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   mother: Ann Taylor
   born Ann Hapsworth in Cambridge, moved to Chelsea with her family when young
   an artist and graphic novelist, she took time off work to raise her children, Samual and Jason.
   In the late 70's she started working again, becoming a rather prominent graphic novelist in the early to mid 80's, up until her death in a botched mugging one evening aged 38.
   Both Sam and Jason had watched her work as children, albeit irregularly. She used to sit in the living room and draw as they'd play with their toys. From his mother Sam gained an understanding of shape and proportion which aided his later career, as such he has maintained good, if a little sketchy, drawing skills.
   father: Steve Taylor
   born in Slough, moved to London for work, where he later met his wife, settling in Croydon
   A mechanic and radio hobbiest.
   prior to his wife's death he lived a happy, fairly fulfilled life, he'd married aged 21 and worked as a mechanic at Jaguar.
   During his time there he developed a number of new concept designs for components, however he was too uncertain of himself to ever do anything with them, and they mostly ended up in a pile in his garage, although he held no misgivings about this, his wife was supportive and he was happy as he was.

   Becoming a widower at 40, his wife's death hit him hard.
   he spent a number of months driving heavily to drink before his son came home and encouraged him to dress and sober up again.
   Fired from his job, Steve struggled do something with himself until his son Sam came home, although he was ok for money thanks to an inheritance from Anns (rather wealthy) family.
brother: Jason Taylor 'Jay'
   born in Croydon
   Sams' older brother.
   Jay had recently completed university with exceptional grades and left for New York to join a large law firm when he heard of his mothers death. Unable to deal with his emotional state, he
cut all ties to the family shortly after and hasn't been heard from since, despite his brothers success.

   Samuel Taylor 'Leo':
   born in Croydon
   Entrepreneur, Technologist, Developer... Think Bill Gates meets Richard Branson, with hints of Einstien and Leonardo Da Vinci.
   He has a deep seeded need to understand how things work, which was responsible in later life for his success and wealth.
   Sam has, throughout his life, maintained hobbies of fencing and star-gazing which he picked up at university as a young man.
   aged 53, he died in a car accident that also caused brain damage in the memory centres of his brain.
   He has kept his key skills, personality, muscle memory, etc, and primarily his need to understand how things work, however he remembers nothing of his past life.
   He is currently unaware of his name, although it's possible that some of the other cryo members who have met may know him as either Sam, or more likely Leo (a long-running nickname after Leonardo Da Vinci).
   spouses: unknown
   although Sam Taylors' life is fairly well documented, he kept his home life private. aside from an interview which asked about his upbringing and entrance to the world of technology (from which his family information is known) little is known about any spouse or children he may have had. There were some suspicions as to a connection between him and Jackie Stuart of his company's R&D department, but nothing was ever confirmed about their relationship.
   aged 19 his mother died, which had a profound effect on Sam. Although his mothers death did have a strong effect on him, he dropped out of university (he'd been studying astrophysics) mainly in order to help look after his father.
   That's when Sam discovered his fathers collection of designs.
   When asked, Steve admitted that he had no idea how to build any of these things, but Sam pushed. He read up on Engineering and learned from his fathers radios, and gradually between the two of them they started to make headway, and their grief gradually faded to their work.
   Thanks to his growing pool of knowledge and the spark of ideas from his father, it became clear that Sam had a gift for technology, gradually combining his fathers radio-shack electronics and engineering concepts with the fractal mathematics he'd picked up from university. Over time his father became less of a conceptual inspirer and more of an assistant, although he was pleased to see the passion that his son had gained and was happy to help, providing his understanding of engine mechanics and lending his steady hands to projects whenever he could.
   It was during this time that his father nicknamed him Leo, after all the doodles and annotations he'd made over Steve's original designs; later when he eventually developed a company (Lion Technologies, 'LiTe') Leo drew inspiration from this.
   4 years after his mothers death, aged 23 (1991) Sam completed his first (completely hand built & designed) computer, using a number of entirely unique processes and designs.
   over the next 3 years Sam gradually developed more and more advanced computers, and by 1994 was significantly out-performing commercial models with his designs. It was at this point that Sam formed 'LiTe'.
   the next two years were tough on Sam (94-96), both financially and physically. All of his and his fathers funds were put into building up the mass production facilities and he was working 14hrs 7 days a week to get everything running.
   Then the internet boom hit, and LiTe PC's, previously looked upon at the low end as toys for hobbiests and at the high end, as expensive tools beyond normal necessity, become the industry standard in computer design.
   with a strong start after the first initial bump, over the next 7 years LiTe cement their position in the digital technology market.
   2003 spurred by their financial successes, LiTe begins development of a number of external R&D projects based on blueprints originally developed by Sam and Steve.

