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A tense exchange
« on: October 17, 2018, 07:47:34 PM »
Tung prays frequently.  Often apprehensively, always enthusiastically but his relationship with his god is complicated.  Gruumsh is a merciless god of slaughter.  Tung wants to be a pacifist.  As an old, largely forgotten god, Gruumsh has free time in abundance to provide a very personal service to his worshippers.

Tung prays silently in his native language.

Hail Gruumsh, strongest of all, knower of all, conqueror of all.

Today I think I  made some very tangible progress toward finally finding a stable, long term home.  The climate in the small region surrounding this town of Sandpoint is comfortable.  There is sunlight, there are sea breezes and the people here are, perhaps owing to their life on the coast, somewhat more accustomed to seeing unusual species.  I can walk freely with pride, without fear of persecution.  The guards and citizens merely watch from a careful distance and whisper respectfully where they think I cannot see them.  Rarely, if ever, do they attempt to assault or belittle me.

"And yet they still judge you, One-ton.  They still see you as a monster.  Why do you tolerate this?  Live up to their expectations, raze their homesteads, feast upon the fallen, show them the folly of their prejudice.  Their neighbours will watch, learn and respect."

That would only confirm their fears.  And I have politely asked you on numerous occasions not to call me... that name.  I do not care for it.  It was given to me by my captors and it stirs troubling memories.

"Oh, the brave warrior is offended?  Good!  Take that anger, use it, act like an orc for once in your life.  You do not like the name?  It is a human name, given to you by a human, is it not?  I will use your orc name when you convince me that you are an orc.  For now, you act like a human, I address you as they do."

As one of them did.  He does not represent his people.  But fine, if it gives you pleasure.

I found some travelling companions today.  A diverse troupe to be sure but I believe we found companionship in our differences from the common folk.  They seem trustworthy, we have broken bread and shared meaningful conversation.  They are tolerant and willing to listen.  I hope to get to know them better in time.

"Companions?  I have seen them, One-ton.  I see all.  What you call companions, I would call fodder.  What warrior travels with a toad?  A lizard?  Halfling?  ELVES.  Orc does not and has not ever fraternised with ELF."

At least one a half elf, as if that mattered.  Anyway, for a god so incensed by the persecution of our people, you have a strange approach to other races.  We attended a festival today, do you disapprove of that, too?

"A festival in worship of a FALSE GOD."

Different regions, my lord.  Different customs.  Their way is as valid as ours.  I do not care for their system of worship if that provides you with any comfort.  I must say that for a deity, you apear terribly insecure.

"So the weakling is growing a backbone?  This confidence ill suits you, pup.  I am unused to seeing such bold behaviour, excepting your little episodes."

We do not discuss that.

"Oh, I think we do.  We had one today, didn't we?  I felt it.  I felt your anger, One-ton."

It was in self defence.

"How does eating sentient creatures qualify as self defence?  You lost control.  You should do it more often."

They were threatening the defenceless.

"And for that, you decided that they needed to die.  They woke up this morning as you did, One-ton.  They had aspirations and families.  Broods, at least.  But no, the orc decided that they no longer deserved to live.  That their gore should slide down your chin, their blood wet your throat.  You made that choice."

I do not understand why you are attempting to hurt me.  I thought you would be pleased.  I slew many for a just cause.

"Slew many?  GOBLINS.  You slew VERMIN.  Slay one hundred flies for me, One-ton, see how much praise I heap upon you.  And still it took every ounce of strength you had!  You kin would not have struggled.  No, they would have taken the largest by the leg, beaten the rest of their company to death with their own comrade then would have KILLED THE ELVES FOR GOOD MEASURE."

That would be madness.

"THAT IS THE RAGE, WHELP.  It is who you are!  BARBARIAN, NOT DIPLOMAT.  THE WILL OF YOUR TRIBE.  It is who you could be if you would relieve yourself of this ridiculous insistence on communicating with other species rather than taking your place as a dominant, powerful driver of the weak!  No orc, you.  No.  HALF-orc.  Diluted, diminished, LESSER."

I count 5 kills this day, possibly 6.  I dedicate them to you.  May your endless wrath and boundless strength endure.

"You sicken me."

The feeling is mutual.
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Re: A tense exchange
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2018, 04:36:53 PM »
(>:D) Oh Grud, what kind of Fantasy tri-dee trash have I stumbled onto this time? I've got some Judges who would love you, mutie. As a note to yourself, stop making notes to yourself. Mother drokker you're insane - i'm not even gonna bother.


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Re: A tense exchange
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2018, 06:58:49 PM »
I do not recognise this voice.  My lord, you seek to mock me?

"Fool.  Magic!  ELF magic!"

Truthfully I do not understand magic.  Yes, I suppose that would make sense.  It may explain my lack of coordination, headache and fatigue...

"No.  That would be your severe blood loss.  Learn this feeling, One-ton.  You will feel it again before too long UNLESS YOU LEARN TO DEFEND YOURSELF."

Thank you.  You have made your point clearly and repeatedly.
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Re: A tense exchange
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2018, 04:33:17 PM »
Hail Gruumsh, strongest of all, knower of all, conqueror of all.

After the events of the day, I was kindly offered healing.  With little else likely to occupy my day and with a growing exhaustion I set out to the surrounding woodlands to remove myself from the hustle and bustle of town life and centre myself.

"You mean so you wouldn't have to clean up the mess you made.  Good initiative."

They would not have accepted my aid, my lord.  We have been hailed as heroes and paid handsomely for our efforts.  Not that any payment was necessary, of course, when we were merely defending those who had shown us significant kindness.

"They were weakened, scared and naturally soft hearted.  You did not simply empty their overflowing coffers by force?"

I did not.

"I retract my comment on your initiative.  Imbecile!  Opportunity is waved right in front of your eyes and you ignore it!"

Those with money will earn more money.  They have a nearby goblin problem.  This could mean steady work for all of us and a chance to improve the standing of orcs in the local area.  Perhaps even more followers?

"Do not be so bold as to tell me how to gather a flock.  This is dangerous ground, One-Ton, and your chicken legs are not strong enough to traverse it without injury."

I apologise.  Perhaps I was being a little forward.

I found a small oasis in the forest.  An area of calm and contemplation.  I took in the scenery, spoke at length with theologians, drank from clear springs...

"Stop.  What did you just say?"

