach turned a little

What happened next become part of Belmarsh legend, the witch leapt forward screaming on top of Julia, a raving mad woman hitting her over and over again with bloody fists, then suddenly the witch drew herself close to her opponents head, there was a sticky ripping sound and she drew up ,Julia’s ear was in her mouth like some trophy or fetish, smiling she spat the bloody ear on the floor in front of the inmates as the guards finally appeared crashing through the crowd to club the witch into blessed unconsciousness.

The witch was thrown into the pit. The guards claimed they heard her laughing herself silly all night long.
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Re: Another Time, Another Place...
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2019, 12:16:14 PM »
Drokking hell I take it back - are you single?

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Re: Another Time, Another Place...
« Reply #4 on: January 31, 2019, 11:32:46 AM »
“Perhaps it was a mistake to have her sent to prison instead of hanged”
“Don’t put that on me Ashford you were the one who wanted her to suffer, you were so sure she couldn’t survive Belmarsh”
“Maybe I should have known better after the disgrace she made of herself at her trial…”

London, The Old Bailey, what the newspapers are calling the trial of the century it is the third trial this year to be labelled as such. Maybe this one is, or maybe it’s just the usual hyperbole from an industry which cares more about money than real human lives. An army of hungry journalists waiting outside the Central Criminal Court of England waiting for the verdict on a woman they have already slandered and proclaimed guilty. A woman they have already given a mocking yet memorable nickname all in an effort to make her seem like a devious force of primal evil. and so despite the bitter weather, despite the fact they have been banned from entering the courtroom due to previous transgressions and an attempt by the government to keep this trial “reasonable”, they sit outside and wait. Ready to damn Rose Brockelsby for all time as one of the most evil women ever to live… at least until the next one.

Little do they know, or even suspect that stood right among them, staring at the courthouse with despiration is Violet Brockelsby, a twin sister to the accused these so called journalists don’t even know exists. She has come to watch the inevitable.

Inside the last day of the trial continues in exactly the direction Rose expected, she refused legal council deciding to defend herself on what she claimed was a matter of principle. In reality she was just tired, if they wished to have her hanged there was nothing she could do to stop it. And so she had sat through a week of character assassination and manufactured evidence. The prosecutor one Friedrich Wharncliffe, was giving his closing argument with clear glee in his voice as he described her moral character as equivalent to that of the serpent in Eden, and then it was back to the judge asking Rose to give her closing argument. In that moment the absurdity of the whole situation hit her and she let out a snigger at precisely the wrong time.

The judge raised one grizzled eyebrow which seemed quite a difficult act at his advanced age, from his podium high above the common people glared down at Rose with utter disdain.
“Continue this behavior Miss Brockelsby” he croaked
“And I will have no option but to hold you in contempt of court”

Rose felt herself losing all control of herself, the anger that had been slowly bubbling beneath the surface burst out, suddenly she was aware she was talking, raising every little thing that had been bothering her for the past week as she spat venom at the Judge, the court and this whole goddamn society.

“You will hold me in contempt sir? Well that is your right sir but I regret to inform you that in return I personally will hold you in contempt of not only this society but the very concept of a righteous law itself. You expect me to make a closing statement to defend myself when the conclusion that I am guilty was decided long before I had my day in court, when the jury of my peers is entirely made up of men who are close personal friends of men who have been up on the stand giving evidence of my evil, when any evidence I have asked to put forwards has been rejected on the grounds of being damaging to the country and likely fabricated, when the papers have already declared my guilt and the majority of this sick country believes it. Yes good sir I am clearly in contempt but since this is not by any measure a real court and is instead a clubhouse for bully boys who never grew up to realise actions have consequences I am proud to be, you have taken the concept of justice and made her your painted whore and one day all you great men will have to live with the consequences of these actions”

Rose regretted the chaos that followed, the judge banging for order as could she claim to be if she always threw away any chance of an easier life?

Rose Brockelsby was declared guilty a scant hour later. She was sentenced to spend the rest of her natural life rotting in Belmarsh prison after which the judge was sure she would spend eternity rotting in hell. Entirely possible she thought, I have not led a life with sin but I look forward to see you burning in the flames along with me.
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Re: Another Time, Another Place...
« Reply #5 on: February 11, 2019, 12:32:31 PM »
“Well I’ve known she was trouble since she had the guts to call you to a meeting after her arrest…”
“I’ve known it since I met her, was why I bloody liked her”

“You have a visitor” announced the gruff steely voice of a prison guard as Rose Brockelsbys cell door swung open, metal clanging against her concrete cage.