   2013 these technologies begin to reach fruition and Lite R&D starts expanding away from their original consumer market.
   at this point LiTe is a household name in Phones, Tablets, PC's and a growing range of digital interaction devices (HUD's).
   However LiTe R&D, under the direction of Leo, is wanting to expand into mechanical engineering and Bio Tech.
   2014 Lion Mechanical Technologies 'LiMe Tech' founded.
   Leo Starts spreading his Time between the two companies, retaining a controlling share in each company.

   2015 LiMe Start to take their component design production, and expand into full vehicle design.
   2016 LiTe R&D Bio division forms Lion Vital Engineering Technologies 'LiVE Tech' researching artificial DNA, cloning and prosthetic augmentation.
   Leo supports this company and does hold a large portion of the shares, however this is his research teams baby more than his, and his time is mostly spent between the other two company's.
   There is some speculation between staff about a romantic tie between Leo and lead developer Jackie Stuart being partially responsible for the autonomy the company is given, but nothing certain is known.

   late 2016 LiMe Tech begins full production of high efficiency transport vehicles
   2018 LiMe personal vehicles including cars and choppers become quickly successful thanks in part to integration with LiTe electronics.
   LiMe begins to function autonomously, retaining it's link to the other two companies but having less direct contact with Leo.
   2021 Leo, now working full time as a director at LiTe, dies in a car crash while on bushiness in America. Jackie Stuart from LiVE Tech, part of his team, insists he is frozen immediately, believing it is his best chance for survival.
   At the time of death Sam Taylor is in direct control of LiTe, with strong ties to the other two companies. There is nothing that LiTe has made that he is not capable of building himself, and although he is less adept within the areas of the other two, he carrys a strong understanding of mechanics, with a lesser but still strong knowledge of bio engineering.
   some time in the future.... Leo is revived, himself aged 26...


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Re: 'Leo'
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Well, this is great...

I've woken up somewhere, I don't know where, or when.
Everybody speaks English, which is a bonus, however I have no idea where I am, or who I am for that matter.
Even the dogs speak English... is that right?
that can't be right... can it?
I don't know...

I feel young, which I suppose is good... however it begs the question, am I old?
I definitely look young, so maybe I was... am? I dunno.

I've spent some time with a handful of comrades trying to gather research as to who I am, but to no avail; I get the impression I'm the only one with amnesia.
Am I a statistical anomaly... are they?
is it a side effect of the process I've undergone?
Considering we're all resurectees, I'm assuming I must have died, which is the kind of thing you'd expect to remember, but nothing...
I wonder if I was alone?
how did I die?
who am I?

I seem to have some skill with computers, the fact that I understood the 'admittedly highly simplified' research interfaces at the library implies I have some skill, a clue to who I am perhaps.
I recognise the basis for the design, certainly.

These comrades I've acquired seem to be, by and large, quite mad.
but I suppose birds of a feather...... 'do something?'
There's a woman who 'likes me', but as she keeps talking to an invisible person next to her. I'm not quite sure what to make of it.
I suppose better a friend than an enemy, especially considering she keeps talking about bombs.

There's also Ed in the unhealthy infatuation with bombs department.
I can't tell if he's an incredibly intelligent person pretending to be stupid, or an idiot who thinks he's clever. Either way he's got an ego the size of a planet.

We've barely got back on our feet and he's already planning to rig some explosives in order to thwart the Next Great Revoloution!!!!! simply for media exposure.
It sounds pretty bad... I'm not convinced 'Flux', as she calls herself (is that a real name now?) is capable of building a bomb that won't explode.
As far as I can tell it'll either be covered in incriminating evidence... or work.
I suspect I may have managed to dissuade him from blowing up a city block, although I admit suggesting political espionage as an alternative isn't exactly a great idea, but at least it shouldn't get me killed.
I swear he thinks he can flirt or flatter his way out of everything. saying that it seems to have worked on death...