Theologians?  Yes, learned men of god.  You see they-

"I AM FAMILIAR WITH THE TERM.  Tell me, One-Ton... where precisely were you?"

At a small shrine dedicated to Erastil, he of family, the provider, bringer of the harvest.

"And for what reason did your feeble legs wander upon those grounds?"

To learn, my lord.  To better understand the people I will be working with and the community I will serve in your name!

"You will NEVER serve in my name.  You will DOMINATE.  One-Ton, are you losing faith I wonder?"


"I beg to differ, One-Ton.  An orc does not simply wander upon hallowed ground without a purpose.  I want you to tell me something.  Why do you serve me?"

Father used to tell me of you before I slept.  He told me "Gruumsh biggest orc of all, great and powerful, he watch his people and he protect.  He bring the sun, he bring the rain, he grant the strength and the anger and the glory.  You worship good with your body, you worship when you act.  Him one-eye, he see all, he know all.  You act like orc should, you work long and you work hard and you pray, Tung, that he one-eye never see you and never be angry at you."

Every orc in our tribe knew that.  We all worshipped you.  It was the way.

"So.  You worship out of guilt, out of duty?  Ha!  How very like you, One-Ton.  Lived like a slave, worship like a slave.  I have been your god for 45 years and you still have yet to learn how to please me."

I do my best, my lord.  I try every day.

"You did say one interesting thing, One-Ton.  You called me one-eye.  Seldom few remember my ancient name.  They used to call me that before I revealed my true name unto your people.  Do you know how my followers used to worship me?  What they used to do to themselves?"

... I do.  They used to...


... mutilate themselves...

"The orc ritual of removing one's second eye is time honoured, One-Ton.  It started with clerics who wished to become closer to me and eventually spread to the most devout followers, the most frenzied of berseker warriors.  I often granted them a boon in return for their sacrifice.  I know a way that you could redeem yourself in my eye, One-Ton."

I will not.

"You think you will not.  I see into your heart.  The need to please.  The fear.  Maybe one day you will learn what real motivation is.  Until then, you will always be two-eye One-Ton."
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Re: A tense exchange
« Reply #4 on: November 03, 2018, 01:57:40 PM »
Hail Gruumsh, strongest of all, knower of all, conqueror of all.

"And salutations in turn Two-eye One-Ton."

I have returned from the shrine.  In my absence, our group have discovered that the goblin attack was a clever distraction and that someone or something has organised the rabble into a fighting force.  Their aim seems to have been to desecrate a local burial house.  Our group found a powerful necromantic artifact within and two animated skeletons.

"Did you seize the artifact for later use?"

My lord, I absolutely did not!  Necromancy is a violation of the natural order!

"I suppose mass murder is not?  How many have fallen to that blade of yours, One-Ton?  Was that nature's intent?"

Self defence is perfectly natural, yes!  Do you encourage necromancy?  I had been lead to believe that you did not approve of such magics.

"I do not approve of necromancy.  I approve, One-Ton, of advantages  by any and all means necessary.  Seeing your wasted, shrivelled body as you shamble about the land leaves me with little hope that you will ever grow in strength so perhaps magic will aid you.  At the very least you could have sold it."

And allow the spread of necromancy across the land?!

"Did you not say that you sought 'steady work'?  If weak undead spread across this land, surely they will not cause more trouble than you can deal with.  You could be paid for your meagre efforts and find justification for your slaughter for once.  And whilst on the subject of advantages, I notice that you have cast aside your old blade.  Tell me about the item you carry."

It is the weapon of a proud warrior.  The weapon was passed on as one of their final acts upon this world prior to their noble end at their ancestral burial site.  The handle is heavy with the weight of years and the head of obviously superior construction.  Truly it is the work of a master.

"Ha, yes, the tradition of selling one's weapons for ale or a 'pilgrimage' is alive and well!  I am peased that you recognise quality and pay proper respect where it is earned.  Good.  But tell me, does it not seem a terrible shame for a weakling such as you to be bearing the weapon of a true warrior?  Is it not doing a great disservice to its previous owner that their most treasured possession now rests in the hands of a wretched snivelling beast?"

Why do you berate me so?  Does it provide pleasure?

"Time and again I have explained this.  I wish to inspire anger in your quivering heart.  I wish to bestow the rage upon you that you might sow chaos and angiush throughout these lands as your very species was DESTINED to do.  Combat, One-Ton!  Anger, desolation, ruin!  These things, these are your very flesh and blood!"

We seek to purge the goblin menace.  Perhaps that will satisfy you.

"Truly?  It would be a start.  Please spare me your angst in the aftermath once you have yet another change of heart and come to regret taking innocent lives."

The goblins shall not be mourned.  You said it correctly yourself.  They are vermin.  They take and they never give in return, they are a ravenous blight upon the land, lacking in learning or culture.  The world would be better without them.  That they bear even a slight resemblance to my kin is an insult.

"Well, this is a new side to you!  I think I rather approve!  Perhaps in time we can foster this hatred, eh?"

Your enthusiasm fills me with concern.  My hatred is not prejudice.  It is a view shared by may civilised races.

We have enlisted the services of a competent tracker and seek to locate the source of the attacks.  Once nipped in the bud, we shall seek information regarding the ringleader and bring the scoundrel to justice.

"By which you mean death?"


"You still have learned nothing, One-Ton."
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Re: A tense exchange
« Reply #5 on: November 07, 2018, 12:49:40 PM »
Hail Gruumsh, strongest of all, knower of all, conqueror of all.

"Hold for but a moment.  We need to discuss your conduct."

... yes?

"I have witnessed you breaking and entering.  Cutting directly through a locked door with barely a moment's consideration."

Under encouragement and to facilitate an investigation, yes.

"Furthermore you have seized property not owned by you, used and destroyed it to commit acts of violence, rushed through a display room full of priceless, delicate artifacts with reckless abandon and trampled through broken glass in your haste to slay a foe."

... yes.

"Because of this, in addition to your notably improved fighting style, I have made a decision, Tung.  I will grant you a small boon."

Tung?  You actually approve of my actions?

"I do, as do your fathers and fathers' fathers.  While your foes were hardly mighty, your lack of regard for your personal safety and single minded determination to kill are the exact virtues I wished to imbue you with.  Now, see your newfound powers!"

I feel strange, my lord.


Sickened.  I feel severe discomfort in my gut.

"You cannot expect to eat so many creatures at your age, old man, and not experience some minor indigestion."

