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People and Places of Note
« on: October 17, 2018, 12:54:08 PM »
So this thread will be used to list people and places you have encountered in the game.

I will gradually add anyone of note you meet with a 1 line description just so we have a place were people can jog their memories on names etc:

Player Characters

Crack Bones - Huge ogre enforcer and longtime feature of Thistle Holds underworld

Korik - Brutal dwarf thug

Bran - Retired Ambrian solder and veteran of the great war turned treasure hunter

Yagaba - A witch of the white path from Clan Baiaga

Kit - Sneaky goblin killer and adventurer

Farina - A witch of the red path from Clan Godinja accompanied by her familiar the large wolf Orla

Dead Player Characters

Ingriðr - Changeling witch from the Odaiova clan seeking out corruption. Strangled to death in her room at the witch and familiar

Gob - Impulsive and reckless goblin thief. Turned into a blight beast after breaking a statue in the witches reliquary under Karvosti and was put down by the rest of the group

Lothar - Changeling berserker from clan Zarek. Killed by dwarfs whilst trying to break into Plob 17 in Yndaros

Kirsten - Noble born master medicus. Burnt to death by Kullinan Furia during the battle on Emperor Symbars funeral ship in the Yonderworld

William Ward - Retired queens ranger and skilled hunter/woodsman. Killed being infected by a group of Spites in the ruins of New Earthmoor

Former Player Characters

Freyr - Changeling rogue and social butterfly. Currently based in Thistle Hold and agreed to help the group with information gathering if needed

Ulavan Sciomi - Theurg of prios and expert loremaster. In Ravenia working on the reformation of the church
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Re: People and places of note
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2018, 01:53:07 PM »
Thistle Hold

Thistle Hold is a large town on the frontier with Davokar being just 200 meters away from the forest edge and was founded and ruled by Lasifor Nightpitch perhaps the most successful explorer in Ambrian history.

He has built his town into a prosperous base camp for explorers heading into Davokar and all of the businesses and logistics that go with that. It is now a thriving town with probably 1 of the most diverse mixes of people anywhere in Ambria. However it is an expensive place to live permanently so a large amount of the workers in the city live in the tent town of blackmoor just south of the main town. Another settlement nearby is the goblin tribe Karabbadokk who largely built the place and are employed to maintain it keep it clean


Town Authorities

Mayor Lasifor Nightpitch - The most successful Ambrian treasure hunter who found and traded the rare twilight thistle plant which has helped with the queen mothers illness for the title Prince of the Realm the region where Thistle Hold now stands. In his role as Mayor he is known as being both pragmatic and ruthless and will seemingly do whatever is required to make sure the town succeeds

Yagaba - A witch of clan Zarek and Lasifors closest companion though she is rarely seen in public

Herado Duskwalker - Lasifors brother and commandant of the town guard. Thought to do a decent job but most think he only has it due to his brothers position

Commissioner Dario - The town tax commissioner

Commissioner Kalio Galeia - The Construction Commissioner in charge of all building work in the town

Captain Dekamedo - One of the 3 captains of the Thistle Hold town watch with a reputation for applying brutality when required

The Noble Houses

Suria Argona - The queens legate in Thistle Hold with a reputation for disliking people and generally being unfriendly and difficult to deal with

Agramei Kalfas - The retired town sanitation commissioner who is extremely popular due to his partying and generosity. Killed in Symbar by the group while trying to cast the Mass Ressurection ceremony


Anadea - Mysterious former initiate of Prios who enlisted the groups help in dealing with a source of corruption recently brought into Thistle Hold. She was found dead at the bottom of the sink hole that opened in Thistle Hold

Taran - A exiled member of clan Zarak who trades in information and contacts in the criminal underworld and who is known for sorting out talent for jobs

Ado - Low level fence in Blackmoor for just about anything he can get his hands on.

Lysindra Goldengrasp - Famous treasure hunter who is one of the most successful to ever enter Davokar. Now retired and living in Thistle Hold

Wendil - No questions asked Medicus to the criminal underworld of Thistle Hold operating out of Halobans ring

Erlaber - Antiques dealer and cult leader who took the head of the forest god Eox to perform some ritual from the age of Symbaroum. Presumed to be the blight beast found on the crystal isle below Thistle Hold which the group killed

Shigg - A goblin who like to drink at the Hooligan Hovel

Gondo - Leader of a small gang in Blackmoor

Ordo Magica

Eufrynda - A master of the Ordo Magica in Thistle Hold

The Sun Church

Father Kalos - An aged priest and reformist who has taken over from Elfeno as the High Priest of the Thistle Hold Temple

House Father Idaros - An aged and grumpy priest who oversees the temple annex where the initiates stay

Malleano - An idealistic young priest who is currently leading the Reformists in Thistlehold

The Mekele Brothers - Identical triplets who are all Templars carrying a mysterious copper tablet in Thistle Hold. Hen-Loan and Venhal both killed by the group at Alamei's croft and Leohan was murdered in his bed by Gob

Alamei - Blight marked Templar who aided Hen-Loan and Venhal, he was slain with them at his croft


Faraldos Novelty Store - Faraldo runs an action house that deal in authenticating antiques and artefacts and selling them on for a cut

The Queens Legation - A large building near Night Home where the queens representatives keep records on the town and represent her interests

The Salons of Symbaroum - A famous 5 story tavern in Toads square known for providing any sort of entertainment and owned by Ordelia Wildjoice. The first 3 floors offer drink, food and gambling and the upper floors offer exotic shows and whores of all kinds. The top floor closes every 7th day with rumours abound of what happens then.

