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A game within a game
« on: March 10, 2015, 12:55:59 PM »
A few years back during the final request for Witchrule submissions, I started putting together a scavenger hunt for the Nationals as a diversion for long commutes (if you're not of a drinking persuasion, if you're driving, if you're travelling from outside of Huddersfield etc) or just to highlight the tropes that you're likely to come across.  Figured it might provide some entertainment.

To my knowledge, almost all of these have happened at least once and they're all very possible.

--Updated for 2017


The Nationals, a metagame, scavenger hunt or EXCEEDINGLY ill advised drinking game.

Actually using this as a drinking game will likely result in death so, like, drink responsibly and stuff.

Points are as follows:

1 point for something common
3 points for something uncommon
5 points for something rare

Each item can only be claimed for once and you’re not allowed to use yourself as a source of points unless specifically stated.

The journey

•   Successfully reaching the venue by car or coach without the need for bathroom, comfort or lunch breaks where the venue was under 2 hours’ drive
•   We visit the realm of the Burger King
•   At least 2 hours are spent in a pub prior to leaving
•   Our destination has a distinctly different climate or weather
•   A team member regrets the weight or bulk of their luggage
•   At least one team member has brought luggage equivalent to or larger than a suitcase yet less than 25% of said luggage is made up of clothing, toiletries or anything a responsible adult would take on a weekend trip
•   Someone gets lost

•   Successfully managing to secure a train carriage with no other passengers (whether by luck or by driving out all other passengers) to ourselves for over 90% of the journey
•   Meeting another student society at a motorway service station
•   No member of our team has work on Friday morning
•   We travel more than 150 miles
•   At least one member of our party started at a destination more than 50 miles from Huddersfield
•   You start the day with the main group but travel apart from them (most likely in a shared car due to lack of rental coach space)

•   We enter another country
•   We are required to leave early enough that we're not able to get the traditional pre-journey breakfast
•   A member of the party falls asleep or becomes hung over before reaching the venue
•   All members of our team arrive at the station or coach pickup point and are early by 30 minutes or more, plus no members of the team had to make their own way in (discounting members from outside of Huddersfield)
•   You volunteer as a designated driver

The games, prizes and awards

•   At least one player has some kind of impractical novelty die
•   At least one player is using Lucozade or equivalent as a means of remaining conscious
o   +3 if they have had enough that it's obviously impairing their judgement
•   In a roleplaying category, one player is obviously playing to win but failing
•   In a wargaming category, at least of one your opponents is fatigued from having to paint their army into the wee hours of the morning
•   In a wargaming category, at least of one your opponents has brought a list which is clearly designed to win tournaments
o   +3 if you beat them
•   At least one player is hung over
•   In a roleplaying game, someone suggests the application of fire to resolve an otherwise mundane problem
•   A player, in the Paranoia category, chooses to openly register their mutant power
•   A PC, in the Call of Cthulhu category, suffers sanity loss
•   In a board gaming category, you forgot the rules due to complexity, hangover or being distracted by a colourful object
•   Over the course of the weekend, you manage to negotiate the use of a nonstandard unit of currency (for example, a bottle of beer for a sandwich)
•   Somebody in another society wins Scooter in the raffle and doesn’t know why this is a VERY bad thing.
•   HUGS places in the top 20
•   During the awards ceremony, you begin to feel the beginnings of an unspecified but deadly convention plague which will render you useless for 48 hours starting tomorrow morning
•   More than half of HUGS decides to avoid the awards ceremony entirely
•   Someone is wearing an item of decidedly non-standard headgear
•   You bought dice you didn’t need from Bob the Dice Man
•   Someone says something which you're pretty sure if a reference to pop or gaming culture but is too old or obscure for anybody to get
•   Most players are familiar with the system
•   Someone purchases a stack of charity rerolls but winds up hoarding them for a perfect moment which never comes
•   Someone references any of the following in your game:
o   Monty Python
o   Monty Python and the Holy Grail (only half a point)
o   Star Wars
o   Tolkien
o   The Simpsons
o   Internet memes
o   Bacon
o   A popular video game series (half a point for references which double as Internet memes, zero points if you’re playing a game themed around that series)
o   Khorne
o   A previous roleplaying experience which has relevance to the situation, but only from the point of view of the person telling the story

