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Heading Out
« on: April 02, 2013, 12:07:32 PM »
The Escape Pod hotel in the Gourimpest Space Port is a cheap and cheerful place, if slightly macabre. The rooms, such as they are, are constructed from the escape pods of various starships arrayed around a central hub for a quirky, affordable and low profile place for spacers to use while on shore leave.
What it mainly is though is time off the ship and that is what matters to Raige, especially since his encounter with The Darkness. It had shaken him and no mistake, but he felt like it had possibly shaken things into place. A room alone, away from the Stiletto has given him the detachment to think things over again.
He feels calmer now, more relaxed than he had done previously. He feels less obsessed with the things around him – he is especially less obsessed by the Stiletto, knowing that to make it work to its full extent is beyond them while also now knowing why it wouldn’t work properly meaning there might be some way to improve it in the future. The real advantage is still that it remains the fastest ship about, and with it they can do whatever they wanted…if only the rest of his companions would make their damned minds up as to what it was they wanted to do.
Raige smiles, still thinking about his current situation; the indecision of the rest of them – or ambivalence in some cases – means that he can take on the mantle of de facto captain of the Stiletto, the sooner he gets Caro to forge paperwork to that effect the better though. Maybe in the next day or two, if things went smoothly tonight, they would have at least the veneer of legitimate space farers and free traders.
First though there was tonight. The high status invites had arrived for the society function that would be host to the truly powerful and great of Gourimpest, which also meant the truly despotic and cruel. Gal was naturally the primary guest, and could take his entourage of course, invited as he was to play a game of skill against someone unbelievable rich and powerful which bode ill of course. Rheese amusingly was invited at his own name, mainly for the ridiculous notion that he actually might shoot himself in the head for the entertainment of the party, given the amount of money he was being offered Raige suspected their pilot may well “spin the chamber”.
Jiny too had an invite, as a “+1” to some high born who had scoped her in a bar the night before. This was another piece shaken into place. A week ago Raige would have seethed with jealousy at this, now he doesn’t care, now he is more amused as to how long the poor bastard will last before she flattens him for some reason or other. What is strange to him though is that he is slightly concerned for her safety, for all their individual safety as it happens.
This is a dangerous, corrupt city and any of them could fall foul of the slavers, the corrupt guards, the all-powerful nobles or guilds or just some random crimo, and while Raige considers himself the de-facto Captain, this means he also considers the rest of them to be his responsibility, as much as he can in any rate. Whats worse though is the fact their real names are now known and in use, no more pretending that they aren’t wanted by the Federation, on one hand it gives them more cachet, on the other hand it might make them a target for all sorts of bounty hunters and crimo’s fancying a big payday. Might make them just valuable enough to bother these nobs at tonight’s soirée.
Now though, it is time to head out, and the invites at least mean they will be able to walk in armed, thought Raige with a chuckle.
He finishes his shave in the mirror, now simply propped up against the wall by the sink, dries his face and applies some cologne and finishes dressing, pulling his new clothes out of their plastic wrapping as he does.
He pulls on his heavy combat boots, tucking his armoured, black combat trousers into them and pulls the laces tight. His shirt is a pale blue colour, of some shiny, soft fabric and over it he buttons his smart new jacket. Again it is black in colour but with a double row of shiny gold coloured buttons and cut in an old style navy fashion and made with a rich, thick fabric that reaches to mid-thigh. Around his waist he straps on his thick belt, from which hangs his various pouches as well as his holster and his heavy vibro-sword. Finally over this he pulls on his long coat. It is a heavy coat, a deep navy blue colour and large enough to button over his weapons and other clothes. It is also well armoured and of a high quality, good enough to not look out of place at a high society event and practical enough to make a difference if it went badly.
He takes a look at himself in the mirror, and gives a smile of appreciation.
“Well Squad Leader Mimi, if nothing else”, Raige says to the little toy Jiny left to guard her stuff, “at least I look like a free trader captain.”