The Ruin - Owned by Master Pergalo the ruin is famous but being the favoured by explorers boasting a such names high profile guests as Iasogoi Brigo and Lysindra Goldengrasp when they set off to make their fortunes. An attraction is also the soup cooked in a giant cauldron from near the toads square with archaic inscriptions around it no one has yet deciphered

Alamei's Croft - A small dwelling with farmable land a couple of hours east of thistle hold. Burnt to the ground along with the remains of all of its inhabitants by the group

The Winged Ladle - During the building of Thistle Hold it was not safe or clean so Lasifor Nightpitch had his house built in the only tree left standing. Now he has moved to Night Home it is a high end inn for nobles and dignitaries often being booked out well in advance

Big Bashers Smithy - The ogre Big Basher is the finest smith in Thistle Hold after he was trained by the barbarian master smith Hurela. Hurela died a couple of years ago and Big Basher inherited the smithy and now has one adept, 2 novices and 3 goblins working for him

The Witch and Familiar - Ran by Alomar and his witch mother Agdala of clan Zarek this inn is a more or less a 3 story barbarian camp with lush vegetation, trophies, skins and traditional barbarian food. A popular tourist attraction for those new to the frontier and visiting barbarians

Glimmervann - Small farming community and trading post west of Thistle Hold

Nighthome - The large walled home of Mayor Nightpitch and Yagaba the witch situated on a hill surrounded by a tall fence. Heavy guarded most people only ever see the mayors ground floor office if that.

The Tannery - Closed for a year but has since been found to be the base of cult activity and raided by the town guard

Legends - A tavern specialised in stories of the past told by a wide variety of bards with subjects ranging from the war, Old Alberetor and Davokar. Most stories are dramatized but sometimes they have serious histories in and have hosted such intellectuals as Grand Master Seldonio and one of the high chieftains chroniclers

The Town Seat - The town seat is where the day to day administration of thistle hold takes place overseen by Ader Gorinder. This also has the hall of knights attached

Hall of Knights - A hall for the nobles of the city to congregate especially those visiting from afar. Technically it is ran by Suria Argona but it is commonly known it is mostly her father Count Alkantor who holds court here

Sun Temple - First Theurg Elfeno leads the church in Thistle Hold where people gather for mass at sundown and go to for aid with disease and injury as well as spiritual needs.

Queens Square Market - A market is held here every day for people wanting items varied and cheap but this does mean pick pocketing is rife

Antique Plaza - Set around the ancient bronze well this square is full of booths and tea houses and is where treasures from Symbaroum tend to be sold. Due to this its busyness depends very much on if a successful explorer has come in recently

Toads Square - The most dangerous part of town sounded by taverns and dives and in the shadow of the beacon this is where most of the lower classes come to drink. Famed for the reconstructed skeleton of a toad like creature in the middle with a brass bell around its neck
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Re: People and places of note
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2018, 10:55:25 PM »
The Hall of a Thousand Tears

The 1 known stronghold of the Iron Pact elves in Davokar seemingly centres around the well of tears where they weep for the damage wrought by humanity against creation

The Iron Pact

Prince Eneáno - Commander of the elves in Davokar and one of the founders of the Iron Pact. Killed in Symbar fighting Fofar the Destroyer

Teara-Téana - An elf focused on reducing the Ambrian's abuse of nature. Anadea's employer and the group successfully brought her the head of the forest god Eox for him to be healed

Ka’eroan - Ancient guardian of the entrance to the halls and one of the founders of the Iron Pact

Áleia - A weeper of the halls and watcher of the entrance

Dareol - A weeper of the halls and watcher of the entrance
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Re: People and places of note
« Reply #3 on: January 23, 2019, 11:33:35 PM »

Karvosti is a huge plateau rising out of the Davokar upon which is the seat of the barbarian high chieftain Tharaban and the Huldra Yeleta as well as the oldest known shrine to Prios. It has been sacred neutral ground for as long as anyone can remember at least going back to the first high chieftain 500 years ago and most likely more.

Despite its importance the cliff is not highly populated with only a few hundred people living on it at any one time and so has a varied population at any 1 time.

The peace is kept by the famous Guard of the Slumbering Wrath known as some of the most elite fighters drawn from every clan



High Chieftain Tharaban - High Chieftain of the barbarian tribes and ruler of Karvosti. Originally from clan Yedesa

Edrafin - A former Ambrian explorer who is now informal leader of the pilgrim camp on the cliff

Lumedo - A grumpy elderly Ambrian who acts as translator for the Wrath Guard

Monagona - The High Chieftain's chronicler and expert storyteller

First Guard Farvan - Leader of the Wrath Guard. Originally from clan Karohar


Yeleta - The Huldra leader of all of the clans witches

Gadramon - Assistant to the Huldra and loremaster

Eferneya - Assistant to the Huldra and master alchemist. Found dead in the depths of Karvosti, apparently killed by spiders

The Church of Death Prios

Alisabeta Vearra - Leader of the Templars on Karvosti and currently in charge of the Shrine of the Setting Sun after expelling the Sun Church. A famed hero who slew the blight beast guarding the Sarkomal Prophecy


Amegor -  A barbarian pathfinder and adventurer known to be close to Elmendra. Found drugged in his tent with his throat slit

Mankel - Former member of the Ordo Magica and known associate of Elmendra. Presumed to have been thrown off the side of Karvosti by 2 unknown assailants

Brother Bartho - Adventurer and known associate of Elmendra. Known to frequent the Glorious Hawk in the Veara Outpost

Creatures in the Depths

Karathran - A massive spider "princess" who has taken control of Karvosti's power node


The Pilgrim Camp - On the south west east of the cliff is the pilgrims camp were people are welcome to pitch a tent for a fee. Edrafin is the informal leader and organises things and takes payment for spots. It has people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures in it at any one time and so is regularly patrolled by the Wrathguard

Shrine of the Setting Sun - The sun church on Karvosti pre-dates the Ambrian's coming to the region and has now been restored and acts as a base of operations for the church members in the area. Now controlled solely by the Church of Death Prios after the schism

Iarlo's Cauldron - Iarlo is a middle aged Ambrian man who from early to morning to late night has a fire under his large sooty iron cauldron cooking root vegetable stew he claims he learnt to make from spending 10 years from clan Enoai. The stew is cheap but smells and tastes great and he also sells brutebrew and blackbrew.

Salvia's Kebrogs - Salvia arrived in Karvosti a year ago as the lone survivor of a failed expedition into Davokar and has been to traumatised and afraid to leave since. She has however made a steady income selling Kebrogs, an east Alberetor pastry filled with meat and vegetables. She is shy and rarely makes conversation but this has in turn attracted a number of admirers looking to protect her.

