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[Sci-Fi Beta Kappa] Bigfella: Kraag Gets Made
« on: July 27, 2013, 12:32:05 AM »
Hi all!

By now the Society should have an ashcan copy of my game Sci-Fi Beta Kappa. I'm intending to work my way through all the adventure seeds in the book, and a couple of weeks ago it was the turn of Bigfella: Kraag Gets Made. Tbh I'd had reservations about the scenario, and after the game Dan admitted he had too; it's very different from the party/event hosting scenarios we've run up until now, but no game will really go anywhere if you can only ever run one type of scenario with it. So, how did it go?

It was absolutely awesome!! In fact, we all agreed afterwards that it had been one of the best games of Sci-Fi Beta Kappa we'd ever played.

Here's the blurb as it appears in the book (and as it appeared on the club forum):
By mistake Kraag ends up joining the New New England Mafia: he just thought it was a harmless tough guys club until he was told he had to ‘whack’ someone. Help, Kraag’s in the Mafia, get him out of there!

Set-up: I NPC’d Kraag coming into Alien House looking worried. His mate Grakk says ‘What’s up dude?’, to which Kraag replies ‘Not sure, but I’ve been told to “whack” someone. That just means hit them, right?’ Biptid (the one with all the knowledge about Terran customs etc.) checks her handheld and informs him that in Terran criminal slang “whack” means kill. Kraag goes white and rushes out of the house, breaking the door completely off its hinges in the process (whereupon I added ‘get a new door’ to the overall mission, which was to get Kraag out of this fix). What had happened was that he’d been told by the gang boss, Slightly Overweight Tony (he hates being called fat) to “whack” Thumbs Kowalski, a lieutenant in the rival gang, led by Bugsy Seagull.

So, the plan. The party decided to somehow infiltrate SOT’s office and plant evidence on him, after first checking that there weren’t any plants in the local police precinct. But first they needed a vehicle to get them into town. For some reason that I don’t now recall they decided to take the bus. Zlith has memory so remembered the bus times, but unfortunately he didn’t know that the service they planned to catch had been cancelled, so they mooched around looking for a vehicle to, uh, ‘borrow’ (which Drunzi, the Larceny guy, is very good at). They found a pick-up truck, looked around, didn’t see anyone, so jimmied the lock, got in and drove off, not realising that there was several thousand credits-worth of camera equipment under some tarpaulin on the flat bed. After spotting a pass belonging to a local newspaper photographer above the dash, and hearing a lot of smashing and crashing, they stopped, got out, looked at the bits of smashed camera lying on the road and collectively went ‘Oh dear!’

However, there was nothing to be done so they carried on into town, drove into the main square, overshot and knocked down and crushed the statue of the town’s founder in the fountain in the middle of the square. Again, Oh dear. But they didn’t have any time to lose so, while two of them went to the local Home Depot to get hold of a door (they selected a gothic-looking one covered with bolts and bars etc.) the other two (including one alien, Gronda, who teleports in and out of plants) went to the police precinct to check if the cop they were going to provide evidence about SOT to wasn’t himself, a, uh, plant. As one of the players remarked, sending a plant to see if there was a plant sounded a bit bizarre. 

They found out that the cop was clean, so headed off to SOT’s gaff to plant the evidence. Gronda suggested jumping into a cannabis plant to provide cover, but Zlith nixed that one, and anyway I told him if he did do that I’d add most of the remainder of my dice block to his dice pool. When they got to SOT’s place (Zlith having used analysis/planning to determine whereabouts in the building SOT’s office was likely to be) they got into his computer, erased Kraag from the membership list, got the details of the plot to “whack” Thumbs Kowalski, and hied to a local internet café where Zlith hacked into the gang boss’s computer again to e-mail the evidence they’d gathered to the cops. Unfortunately he set off an alarm in the system, one of SOT’s lieutenants tracked the break-in to the internet café and the aliens had to scarper sharpish. 

Onto the Epilogue, where the GM tots up the demerits, converts them into ‘demerit dice’ and rolls for the Final Outcome (of which there are five, ranging from total success to getting kicked off Terra). In this game I ended up with only FIVE DD! (bah!), got no Epilogue demerits, and thus it was FO1. So I narrated that the Dean had to stand on a dais in the town square with the Principal, the Police Chief and all the local bigwigs as the Mayor pinned medals on the aliens’ chests for managing to break up the town’s Mafia, and boy was he sore!

Rock on dudes! (Just don't get caught ;)).
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