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Will's Journal
« on: November 15, 2018, 09:38:39 PM »
3rd day of Orlandan’s Month
Part 1

It took me several days to reach Thistle Hold. After being told about this job from an old friend I had to make my way straight to Thistle hold as I was told to meet the “team” I would be working alongside with. I made my way to the tavern where I was suppose to meet a woman detailing this job and one thing I noticed were a few strange characters already there and after waiting some time some more characters made their way into the tavern. I suspect these are the rest of the “team” I was told about. Amongst them were:
•   A Dwarf named Korik, who is a veteran melee fighter.
•   An Ambrian male named Ulavan, who is a priest.
•   An Ambrian female named Kirsten, who is a master medicus.
•   A goblin named Gob, looks like an assassin too me.
•   A witch named Ingridr, wore clothes unbecoming of a witch but her facial features gave her away.
•   An ogre named Crack-bones, clearly a simple creature but a dangerous one at that.
•   A woman named Freyr, the way she looks makes me uneasy and I wish to know why.
Names were exchanged once our contact entered the tavern. She went by the name of Anadea and  was employed to gather a team to help fight something that was becoming a danger to this town. After a quick talk a siren began to ring throughout Thistle Hold. As we all went outside to see what was causing the ruckus all I could see were commoners running away from the ramparts and guards running towards the ramparts. It was safe to say that’s where we need to go to get answers. Nearing the ramparts I climbed on top of the houses to get a better look outside the towns walls and in the distance two monstrous fiends were coming out of the forest. A few members of the group had talked their way past the guards and were approaching the monstrous fiends as two figures became clearer riding on top of the fiends. Turns out they were two witches named Gadromon and Eferneya and they came here to see if the “well has spoken” whatever that means. Damn witches speak in riddles.
Suddenly a quake raged throughout the town and I lost my footing causing me to become slightly hurt. As a ranger I was embarrassed that I weren’t able to remain upright. Worried about Anadea we ran back towards the tavern but not before we were encountered by small abominations that were killing and chasing the local residents. We managed to kill every single one of them as we made our way through them like an arrow through an eye socket but what we discovered when we reached the tavern made me feel uneasy.
A giant sinkhole had appeared where the tavern and Anadea were waiting for us and down in the sinkhole was a mass of black that seemed to have swallowed several buildings. Approaching the sinkhole we could see several of the same abominations from before spew from the black hole but with two new enemies. One was covered in black clothing and the other was cladded in armour. Before anything could react I managed to send an arrow into the one covered in black and sent it screaming back down the hole. Gob had jumped crazily into several of them, bringing them down with him. While everyone else focused on the enemy before them and the guards were forming a wall around the sinkhole I ran around the edge of the sinkhole to get a better shot at the ones attacking everyone. The battle was coming to a close but one thing took my eye and that was two of the creatures dragging a female guard down the sinkhole. I tried to save her but I managed to pin one of the creatures to the slope while the other dragged her down the black hole where I fear she wont ever be seen alive again. I need to do better…I can’t have innocent people dying like that again.
The battle was over and the creatures laid dead all over the sinkhole but not before a bat creature made its way up the sinkhole and sent a screech throughout my body which made me sick to my core. I should have taken a shot at the creature for it jumped down the black hole and I’m sure it will be back later.
I feel as though I have gained some experience against these creatures.