The Longhouse - One of the few permanent structures in the marketplace and the only thing that would count as an actual tavern. The Longhouse is ran by the couple Ov and Teresma serving simple food and beverages. Barbarians may eat for free courtesy of the High Chieftain 

Crueljaw's traps - Crueljaw is an aged ogre who has retired from monster hunting due to bad knees and now sells traps and any other monster hunting gear at the market place. He is of a cheery disposition normally though can get melencholy when drunk

The Witches Dwelling -  a system of holes in the size of the cliff fault including a large entry arch where the Huldra, her keepers and apprentices live. Is protected by some form of invisible barrier preventing entry

Aloéna's Grove
This lush grove at the southern tip of Karvosti has been there as long as anyone remembers inhabited by the 10 foot tall humanoid known as Aloéna who is sometimes referred to as the uncrowned queen of the cliff. None save the witches dare approach her even when she takes 1 of her rare walks around the more populated parts of the cliff
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Re: People and places of note
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2019, 11:27:08 PM »
Bright Davokar

Bright Davokar is the term given to the outer regions of the forest where the clans make their homes and queens rangers regularly patrol where the clans allow it.

Those with experience of the forest know this region is relatively well explored and safe-ish with most of the real horror stories coming from Wild or Dark Davokar. Thats not to say there is no danger though with the predatory creatures coming down to hunt, poisonous vegetation, murderous elf patrols and of course other humans posing a threat to the unlucky and unprepared. Also there are occasions when something truly terrifying enters the region from the depths of the forest which has become more frequent of late

Most Symbaroum ruins in this region seem to have been found and searched but there are still odd occasions where someone finds something new.

Here ill be putting various places known or visited by the players that are in Bright Davokar but are not big enough to need a full entry to themselves


Treasure Hunters

Dagasto - A former siege engineer in the Ambrian army apparently also on the trail of Symbar. Known for having a temper. Formed a temporary alliance with the group on Yeferon to get the map

Captain Lindra - Leader of a group of queens rangers on the hunt for Symbar. Killed by the group when she attempted to extort information from them

Captain Marvello - Formar soldier in the great war and experienced captain of the Thistle Hold town watch. Now leading a group of queens rangers on the hunt for Symbar

Father Argaton Soleij - A confessor in the Twilight Friars and cousin to the First Father leading a group of Black Cloaks in the hunt for Symbar. Killed by the group when he attacked them in an attempt to cleanse knowledge of the route to Symbar from the world

The Iron Pact

Malahai - An autumn elf leading a group of Iron Pact warriors who attempted to persuade the group not to enter Faarah Maroun


The Vearra Outpost
An small fortified settlement about an hour east of Karvosti funded by House Vearra and run by Lenela Vearra. It provides some of the comforts of Ambria at the Victorious Hawk inn along with artefact identification services for Ambrian explorers who can afford the high prices. Recently burnt to the ground by hostile clansmen

Faarah Maroun
A large Symbaroum palace ruin north east of Karvosti in the region bordering Wild Davokar. Found to be mostly empty apart from various deadly beasts with signs of demon worship in its past

Orangaar - A Leige Troll who is now lord of Faarah Maroun

Yeferon Island
An island apparently located in the norther archipelago of Lake Volgoma which exists between world and cannot be found if you trust your normal sense. Said to be cursed by the gods and haunted by those who once called it home

Kol - A Zarek who has brought the group to Yeferon from the village of Herun despite it breaking the taboos in exchange for payment

Serema - A blight marked treasure hunter found in a cellar who has apparently been stranded for 2 weeks after things went badly for her group of treasure hunters. Put down by the group due to being on the verge of becoming a blight beast

New Earthmoor
A free settlement dedicated to the Earth Mother located somewhere between clans Odaiova and Karohar territory north of a swamp on the northern shore of the Malgomor river. Found burnt and devoid of life after an attack from the Gaioa warrior Fundiber

Na-Yah Ruin
A ruined Symbaroum building on the border between bright and dark Davokar north of Karvosti. The group found an unexplored cellar full with cells, twisted skeletons and signs of experimentation. Below there was a cave system where they found treasure and a strange cypress bearing copper coloured fruit after they defeated necromages, dragouls and a emaciated primal blight beast

Kelar Village - A Karohar village on the north bank of the Malgomor who have broken in support of the Sovereign Oath after Fundiber dealt with the local threat of New Earthmoor
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Re: People and Places of Note
« Reply #5 on: May 29, 2019, 09:56:07 PM »

Ravenia is the principle city of New Beretor and the seat of Duke Ynedar Kohinoor. It started as not much more than a military camp around an ancient fortification but being on a hall where the river Rava merges with the Doudram it has since grown at a rapid rate into a powerful trading city using its location to send goods down to the rest of the Kingdom.

By all accounts it is a highly successful place but has a poor reputation in the rest of Ambria due to the Dukes close relationship with clan Vajvod which has allowed an entire barbarian district to grow where they are free to practise their culture freely. There are also rumours that the priests here are much more tolerant of activities that would be heretical elsewhere. For these reasons many in Ambria look down on the place as witch lovers who are sliding towards the eternal night



Duke Ynedar Kohinoor - Korinthia's nephew and the youngest duke in Ambria at only 22 years old. Known for his friendly relations with Clan Vajvod.

Adjutant Belalia - A former captain in the New Beretor infantry, Belalia now assists Ynedar with the administration of the duchy especially on military matters

Colonel Morego - Commander of the mound guard force

Commander Burlio - Well respected commander of the city watch

Captain Ealna - Veteran captain of the city watch

Molgara - Daughter of Zoltar Chieftain of Clan Vajvod and his envoy to Ravenia.