I beg you, do not mock me!  What gift did you grant that my belly burns so?

"One more step toward becoming a true personification of your faith.  It is a gift I gave to all within your tribe, though none would discuss it openly for it was a solemn, secret rite of passage.  I have awakened a dormant gland within your gut.  You are now filling with a highly acidic bile with which to cripple and disorient your larger opponents."

Bile?!  Am I vomiting?  It is dripping from my mouth!

"Oh yes, you could probably refer to that as vomit.  Venom would probably be the way your little alchemist and druid friends would think of it.  The best of your kin produced that noxious bile in abundance until well into their old age.  It may be for the best to warn your companions to give you a wide berth should you be likely to die from a wound that breaches your belly, eh?  And perhaps to bury your liver with particular care..."

Faint but hearty laughter echoes through Tung's mind for a few moments.

Just for out of character info, Tung has taken the Hissing Rage barbarian rage power.  Once per hour he can spit venom at an adjacent enemy as a standard action or use his venom as a swift action if he hits with his bite attack.  The opponent must take a fort save (10+half barbarian level+Tung's con modifier) or suffer 1d2 strength damage for 6 rounds.  Roll fort each round, the poison is cured by two saves in succession.

The strange acidic smell he now emits probably isn't doing much to help with his charisma problem.
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Re: A tense exchange
« Reply #6 on: November 07, 2018, 01:34:41 PM »
Applause. Excellent stuff.


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Re: A tense exchange
« Reply #7 on: November 14, 2018, 04:21:17 PM »
Hail Gruumsh, strongest of all, knower of all, conqueror of all.

"Salutations in kind, One-Ton-Groin-Ravager"

I would be correct in assuming that you, again, disapprove of me despite the blood I have shed in your name?

"Let us review your actions in the past hour, shall we?  You pursued a foe into a basement room from which there were no obvious means of escape"

I did, yes.

"You then allowed your companions to parley.  You also offered to discuss your foe's motivations."

I did not have a complete picture of the events that had transpired.  To rush in and slay an innocent would be a crime.

"A crime unto whom, exactly?"

The laws of this land.  Justice in general, I suppose.

"And there you have it, One-Ton.  Damned by your own tongue.  The life of one person in pursuit of a goal means nothing.  NOTHING, One-Ton!  You act and you think like HUMAN.  You act and you think like ELF.  You strive for fair treatment one moment, you gore creatures half your size the next.  You tried to strike without intent to kill, One-Ton!  Orc does not take PRISONERS, Orc takes SLAVES."

We sought to interrogate him!  Would you rather we killed him and lost potentially vital information about the missing citizen we suspected he had kidnapped?

"The life of one human does not concern me.  A small player on a large stage.  There is nothing more for your in Sandpoint and you should long ago have moved on to greater challenges, not pointless questing.  You fancy yourself a saviour, One-Ton?  You should not have known better.  You DID know better.  Did you enjoy the taste of his blood, One-Ton?  Do you remember the taste of man flesh?"

I think I feel sick again...

"Ah, but here is a notion.  You wish to think and act like a man?  Address me like one.  Speak to me in the language of men until you have again earned the honour of conversing in Orc.  And do not dare defy me.  You know what will happen if you do."

But... I... yes.  Yes, I obey.

"Of course you do.  It's what you're good at, isn't it 'living muscle'?"

Common is... hard to speak.  Hard not like Orc.  Too much describing.  Long words.  No emotion.  Language of writing, good for words, bad for speaking.

We hurt him.  Nimble man, he run.  Run through wall.  Frog man, he clever, he open wall in special place.  We find goblin camp.  Many feet pass that way.  Guards will be warned.

"You work with local law enforcement?  That is a dangerous course of action for a barbarian.  Your race and your profession no doubt do not earn you friends amongst them."

They are... fair.  Careful.  Better than some.  More trusting.  They call me hero.  They call us hero.

"Then they are poor judges of character."

I want to prove them right.  Good people.  Their respect would be good.

We are going back to meet the rest now.  No more to see, just tunnel to outside of town.  Needs to be filled up, stop goblins.  Need to see where second tunnel goes.  Maybe nowhere, maybe to where nimble man is hiding.  Maybe he is a long way away now.  Maybe we will not find him ever again.  He will be lucky if we don't.

"Yes, I'm sure that the orc who repeatedly failed to strike him is his largest concern..."
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Re: A tense exchange
« Reply #8 on: November 21, 2018, 02:38:07 PM »
Hail Gruumsh, he strongest, he know most, he rule everyone.

Found our friends.  They say they saw a bad thing.  Insisted we explored other places first.  Makes no difference.  We kill everthing in time, I am sure.

There was a statue further in the place.  Temple.  Strange temple.  Statue was pretty, looked expensive.  I wanted to break it.  The others would not let me.

"Property damage?  Do tell me more..."

Looked... thing... pro-fane.  Profane.  Bad person.  Others called it a rune lord.  Don't know what that is.  Wanted to break its head off so it could not come to life and follow us.  Don't want to fight a statue.  Hard to hurt rocks.  All kinds of strange magic in this country.  Can't trust rocks any more.

"A simple-minded rationale perhaps but I applaud the initiative.  I notice you stole its weapon?"

It is a stupid weapon.  All long and sharp.  Can't hurt enemy with such a long weapon!  Can't get in close and properly hit things like that.  Stupid, stupid tool.  Unfair.  Things can't fight back.  Fights should be fair, I think.  Personal.  Even if opponent is some horrible thing from bad outside places, you both fighting for survival.  Honourable.  Need to be fair.

"Nonsense.  Seize any advantage you can.  Any intelligent fighter would do the same.  Do you know how much your honour will count for when you're stood in my court and awaiting judgement with your own head in your hands?"

Honour mattered to father.  I must follow in his footsteps.  He was a good orc.  Strong orc.

We climb ruined tower.  Rockslide, blocked tower entrance.  Screaming came from the rocks; bad screams!  Scared the nimble man.  Not the bad nimble man, you know... the good one.  The one who says his name a lot.  I like the nimble man.  He is kind.

"Imbecile.  The was an illusion.  Do you lack common sense?  A rockslide from the top of a ruined tower with nothing to cause it whcih resulted in no sound and through which sound passes freely?"

I did not think about the rocks.  I thought about the fighting.  Let others think about where we are.  I fight, they notice, is good... partner... partnership.