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Re: Will's Journal
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3rd day of Orlandan’s Month
Part 2
After the battle for the Sinkhole, we knew we needed to get down there and explore it for ourselves. For this we needed to get past the guards, but thankfully we managed to get past Captain Marvello’s second in command Captain Dekamedo by using Captain Marvello “permission”. Korik tied rope together and made a rope long enough to get down the sinkhole (hopefully) and thus began the decent of the black hole. Took us all a few minutes to get down there and luckily someone was smart enough to bring a lantern from up top and within seconds it was lit and began to illuminate the dark area of rubble. From the surroundings all that could be seen was a small green glow in the distance but I wanted to see if there were any tracks that could get us to save the woman I couldn’t save before…maybe she is still alive and I could save her now. Spotted some tracks leading away from the green glow and tracks led us into a walk path where we went forward. Myself and Gob took the lead with Freyr holding the lantern so I could see the tracks in front of us, and she did an excellent job holding it I will add. The tracks continued until we entered a larger cavern with two path ways. One contained a lot of tracks, I assume they were made from the abominations and the captives they stole from above. Before I could walk forward though a slight tune could be heard in the distance. A tune that wasn’t in any language I could understand but from its sound I could tell it was sad. I could tell from Crackbones face that they understood the tune. We saw it fit that we follow the tune that led away from the tracks I wanted to follow for this could be a prisoner.
Moments passed and I could now hear Korik recreating the tune we all now were hearing. Closer and closer we got and more and more of the tune was revealed.
Fathers, Mothers,
Young and Old
Left us in the dark,
In the cold

Running, fighting,
All life ahead
I’d rather remain,
Here with the dead

Silent, frozen
Never dry
I am alone to sing
And to cry
(I overheard Crackbones trying to find a happier, more deserving ending to the song and learned it in the process.)
We then entered a giant cavern that was full of water. Not deep water but only two small paths could be seen and we stuck to the left hand path. Time went on and the path became tighter until some of us noticed something moving in the waters. For a second it look like a giant fish but I’d rather not test it. The water isn’t my territory after all. Then the path ended and in front of us was a small piece of land with a creature with its back to us, but this creature was clearly the one singing.  Gob decided to try and jump the gap and since he was a daring goblin I figured he would make it, since his talents proved well in the Battle for the Sinkhole, but he didn’t make it and slipped into the waters. Panicked he tried getting back on the land but the creature turned and began to speak. She told us a tale about how her people deserted this place when an attack from above appeared (the sinkhole opening and she mistook us for the attackers) and she wanted to stay behind and for us to leave her alone. She made us promise to never return and to not speak to anyone about how and where she is.
On our way out we decided to mark the entrance to her cavern so we can tell people not to enter the marked cavern for fear of their lives. Once we doubled back to the path with all the tracks we went through there and discovered a dead butcher laying in the way which Gob helped himself to his knives belt. Wanted to shoot the Goblin right there and then for disgracing the dead, but what can you expect from the vile things. We walked for half an hour and discovered that we were outside the towns walls at the very least but we have to turn back for this tunnel could go on for many more miles and our lantern was nearing its end.
After making our way back to the rubble it was there I saw the tavern we were at hours ago talking to Anadea, and under that rubble was Anadea herself. Dead. I wasn’t focused on looking for the rubble or Anadea but was more worried for any prisoners that may have been taken. Korik decided to loot Anadea and found somethings of interest. A pearl, bag of coins, a note, a key and a piece of Jewry. Freyr and Gob were also looting the dead. Surrounded by criminals I found myself needing some time away from them and thought it best to do some recon around the rubble site. Tried searching for survivors and found nothing.
We decided that we were going to tell Captain Marvello that its unsafe to be down here and he mustn’t send anyone down the marked areas for they were dead ends or were too dangerous to explore.
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Re: Will's Journal
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3rd day of Orlandan’s Month
Part 3
Once at the top of the sinkhole I could finally breath fresh air. The kind that wasn’t riddled with the scent of death and decay. Some of the group noticed someone watching us exit the sinkhole. She would later be known to us as Lysyndra Goldengrasp, a retired adventurer. The weird thing was that she looked almost disappointed. Was she disappointed that we came back empty handed or that we came back at all? Before I could ask her myself we were confronted by Captain Marvello about our discoveries if the sinkhole. We told him nothing of the lone creature living in solitude and told him that the area was a dangerous place full of dead ends and corruption which he then asked if it was best to barricade it off. I found it stupid that a Captain would have to ask such a question as he should’ve thought of this before asking a random group of adventurers. I hop that the Captain keeps his men within the ton. Don’t wish for the creatures solitude to be disturbed since I’ve given her my word no one would disturb her.