Sergeant Dela - Experience sergeant of the stronghold guard. Killed during the battle of Ravenia

Vernon - A dashingly handsome member of duke Ynedars personal guard promoted after the battle of Ravenia. Killed in Symbar defending the Throne of Thorns from the Sovereign Oath

The Sun Church

Father Ombardo - Kindly priest known to Will and who has asked for help with undefined troubles in Ravenia. When the group arrived in Ravenia they found he had been burnt alive in his home 6 before they arrived

High Priest Leandro - The new High Priest in Ravenia

Liturg Sondro - Senior liturg at the Sun Temple

Deseba the Old - The only person ever declared a Lightbringer while still alive for her role in miraculously healing Queen Korinthia and First Father Jeseebegai after the queens rescue from the Dark Lords. 1 of the leaders of the Reformist movement and currently in hiding in Ravenia

Father Sarvola - The only openly heretical priest who has operated out of his mission house in Thistle Hold for so long as an afront to the church but is now in hiding with Deseba and Aluin in Ravenia as 1 of the leaders of the reformist movement

Aluin - Son to Father Sarvola and Ala who displays strange powers over nature and a capricious and carefree nature

Teela - Former Liturg at the Karvosti shrine. Recently moved to Ravenia due to joining the reformists

First Theurg Armanda - First Theurg in Ravenia for 8 years before being killed in her bed by Algaya 5 weeks before the group arrived. Known for being a ruthless hardliner who was not popular

Brother Galdam - The experienced and ruthless leader of the black cloaks in Ravenia. Killed by the group in the Chapel of the Young Gods

Sister Miela - Brother Galdams equally ruthless 2nd in command. Killed by the group in the Chapel of the Young Gods

Sister Losadra - A high ranking member of the Whip of Prios. Killed by the group in a farmhouse north of Ravenia

Emelia Dardall - A Templar who joined the Whip of Prios. Killed by the group when the rescued Duke Ynedar from the Whip

Brother Aldoro - A priest and member of the Whip of Prios. Killed by the group when the rescued Duke Ynedar from the Whip

The Church of Dead Prios

Everno Vearra Deputy Commander of the Templars and son of Iakobo Vearra. Killed by the group when leading a large group of templars in an attempt to kill Duke Ynedar for being a heretic


Yarmar - A young witch who recently found a new witch to train under and was very interested in the similarities between the Young Gods of Alberetor and the forest gods. Burned to death in his home in the same fashion as Ombardo 3 days ago

Algaya - Old Karit witch on the green path who was teaching Yarmar as her apprentice before he was killed. Has admitted to murdering High Priestess Armanda in revenge for the death she brought to the Karohar people


Yara - A young Karit who lives in the north of barbarian town and is the sister of Yarmar the witch

Torga - A former seamstress from clan Vajvod who is the informal leader of the Chapel of the Young Gods but is not a priest.

Ambrian Citizens

Lock - A member of the ferry crew


North Town
The northern section of town where most normal Ambrians, artisans and those tribesmen with permits live

The Promised Land - An affordable but comfortable inn that is a mix of barbarian and Ambrian styles

The Great Sun Temple - The centre of Prios worship in Ravenia having taken over from the old Sun Temple since year 13. Mass is held every day at sundown but the doors are open all day for those in need

South Town
The southern part of town below Ynedars road where the more wealthy residents live including nobles, merchants and retired fortune hunters

City Watch Headquarters - A large functional building where commander Burlio runs the city watch from

The Crab and Shrimp - A upper class tavern where Aslgalm is famous for his traditional Alberetan sea food

The Mound
The mound is sometimes known as Old Ravenia as originally it encompassed the entire city. It is now home to the cities my influential individuals with its own set of walls, the dukes fortress and 30 battle hardened guards.

Fortress - A large restored Symbaroum era fortress where the Duke has his seat

Clan Vajvod Envoy - An enclosed area for clan Vajvods envoy including Molgara's house, a storage building, a guest house and a 20 meter tall tower from which you can see barbarian town.

Barbarian Town
Roughly 5000 clansmen inhabit this part of town outside the city walls bringing part of Davokar with them. The buildings are mostly 1 story log cabins with the odd 2 story building around and they are built in a fairly random manner without property street planning. To the north visitors and merchants pitch tents forming a small town that can have 1000 people in it as the height of summer. Clan culture is practised in full involving much feasting over the communal grills in the squares and singing, stories and Vajvod stilt dancing

Tharabans Cellar - A Vajvod tavern with a reputation for strong blackbrew and rival to the Grotto in the public feasts

The Chapel of the Young Gods - The chapel was started by some Vajvods who took a liking to the Young Gods of Alberetor. It is an open secret with all watchmen and priests knowing about it but there are no outward signs that it is a chapel. Inside are shrines to The Lifegiver, The Earthmother, The Executioner, The Pathfinder, The Wildling, The Guardian and The Hostess

Blue Moon Storage - A storage warhouse owned by the Blue Moon company and seemingly by the Duke for meetings

Raft Camp
There is no bridge over the 100 meter wide river Doudram as the contruction has been halted due to the upcoming war with the Soverign Oath. The way to get across currently is 2 hand drawn ferries for which there are often queues and take about 15 minutes to get across. These are split into 2 raft camps

The Hawser - In the northern raft camp this is a small tavern being only a tap room and then a back room for the owner

The Wanderers Staff - In the more southern raft camp this tavern that is little more than a shack that serves ale with some benches outside

Weary Legs - Between the camps is the Weary Legs inn that is a decent size and basic but comfortable
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Re: People and Places of Note
« Reply #6 on: October 13, 2019, 04:13:35 PM »

Yndaros the capital city of Ambria and the seat of Queen Korinthia is built on the fairly well preserved ruins of the city state Lindaros which fell 200 years ago. Situated on the banks of the Doudram river it is the hub of Ambrian society with trade links to the entire kingdom and is by far the largest city with a population estimated at about 100,000.

The first things someone new to the city will notice is the crowds, the amount of guards and security present and most of all the noise from the masses of people, preaching priests and and that fact there is still building work going on constantly around the city as it is still expanded or being reworked.

The city is roughly laid out into various districts based on wealth and work with the wealthy mostly residing in the west in stark contrast to the slums and refugee camp in the west where people barely survive.