•   In a roleplaying category, one player is obviously playing to win and it seems to be working
•   Someone is trying to abuse the charity reroll mechanic in an attempt to win
•   Most players are unfamiliar with or new to the system
•   A player, in the Paranoia category, admits to having played Paranoia before
•   Your team decides to purchase charity rerolls but to avoid using them to prevent an unfair advantage
•   Charity rerolls do something unusual
•   A person is in your game who didn't choose that category but was either transferred due to oversubscription to their first choice or simply got lost
•   A player proves that they can't be allowed responsibility of anything dangerous or important
•   At least one player was physically unable to reach their game
•   No members of your game are or were hung over today
•   In a roleplaying game, the liberal application of fire was actually a good idea and helped in any way
•   In a roleplaying game, all party members focused on a common goal at all times and nobody tried to be a hero
•   In a board gaming category, you contributed the game
•   In a board gaming category, you resolved to buy a copy of a game after the Nationals
•   IC singing
•   The traders sell something related to your game.  +3 if they actually sell the entire game (+1 for board gamers).  Dice and CCGs don't count.
•   At least one player is still wearing some element of their costume from Saturday night (doesn’t count if the costume is game appropriate)
•   At least one player has turned up in a game appropriate costume (the inverse applies for Victoriana, anybody dressed in normal clothing scores 3 points)
•   If the reroll reward doubles as a collectable gimmick (themed dice set etc), one person in your game completes a full set
•   Someone in HUGS or VAGUE wins Scooter and isn’t aware of why this is a very bad thing
•   Someone is wearing a tshirt from a franchise or website that you recognise
•   During your game, someone obtains fast food from a franchise but you’re unable to find the location of said franchise
•   You win a raffle prize
•   The recipient of the charity money sends a representative who obviously, but politely, has no idea what the Nationals are
•   Points are assigned for a category quickly and with a minimum of out of context but amusing anecdotes
•   You place in your category
•   HUGS places in the top 5
•   You bought dice you actually needed from Bob the Dice Man
•   Someone references any of the following in your game:
o   Mel Brooks’ movies (only 2 points for The Princess Bride)
o   The Hitchhiker’s Guide
o   Discworld
o   Pulp Fiction
o   Futurama
o   Star Trek
o   A previous roleplaying experience which is relevant to the situation in a way which is obvious to all participants

•   At least one player gave up on attending any game in their category at all
o   +20 if they somehow didn’t place last in their category.  Joint last counts for this
•   A player in your category didn't sign up for it but still placed in the top 3
•   A player, in the Paranoia category, is found guilty of Machine Empathy
o   +5 if they weren't a machine empath
•   Someone buys more than 10 charity rerolls
•   A non-reroll charity donation advantage is available (shake a magic 8-ball/decision dice for example)
•   Someone buys charity rerolls just to donate to the cause or as a souvenir
•   Runners are employed to fetch food and coffee
•   No members of your category were hung over throughout the entire weekend
•   In a competitive category, you won at least one game by default because none of your opponents arrived
•   In the Paranoia category, you survived with a full 6 pack (and were probably cheating.  Well done)
•   No PCs, in the Call of Cthulhu category, suffer sanity loss
•   IC dance
•   Someone in your game found a practical and game relevant use for a D100
•   At least one player is still wearing their FULL costume from Saturday night (doesn’t count if the costume is game appropriate)
•   Someone references any of the following in your game:
o   Any of the D&D movies
o   Family Guy
o   A real life experience which has full relevance to the situation (+10 points if you’re playing in a futuristic setting, +5 for a historic/fantasy setting, +20 and some suspicious looks for Call of Cthulhu
•   The recipient of the charity money is present and seems to actually be aware of who we are and what we’re doing
•   If the charity reroll item doubles as a game, someone starts playing a round of it
•   You place first in your category (congratulations!)
•   HUGS wins the Nationals (add +30 bonus points)

