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Simba Leone
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:42:03 PM »

Simba Leone had been born in the Foggy ghetto of the WYR, a mutant like his parents, he had somehow managed to hang onto his life unlike the unfortunate siblings who followed him in the next four years, none of whom lived longer than a year. Even as an infant he was marked by the curse of Strontium 90, both his tiny fists had sported an extra finger and his head was already crowned with a thick mane of black hair. It soon became apparent that he had uncanny vision at night and seemed to be able to sleep at need, always waking refreshed.

As a youth he received a rudimentary education from an elderly and infirm neighbour who gave lessons in reading and writing for donations of food. He was a handsome lad, though after his father’s death periodic bouts of illness brought on by malnutrition had made his supple frame gaunt and weakened. His reflexes were sharp, and he proved to acrobatic enough to always twist and land on his feet when falling.

Resolved to help his mother, and determined to avoid trouble unlike many of his contemporaries who drifted into the street gangs or the mutant resistance movement, Simba tried to get by within the partite system. A few do-gooders found him wholesome looking enough to allow him to enrol in a government scheme that effected to assist mutants willing to work. There were countless forms and interviews as the young mutant was tasked long hours as an office boy, though little actually materialized in the way of pay.

Following an economy measure, Simba found himself without even this token job and soon found himself drifting into a variety of cash in hand or barter paying work for those mutants who had eked out a niche in the ghetto economy. His uncanny night vision and sharp reflexes found him employed to deliver various consignments using vehicles in after dark runs. Shady dealers soon found that the youth could easily pass as an unmutated individual by wearing gloves and headgear or, by flouting his hair and wearing some facial makeup, he was able to mimic a teenage norm who was into goth fashion. As he continued his drift into criminality he mastered giving out false stories and manipulating documents that didn’t bare too close a scrutiny.

By the time he was nearing twenty, Simba’s mother had died, the quack doctor couldn’t really confirm what had caused her to waste away so fast, disease, contaminated food stuffs or just loss of will to hang onto a bleak life, any of these were possibilities. The lion haired mutant stayed to arrange and attend her modest funeral in a drizzle cursed plot, but as soon as the last spade full of contaminated earth fell he shook his mane, sending up a halo of droplets as he turned and walked away, ignoring a couple of mutants from the meagre crowd who tried to speak to him.  He kept on till he reached a garage at the end of town that he knew as a front for some smugglers. Grim faced, making no effort to hide his mutations and, for once, standing proud as a mutant whilst looking the norms straight in the eyes; he traded his last remaining credits for a lift to Salisbury, where he intended to register himself as a Strontium Dog, finally leaving behind the poverty and misery of the ghettoes of New Britain for the freedom of the stars.

[At the end of his first four-year term Simba’s Stats are:
Strength 1, Dexterity 9, Endurance 6, Intelligence 5, Education 3, Influence 10, Social Standing 0
Admin 0, Deception 1, Drive (wheeled) 1, Jack of all Trades 1]
Mutation Status: Moderate. Lion-like mane and an extra finger on both hands.
Mutant Traits: Cat Nap, Enhanced Vision (as LI Goggles), Falls on Feet,  Supple.
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Re: Simba Leone
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Simba found himself entering the Doghouse with half a dozen other young hopefuls. The reception from the commander was hardly friendly, they were all told that their careers would prove short and that transgression would result in their being reduced to penal status. The one concession that had been thrown open to the probationary bounty hunters was their partnering for a four-year term with a veteran SD agent.

Simba was selected to learn his trade under Hans Oslo. His mentor proved to be a scary looking mutant whose face was armoured in a lattice covering of bones, and who who was well known, though after a notorious fashion, and envied and resented by those other agents who struggled to make enough credits pursuing dangerous criminals across the galaxy.

Hans used the Centennial Eagle, his personal space craft, to visit remote locations and Simba soon discovered that they were normally carrying goods that were illegal at some stage or other in the commission. Indeed, smuggling contraband was his main income, the SD status providing a useful cover for these activities, even the authorities who ran the SD agency seemed to discreetly avail themselves of Hans services in providing rare or proscribed goods. There was little actual collection of bounties, a few spats who presented little danger, though money was sometimes taken from those who had more lucrative warrants on them for providing them with information or a chance to disappear. 

Simba had some initial reservations about these shady transactions, but soon found a cynicism that allowed him to embrace his role in Hans’ scenes, he reasoned that double dealing and ruthlessness was the way the societies of the galaxy actually ran, in much the same skewed way as it did in townships of New Britain.

The years of space travel saw him learn how to operate many of the systems on their smuggling vessel and how to trade and haggle with a variety of dealers and customers. Hans did most of the dangerous or duplicitous negotiations, though Simba was increasingly trusted to accompany his boss as an aide or backup. Most of the terse situations in dodgy cantinas, warehouses and back alleys were settled with bribery, fast talking or bluffing their way through with firearms; most, but not all. Simba found that he had adopted the same mantel of confidence and contained menace that his mentor projected. It was more than just having a decent blaster at his side, his uncanny eyes and a feline grace suggested to observers that the young bounty hunter was like a predator which could suddenly explode into violent action.   

He sometimes smiled to himself nostalgically as yet another goon backed down from confronting him, remembering an old film that a preacher had once had projected in the ghettoes church. He couldn’t remember the title of the vivid coloured musical which had featured some norm girl and her companions, two muties and an android. He’d loved the mutie who looked like a lion, when he first appeared he’d terrorized the others despite being a wimp under his roaring and posturing. Simba embraced the idea of this charade (a word he’d learnt on a world where he’d chatted to a high class lady who had slummed it one night in a red-light district), but realized he could never let the mantel (another word he’d learnt from the lady) if he was to survive as a Strontium Dog.

One lucrative job earned the pair the enmity of the Planetary Governor, whilst another took them to an extremely far flung corner of the galaxy. Nearer to home on Terra, the duo managed to extract a war criminal from a closing net of Strontium Dog teams.

Simba parted from operating with Hans on good terms, it had been lucrative; after four years Simba was well equipped to hunt down fugitives, having accumulated some 24,000 credits worth of weaponry and equipment.

At the end of his second four-year term Simba’s is 24 years old and his Stats are:

Strength 1 (-2), Dexterity 9 (+1), Endurance 6 (+0), Intelligence 5 (-1), Education 3 (-1), Influence 10 (+1), Social Standing 0 (-2)

Admin 0, Advocate 0, Broker 1, Deception 1, Drive (wheeled) 1, Gun Combat 0, Investigate 0, Jack of all Trades 1, Navigation 0, Pilot 1 (small craft), Sensors 1, Stealth 1

Mutation Status: Moderate: Lion-like mane and an extra finger on both hands.
Mutant Traits: Cat Nap, Enhanced Vision (as LI Goggles), Falls on Feet ,  Supple.

Special Techniques: Intimidating Presence

Contact: Hans Olsen
Enemy: Planetary Governor

Armour: Mesh suit and body sash: 6 pts
Weapons: Phased Precision Blaster, Blastinger, Vibro Knife, 3 assorted grenades
Equipment: SD badge, warrant card, goggles, breather, Geiger counter, computer 0, comm unit, audio bug.
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