Looking around Edward was not impressed with what he saw, one grotty bed, one pot to piss in and one disheveled looking woman tied up on a chair, staring at him with malice. She was pretty once he remembered, it was hard to think that of the figure before him, her long greasy black hair caked with blood, her dirt encrusted nails and the haggard face wearing the signs of a recent beating. The woman slowly raised her head and gave what she must have believed to be a charming smile.
“Hello Edward, how’s your father doing”
Edward leaned over the diminished figure of his victim whispering in her ear
“I’m sad to say Rose that my father passed in his sleep the night of your arrest, police still don’t know how you got to him but I’m afraid he’s being marked down as your last victim, this makes a very sorry final tally of twenty six, it seems you are one of the worst mass killers in history”
He rose again taking his position leaning upon the wall opposite the prisoner, the sophisticated finery of his clothes creating quite the contrast with the drab grey rock of the cell
“Of course luckily I am still alive to take over my father's assets and fortune, to continue the family legacy as it were, but I’ll be sure to give my father the send-off he deserves”

Rose let a bitter laugh fall from her lips
“Looks like everything worked out just fine for you Edward, it’s just like school again”
“Well how very dare you” said Edward his voice filling with faux outrage
“Are we going to get to the point of business or have you requested my presence for no other reason than to taunt me?” snapped the uptight noble

Rose paused for just a small moment, her eye’s flicked wearily from side to side, Edward was reminded of an animal caught in a trap, he would enjoy what would follow, enjoy breaking her.
“Well?” he inquired
She cleared her throat and looked him dead in the eye
“Well I hate to be drawn into such measures as I am about to attempt but desperate times and all. I have been dealing with you and your colleagues for four arduous years now, I worried that this day was coming, I have collected information on you and your friends, you all seem to have a very bad habit of talking too much when you come to see me, all it took were a few follow up investigations from me and my Sister and well… it’s interesting what you can dig up.”
She was smiling now, content in her eventual victory and freedom
“I mean it’d be very bad for you if the police were tipped off to exactly where Elizabeth Ford is buried”
Edward glared at her.
“And that’s just one example, if I do not find myself freed within twenty-four hours my Sister will release all of this to any source that would care, so let’s see, the police, the press, anyone who might bear a grudge really”
She sniggers.
“Your move Edward”

A silence dropped over the cell, perhaps the whole prison, there was simply the tap tap tap of Edwards cane on the floor, he held her gaze for as long as he could stand to, before the whole situation became too funny too him, too startlingly hilarious not to burst out laughing, that this figure before him thought she would threaten him and  walk free the next day. The laugh echoed throughout the halls, harsh and cruel. Rose simply raised an eyebrow, how care Edward react like this.
“I don’t quite see the humor in me destroying your life, your name and your good standing Edward?”

Edward stopped laughing abruptly
“What makes you think anything you throw at me could be any danger at all”
“I doubt you want to risk it” She spat back
There was a small pause. “True Enough” he responded

Edward walked over to the cell door and let himself out, the following minutes seemed to drag on and on, Rose tried to keep track but general exhaustion led to her loosing track. But she waited, waited to see if her gamble would pay off. She was to be disappointed.

Edward re-entered the room carrying under his arm a file stuffed with papers, Rose’s eye’s grew wide with recognition and disbelief.
“No no no” She stuttered
“How could you, I planned this out you couldn’t have”
Edward drew himself close to her face and whispered
“Do you think we’d have had the police move in if there had been the slightest chance of you using this?
His hand swept forward delivering a quick smack to her face
“You lost Rose, you’ve been losing since you met me”
His hand rose and fell again and again
“You thought you could stand against us, bloody issue with the middle class isn’t it, they don’t know how little they are worth, this trash you want to use against me is a threat to the stability and order of this country and I am acting in the appropriate manner to combat the threat of you”
Edward pulled out a lighter, the little flame caught onto the files, the work of years, her only hope for salvation burning in front of her eye’s
His work finished, he dropped the burning files on the ground and swanned out of the cell Rose knew that somehow against everything, she had believed in she had been beat, by bloody Edward of all people.

This would not stand.

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Re: Another Time, Another Place...
« Reply #6 on: February 22, 2019, 12:26:03 PM »
“I just feel like lack of information about the problem has been our issue since this business began”

At the tender age of seventeen having only left her comfortable home in Greenwitch for the greener pastures of the east end a scant few months ago Rose Brockelsby was staring down the barrel of a gun, this was not a typical life experience for her, in fact it was the first time she had experienced such a thing. She had to say it was utterly terrifying even with the factors she knew were in her favor for this encounter, these would be the fact that the man pointing the gun at her had somehow failed to take the safety off and the presence of her twin sister Violet upstairs armed to the teeth and ready to protect her.