A bad thing was on the other side of the magic rocks.  Floating head.  Frog and nimble man are hurt very badly, I think.  Their skin is all black and is coming off.  I am sad for them.  I do not want them to die.

"Would it matter?  They are slowing you down.  Their hubris and their ambition but lack of strength, you think them allies?  They are obstacles, One-Ton."

We have fought for the same cause.  Makes them kin.  Not-green brothers and sisters.  Except frog.  Frog is green brother.  Different green but still good.

"Enough.  I literally could not care less."

Killed two floating heads.  Smashed them apart on the walls.  Felt sick.  Did not eat them.  Poison in them, would make me sicker.  Smashed instead.  Smashed them to send them to you.  Maybe you want to fight their souls later.

"Ha, Gruumsh lowering himself to fight a vargouille?!"


"You don't even know the name of the creatures you killed.  Why am I not surprised?  Well, should you meet more I'm sure you'll learn plenty about them.  I'm surprised you bested even one, honestly, but no.  No One-Ton, I would not lower myself to attempt to kill anything that YOU were capable of subduing, little one.  There would be no point."

Then what you do with sacrifices?

"Devour some.  Discard others.  Fight those that would offer any sport.  It is about the gesture more than the actual offering.  Obviously I would be more pleased if you were to offer me, say, a tarrasque but what can I expect from One-Ton..."

A what?

"Forget I mentioned it.  Just know that if you encounter one, it will absolutely kill you."

... right.  We found some... things.  Aber... abba...

"Yes, very good One-Ton.  Sound it out."

Can I just pray in Orc again?

"Not yet, Elf-friend."

Ab-burr-a... shun.  Two of them.  I felt sick again.

"Yes, I saw that.  It looked like you actually pierced the belly of one then vomited into the wound.  Absolutely revolting but it looked effective.  Do you see the efficacy of my gifts, now?"

I do.

"Then what must you say?"

... thank you?

"Yes.  That's right One-Ton.  Grovel for me.  We both know you will gain nothing by resisting my will."

The beasts were slain quickly.  We rescued the nimble man's friend.  She was not well.

"Probably because a bile-slathered orc, saturated up the waist with demon blood, was stood over her and breathing heavily.  How did you split that monster in half, by the way?"

Hit it.  Hard.

We left.  We will return soon.  Need supplies, need healing.  I will stay.  I am fine.  I support local guards, protect town.  I do job of 6 trained men.

"Yes One-Ton.  6 MEN.  Do not compare yourself to lesser races."
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Re: A tense exchange
« Reply #9 on: November 29, 2018, 01:36:32 PM »
Hail Gruumsh, he strongest, he know most, he rule everyone.

This temple dedicated to great orc goddess of birth.  Is what we do okay?

"Hmm.  That sounds like... Dretha, perhaps?  Goodness me, One-Ton, you wouldn't like to meet her.  You think I am unreasonable?  She eats children.  One second thought, you might like to meet her.  You'd certainly have something in common..."

I never ate child.

"Is that how their parents saw it, One-Ton?"

Please stop talking about old days.

"But One-Ton, how do you expect to learn if you suppress those nasty thoughts?  I thought you were such a proudly open-minded, introspective orc but here you are in complete denial.
But yes, have it your way.  We wouldn't want you to cry in front of your new friends.  And in answer to your question, I care not for the affairs of other gods.  No other poses a threat to me, do with them and their property as you see fit.  Now, what other news?"

This bad place.  Very bad.  People got hurt here.  Hurt in strange ways.  Hurt in magic ways.  Changed.  Forced to stay alive and changed.  Tortured.  Do not think I like magic.

"Oh, that explains why you have been so upset lately.  We don't like torture, do we One-Ton."

Stop.  Stop now.

"Does it still hurt, One-Ton?  The scarring across your back?  Does it still itch when cold weather is coming?  Do you still remember why you have it?"

It because Mr. Jimmy is a bad man!  Bad, stupid human!  Bad, stupid, DEAD human!

"IT IS BECAUSE YOU WERE WEAK!  And you still call him mister!"

He not deserve any name at all.  He deserve what he got.

"How quickly we forget that 'life is precious' once we feel that we have been treated unfairly.  How hypocritical.  How self-serving.  You are a disgusting creature.  Your dead parents would be ashamed."

Will not rise to this.

"Spare me.  You already have."

We found goblin.  Big.  Twisted.  Not right.  Talk to himself.  He keep undead pets in pits.  He have too many arms, too much size, not much words.  He not right in head, I think.  Strong.  Too strong.  Dead now.  This is better for world.  Do not know why he like this.  Took his weapon.  Magic.  Too well made for goblin hands, would be better for better fighter.  Someone to care for it.

"You did the right thing in discarding it.  Any tool fit for a goblin would mean nothing to you."

I know this.

We find altar.  Wanted to defile it.  Profane thing, poison, nasty, foul thing.  Smell wrong.  Elf enjoyed it, wanted to use the dirt it poured.  Think elf want to use filth as weapon.  Think elf is thinking about this wrong.  Not smart.  Not safe.  Bad to take gift from bad god.

"Tell me, do you think Gruumsh One-Eye is a 'good' god, little On-Ton?"

... this feel like dangerous question.

"No, no, please, I insist.  Indulge me."

Well... Gruumsh do many great things...

"Do not avoid the question."

No.  Gruumsh not good.  Gruumsh powerful.  Gruumsh rule with fear and strength.  Gruumsh not... ben... eh-voe-lent.  Gruumsh kill and Gruumsh destroy and Gruumsh demand until nothing left to give yet still Gruumsh take.  But still Tung serve.  Gruumsh lead way.  Gruumsh ARE the way.  Way of father, way of father-father, way of tradition.  What other choice do Tung have?  Gruumsh only safe and true thing in Tung life.  Gruumsh always there and always will be there.

"So truly you understand the way of things.  You dare speak so openly to me?"

No choice.  You see in Tung heart, you know how Tung feel.  Why lie?

"Why indeed.  Whether motivated by fear or bravery, you speak well and truthfully.  You are quite right, Tung.  I do not have your wellbeing in mind.  I demand service and know that you lack the courage to deny me.  But such honesty bears rewarding, I think.  Yes.  You may address me as an orc once more."

Thank you.  Common is too nuanced a language.  Why do they require so many words to express so little?  It's... noise.