After reaching a tavern called The Salons of Symbaroum we decided that it would be best to go our separate ways to find information about the items we discovered on Anadea. Myself, Kirsten and Ulavan went to a building you could call a record building to see if we can find any information on a building owned by Anadea.
Finding the information proved difficult at first due to the quantity of records being kept here. Obviously it was a record building but I couldn’t get a hang of the organise system used. Ulavan was suppose to be the lore master amongst us but to my surprise I was the who found the information we needed. It was a report about a brawl that happened not too long ago and there were mentions of a few certain characters that pinged our interest.
However, the information detailing Anadeas holdings weren’t here (or were destroyed) but Kirsten had informed us of someone who may have this information. Suria Argona was the Queens legate in Thistle Hold and her reputation was one of a character who dislikes everyone she meets. The only issue was that I didn’t own any clothes that could help us be granted an audience with one so high up in the title list. Decided it would be best to buy an outfit called an Aristsn Guard. Those clothes were not meant to be comfortable at all.
Thankfully we were granted an audience with Suria Argona but her tone with us was worse than her reputation made out as she requested that myself and Ulavan were removed from the room as we weren’t of noble blood such as Kirsten was. Regardless of my persistent attempts of ears dropping of Kirsten and Suria, the doors were just too thick for me to make out what they were saying. From Kirsten’s face as she was leaving Suria’s room seemed to suggest that she got a way for us to know the information. We returned to The Salons of Symbaroum where we regroup with everyone else to discuss what we have found. But before we got down to business, Ingridr returned with a note with what seemed to be an invitation from an unknown source to meet them at an alley nearby. Myself, Ingridr, Ulavan and Korik went to the spot and was rushed into a dark alley but a female in drags. The whole situation seemed strange so Korik and I drew our weapons as we approached the darken alley. Moments later we found ourselves surrounded and corned within an small square and an alley.
Shameful display from an ex ranger, to be found in ambush I didn’t plan.

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Re: Will's Journal
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What do you mean, a 'simple creature'? - Crack-Bones is very deep.  :o  ;D

But seriously, nice write-ups!
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Re: Will's Journal
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3rd day of Orlandan’s Month
Part 4
Immediately two figures appeared in the building windows and fired what I could guess were standard arrows. Their target wasn’t me however. They deemed Korik a bigger threat compared to a ranger, priest and a witch, who could blame them really. During this time five people appeared behind us and formed a spear wall and five more formed a line in front of Korik. Luckily for us we thought something was unsettling about the whole situation so we were already armed and could retaliate quicker. I believed Korik was more than capable of facing of against seven bandits with mediocre weapons, but the issue was going to be the force coming from the alley behind us. With a bow I can hit any target but I’m as good as the common guard with a sword so this battle would be very difficult and could result in us all dying if these bandits got passed me. Ulavan and Ingridr would die instantly and Korik might actually die if he faced against this many enemies. Turning all my attention to the five enemies behind I managed to fire an arrow into one of them before switching to my Longsword and thus began the melee battle that could determine mine and everyone here life.
Turns out that even a ranger can get knocked on his arse but a really good ranger can easily jump back up and slice the enemy in one fluid motion. I am that really good ranger. One at a time the spear wall crumbled, I would injure one and bring them to the floor while Ulavan healed me and Ingridr would shoot fatal arrows to finish off the wounded.
Time was going by so quickly that I almost missed the bandit leader shout the order for retreat. The enemies were almost gone but I managed to pin one of them in the leg with an arrow. After healing his leg we managed to get some useful information out of him about this ambush. Turns out that someone had bought these bandits to ambush our whole group. Twelve men against eight adventurers (funny how four of us were able to handle twelve bandits without much difficulty). Unfortunately we couldn’t get a name just a description of a face that can belong to anyone. Apparently the face is very common among the residents of the town.
