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What the Hell is This?
« on: October 06, 2017, 10:40:09 PM »
So you have decided to play a uniquely British post-apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi spaghetti western. This should be easy to explain...

Welcome to Strontium Dogs: The Next Generation!

SD is a game of mutants, bounty hunters, and the bad end of space - where every planet is Jabba's Palace or the cantina scene from Star Wars. Set in a dystopian post-atomic war, 80s retro-future, the characters are mutants, warped by the nuclear fallout that ravaged the earth. Disenfranchised, vilified by the media and victimised by New Britain's fascist government, mutants are herded into ghettoes and camps. The only job mutants are allowed, the only way for them to escape the poverty and desperation of the ghettoes, is to become a Search & Destroy agent - the titular Strontium Dogs - and chase down the scum of the galaxy while protecting themselves and their fellow mutants against prejudice and oppression of the ‘norms’ back home.

From the creators of Judge Dredd, it's a little bit Red Dwarf meets Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy mashed with V for Vendetta and Clint Eastwood movies. It should be violent and funny and gross and its action adventure but it also a satire with things to say about politics and prejudice and being different.

Don't take my word for it: Watch the Fan Film

It'll be fun, come play.

Some Inspirations

Battle Beyond the Stars
Blade Runner
(and technically the first 10 minutes of the Stallone version)
Doctor Strangelove
Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 1 & 2
The Omega Man
A Fist Full of Dollars
(and other classic Clint Eastwood Westerns)
Rogue One
Space Hunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
Star Wars
(especially Jabba's palace and the Mos Eisley Cantina)
V for Vendetta

TV shows:
Blakes 7
Buck Rodgers
Day of the Triffids
Dark Matter

Classic era Dr Who
Dark Matter
(especially the sewer mutants)
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Re: The Basics
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2017, 10:29:36 AM »
Previously, on Strontium Dogs...

This game is set after the main timeline of the Strontium Dog comic from 2000 AD. PCs are the next generation of mutants, struggling to get off planet and survive in the newly reinstated 'Search and Destroy' agency. That means anything you already know or want to read up on about the adventures of Jonny Alpha and his fellow mutants is fine. Some characters are still alive, older and (sometimes) wiser. The truth is often confused however - so what you read might not be the exact truth.... or even the truth at all.

So what about the last generation?

‘Nobody ever knew who fired the first missile – but suddenly the
whole world went crazy.

There had been other wars – but not like the Great War of
2150. When it was over, every major city in Britain was nuclear
wasteland. But the British were resilient. Slowly, painfully, the
30% who had survived began to pick up the threads of life…’

Johnny Alpha,
Portrait of a Mutant

2150 AD – The Big One
Nuclear war ravages the earth. 70% of Britain’s population is killed. The ensuing Strontium-60 fallout, the “strontium winter” of 2150-51 causes a massive increase in mutation.

The previous wars of the 22nd Century had created their fair share of mutants, and by 2150 these poor wretches have become loathed and despised, particularly in Britain, where right wing fanatic Nelson Kreeler has pushed Anti-Mutant Laws through parliament, formalising the apartheid of ‘norms’ and ‘muties’ - enforced by a private police force known as Kreelers.

2162 AD – The Mutant Uprising
Mutants, disenfranchised and ghettoised, have had enough. An underground guerrilla army forms, at first smuggling food and medicines but later acquiring weapons and fighting back against paramilitary pro-apartheid gangs and the police.

2164-67 AD – The Camps
Right wing anti-mutant firebrand, Nelson Kreelman establishes mutant labour camps; in the next three years 20% of the mutant population is housed in one of these dreadful concentration camps – half starved, riddled with disease – and the mood of the mutant army began to shift away from hit-and run skirmishes to all-out war.

2167 – The Battle of Upminster
Jet-pack equipped mutants lead by the Evans the Fist of the FWM (Free Welsh Muties) raid Britain's floating palace and bureaucratic hub, the Upminster. Other mutant regiments also rose up across the country.

They release the Mutant’s Charter:

The Mutants’ Charter
We, the undersigned, make known to the King and Government of New Britain our beliefs:
• That all humans are created equal
• That mutants have the unalienable right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness
• That the extermination of one race by another is unnatural and unfair.
•  That until the Death Camps are closed – until Mutant Rights are recognised – it is our duty to resist in the name of Humanity.

The government responds by unleashing terrible ‘time weapons’ against the ‘insurgents’. The mutants eventually surrender to King Clarkie in exchange for clemency and a promise of more equitable relations in the future.

The promises are not kept. The anti-mutant private police force, the Kreelers become more draconian, despite attempts to forge a new peace between norm and mutant. The mutant army formerly disbands but continues as a banned terrorist group.

2168-2180 AD – Rise of the Search & Destroy Agency
The S/D Agency is established as part of the reforms agreed by King Clarkie, and in response to the increasing lawlessness and expansion of colonial settlement across the galaxy. The Galactic Crime Commission had called for some form of law enforcement assistance for years – and with large numbers of mutants exiled from the Earth with considerable military and combat experience, the creation of an agency that could use their talents was the ideal solution.

Mutant S/D agents, known as 'Strontium Dogs' enjoy new-found freedom as they rove across the galaxy, serving warrants on the worst criminals of earth and alien races on behalf of the Galactic Crime Commission. Despite the dangerous work and ongoing prejudice, its a freedom few of them would trade for life back on earth. 

2170 AD – Reality Quakes
Criminal Max Bubba escapes into the past via technology stolen from the Canterbury Time Labs. New ‘Strontium Dog’ Jonny Alpha and other mutants travel back to 793 AD to track him down, as ripples of chaotic time paradoxes and ‘reality quakes’ threaten to destroy the time/space continuum.

Jonny Alpha and the ‘norm’ Wulf Sternhammer (a Viking brought back from 793 AD) will go on to become the most famous bounty hunters of the S/D agency, and heroes of the mutant people.

2182 AD – The Adolf Contract
Jonny Alpha is sent back in time to apprehend Adolf Shicklgruber, to bring him to justice at the end of World War II.

Later this year, Jonny will be framed for the murder of innocent civilians on the Scottish colony planet Och 11.

2184 AD – Jonny's Rage
Criminal Max Bubba somehow escapes from captivity, and takes revenge on those who put in there: Wulf Sternhammer is killed and Jonny Alpha takes bloody revenge on Bubba’s gang.

2185 AD – The Final Solution
The New Church, a cult of religious zealots taking up the anti-mutant cause after Kreeler's death, offer mutants a new life in a ‘paradise dimension’ where they can live free from persecution. Mutants from the ghettoes of Milton Keynes are the first to ‘volunteer’ to go to the new mutant Eden of Arcadia.

2186 AD  - The Fall of Arcadia
The Final Solution is revealed as a hoax - ‘Arcadia’ is actually a hell-dimension populated by demon-like aliens. The Doghouse, orbiting base of the S/D Agency, is transformed into a bomb by Lord Sagan of the New Church. In retaliation the Dogs crash the station into Salisbury Cathedral, base of the New Church, killing Sagan.

Jonny Alpha manages to free the mutants exiled to its fiery desert, sacrificing himself in a ritual to open the gate back to earth. Despite this, rumours of Jonny’s survival persist.

2190 AD – Old Dogs, New Tricks
As part of yet another round of concessions and attempts to reconcile norm and mutie, a new Dog House is constructed, to house a new generation of Strontium Dogs.
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Re: What the Hell is This?
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Brief piece with artwork on Strontium Dog.
" Radwagons ho! "