"And unfortunately considered a language of leaders and diplomats.  If you truly desire to be accepted, you will have to learn it in time.  Or you could live up to your true potential and simply slay those who will not listen.  I know which would bring you satisfaction..."

On that topic... we have entered what seems to be a cathedral.  There is a sacrificial altar, there is Jiro's double, there is a demon.  What is about to occur is obvious, even to one as naive to the ways of physical combat as Demmel and Fripflop.  I am so very tired, my lord.  The rage has taken a severe toll on my spirit.

"Have you told your friends that you will soon burden them, little one?"

No.  I can still fight with competence, just without vigour.  I will contribute if only by holding back our aggressors.  All I ask is that you guide my hand.  We are all tired and depleted of resources but we simply cannot allow what is transpiring beneath hundreds of innocent feet to continue.  Lend us your strength, lend us your courage.  Whilst I recognise that such foes are meaningless to a warrior of your calibre, know that any slain in this room are done so in your eternal name.

"As it should be.  I will not help you, One-Ton.  Do not beg for my assistance ever again.  I will watch and I will judge.  If you are not strong enough to fight your own battles, One-Eye has no further need of One-Ton."
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Re: A tense exchange
« Reply #10 on: December 05, 2018, 01:35:59 PM »
Hail Gruumsh, strongest of all, knower of all, conqueror of all.

I apologise for troubling you earlier.  It appears the demon still lived.

"As would be apparently to anybody with the use of their senses, yes.  Tung, you accomplished much during your fight.  Tell me your story."

Surely such trivial talk would bore a fighter of your calibre.

"Flattery.  Ah, if only I respected your opinion, I might feel honoured.  No, One-Ton, I wish to hear how you feel the fight went.  And do not try to second guess me.  Do not try to evade the inevitable insults.  Tell me plainly, describe what you did."

Well... we fought Jiro's double.  Not double, perhaps.  Better at fighting but with a looser grasp on Jiro's culture.  Honestly, I am not sure where he hailed from.  He tried to taunt us for a short while, claimed he had more of "my" kind in captivity.

"And you did not pursue this little fact any further?"

I doubted his sincerity.  He was clearly losing, these were the words of a desperate man.  My people did not travel from the mountains.

"He may have meant other orcs."

He may.  I do not identify other orcs as family any more than any other stranger I should meet.  My travelling companions are my family now.  You are... family... of a sort.  Not strangers.

"Tell me you do not consider me family.  I am your master, not your carer."

And unfortunately a confidant, constant overseer and moral compass.


I closed in on the warrior.  Tsuto, I think he was named.  It matters little now.  Jiro managed to distract his attention for long enough that I landed a number of square blows, an unfortunate thing given that Jiro wished to interrogate him.  He did not escape this time.  I worry, though.  Surely it is not natural for the killing blow to split a man in twain?  Like the wrath creature from before.  What is this axe?

"Merely an extension of the strength of its bearer.  You are nowhere near your full potential, Tung, and even at your best will be but a shadow of your mother and father but you must recognise the strength you possess.  You must see the advantage you have over all others."

Balanced out by severe disadvantages, yes, but I am always careful about displaying my strength in public.  It raises concern.

"When will you embrace the beast inside?  You SEE what you are capable of.  You SEE your potential and yet you squander it!  It frustrates me so to think that the last of your line will end with this, wasted to nothing."

Am I to procreate?

"Do not read into my words that which was not intended.  You are to leave a legacy, Tung.  Not progeny.  You are of poor stock, any you birthed would be... weedy and introspective.  No better than men.  I have seen it.  Gruumsh sees all, all possible futures, all possible outcomes.  In so, so few do you find anybody willing to share the company of your slavering visage."

Father did.

"Ah, yes, that old excuse.  You should stop justifying your shortcomings by referring to the support of a dead relative, Tung, it shows a lack of respect.  Your problems were not his.  His problem WAS you.  Besides, he lived among peers.  Of course he found a partner, your kind had been incestously producing offspring upon that blighted mountain for decades.  It may explain how un-orclike you've become.  'tis a wonder you survived at all."

Did you see where the demon we fought fled to?

"Fought?  From my perspective, you threw your garments upon a demonic altar, attacked each other for a few hilarious minutes, fell repeatedly upon your own faces and drove the creature out of the room from sheer frustration.  I quite sympathise with the diminutive little beast!"

But did you see where it went?

"Of course.  You cannot expect me to pay attention to you all day?  I have other matters to attend to, vain excuse for an orc."

Would you be willing to divulge this information before other innocents are forced to die?

"I already informed you, Tung.  Do not ask me for aid.  A refusal often offends and your fragile ego cannot take much more punishment.  No, I will not tell you.  You must hunt it by yourself, if you are capable.  Consider it a quest!  You seem to like pointless fetching and investigation for little tangible profit."

What do you gain by withholding this?  I do not understand your motives.

"To assume yourself capable of understanding the whims of gods is arrogance, young one, and will not be tolerated.  You are beneath me in intellect, in strength, in every capacity, measurable or not."

I accept this.  Very well.  We make for town now for a well earned rest.  We will alert the guards, see that this place is defended, perhaps alert the civic leaders.  We will see if we can assist in any other ways.  I thank you for your attention.

"Hold, Tung.  One last matter must be discussed."

... yes?

"It is almost time.  Your skill with the blade has, I begrudgingly admit, become more pronounced in quite the short span of time.  The time of your ascension is almost upon us.  Have you made the necessary preparations?"

I already informed you quite clearly that I do not intend to undertake the ritual.

"I am pleased that you still labour under the delusion of choice.  The time is coming, Tung.  Perhaps you should warn your friends.  Tell them about the wonderful new being you are about to become.  What it represents.  How grotesque you will appear to those who refuse to understand.  But perhaps I ask too much of Tung the Reluctant, hmm?  Making decisions for one's self is difficult for those of a weak mind after all.  So perhaps it would be more fair for me to grant you another boon to mark the occasion of your recent great success?"

I beg of you, no.

"Please, it really would trouble me not.  Yes, a boon!  I will help you to decide!

Commit yourself truly to your faith before the setting of tomorrow's sun.  Should you fail, I will punish you for the rest of your sad, short life.  I will visit upon you illness.  I will bring you nightmares.  Worst of all, I shall impose upon you a rage with no end.  Do you know what they call endless rage, Tung?  Madness.  Seething, foaming madness.  You will strike those you care about the most, you will hurt yourself, you will uncontrollably rampage through towns and settlements until you, the feral orc, are brought to a kind of brutal justice.  We will see how your companions accept the poor, lonely, lost orc then, shall we?