After Korik returned to us I looked at him very differently, for a split second. At first I respected him for being an incredible fighter to be able to handle seven bandits at once but I just knew that while Ulavan and myself were talking with the bandit he was looting the dead. I figured it was better than before for these were enemies that attacked us without warning and not civilians. Something about it still upset me but I guess I can accept this type of looting. We decided to return to the tavern for the other four members were discussing a plan which I assumed to be about what Suria talked to Kirsten about.
Time had passed before we knew it and the others had returned carrying with them, a box. The truth was then revealed. It turns out that my suspicions were correct and the criminals of the group, excluding Korik, were discussing a plan to steal this box from the Mekele Brothers which Suria had requested from Kirsten. Ignoring the fact that Kirsten has become more criminal like than I thought she would be, the issue we faced was that the box seemed empty. If Suria wanted something in the box then the deal would be over instantly before we got any information about Anadea’s holdings. Ulavan wanted to open the damn thing up and make sure of its contents. I’m not down for criminal acts but this wasn’t our deal to begin with and we don’t have a say in this. Ulavan wasn’t backing down, he wanted to see if its safe and check the item inside. I was torn for all my life I’ve been trained to do orders to the T. Even if this wasn’t my mission I still believe that we shouldn’t open it for this reason alone. We eventually decided to not open it and that Ulavan does a corruption detection ritual. An hour goes by and we get the all clear and that there wasn’t anything to worry about.
The box remains closed and the deal will go down tomorrow morning with Captain Dekamedo and the exchange of the box.


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Re: Will's Journal
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3rd day of Orlandan’s Month
Part 5
The night was coming to an end. Very quickly I began to feel the aches and the tiredness from everything. Thankfully the group began to end the night by going our separate ways and finding shelter. Crack-bones had told me about an Inn Called Ruin, where we can continue drinking and talking. Before we departed, Korik and I bought everyone a drink to toast for the continuation of the group’s efforts in the upcoming days. I deemed it important that we as a group need to trust and respect each other as much as possible. Looking around as I made the toast I saw some faces listening with intrigue but whether or not we can work as a team will be seen much later.
Gob was drunk. Very drunk. I found this very funny as this small creature couldn’t walk straight let alone see straight. This happens when lightweights try to drink with men of the world.
Korik, Crack-bones and I made our way to Ruin where we spent the night drinking a little more before retiring to our separate rooms. Old habits die hard. Spent the night with my dagger in my hand and my sword close by. Felt like I haven’t slept in weeks…so exhausted.
4th day of Orlandan’s Month
Part 5
I awoke to feeling battle ready and refreshed, almost like my nightmares from the south didn’t bother my sleep. For last night that is.
Eventually the three of us made our way back to The Solons of Symbaroum where the deal with Captain Dekamedo and Kirsten. Once seated we all ordered something to eat and drink and sat there quietly until Gob entered looking like absolute hell. Drenched, filthy and clearly cold. Once I looked at Gob I almost fell out of my seat holding in the laughter.
Eventually Captain Dekamedo arrived with two soldiers. It was time for the exchange. The Captain b-lined straight to Kirsten and indicated to follow him upstairs. Before I could stand to follow, I saw a boy dressed similar to Freya climbed the stairs (clearly she forgot about her clothes before changing her face) while Crack-bones was slowly approaching the stairs. Seeing an ogre that silent made me very uneasy.
Only a few minutes passed before the Captain descended he stairs, along with his two soldiers, and shot outside the tavern. It turns out that the deal didn’t go well. Turns out that the box was supposed to contain a copper tablet and since the box was empty, our side of the deal wasn’t fulfilled. Knowing nothing else to do it was decided that myself, Kirsten and Freya would return to the Mekele brothers room disguised as medicus and her helpers. The aim was to use the trust from helping the injured brother yesterday to gain more trust to get the copper tablet. My aim is to peacefully end this without hurting or killing the brothers who I respect as soldiers.
