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New Characters
« on: February 13, 2019, 09:40:12 AM »
There's a still a chance that we could end up with another character not being available for the next game, so since we're having a few of you bringing in new people, it's worth having a chat about it on here.

As is the case in life, and RPGs in particular, you don't really control the types of people who come into your life, so be prepared for them to not be exactly what you want/need.

I imagine the players will pick characters that will still be useful, but no character or player has the right to tell any other that they're not allowed in the group. As long as they're correct according to the rules, and approved by me, they're going to be in the party.

If the character you want to play is a massive arse though, don't be too surprised if they get killed. We all know that the other player characters have no problem doing this...

As I have said from the get go, be prepared to live or die with the consequences of your actions and choices, and that does include the type of character you play, and how you play them.
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