Think carefully, Tung.  You have delayed long enough.  The time for idle threats has come to an end."
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Re: A tense exchange
« Reply #11 on: December 12, 2018, 07:47:10 AM »
*Trigger warning for severe ocular trauma, folks!*

Chopper's Isle, on the outskirts of Sandpoint.  A lone orc, a species seldom found this near civilisation, kneels in the grass.  He is tired after carefully scaling the cliffs to reach this place but the solitude is important enough to make the effort.  He meditates, concentrating on the smell of the earth, the breeze on his skin, the roar of the ocean, the place of all living things in this natural world.  The first stars of the evening are barely visible.  He wonders if those mysterious points of light watch over him as he rests.  That would be nice.
He would feel relaxed if he weren't, desperately, trying not to think about someone.
A harsh, deep voice resonates within his fragile mind.  It is time.

"Ah, the haunted island where a loner began his path to the infamy of serial murder.  Very dramatic, very appropriate.  Well done, Tung!  Now, fifteen minutes remain."


"Why fifteen minutes?  Why is it dramatic?"

Why the ritual?  What purpose does it serve?  You gain no benefit from me injuring myself.  It will not make me a better fighter.  I will not worship you with more sincerity.  If anything, it will only serve to foster resentment.

"Resentment?  You think I have concern for your resentment?  No, Tung, I cherish it.  May it blossom into hatred.  Hate me, Tung.  Fear me.  Fear your god.  A fearful worshipper is one who will not stray.  This excercise serves a fine purpose, it proves your unwavering loyalty.  A lasting reminder of the time you pledged yourself, your entire being, to me.  Surely only a truly devout soul would go through with such a traumatic experience of their own free will?"

Free will!  You have never offered me such a luxury!

"But you do have a choice, dearest Tung.  Serve me or perish in confusion and despair, this was made abundantly clear.  I do not offer all my worshippers such mercy, o privileged one."

I... lack suitable tools!

"Tools?  I look upon an orc seeking excuses!  Tell me, what items do you carry now?"

My rope.  Bedroll.  An axe, club, gloves-

"Well there you go!  You have spiked gauntlets, have you not?  Consider yourself lucky, Tung!  Ha, why, many of your ancestors had to rely upon fingernails!"

I feel faint.  I... I can't...

"Ten minutes remain."

Will it hurt?  Do such organs have feeling?

"That depends on your stamina.  You surely have felt worse pains in your sad life.  Compared to some you have endured, it will be nothing."

Not every orc in the Serrated Fang tribe lacked an eye.

"Not ever one was equal.  Not every one expressed the venom.  Not every one was a warrior."

I was not a warrior!  I was an artist!  You drove me to it!

"AND I LACKED FOR A BETTER CHOICE!  They all perished, Tung!  You are all that is left of their proud legacy, this is why I have chosen you!"

I do not want to continue this tradition!


They would not want this!



Grant me your rage, Gruumsh...

"It will be done."

Tung's descent into mindless fury was always a complicated experience.  Usually it manifested as a loss of most senses.  It was simple to call upon, just focus for a moment upon injustice, upon sadness, upon the constant storm of repressed emotions within and let it all go.  Less an actual effort, more a cessation of effort.  This time was different.  He went back.  Back to a time many years ago when he first experienced raw, strong emotion.  The first day that Man visited the settlement.  He saw the pitchforks and the torches.  He saw hundreds of peasants, gathered from every village around the Devil's Teeth, arranged into a rough fighting force.  Utterly incompetent but strengthened by weight of numbers and whipped into a frenzy by righteous fury.  Not one of them had been so much as inconvenienced by the Serrated Fangs before.  This attack was inspired by fear and intolerance.

Tung was back in his childhood home, curled in a ball on the pile of animal skins he used to call a bed.  Men stood over him.  He could see the still-warm bodies of his mother and father by the door, their last acts in life to defend him as best they could.  The men laughed, they knew this one was small enough to overpower and to take.  He felt the ropes being tied around his wrists.  He felt himself being marched out of his home, still in shock.

Another place.  A village.  Tung never learned its name.  Locked in stocks in the village square in the cold and the rain, his only food was what he was pelted with by the braver youths.  Not fear within him this time but confusion and anxiety.  He didn't understand a single word that any of these people screamed at him but the intent was clear.  One word was repeated, the first he ever learned in Common.  Monster.

Nearer now.  Jimmy's circus.  Back in his cage, his home of more years than he could remember.  The actual days and weeks blurred into one indistinct mass but at least he was usually dry.  His once strong body now permanently altered by starvation and atrophy.  Would that he'd ever seen his reflection, he wouldn't have recognised himself.  There was Jimmy, the worst human he'd ever met, regarding him critically along with his aloof wife.  They were discussing how best to get a performance out of their strongman.  Jimmy suggests they cut his food allowance, reduce him fully to muscle and bone, move him to the freak show.  His wife argues that they already painted the "One-Ton, the living muscle" banners and it would be too expensive to rebrand him.  Besides, they already have an ape-man.  Jimmy reluctantly agrees.  No concern that his performer is clearly on the edge of starvation, just concern for money.  This was it, the first time that Tung felt the rage.  Not the first time he gave in but the first time he felt it.

"This is your weakness, Tung.  It is also your strength.  Use the experience.  Use the anger.  Let the anger use you."

He stood alone now.  The rage built.  A familiar battle cry, sad but defiant, emanated quietly from Tung's jaws.


"That's right."


"Let go!"


The world was reduced to shades of red and black, soundless and tranquil.  A fist, desperately seeking the enemy, drew forward.  There was no pain in this state, no fear, just a terrible duty to be fulfilled.  He was dimly aware of the fist, now proceeding toward him at speed.  A sharpened metal point caught the last light of a setting sun.  That point filled his entire world.

"But what would be the point of the sacrifice if it were easy, Tung?"

The rage fell away, was pulled away, colour and sensation returning to the world.  He couldn't stop his attack in time.  Tung felt everything just for a brief but all-encompassing moment.  There was a sudden crack of bone.  There was a quiet, wet sound.  Mercifully, he blacked out.