Queen Korinthia Kohinoor
The queen of Ambria and leader of all its people who's stated goal is to fulfil the Sarkomal Prophecy and sit upon the Throne of Thorns creating an Ambria so strong it has no external threats

Field Marshall Beremo Heregol
The old but highly respect commander of Ambria's military forces, Currently leading the armies forces against the aggression from the Sovereign Oath

Key Master Herakleo Attio
The Key Master and so in charge of the administration of Yndaros and has a reputation as war hero along with his brother Serex Attio in Thistle Hold.

First Justice Father Matheo Brigo
The First Justice of Yndaros responsible for the cities law and order as well as being a high ranking priest in the Sun Church. Currently imprisoned for his role in the Vearra/Brigo treachery

Commander Alvo Steelneck - A 50 year old war veteran and commander of the city watch

Captain Livia Arobel - Captain in the queens Pansars

Ripe - A 9 foot tall giant that arrived in Yndaros 10 years ago and pledged himself to the queen as her executioner. No one knows his origin but definitely not human

General Seraon Patio - Retired general and hero of the war against the Great War. Now runs the defence of the noble quarter of the temple district

Ralgai Melion - Leader of the Royal Sekretorium


Duchess Esmeralda Kohinoor - The queens sister and Duchess of Kasandrien who is often known as the Sunshine Duchess due her positive outlook.

Count Edogai Brigo - Head of House Brigo. Found dead in the ceremony circle on the Vearra Estate and handed over to commander Alvo Steelkneck

Baron Mangai Vereo - Head of House Vereo

Althos Vereo - Son of Baron Mangai

Ordo Magica

Grand Master Seldonio - The aged leader of Ordo Magica who unlike other ancient masters of the order has a reputation for caring for the Ambrian people. Killed by the Meteor Swarm that hit the Cathedral of Martyrs

Artel Vereo - Disgraced master of the Ordo Magica and Brother to Baron Mangai Vereo. Officially executed for the disaster at Black Haaras but apparently living in Yndaros under the new identity Mordol Gaaras

Master Kullinan Furia -  An ancient master of the Ordo Magica from the pyromancy school, teacher to Artel Vereo. Killed by the group in the battle on Emperor Symbars funeral ship in the Yonderworld

Master Marbela - A master of the Ordo Magica and in charge of the Old Kadizaar excavation. Specialist in archaeology and history

The Sun Church

First Mother Anabela Argona - Former leader of the priesthood and newly anointed First Mother of the Curia

Jeseebegai - The former leader of the Sun Church who lost his eyesight by carrying Korinthia through the fires of her prison in the dark lords stronghold. Currently under arrested by the queen due to unsanctioned attacks against other members of the church

First Theurg Peonio - Head of the Sun Church in Yndaros and a staunch traditionalist

The Dwarfs

Artek Valotzar - Extremely wealthy patriarch of the Valotzar dwarf family.

Barlak Vanoviz - A member of the Vanoviz family with some station. Killed by the group while rescuring Kalthar


Andril - A war veteran with knowledge of the Yndaros underground.

Nobleman Dastan - The thief king of Old Kadizaar is its informal ruler through his organised crime network. Executed for attempting to claim Old Kadizaar as his own petty realm

Karlak - Trade boat worker moving goods between Yndaros and New Beretor

Lock - A young cryer delivering news to the streets of Yndaros

Uddgol - Artel Vero's goblin servant

Uggla - Artel Vero's ogre servant and apprentice

Helgai - Dock worker and boatman working in the Harbour district

Elmendra the Senseless - Famous explorer who found the map to Symbar. Burnt to death by Kullinan Furia in the battle on Emperor Symbars funeral ship in the Yonderworld

Herangoi - Elmendras friend and fellow adventurer

The Clans

Thabor of Yedesa - The son of High Chieftain Tharaban and betrothed to Duchess Esmeralda. Killed in the Meteor Swarm that his the Cathedral of Martyrs

The Iron Pact

Elori - An autumn elf who is the Iron Pacts legate to Ambria. Currently missing after hi residence was apparently attacked by the Whip of Prios

Dark Lords

Kalthar - Patriarch of the Order of Dakothnic, ruler of Lyastra and known as The Dark Lord by Ambrian's 


The Palace District
On the hill in the south of the city surrounded by its own double layer of walls is the palace district where the queen holds her seat as well as residence for dukes and duchesses of the realm. As well as nobility the district also houses important administrative centres for organisations such as the Pansers and Royal Sekretorium. In composition it is much more open than the rest of the districts including beautiful gardens and parks for the cities elite to enjoy.

The Artisan District
Located in the centre of the city this is home to most of the cities crafters who are organised into guilds due to the fierce competition. As well as the human crafters there are also a large number of business that have now been brought up by the various dwarf families

The Tower - Run by elderly couple Dunia and Safia and staffed by their 15 adopted children the tower is the biggest inn in Yndaros and located right in the centre. Prices ranging from cheap for the dormitories to very expensive for the luxury flats at the top that are reached by a lift hoisted by the ogre Bauta. Some people are afraid of the place due to it originally being Ordo Magicas base in town

Master Alinard - A master blacksmith from the far away city state of Koral who has gained a reputation for the high quality of his wares and reasonable prices.

The Victory Vault - A large tavern famous for its amazing pastries and private upper floor dining hall overlooking the cities nicer south east districts

Depth of the Titans - Formerly called the Crown and Scepter this inn and drinking hall was taken over from new management a year ago in the form of the Valotzar dwarf family.

City Watch HQ - Located in the middle of the city all of the other city watch offices are administered from here

The Harbour District
Initially used for unloading construction material the Harbour district has now developed into the city's centre for amusements featuring taverns, gambling dens, song halls and more exotic things such as the steams baths and vivisectory. It does still function as a harbour as well but more for nobles with the heavy dock work being done down in the labourers district

Ynedars Legacy - A riverside tavern using old furniture from Alberetor and popular amongst war veterans

The Howling Jakaar - A small tavern on Triumph Plaza

Triumph Plaza - The Triumph plaza is the main open area in the heart of the Harbour District in front of the dock itself. Its main obvious features are the gallows for low born criminals and a stand for beheading nobles normally before a large audience

Fina's Barkery - A small successful bakery on the busy road between between the Harbour District and New Town.

