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Re: A Doctor's daybook
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Patient: Lucy Grenthorn

Notes: I had hoped they were starting to talk so I could better understand Lucy. However they havenít uttered a world since our conversation the other day. I have come to conclusion they only speak when violence is the topic in discussion. Maybe in order to speak to them more I may have to talk about such chilling subjects. More research and training in needed to further help the patient, however I may take on the advise of one of my colleges and use a sedative or tranquilliser to help keep Lucy calm and under control. Lets just hope this ensures the safety of the parents and friends.

Patient: Gregory Daley

Notes: It has been two days since I took the skin and blood samples from the leg. At the beginning of the condition the bacteria must have not been in the number as they are now. I fear I cannot save the leg but I have informed the patient and requested an appointment tomorrow. Preparations for amputation are underway just in case this is the only action forward.

Patient: Hyacinth Smith

Notes: A few times I have run into her and she has been showing signs of intoxication. Like most people she gets very loud and friendly. I just hope she doesnít talk to anyone unfamiliar and let loose any secrets she seems so keen to keep to herself. She didnít utter a word of it until I provoked her, but her sister told me of nightmares she has been having. Apparently she has never seen her in a state like this. Next time I see her I will give her something for her sleep. I would have thought nothing of the dreams but I must admit in these notes that I myself was plagued by a rather haunting nightmare the very same night as Hyacinth and strangely round the same time. I am not going to take any further action against this but I have noted it for the records incase something like this happens again.

Patient: Mary Smith

Notes: Still continues to talk to her invisible friend. Her sister seems unfazed by this now so it must be a regular occurrence. Regular checks are being put in place to monitor the mental state of Mary. If there is more decline then I will suggest a mental hospital. My colleague, Ms Parian, said something about an exorcism if this illness of the mind is to be treated with paranormal remedies. However since the event as to when she told us of her Ďfriendí no one seems too interested in treating her. I must admit, even I turned my attention elsewhere but the problem still remains when we finally cut the head of the snake. Maybe it will pass when the end does come as her friend only seems to want to help at this moment in time.

Patient: William Walker

Notes: Came to me with a broken leg from a factory accident. Didnít respond too kindly when I told him the length of time he had to stay at home whilst he rested. It is cruel they wonít pay him. If only there was some cause that worked to bringing in a better world. The bone fragmented in a similar way to another patient of mine, however it was a foot bone. Shame I couldnít see the bone healed. He died not long after I first treated it. He came across a deadly flower who snuffed out the life rather quickly. I still regret not being able to save the poor man.

Patient: Beatrice Oldham

Notes: She has started talking more. All it took was a cup of tea. I usually refrain from socialising with patients due to the complications of someone in my past, but I believed it to be the best foot forward. I rather enjoyed her company, and it seems we grew up in similar places ever if we find ourselves in this place people call liveable, even if it isnít.

Patient: Roman Foster

Notes: Didnít attend an appointment but I saw him passing in the streets. His stress is getting to him it seems. Me and several other colleagues have told him to go on a break yet he insists he must carry on. Some stress I find useful in order to get through my work but the amount he is experiencing isnít healthy. He is a lonely pillar being beaten down by the swirling waves and tides. If he isnít careful and finds something else he will collapse. My only thought it who else will he drag with him.

Patient: Rose Thorn

Notes: She didnít have an appointment and I didnít know who she was until today. She walked in and demanded I gave her a full diagnostic. Being a doctor and striving to help as many as I can, I did as she wished. However as I was working she began to ask questions about dead patients. I started noticing the traits and with confidence I can say she is a psychopath. From my time and experience I know such people can exist in society, and they function well but she may be teetering on insanity as well due to the death threats I received once I gave her some unsavoury information. I doubt the police will help in this situation.