Some time later, he had no means of knowing how long, he awoke alone.  There was no pain but the world looked different.  Flatter.  He carefully reached to his left eye.  Nothing remained.  He'd done it.  He threw his head back and bellowed to the skies, consumed by fear and bestial anger.

"This is what it means to serve!  Arise, Tung!  ARISE, MY EYE OF GRUUMSH!"

For out of character info, Tung is now missing his entire left eye.  He does not want to talk about why but assures anybody who asks that he is fine.
The cavity has been cleaned by somebody but he does not remember tending to the wound.  He will buy an eye patch or glass eye if prompted but unless anybody mentions it, does not personally see why having a missing eye should be any kind of problem or anything to hide from polite company or even children.
This, again, probably isn't helping his natural lack of charisma.
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Re: A tense exchange
« Reply #12 on: December 20, 2018, 01:01:36 PM »
Hail Gruumsh, strongest of all, knower of all, conqueror of all.

"And you, Eye of Gruumsh."

I would prefer that you refer to me by the name I was given, not my title.

"Title?  You misunderstand yet again.  Honour, most would call it.  To be chosen directly as a representative of their god is something that devout souls have perished in the pursuit of."

None of my kin referred to themselves as such.

"It was a closely held personal secret to all who underwent the ritual.  Would you have liked to have known as a child, Tung?  Would you have been happy to learn that if you were the best orc you could be, the strongest, the fittest, the most savage, you would have been required to remove your eye?  No, I promise that you would not have enjoyed that knowledge."

Perhaps.  So what do you expect of me now?

"Sacrifice.  Much the same as before.  Slay in my name and if you offer enough violence and bloodshed to me, perhaps I may be convinced to overlook your mistake."

Mistake?  I have made no mistake.

"You correct an omniscient being?  Bold, Tung.  Bold but stupid.  Tell me, how did you learn about the ritual?"

Observation, mostly.  When half your tribe are missing an eye but none will discuss why, you begin to form questions.  Other things I have learned from priests during conversations on the road.  Some things from assumption.

"So it has never been explained to you by a devotee?  The significance of the gesture?"

Not once.  You never told me and I lack any peer group for guidance.  What have I done incorrectly?

"Oh my.  Tung, you will surely find this amusing.  I certainly do."


"You have removed your left eye, yes?"

... what are you saying?

"According to your entirely incorrect belief system, I had my left eye removed in combat with an ELF god.  This is false.  Gruumsh would never succumb to miserable, WEAK, COWARDLY ELF.  GRUMMUSH ONE-EYE FORCED HIMSELF INTO BEING WITH ONLY ONE CENTRAL EYE!  But that is the purpose of the gesture.  I 'lost' my left eye, my worshippers lose their right.  It helps preserve balance."

So... I took the wrong eye?

"What you did, Tung, was permanently alter your disgusting visage in an attempt to resemble me.  Many would call that blasphemy and you should be glad that you are unlikely to meet another Eye of Gruumsh.  All this time among your people and you did not notice that they all took the SAME EYE.  How very pathetic.  How absolutely hilarious."

Do you expect me to-

"Do not be absurd.  I have no plan to expend the minimal effort required to restore your missing eye and certainly do not want you to take the other.  A blind fighter?  Not even the maddest of the gods would value such a pointless follower.  No, you will have to live with your mistake.  That will be punishment enough, an ever-present reminder of the importance of the powers of observation."

So it was all for nothing?

"I accept the gesture, incorrect as it was.  In fact, I shall reward it."

There is absolutely no need, please!

"Tung, had you actually correctly performed the ritual then perhaps it would have been a grand gift.  I could have wreathed your axe in profane, green balefire.  I could have bolstered your strength to that of a demigod.  Perhaps I would have restored life to your parents to fight by your side.  But no, not for Tung.  For he who wishes to emulate his god, I shall grant one of my lesser powers.  Eye of Gruumsh, you wish to look as Gruumsh does, now you may see as Gruumsh does."

I feel no change.

"You will when the time comes.  Be assured.  Now, to business."

We pursued the demon back to its temple.  Demmel had reported dark mutterings from the deepest chambers.  Jiro did not appreciate the attempt to explore the temple alone.  It was a little rash but ultimately a worthy endeavour.  We proceeded to the chamber and slew the beast.  Beksha's animal companion nearly drowned in... liquid rage?  I still do not know what that pool was.

"The enchantment of a demon or lesser god.  You need not concern yourself.  So your foe is vanquished?"

Thoroughly.  Maimed, dismembered and consumed.

"How was your first taste of vengeance?  Are you fulfilled?"

Relieved, I suppose.  It was a hard won fight.  I am pleased to be safe.  Satisfied that the people of the town will be safer.

"Tung, Tung, Tung.  Correct emotion, wrong reason.  You should celebrate your slaughter!  You will learn to express yourself correctly in time."

Demmel has left our band.  They will be supporting in a research capacity.

"Excellent news, Tung!  You have rid yourself of ELF and put them where they belong, in a building buried in WORDS and WRITING.  That is their place, away from the endeavours of better races."

I treasured their company, Gruumsh.  They were the only one I could truly speak to.  They spoke the orc tongue.

"Their adoption of our noble, ancient language was an INSULT.  ORC speaks ORC.  ELF speak in poetry, ELF speak in riddles, ELF speak in LIES!"

Elf spoke in friendship, Gruumsh.  It's not a language I have had the pleasure of knowing until now.  Thankfully my other companions are similarly trustworthy and accepting.
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Re: A tense exchange
« Reply #13 on: January 15, 2019, 08:05:37 AM »
Hail Gruumsh, strongest of all, knower of all, conqueror of all.

"What now?  Why do you insist on bothering me?  I am omniscient.  I see what you have achieved and Tung, you have achieved so very little today."

It is customary to pray before a trip, at the end of a day and following significant conflict.  Through prayer, you provide guidance and judgement.  Would you prefer I prayed less?

"Oh.  Is that what you are attempting... bore me with the mundane so that perhaps our communications become less frequent?  No Tung, continue to pray as normal.  Without my constant care and attention, you might start to develop independence."

Very well.  I discussed the axe a little further with Demmel but to little further gain.  It seems that it may have a twin.

"Plausible.  Does the ELF know how disrepectful you have been, little Tung?  Renaming a relic after your feeble tribe?  You know, such magical artifacts tend to remember things like that and have curious ideas about loyalty.  Don't be surprised if that chopper of yours ceases to be quite so useful at a critical moment."