We had Gob, Korik, Crack-bones stand outside of The Winged Ladle in case the brothers came outside. Ulavan was believe to still be at the Church and Ingridr never returned.
Gaining entry into Leohan’s room was easy since Kirsten is a master medicus and he was injured. Upon entry the other brothers weren’t there and Leohan was fast asleep, probably because his injuries were quite severe. I’m just glad that Kirsten isn’t all talk and her skills as a medicus are indeed that worthy of a master because her earlier treatment to Leohan probably saved his life. Ignoring the fact that the other two brothers aren’t here, Freya and Kirsten silently started searching the room for anything that might resemble a copper tablet. We were in the presence of an elite warrior who is also a member of the Templar order, I knew if he woke up and saw us snooping then he’ll immediately go for his sword. Moving Leohan’s sword was very unsettling for this sword was very impressive and very high quality, part of me wanted to keep the sword but I’m not dropping the standards I’ve been raised on for a stupid sword. Then I heard it. I giant thud of Freya dropping the lid of a trunk she was searching through. Leohan began to wake up and Kirsten jumped into gear. I must admit that she reacted faster than I thought she would. She immediately jumped to Leohans side and calmed him down and began to do healing on the man.
Talking to Leohan about the tablet was a fatal mistake. Templars are known to be fanatics and it turns out that the tablet was very important to the brothers and the church for he started shouting and reached for his sword that thankfully I moved. Instinctively I knocked him clean out with the end of my pommel. We heard guards coming closer so we acted as if we were giving Leohan treatment that caused him to shout out in pain. Convincingly Kirsten got rid of the guards, treated her patient and got us all out of the Winged Ladle.
This is when things got worse. First we got a message from a goblin from Crack-bones saying that the other two brothers left the East gate and the three of them tailed the . We were also told that we were to follow them as soon as we can. Getting to the East gate was easy but there wasn’t any sign of our companions. Luckily I noticed some tracks leading of from the pass and they were clearly ogre tracks. I’m guessing these tracks belonged to our ogre, Crack-bones. We needed to hurry and meet up with everyone else...the way Leohan reacted gives me the impression that talking with Korik will cause a full battle with the churches elite.
I had to keep to a slower pace than I would’ve liked for Freya and Kirsten wouldn’t have been able to keep up with me. But we eventually caught up with everyone and it was worse than I feared. Crack-bones and Korik were fighting with the brothers and Gob was coming from behind them. But that wasn’t the worse part. There was a tall man with the brothers and three archers behind this tall man. All I could hear was Korik shouting “shoot the tall one" and with the current situation I took a shot at the man. His armour was too thick for my arrows for they just bounced off. The battle ended with something I wanted to avoid. The two brothers were killed with Crack-bones slashing them and Freya strangling one brother in the form of his others brother. The horror on his face was genuine but short lived as Crack-bones landed the killing blow. The tall man fell to Korik with his mighty Warhammer. Gob viciously stabbed one of the archers and Freya pinned one with her crossbow. Only one survived the battle and I fear he will also die.
The battle was over and I knew what was going to happen. I grabbed the Templars swords, for I wanted to give them to Leohan for respect or at the very least mark their graves with these swords. Crack-bones seemed to understand why I wanted to do this and respected my decision. The only issue is that Korik didn’t want to waste the swords for such a stupid thing. Clearly the fucker doesn’t have a stand of respect for the dead. That can also be shared for almost everyone here. Kirsten wanted a sword, Korik wanted the armour and Crack-bones wanted a sword. I stood down my idea for showing some respect because it was clearly lost in these people. So I demanded one of the swords so I can at least respect the soldiers they were. Every night I will pray to the Templar Venhal for his sword and for his forgiveness for not being able to prevent the battle.