The gentleman in front of her holding the gun was a weedy youth with a terrible excuse for a mustache on his upper lip that looked more like a hairy caterpillar had crawled up there to die and simply refused to depart, his companion in the crime of threatening a harmless seventeen year old girl who had recently moved to a bad neighborhood was a short but stocky lad with bad hygiene and an even worse monobrow. Both gentlemen were members of a minor gang called the drop outs (the clever name was due to operating in a part of the east end nicknamed the drop by locals) but neither were part of the dozen, which told Rose exactly how much of a priority issue she was to this gang. Both were amateurs with something to prove but the gun in her face still unnerved her.

The man in front of her was yapping on incessantly whilst waving around his gun in her face, some rubbish how she had messed with the wrong gang and never should have been dealing on their territory. Which was all a dreadful exaggeration, Rose’s clients were not in any way the clients of the dropouts, all she was guilty of was the crime of mercy, of having supplied a neighbor with a dose of Maiden's heart. Sadly one of the many urchins who lived closeby had seen and embellished the story to the drop outs. Which had led to a number of men making a visit to her residence and smashing up valuable alchemical supplies. When she still refused to quit a meeting had been setup to discuss her future. But Rose knew the drop outs by reputation, knew the meeting place they suggested of a abandoned house on the edge of the Thames was simply a quiet place they used to murder people they considered trouble. But she also knew that they left the house abandoned the rest of the time, yes there was lock the door but Rose made short work of that. So she and Violet had come early and broke in to set a trap of their own.

“And that is why you have to die you see”
Suddenly a large bang went off behind the two gentlemen. Rose smiled as both the boys turned to face the cause of the noise. Amateurs, not that Rose was a threat to them but still it was bad form to turn your back on a potential threat. Smoke started to the fill the small room they were in. The boys were confused, waving their guns around they were shouting loudly to her as they tried to establish what was going on and get bearings in the room, the smoke burnt her eye’s and hurt her lungs but at least she had known it was coming, she pulled up her goggles and put on her respirator, as she slipped out of the house she heard the soft footsteps of her sister heading downstairs, the boys could have heard it too had they been listening, had they been professionals. It was Violets time now. Lighting herself a cigarette Rose really hoped Violet left one alive like she had asked, if not it was no great loss. Rose kept watch for the next few minutes. She found herself smiling, today was a good day. 

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Re: Another Time, Another Place...
« Reply #7 on: March 10, 2019, 07:50:12 PM »
“Could her parents be a weakness?”
"Unlikely given how the relationship fell apart"

Bang. The rifle went off, the shot went wide missing the intended human sized cardboard cut-out target hitting a clay pot sat two meters to the left shattering it into nothing. The young girl who had made the shot cried out in frustration.
“Again” said her father hovering behind her before he went back to his stock take in the dark cellar of the general store.
“I can’t do it” she said looking at him in despair
“Again, and that pot is coming out of your allowance child”
“I have Violet to protect me so really…”
Her father her cut her off “One cannot rely upon your sister for everything, were that a real animate you would be dead, so again, and do better this time”
“If I’d be dead then you wouldn’t be taking the pot out of my allowance” She muttered under her breath.
Her Father turned around from counting the sacks of potatoes. “Do you want to repeat that young lady?”
“Excellent, you know I only do this because I care”

Rose was tired of her Fathers good intentions, at eleven she was fairly sure by now that no matter how she tried she would never get the hang of the huge old family rifle like her father wished, and yet Saturday after Saturday she had to spend down here wasting her time, all she wanted to do was curl up with a book in her room. Rifle practice was tedious and served little practical purpose for her life as far as she could see, they lived in a good district the odds of anything happening were so low.
“Again” he brayed

The lesson continued for hours, whilst incremental progress was made. Until Rose could not handle the pressure. “Father please no more, I just want to go home”
Rising from his seat at the back of the store she could see the wrath upon his face “We leave when you are competent, God only helps those who help themselves”
“If god cared about anyone the world wouldn’t be in this state” the words were out before she thought about what she was saying, her father recoiled, his hardened craggy face went a pale white “Such disgusting blasphemy from mine own child.”
She spoke quickly to correct herself “I’m sorry father, I misspoke forgive me”
No shook his head “No child, I cannot show mercy here, a lesson must be taught”
Her father passed through the door leaving the storeroom, the metal door shut with a thunk and then a key clicked in the lock. From behind the metal monstrosity came his voice “You can stay here tonight and think on your sins. I will be back tomorrow to take you to confession”

Rose was left alone in the dark.
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Re: Another Time, Another Place...
« Reply #8 on: April 16, 2019, 10:39:14 AM »
“And the Sister?”
“A much better target, if only we could find her”

The small church erupted into chaos, it was her birthday, she was nine, and now she was lost in a screaming nightmare of a crowd.