The Steam Baths - A beautiful white stone building holding hot and cold bathing rooms for customers to relax in

The Temple District
Named the temple district for the Cathedral of Martyrs which dominates the skyline this district is home to all of the most prominent people in the city outside the palace district. It includes high end inns, Ordo Magica and a host of wealthy nobles and merchants often in walled off residences

Brother Humlu's - An extravagant tavern located just outside the palace district where nobles often meet for leisure or to discuss important matters

Cathedral of Martyrs - The massive Cathedral of Martyrs is the centre of worship in Yndaros being big enough to hold 1000 worshippers at one for one of First Theurg Peonio's sermons. There is a massive copper dome and huge stain glass windows portraying Prios light and a heroic Korinthia.

New Town
As the name suggests this is the newest district of Yndaros located on the north west side along the river Doudram. Its construction has been handled by the dwarf Artek Valotzar and houses a mix of residences and businesses of all types.

Plob 17 - 1 of the partially underground passages linking the streets of new town. This 1 apparently used by 1 of the dwarf families for business

Old Kadizar
Old Kadizar is the fortification/village originally preoccupied by Clan Kadiz before the Ambrians arrivial and the walls and central Lindaran tower is still standing. In the current day it is a poor densely populated area of the city full of some of the more dangerous and smelly industries such as the tannery, blacksmiths guilde and sewage workers head quarters. Its informal ruler is the Thief King Nobleman Dastan residing in the tower

The Labourers District
As the name suggests this is where the majority of the cities working population make their homes in a mix of stone and more often wooden buildings of varying quality with taverns and shops scattered in between

The Docks - In the north of the Labourers district is a large dock area which is busy at all times of the day with most commercial ships coming through here rather than the main harbour in the Harbour district.

The Slum District
A gathering of ramshackle huts and hovels on the eastern edge of the city where the poor eke out a living. It does have its taverns and shops but they are all as run down as the rest of it

The Scratch and Rodent - Run by 3 Karabbadokks called Unkh, Dudo, and Pulsuk this filthy shabby tavern is the only goblin run tavern in the city. Once you get past the appearance it is friendly and cheap though most non goblins avoid it

The Refugee Camp
As people still come across the Titans to the promised land of Ambria from Alberetor to the city of Yndaros many are in for a rude awakening and find themselves into the refugee camp growing off the south of the slum district. This area is just a massive collection of tents with the odd wagon and a sea of humanity surviving off the soup kitchens put on by the queen and the odd dangerous jobs that come about.


The Dome - A large arena build by the Lindarans with  its entrance flanked by 2 statues, 1 a monstrosity the other childlike and innocent assumed to be aspects of the Guardian. Now operates as a fighting pit where Ambrians got to watch various blood sports

Fortress Doudram - This fortress overlooks the city and is its primary defence housing both the Pansers and the armies heavy infantry.

The Alenora - A large but poorly maintained ship moored north of Old Kadizaar as the permanent home of Artel Vero/Mordal Gaaras
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Re: People and Places of Note
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County Vearra

Located along the south bank of the Doudram in the north of the Duchy of Yndarien the country of Vearra is a rich land with strong trade links, fertile farmland aswell as woodland and mining resources. The town Verra is the administrative hub and trade centre from which the wealthy House Verra administer their lands. House Vearra themselves are 1 of the 3 great houses of Ambria and are known to be rivals to House Kohinoor believing they should be the royal family as they were centuries ago.


The Vearra Estate
The personal residence of Count Demetro Vearra is a huge 5 story manor house surrounded by servants quarters, gardens, personal guard force and plentiful room for prized livestock all within a large walled enclosure. Now a corrupted wasteland full of blighted creatures

Count Demetro Vearra - Head of House Vearra and known for his ambition and devotion to Prios. Currently missing

2nd Lieutenant Radask - Leader of the Vearra soldiers in the area who have come to investigate the blight

Gringa - Goblin chambermaid who was found severely blight marked and mercy killed by Bran
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Re: People and Places of Note
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The Expeditions to Symbar

Several groups are known or rumoured to be forming an expedition to Symbar now the location of the city has been found detailed below

The Emotional Support Hoodlums

The Hoodlums

Crack Bones - Huge ogre enforcer and longtime feature of Thistle Holds underworld

William Ward - Retired queens ranger and skilled hunter/woodsman. Killed being infected by a group of Spites in the ruins of New Earthmoor

Korik - Brutal dwarf thug

Bran - Retired Ambrian solder and veteran of the great war turned treasure hunter

Yagaba - A witch of the white path from Clan Baiaga

Kit - Sneaky goblin killer and adventurer

Farina - A witch of the red path from Clan Godinja accompanied by her familiar the large wolf Orla


Crooky - A stoop shouldered ogre who is known for her sense of humour and as an experienced guide who has gone deep into Davokar, her reason for coming is to see the ultimate prize after so many years walking the forest. While her primary role is a guide she is a decent front line fighter wielding her great axe. Died defending the Throne of Thorns from the Sovereign Oath

Torbjørn's Group

Torbjørn - Loud and charismatic Clan Enoai warrior, explorer and leader of the group who has been treasure hunting for loot but also has an interest in if anything in Symbar can stop the insane war his clan has been dragged into. A powerful melee warrior who wields the massive warhammer Souleater and capable of inspiring his allies

Shigg - Grumpy but brave goblin explorer, scout and guide who at 27 knows he is near the end of his life and wants to use his remaining years to explore the depths of the forests, has been with Torbjørn for many years. He is the groups scout and wilderness expert being particularly good at tracking people or things down, in combat he is a light fighter who prefers to attack from a position of advantage. Killed when Crack Bones ripped a Spite stinger out of his back

Inga - an Ambrian warrior and explorer with a pleasant reassuring disposition who is deeply Pious and looking to make her fortune as she knows the sun god smiles upon her. A former member of the Ambrian army she is a competent halberdier and used to fighting defensively as well as a novice medicus. Drained of life defending the group from a spectral swarm on the streets of Symbar under the root canopy