(After a few more notes on patients a diary entry is written)

It has been just under a month since Karl died from his illness. I still regret not seeing it sooner and changing my actions to lead to his survival. It was only this morning where I had a brief thought of making plans to go see him, then my memory caught up with me. With the symptoms I would recommend I see a doctor yet I am one myself and I cannot think of any treatments for myself. Even when Karl was still alive I had started making a new friendship with Clair. It was wonderful to have someone of similar intellect and background to talk to. It still is. But I miss Karlís senseless comments on my work and the state of the world. He would always talk about his gun, rather strange now I fully think about it. His gun wouldnít be too far away, made me feel safe really. I knew he would protect me and I would do the same. But the illness we both contracted ended that. Sadly I was the one to survive, even if I was the one to introduce it. I hope his soul is resting and not like those that are rampaging in Blackfriars.

My thoughts have been getting more distracted and foggy over the past few days and Iíd hoped that writing some down would clear it. I have grown paranoid in my actions. Some would even call me insane as I admit I have been doing the same action over and over in the hopes of a different outcome. Maybe when my situation has calmed down I might be able to recover and deal with my inner Demons that plague me currently.

However, at this moment in time I think I should explore the friendship with Clair. I have stayed at her house a few times and reluctantly I have started to even enjoy her sisters company. I guess she gives an alternative to Karlís senseless ramblings but instead of being about his gun she talks about someone elseís set of tools. Iím thinking about inviting Clair up for tea and a chat. Nothing about our work or past events that plague us. Just a talk to better understand each other.

Ms Parian also seems very friendly and seems to want to talk to me more. She has helped with some rather worrying situations and I have entrusted her with secrets I wish to not tell others. She briefly told me of business she has been up to but nothing to specific. It is fascinating hearing about other lives in London. I loved talking to Karl about the deathwatch and how life in the military worked. Ms Parian almost has that same air to her, as if she has been in some sort of military like environment. I wonder if she served in the deathwatch just like Karl and Mouse did.

It has been very trying times for my colleagues and our work. I can see the stress starting to get to the leader of our research group. Well we call him leader but it was a title we forced on him. No one else wanted to take it and we all agreed he was more than fit for the role. However he doesnít seem to be able to cope with the new tasks we have to undertake an with the death of two of our past colleagues. I do hope with time we have a breakthrough and find the answers and more importantly a solution to our problems.

Due to my own problems I have been angry and bitter to people around me, even some of my patients have started to notice my shortened temper. Maybe once my problems have quieted, I can move on to help our leader, who hopefully wonít end in an explosion much like those that are plaguing London. I do hope the culprits are caught and brought to justice.

So tomorrow my task is to find a cake, if this area has a shop who sells them, otherwise a sweet treat which I know a cafe might sell.
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Re: A Doctor's daybook
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I have been thinking about trust more and more lately. Whether I trust people or if they trust me. My actions, I must admit, have not inspired people to trust me, yet I have had people defend me, save me and be friendly towards me. This, however, makes me trust my peers less. I wonder if they do it to get close to me to finally take the final shot. So when finally my life does end nothing unfortunate happens to them.

But I wonder if I hold something everyone wants? I was defended to know the truth, saved for my skills and knowledge. The question of why they would sit with me in private, accepting drink and food, knowing full well that was how my problems came about. Now I could just accept it as they donít care and genuinely want to be friendly due to their unsavoury past. But I canít shake the feeling something else might be going on.

We must carry on for this party, even if Iím not sold on half of the plans. Each one has it flaws even mine that I have suggested. All it will take is for one person to see through the facade and it will all come crashing down on top of us. My mind keeps going to my stronger friend and how they can help but that might lead to my own destruction. Now thinking about it they are the least trustworthy but if the situation is dire then I might consider it.

The snakeís whispers are considered truth by many now. Hopefully when his venom stops seeping into the city, it can recover and we all might get some rest. It is a peculiar situation we find ourselves in. I donít believe any of us anticipated these events when we first agreed to help. I didnít expect such a twisted tale to come out of that lab, but my curiosity does draw me closer. We must all be careful going forward as it has already killed a cat and I wish for no more deaths.

My wish is for more evenings to be like the last. Iím hoping Saturday to be such a day.

"Spartans never die. They're just missing in action."