We believe it to be largely inert.  The vengeful energy in it may be either gone or at the very least dormant.

"Yes, certainly, you absolutely shouldn't listen to foolish old One-eye.  I am sure that it is completely safe.  Its twin is likely inert too.  You absolutely must experiment with that notion."

I met a new travelling companion today.  Sabina.  I... think ours may be a turbulent relationship.

"Oh?  Tung, friend to all things, has his limits?"

She made light of my disfigurement -


... gift.  I suspect she worships a god favoured by elves.  Perhaps even an elven god.




I do not recall!  It wasn't a familiar name?




No, the name means nothing!  Did I say something wrong?

"Tung.  If you ever, EVER hear the slightest mention of this name, you must slay whoever spoke it.  It is a profane name.  It is forbidden!  BLASPHEMY.  LIAR GOD.  FALSE GOD."

I am sorry!


I did question if their god was elven...


Then I shall consider this a lesson hard learned!  I will obey you!  Give me a chance to prove myself further, that I may slay Corr-


That I may slay their followers in your name!

"... yes.  You will do this.  You will do this to the pathetic best of your ability or else you will learn that to some, death would be a welcome release.  A RELEASE THAT MANY HAVE BEGGED GRUUMSH ONE-EYE FOR.  Now, I tire of this topic and desire some entertainment.  Tell me of the woman."

The woman who asked me to put an end to her rodent problem?

"That's the one.  I have not laughed so hard in many an aeon, Tung."

She... had an infestation.  Her home did, I mean.  We are not in good standing with her father, the store owner, due to some altercation involving Jiro that I do not fully understand and that he seems reluctant to discuss.  I attempted to apologise on our behalf, the owner would not listen to reason and seeing that actions often better represent me than words, I decided to perform this trifling act for their family to better facilitate our access to potions and other goods.

"You truly do not understand her intentions?  Why she said there were no rats?  Why her father was so angered?  Why she was naked and literally atop you?"

Human customs are strange.  Father and mother rarely wore clothing in the warm season.  Nudity is not such a complicated thing as many of the more enlightened races believe it to be.

"Did your father and mother ever explain how your species propagates itself?"

They died before we could discuss such things in depth but I always understood offspring to be a blessing, brought forth of your divine will.  And possibly something involving waterfowl.  Father was never particularly good with his words.

"Ye gods.  I certainly do not plan to educate you in these matters.  Perhaps you should discuss these ideas with an apothecary.  You will find the truth MOST enlightening."

Did I handle the situation badly?  She seemed very tearful.  I do not think we will be friends after this.

"You drooled bile on her, responded to all her advances with bewildered grunting, choked her father, pinned him to the wall by his neck and had yourself successfully banned from the shop for life.  Tung, had you lit the building on fire and barred the door from the outside, I would be declaring you a prophet by now.  No, considering your grasp of ettiquette and inherent social grace, I cannot fault your actions nor the thinking that lead to them.  I may even forgive that nasty little mistake you made the other day."

I suppose it would be too much to ask that you stop bringing it up?  I have learned my lesson.

"Quite right; it would be too much.  I seldom find ways to enjoy myself on my blighted plane, young one.  I must find my amusement where I can."

We plan to travel to a known goblin settlement soon.  Hours of slaughter to be had, I suspect...

"Do not patronise me.  Weeks into this miserable endeavour, still the orc thinks it worth his time to slay goblins.  Do not expect praise for slaying creatures that literally craft totems from their own dung.  Though I'll say one thing, at least they know how to honour their mad, worthless gods.  Maybe you could learn something from that."

You mean to... craft holy icons from my du-

"Oh, just be silent and kill your vermin."
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Re: A tense exchange
« Reply #14 on: January 17, 2019, 08:35:12 AM »
Hail Gruumsh, strongest of all, knower of all, conqueror of all.

"Fewer than 6 hours, Tung.  I have begun to take note.  Are you lonesome?  Do you desire like minded company so desperately that you turn to old One-Eye?  I am not your friend, Tung."

We found ourselves outside of Thistletop.  It was an oddly unnatural place covered in briars in the shape of a vast dome.  It had the unmistakable scent of magic about it.  Plants do not grow in such ways naturally, the vines were too thick, the vegetation within would have been too deprived of water and sunlight.  I think the goblins have a druid.

"A reasonable assumption.  Your awareness of the world around you may prove useful after all."

We found an entrance in time.  Beksha did.  The vines offer no impediment to her for some reason.  Possibly due to her size.  We thought it possible to cut our way through but the growth was too thick, it would have been a poor and loud use of our time.

"Fire would be faster."

Also considered.  It would have been disastrous for the local environment and left us with little opportunity to interrogate, loot or investigate.

"Hmm... the right answer to justify the wrong intention.  Ha, very clever.  Yes, I will permit this but the smell of charred bodies would have sent a stronger message."

We moved some way through the opening.  A tunnel lined with thorns.  I think I am bleeding in more places than I can count.

"Goodness me, so that would make at least 10 wounds?  Or have you learned to count on your toes, too?"

... I am only illiterate.  I can count.

We had reports of a scouting party ahead.  The size advantage being theirs and with no room to fight, we retreated and explored further.  There were multiple entrances so we simply took another route.  This was successful.  Sabina seems to contain more than one person, she turned into someone else before we entered.  This other person seems inclined to hide away in the shadows.  I do not think I trust her as much as the other one.

"As much as the one who admitted to worshipping ELF?!  You don't trust her as much as that?  Why does she still live?"

I will not kill without a better justification than prejudice.


To pose an active threat to me, the public good or those I hold dear?


But a threat?


Then I do not see why a people you consider so easily driven should be so hated!  You consider them lesser, feeble creatures, yes?  Why must I kill them?


Why will you not converse with me?  Why will you never consider another opinion?


Oh no...

I... feel frail...


I... feel angry...


My limbs.  Why do I feel so stiff?  What did you do?


Is this permanent?


I obey.  I will always obey.

We... avoided a large party of goblins through clever trickery.  I was required to adopt the role of-

"Our conversation is over."

Tung now has the Reckless Abandon rage power.  When raging, he can sacrifice his ability to avoid damage in return for a better ability to hit.  Given his usual AC, I'll assume this is being used unless specifically stated otherwise.  He now has less ability to dodge than almost everything in the world.
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I can still tend the rabbits, George?