Eleo - Former Ordo Magica wizard of the pyromancy school who is new to the group and wishes to learn from the hidden secrets of Symbar. Not a stranger to combat where he summons firewalls and brimstone upon the enemy. He is new to the group and has a bit of a cocky attitude. Eaten by a Young King Toad while crossing the Malgomor in Wild Davokar

Esa - Ambrian archer and and woodswomen who could never settle down after the horrors of the war. She does not get on with many people well and does not like fools and has been following Torbjørn for many years now as he is 1 she can trust. She knows the forest well enough to act as a backup for Shigg as scout and is incredibly eagle eyes both as an archer and when it comes to spotting things


Balon - A young witch of the green path from Clan Karohar looking to find a way to stop the darkening of the forest and is willing to risk Symbar to do it. A skilled medicus and ritualist and novice in alchemy he has not seen to much combat but can call on the powers of the forest to aid him when needed

Oaf - Ogre warrior with a laid back friendly attitude despite the poor treatment from humans who wants to find the home or origin of her people. A good warrior most at home in the front swinging her heavy flail into the enemy. Killed fighting an Adult King Toad while crossing the Malgomor in Wild Davokar

Constance - An enthusiastic and friendly young Ambrian women of 19 who wants to follow in her fathers footsteps as an explorer after he disappeared in the forest. She is a skilled medicus, and knows the basics of alchemy and details of the forest but while she carries an axe has no real combat experience. Died when she was swallowed by the ground during the night and had the life sucked out of her by some unknown force

Longenuff - An ancient dwarf freed from the box that bound her to the service of its master


Ulg - Leader carrier and veteran of several trips into Davokar

Pullu - Goblin carrier. Bother of Pulli. Part of Ulgs crew

Pulli - Goblin carrier. Sister of Pullu. Part of Ulgs crew

Gok - Goblin carrier. Part of Ulgs crew. Eaten by a Young King Toad while crossing the Malgomor in Wild Davokar

Rega - Goblin carrier. Part of Ulgs crew. Plucked from the raft and eaten by a Sly River Hunter during the night on the way back from Symbar

Wut - Goblin carrier. Part of Ulgs crew

House Kohinoor
The Queens expedition has been announced with the goal of claiming Symbar and the mythical Throne of Thorns for her so she can fulfil the Prophecy of Sarkomal and claim full dominion of the region. By far the biggest group made up mostly of rangers backed up by panzers, mages and sappers

Ralgai Melion - Leader of the Royal Sekretorium and now leader of the expedition to Symbar

Colonel Marvello - Formar soldier in the great war and captain of the Thistle Hold town watch. Now promoted to Colonel and 2nd in command of the queens expediton

The Black Cloaks
The loyalist arm of the church have sent a large group of black cloaks, templars and flagellants on the hunt for Symbar

Father Elfeno - Former Head of the Thistle Hold temple and known for his extreme devotion to Prios now leading the Black Cloak expedition to Symbar

Arelma - A priest of Prios and member of the Whip of Prios

Iasogoi Brigo
The famous treasure hunter and member of the disgraced House Brigo has been confirmed to be putting together an expedition to the heart of the forest

Iasogoi Brigo - The most successful Ambrian explorer of the Davokar along with Lasifor Nightpitch who returned from the ruined city of Odaban with 20 mules loaded with treasure. Has put together an expedition made of many experienced treasure hunters and even includes a witch. Is also travelling with Agramei Kalfas's group

Orlandor - A changeling who is Iasogoi's exploration companion and best friend who runs the expedition with him

Agramei Kalfas
The popular noble and former Thistle Hold sanitation commissioner has put together a group of like minder nobles to join the hunt for Symbar along with some barbarian hire on's. Travelling to Symbar with Iasogoi Brigos group

Agramei Kalfas - The retired town sanitation commissioner who is extremely popular due to his partying and generosity. Killed in Symbar by the group while trying to cast the Mass Ressurection ceremony

Junia Dardall - Baron Arto Dardalls youngest child. She is accompany Agramei for unknown reasons

Vernon Dardall - Baron Arto Dardalls youngest son and former captain in his fathers armies. Hates Bran for exposing him as a coward

The Knights of Dead Prios
The templars are said to be sending an expedition to Symbar for unknown reasons

Alisabeta Verra - Formerly known as the Sun Princess and hero of Ambria she is now Iakobo's 1 remaining daughter who he has sent to lead the Templars on the way to Symbar. Killed by Fofar the Destroyer when he awoke in Symbar

The Reformists
The reformist side of the schism in the Sun Church are attempting to stop disaster coming about by the wrong people getting the throne

Father Sarvola - The famous heretic priest of Thistle Hold and now leader of the Reformists

Aluin - Son to Father Sarvola and Ala who displays strange powers over nature and a capricious and carefree nature

Eliana Nidel - The aged commander of Duke Ynedars forces

Vernon - A dashingly handsome member of duke Ynedars personal guard promoted after the battle of Ravenia. Killed in Symbar defending the Throne of Thorns from the Sovereign Oath

The Sovereign Oath
A force of several hundred Sovereign Oath troops have arrived in Symbar who are currently hacking away at the root canopy towards the Imperial Palace

Rábaiamon - Chieftain of Clan Gaoia and known to be a fearsome warrior. Killed by the group when trying to take the Throne of Thorns

Odralintos - Sometimes known as Grandfather Lint this Drakworm (previously a Lindworm) has guided clan Gaoia for centuries. Killed by the group when trying to take the Throne of Thorns

Fundiber - A fearsome Gaoia warrior known for seeking out the most powerful monsters in Davokar and rarely found without his pet troll Grap

The Witches
The Huldra and 2 Keepers have arrived in Symbar as a last chance to prevent the disaster of Symbar awakening searching for a flickering flame that Yeleta has seen in her dreams at the heart of the city

Yeleta - A Spiritualist and the Huldra who has lead the witches and guided the High Chieftain for the past 13 years

Miralba - A Blood Wader and Keeper of Clan Zarek said to be 1 of the most powerful witches to ever live and definitely the most powerful shapeshifter in living memory

Amanmaar - A Green Weaver and the Keeper of Clan Godinja with unparalleled knowledge of the Dark Davokar

Kathman - The pragmatic keeper of Clan Vadjvod
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Re: People and Places of Note
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Wild Davokar

Wild Davokar is the region beyond the inhabited area of Bright Davokar and is where the forest starts to become truly dangerous. As the name suggests this is where the forest gets thicker and wilder as the vegetation is left free to overrun everything and it is barely populated by civilised creatures except for some goblin tribes, groups of trolls, desperate exiled Ambrian's/Clansmen and the elves of the Iron Pact but rarely in any great number. 