I've seen some astounding technology since I've got here. Robotic human interaction, implying the cracking of artificial DNA, nanites, cerebral pattern translation algorithms, certainly a large number of possibility's to ponder. Further investigation is definitely warranted. Although my first port-of-call is to the cryo people, Alcor I think they're called.
See if I can't work out where I've been before before I take a step forward.
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Re: 'Leo'
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I have a name....


Apparently I was called Leo in my past life, but I'm not so sure it fits now.

As is obvious, I've managed to find out who I am.. or was at least.
Sam Taylor, Technology Tycoon.

the information I've found explains a number of things, my natural affinity for computers and technological contemplation, my analytical nature, and why I feel strangely young.

I feel like a weight has been lifted and I can finally get on with my life.

On a different note, we've found a few leads to the revival who went missing a couple of days ago. It turns out he's not the only one.

we split into two groups, me and Mr Media, and the others.
Between us two we've uncovered a list of people in the hostel who look like possible targets, I searched their bunks personally, but found nothing.

We've also uncovered a number of bank accounts that 'captain wonderpants' tried talking his way into more information about, although he was stuttering so much that he just got rejected...
 I'd have rejected him too given the circumstances, he looked shiftier than a blogger with a broken caps-lock.
He's normally so smooth too, I wonder if the pressure is getting to him.

later we assesed a resturant at which one of the subjects was seen, proportedly selling human meet. that also was a dead end, thier meat is vat grown, and besides, us revivals'd probably be too stringy.

I've been contemplating why those like us would be taken... it doesn't look good.
The only reasons I can come up with are either
a) using tech implants to create 'sleaper agent' spies
b) same method, but an army of zombie soldiers who will accept any command.

given the technology of the day, either is definatly possible.

I'll have to give it some more thought...
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Re: 'Leo'
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Friday 01/01/01 (temporary instigation of blank calendar until date can be ascertained)

Wow, it's been quite a day.

some time after going to sleep, we were drugged, and taken to a warehouse.

while everyone else was running around like headless chickens I decided to take some time to prepare; It was obvious to me that any escape attempt would be fleeting without the proper equipment.
searching for scraps or tools, I managed upon a work bench, where i pocketed a screwdriver, and managed to fashion a rudimentary crowbar out of a handle and broken chisel blade.

finally scoring upon something useful, flux managed to find an old access grate leading to an exit tunnel.
we all piled down it just as voices were beginning to be heard at the door.
although dark we could see a light and the end of the tunnel (both physicaly and metaphysicaly), and approached it as hastily as possible.

the exit to the tunnel was barred with a locked hatch...
I made my way to the front of the group, deploying my rudimentary crowbar, and using it to bust open said hatch.
It was a remarkably effective tool, so much so that I'm thinking of creating another, more advanced iteration... but I digress.

upon escaping the tunnel (whilst being closed in on by our captors) we came to a group of armed men.
I could tell instinctively that these people were not here to harm us, unlike those following us, and it was merely a Chance Encounter.

we surrendered to these people (given that we had little choice), and told them everything.

It turns out they worked for a political PR agent, a Mr Peterson, who decided to use our situation as a political advertising ploy, and "cracked the case wide open".
He sent his men inside, met us at our hostel, and apprehended the group who'd taken us; human trafficers looking for temporary replacements for cybernetic components.

We've agreed to work for him, on the condition that his candidate is parallel to our ethics, and thus have taken a rather large step up.
I also made a few conditions of my own, requesting a decent level of cyberisation so I can continue the investigation myself (a reasonable request considering the budget he appears to have at his desposal).

We now have an apartment with a room each, along with a Matter Replicator.
I've already fashioned a low grade computer, mounted on a wrist strap, along with a HUD device, which i am now using to record this data.

things look good for the time being, although I'm looking forward to a weekend off.


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Re: 'Leo'
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Thursday 07/01/01 TBC

Things have been really busy the last week or so, hence the lack of log, I'll try to cover the highlights.