The day has started so well, her and Violet had been treated like princesses that morning, there were presents waiting for then when they woke up, a new dagger for Violet, a copy of the ordinal of alchemy by Thomas Norton for her, breakfast had been the eggs done in the way Mother knew Violet loved and whilst the twins were disappointed to be having to attend church upon their special day it was a trial they managed to overcome every Sunday and so would be no great hardship, not when they knew of the birthday meal that awaited them that night. It was a perfect day.

Until the alarms went off halfway through mass, the alarms that every adult dreaded. Animates in Greenwich, the district was to be locked down until the infection had been cleared. And so, the service become chaos, the good Catholics here to understand and love their god become a rabble, panic spread, over the maelstrom the priest was screaming that the people need to control themselves but it was no use, it was every man for themselves all wanting to get out of the cramped confines of the tiny church and make it to the places they believed they would be safe. Stuck in the center of it, separated from her parents and sister was one Rose Brockelsby aged nine and terrified.

She cried out in terror for her sister, her father, her mother, no one, only seconds had passed and soon the room would be cleared but to her in the moment she couldn’t see that, she was trapped in a hall of bodies that were flailing. A large man in a flat cap barreled past her and she fell to the floor, a foot trod her arm and she cried out in pain but no one was listening. She knew if she didn’t find help soon, she could be dead, trampled by adults desperate to save themselves or worse left to the dead somewhere in the district.

She forced herself to her feet but again was knocked down, again she tried but was met with an elbow to the face, her head ached, she was tired, all she could think was about how it was supposed to be her birthday. Then suddenly someone dragged her from within the throng, a strong arm pulled her out and dragged her back, she let it take her, it was Violet. She took her all the way to the alter and holding each other they watched the rest of the crowd exit out of the door.

They waited in the church for the quarantine to end, the priest looked after the two of them. No animate entered the church. After it was all over Mother and Father came and picked up the wayward babes.
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Re: Another Time, Another Place...
« Reply #9 on: April 23, 2019, 01:28:31 PM »
“So to sum up the situation Heath, we have no idea where she is and no leverage to use against her and her jailors are denying the admin error that let her out so we cannot rely upon the police to hunt her unless she does something very stupid”
“Well I wouldn’t quite says things are quite that bad Ashford we have a number of routes left to pursue…”
“I’d say they were exactly that bad you complete and utter...”

The rest of Lord Ashfords colourful speech was sadly halted by the coughing fit he suddenly broke into, Edward of course did everything he could to help his fellow lord but the moment Ashford gobbed up a large bloody lump of flem onto the table of their private meeting room was the moment he started to worry this was more than a sore throat, when scant minutes later followed up by blood leaking from Ashfords eyes and an inhuman gurgling from his throat he quickly deduced that perhaps the very women they had been discussing was nearby, if this were true he reasoned he should make a hasty retreat and leave his friend, (well friend was a bit strong) his college Ashford to whatever fate awaited him before the witch turned her wicked eye upon him. Then the door creaked open behind him and a chill went down Edwards spine.

He reached for his gun, if he was quick he could turn get the shot off, it wouldn’t be hard to justify the killing of a well known murderess after all
“I wouldn’t reach for the gun dear, not unless you wish for the poison in your veins to kill you in the next five minutes”
He froze, she always knew his next move in the old days, why should anything change, he turned to face his greatest foe, prison had changed her, she looked haggard and weak, a great burn mark marred what were once heavenly good looks, so good in fact he’d had to take her innocence, even if she common scum, he remembered the love her eyes held for him that night, there was nothing of the sort now.

She shut the door and gestured him to take a seat, he did like a good dog, his throat was dry, he heart beat loudly, he was sweating, it could be fear or maybe it was the toxin in his blood, maybe now it was his turn to convulse and sweat blood whilst the witch watched, at the least after what he’d done it would not be a painless death.

“Before we start I just want to say how sorry I”
“Shut up” she snapped
“But I mean to”
“No you don’t, you’re a rat scampering to survive, but I’m a better person than you Edward, I am willing to let you live”
“Well given a choice between life or death I think you know what I’d wish, but what do you want? Money?  A pardon? Anything I beg you”
“To live you only have to apologise Edward, and make me believe it, but I’d be quick you have very little time left”

In the end he had begged for his life, hardly surprising, he hadn’t even considered that she hadn’t poisoned him, didn’t even question the small mottled orange red fruit she had offered as a cure. He had swallowed the styx and fell into dreamland, he would live, but to Rose the fate he had accepted was worse than even death, styx destroyed your memories, your personality, everything that made you who you were. He would stay here wandering the east end a fool until the end of his days. Never knowing who he really was or why his life had turned out so badly.

Her heart sung gladly, she found herself laughing all the way home.