The Wild is where the most accessibly untouched Symbaroum ruins exist and so most of the time you hear of people becoming rich off an expedition it is somewhere in the Wild Davokar they have come from but most who go in do not come back as its home to some of the biggest predators such as King Toads, Lindorms and Gwann

Below ill put any people / locations encountered in Wild Davokar not big enough for their own entry


The Ufal Tribe - A tribe of nomadic goblins lead by their chieftain Tulga.

Ulrox - A Troll serving the Liege Troll Ulgamour who is searching for a new home after they were displaced form their home in the underworld by the now blighted Ordo Magica Master Marlar and his equally blighted expedition


The Death Crater
An ancient Symbaroum ruin of buildings surrounded by an earthen crater about 2 - 3 hours in from the Malgomor opposite the Black Pitch Mire. The occupants apparently wiped out centuries ago by an unknown disaster

The Black Pitch Mire
A massive swamp on the eastern shore of the Malgomor stretching to where the Ravens penetrate into the Davokar ruled over by the Lindworm Skaramagos
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Re: People and Places of Note
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Dark Davokar

Dark Davokar is the heart of the forest where few have gone and returned alive and has no known permanent settlements or inhabitants beyond a presumption of the elves of the Iron Pact. The primordial forest here is thick and ancient and thick making travel difficult and slow with the sun barely penetrating the dense canopy above.

This is where the worst of the creatures of the forest roam from massive predators like Skull Biters and ancient Ravenous Willows. As well as these natural predator the Dark Davokar features areas where corruption has bled into the world causing it to twist in unnatural and explainable ways and from this corruption Primal Blight Beasts stalk the forest.

Below ill put any people / locations encountered in Dark Davokar not big enough for their own entry

The Siri-Aldor Mansion
What was once a huge Symbaroum mansion now collapsed inwards due to the ground beneath it sinking under its foundations. Recently excavated but the group
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Re: People and Places of Note
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Symbar is the legendary capital of the ancient Symbaroum empire and widely regarded as both the richest treasure ground and most dangerous place in the forest with the clan witches referring to it as "The Mother of Darkness". Not much solid information is known about its true history but its said that its from here Symbars Emperor ruled from the Throne of Thorns that gave him godlike powers and the ancient Symbaroum people wielded other magics far beyond what is used today which its speculated may have been what caused their destruction. The place has been sort after since Ambrians started exploring the forest but its only recently that solid directions have become available to various factions who have sent expeditions to the city.

Today the city stands between a huge lake to the north and another large body of water full of small islands to the south and its covered by a canopy provided by over 100 huge 150ft tall oak trees which unlike the summer greenery of the rest of the forest are wearing the reds, yellows and browns of autumn. The gigantic roots of these oak trees cover the city in a root blanked that obscures the city below except the tallest structures which are sometimes visible as the roots tied around the rather than over. Beneath the roots lies a ruined city heavily decayed and covered in dead and dying mycelium strands and teaming with corruption with various creatures moving about in the dark of the city.


Siriad Ador-An - A ranking officer from the battle of Symbar awakened recently as undead along with her troops. Now marching south towards Ambria as the group told her about the new world she in inhabiting


Xanathâ - An ancient white spider queen and mother of Angathal Taar the Spider King who she seeks to resurrect

Karathran - A huge spider princess who is the daughter of Xanathâ

The Iron Pact

Ardil - An autumn elf leading the remnants of the Iron Pact forces in Symbar after their decimation at the hands of the Sovereign Oath

Geliael -  A winter elf accompanying Ardil

Prince Eneáno - Commander of the elves in Davokar and one of the founders of the Iron Pact. Killed in Symbar fighting Fofar the Destroyer

Blighted Creatures

Fofar the Destroyer - An ancient blighted dragon supposedly killed in the Battle of Symbar who awoke as battle and fire engulfed the Imperial Palace. Not flown East over the Ravens


The Library Spire
A huge 17 story tower that sticks out over the root canopy that would be even bigger if the top not toppled some time ago. Inside it is full of completely bare rooms which the only surviving object being the artefact Vaesars Gift used to boost a persons intellect when they sacrifice a sentient being to it which the group have no removed from its plinth

The Imperial Palace
Sat on a huge rock protruding 15 meters above the root canopy sits that is left of Symbars Imperial Palace surrounded by a moat of rusty red thorns which are especially thick in the norther part. The inside especially the throne room and inner courtyard have been partially restored by the emperors spirit

Emperor Symbar - The spirit of the former emperor of symbar who's memory is clouded but still seems to retain some power over creation

The Ship
A huge 250 ft by 120ft grey stone ship in the centre of Symbar places on a massive marble podium, its sides are lined with hundreds of runes and the interior is free or the corruption that permeates the surrounding area.

Kantor An-Orel - A warrior from the age of Symbar risen as undead several months ago and declared himself lord of the ship and the surrounding area.

The Mother Tree
The largest of the hundred mighty oaks planted through Symbar and making up the root blanket standing tower 200 foot over the city with a 50 ft diameter

Valarai-Aia - An ancient elf who sits beneath the mother tree using powerful magic to weave the root canopy that keeps the darkness of Symbar contained

The Pyramid of Haman Dahk
A pyramid in the centre of Symbar where the Theourgs are said to have studied the powers of the Throne of Thorns and the exaltation of the Harmonious Whole 

Castle Thorn
A huge 300 meter diameter building topped with a crystal dome which houses the legendary Throne of Thorns

Sidril - An undead Staff Mage barely comprehending the modern world other than her defence of the Throne
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