Author Topic: End of Season 1 : 2009-2012 !  (Read 3636 times)


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Re: End of Season 1 : 2009-2012 !
« Reply #15 on: February 13, 2012, 09:26:41 AM »
OK just to keep you all updated as to where I am at...

I'm just going through character gen with our new players, hope to have them finished by the end of this week.
I am near finishing the reworking of the full city map for your perusal, plus I've finished putting my bits of plot in order so I'm good to go there.

I also hope to be liaising with everyone some point near the end of this week regarding converting to the latest edition and spending any xp.

(btw : some of you still owe me mug shots and your short desc to replace my 'holder' for the dramatis personae please!)

..again, thank you for your patience in this transitional period! :D