Korik and Crack-bones took the survivor into the barn to question him about the tablet. Turns out that the tablet was kept within the barn so we were able to reclaim it. The survivor didn’t come out. Korik started sprouting that we had to kill all witnesses and he had a point. We did kill Templars and it would get us all killed if the guards knew. I feel as though he was using this as an excuse for quenching his thirst for blood however. The bodies were looted and piled into the barn and set ablaze. The group started to return to the tavern but I stay awhile longer. I struck my longsword into the earth as the barn illuminated the air and swore an oath.
“This sword will not claim the life of an innocent. For I am it’s master and it will not kill what I feel is not a threat. For as long as I wield this sword your name will not be forgotten Venhal and I hope I can be forgiven for this outcome with what I do here on out. This is swear to you Venhal.”
Leaving my sword behind I saw Crack-bones waiting for me. I feel as though this simple creature isn’t so simple after all. He understands what I just did and for this I feel I can trust this person with my life. We both own the Templars swords and I will respect the solider that fell.


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Re: Will's Journal
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Hah, obvious bias towards Dwarves as Will ignores the fact that it was Crack Bones that first said "No survivors" Korik, just told Gob to kill the third brother after it came to light that someone had made the lone survivor aware we were looking into the tablet.

Great Read so far, keep it up ^_^


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Re: Will's Journal
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Remembering the past...
Ah…here I lie again…dying for a reason I do not know. Twice I have been like this in recent weeks and that’s too much. But laying here I saw things that I didn’t want to see. Old things from my past and things I didn’t want to remember. Some pleasant and some terrible. All I can do is let my mind wonder, before my time comes, and view my childhood and what came to be.
A secret I don’t allow people to know about myself. I may be a retired Queens ranger but most people forget about the nobles that join the rangers, this includes myself shockingly. People only know me as Will or as the ranger, but like most nobles I have another name. William Ward is my true name.
My house name was known for creating some of the best sons a ranger could want and for the continued loyalty the house gave to the Royalty. We were protectors of the empire so our names were well meant. As a child I was taught to survive by the land, to shoot without hesitation, to be unseen by my enemies and to be loyal even if it meant my own sacrifice.
Now that I think about it, I was alone since birth. With no brothers or sisters to train all my fathers attention was focused onto me. He trained me every day until I could mirror him with a bow, and my spare time was used reading books about survival – which plants are edible, which animals can be hunted, how to use the land for my own purposes.
Thinking back now I can see how it was a happy time, a child spending time with his father and making him proud. Having a mother cry when he would become hurt and spoiling him through the pain. But like most things in this increasingly dark world, happy things can’t last forever.
The War. The only war I will know and the only war I didn’t want to happen. The dark lords (as they were later called) began The Great War and caused so much death. Using magic to bring the dead back to fight against the living was a nightmare, brother fighting brother and soldiers fighting undead monsters is something I was never trained for. But they aren’t the images I see before me as I lay here.
I was 14 and all I remember is screaming and fire. Arrows loosed from my bow at dark shadows that seemed to move regardless of the protruding shafts coming from them. My home burning as my father fought these creatures and my mother telling me to run to the trees too find help, the last thing I saw was my mother being struck down and shadows jumping onto what seemed like my father. The last thing I remember was stumbling across a squad of queens rangers that were dispatched to eliminate this group of undead, and that’s exactly what they did. Arrows were fired faster than I could see and were hitting their marks as if they were blessed. If only they were there sooner, maybe my family home and parents would’ve survived long enough to escape to the larger city or just something else. My mother laid face down covered in her own blood while my father was ripped apart. Limbs thrown all around the once summer grass while my home was still blazing the midday sun brighter. My life changed this day. I swore to fulfill my parents wishes of me becoming a Queens ranger, for me to defend the Queen and to protect the innocent whilst eliminating the enemy.
Before I could see anything more from my past I found myself awake with Ulavan looking down on me. Clearly he had just revived me from the brink of death. I would’ve liked to see more from my past, maybe to learn or remember something I have forgotten. Maybe something to lighten my heart of the sins I’ve collected since that day 34 years ago…