Since being abducted a lot has happened...
we've begun work as primary revival investigators for Peterson.
we've assessed all nearby possible target hostels, and narrowed the number of suspect institutions to 3.
we've (Me and E!W!) scouted one (unsuccesfully), while Flux and Vaughan scouted another (with much better luck)
and we've infiltrated them into said suspect hostel.

on a side note we've also recovered enough metal mass for GotE to last us months of heavy usage, so I intend to build on my equipment list soon.
also not to be under-looked is the heavy duty cutter I've constructed and currently have stashed in the back of our (recently aquired) van.

oh and I have a taser now. I don't think I agree with leathal weaponry, and certainly against an organisation where the people at the bottom may have no idea what's going on.
Plus you can't question a corpse, and as the groups primary researcher, I feel that knowledge is our primary asset.
We don't want a bunch of cowboys with no sheriff, not that I don't appreciate this lot, they've saved my life in fact, but I think they start taking headshots a little too eagerly... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

More recently...
after tracking F & V for some time (through some niftly little radio tracking transmiters I developed) we've hit on something.
V's been kidnapped.
after contacting Peterson and guaranteeing Fluxs' safety, we headed out after Vaughan.

Tracking him to the back of Ripper-Jacks', we proceded to try and recover him him as stealthy as possible...

Two hours later, nearly everyone in the ripperdocs is dead, Aaron is critically...near fatally... wounded and I've..... actually shot somebody (albeit with a taser).
We've completly cracked the local Revival abduction ring, although the cost in human life was pretty high.

Petersons people had to come in (at my request), and bail us out of a (pretty brutal) gunfight.
One of them sacrificed himself to the Trauma Team in order to save us, he was a good man.

After having visited Aaron in hospital... and ordering myself a bigger taser (and him some body armor, the idiot) we once again await more information.

In the meantime I'm going to have a look at Miniaturising this heavy cutter to something that can be held on my tool holster, I could see the usefulness of such a device being portable.
I also need to look at standardising my power supplies and somehow integrating that to my tool kit too, I have much to do.
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Re: 'Leo'
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Sunday 10/01/01 TBC

Good news, I've finished my heavy-duty cutter, It makes a fine addition to my tool kit hidden here beneath my jacket.

Also Comicon is awesome.
there were lots of comic-books and stuff, but the most interesting thing was the tech; 3-dimentional contingent persistant world generators, with user interactivity.

I can see so many uses for this technology on our endeavours. Instant visual group communication, HuD linkage. real-time map tracking, without distance limiters (whilst connected to a wireless network or radio connectivity point obviously).
Hell, we could even go the old fashioned terminal route and pool our computing, instantly boosting processor power, usability, and lowering the vulnerability of the system for physical devices.

I've managed to keep the interactive glasses from the convention, along with getting the contact details of the company who supplied them.
Part of me wonders if they might even be a descendant of my old company, LionTech.
It does seem like the natural conclusion of the development lines my research suggests I was working on; it's hard to be sure considering I don't actually remember any of it.

Maybe if it is I should do a check if they have any form of memory rejuvenation tech these days;
it's been a while since I've even thought about my old life, but considering the pre-bio tech barrier I'm starting to push against, I wonder if trying to 'unlock' it might be a pertinent decision.

Getting more info on LionTech is probably something I should do either way.
I may even be able to access new tech resources through them, if they were still around.

Oh, and we did a press conference regarding our recent work, it seemed to go smoothly.


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Re: 'Leo'
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Sunday 10/01/01 TBC (evening)

Well it's been a quiet day. And a pathetically non-productive one.

I spent most of it analysing the new glasses and following up on leads regarding their original producers.
The company who makes them was cordial, but the tech for them would be prohibitively expensive for someone of my income.

The glasses cannot be replicated by GotE due to a form of Patent error; I looked into bypassing such issues, but I'm bumping up against that pre-cyberisation tech wall again.

I did, at some efffort, manage to get a partial diagnostic, a full readout of some of the components.
I feel like I'm trying to analyse the funtion of a mirowave using a magnifying glass though, theres too many unknowns; again I'm hitting the PCTW.

Looks like I'll need to push for cyberisation if I'm going to continue my technical endeavours.

I haven't looked back into LionTech yet, but the way things are going, it may be something to look into next week.


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Re: 'Leo'
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Re: 'Leo'
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Re: 'Leo'
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