The nights and the rooms

•   HUZZAH! (+1 point for each time but not per person, + half a point if someone grumbles about it,  -10 if you’re found to be attempting to provoke HUSSARS into shouting it)
•   A corset
•   An item of unorthodox eyewear
•   A feeling of uncleanliness that no amount of showering will remove
•   For ale drinkers, completing a full tour of the pumps
•   An individual with a costume concept that needs to be explained
•   A element of a costume is destroyed, lost or discarded over the course of the evening
•   The bar runs out of food
•   You become involved in a board or card game but aren't quite sure how
•   An additional game is arranged during the evening (the pub quiz does not count, nor do clear areas for card and board games)
o   Upgrade to uncommon if said game is worth any team points
•   The bar staff were unprepared for the number of people who would be attending
•   A drinking game begins
•   Somebody adds your name badge to their collection
o   Upgrade to uncommon if you get it back
•   If attending the afterparty, the HUGS toast is issued
•   In a standard hotel, the afterparty is told, in no uncertain terms, to quiet down
•   The campus grounds are comfortable with you drinking on premises
•   A completely explainable injury the morning after
•   You’re involved in some kind of selfie

•   Unwanted nudity
•   A member of the bar staff politely tries to understand what we’re here for or what a roleplaying game/wargame/LARP is
•   A team with a costume concept that needs to be explained
•   A costume is worn which must have guaranteed a lot of personal space for the wearer on public transport
•   The bar runs out of spirits
•   The bar serves some form of novelty drink or has a cocktail menu with items on it more complicated than “rum and coke”
o   +3 if the bar has been convinced to mix a society's signature drink (or isn't too snippy about selling the components and letting you mix your own)
o   +10 if that drink is the HUGS drink, "Green"
o   +20 if that drink is part of the official drinks menu for the night
o   +30 if that drink is "Green" and is part of the drinks menu
•   The bar plays a song so universally popular that most people begin to sing
•   An individual turns up in a obviously well made, well thought out costume but it references something obscure enough that they’ll have difficulty in winning the contest
•   HUGS obtains a dedicated seating area for 30 minutes or more
•   The bar staff were prepared for the number of people attending on Saturday night
•   VAGUE fields an elaborate team costume competition entry
•   Someone makes a profit on a pub trivia machine
•   A photograph is taken that you’d prefer wasn’t uploaded to Facebook
•   Dancing begins
•   A team costume arrives which will certainly have some kind of performance aspect
•   You amass a collection of over 5 name badges
o   +3 if this isn't your first rodeo and your collection contains more than one of your own badges
•   You obtain a name badge from someone in your category
•   The afterparty is offered a dedicated room to avoid disturbing other patrons
•   Waking up with more people in your room than you expected
•   Some form of unexplainable injury the morning after
•   The bar notices a drinking contest is starting, complains and so a more discreet drinking game must be started somewhere else
•   The bar is comfortable with outside food
•   Your accommodation doesn’t serve bacon
•   You spend the night with more people in your room than said room is designed to accomodate
o   Upgrade to rare if you have the sad responsibility of being the keeper of the room key
•   The Philosopher’s Drinking Song begins

•   Wanted nudity
•   A team in which every member has turned up in costume
•   The bar runs out of beer
•   You obtain the name badges of every member of a society
•   You obtain a name badge from a different year
o   Add 10 if it's from a different year and from your current venue
•   Having stolen a name badge, you trade categories and successfully pose as that person in their game
o   Add 10 bonus points if you place in their category under their name
o   Add 50 if you get them into first place
•   HUGS obtains a seating area for at least half our party for the entire evening
•   The bar was fully prepared for the entire duration, had ample stocks of food, snacks and all kinds of beverages and was well staffed throughout (+100 points)
•   Waking up with more people in your bed than you expected
•   In student accommodation, you convince the security staff to attend the afterparty
•   The bar is comfortable with (or at least indifferent to) outside drinks
•   You, for any reason, could not obtain any component of a cooked full English (not wishing to have a full English doesn’t count, you must have been unable to)
•   The entire hotel is booked out with Nationals attendees, almost guaranteeing zero noise complaints (no points if staying in halls of residence)
•   HUGS wins a drinking contest
•   HUGS wins the pub quiz
•   The Philosopher’s Drinking Song begins and nobody has to pause to recall the lyrics
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