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Re: The 'gripping' diary of Ed Winchester
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As the streets of the future flew past Ed Winchester in the windscreen of Vaughn’s car, it all looked like blurry haze of mixed neon colours and shadowy outlines. Diesel sat on his knee in the passenger seat and although they were crushed into a space that seemed humanly impossible for two people to fit into, there was a closeness there that Ed needed at this moment. Perhaps it was the alcohol that rushed through his veins that skewed his thoughts about Diesel, or perhaps it was the companionship of another after such a horrifying day and night that had resulted in the stirrings of a split in the party. Whatever it was, he was glad it was there.

Earlier in the day the plan had been initialised. Diesel and Ed Winchester were to run interference and distract the guards and any onlookers from noticing a small internet hacker friend of theirs from breaking into the electronic security of the Christ building in the Angels 8 district. After Atari’s first venture into the internet they all new that only moments passed in the real world when lengthy research could be done inside the ‘net’.

Diesel planted the flash grenade in the trash can and the screams of the alien freak looking into it were plenty enough to grab the surrounding guards attention. Ed jumped into action and exasperated the situation by forcing a running commentary from the guards, inducing panic from all around…

It was then that he noticed Atari lying on the ground, his body charred and smoking. Was he dead?

“Look inside this bin at this device, quick give me the camera.” Ed ordered the hand held device from Diesel as he saw the expression on Diesels face grow to one that mimicked his own when he looked over at their fallen friend. Diesel was free to run distraction number 2. Ed pulled in another guard that was running over to them, gathering them up like flocking sheep.

BANG! Diesel added to the concert of chaos further away, Ed was the shepherd and flocked the guards to the scene, Diesel was on the way back to Atari’s fallen body…. He was gone!

Once Ed was obviously not wanted any more, the stern looks accompanied by towering figures of alien mutated muscle were enough to make anyone know they had outstayed their welcome, it was time to go and find where Diesel had gotten to. Ed’s phone read ‘Gone to Ken’s pub’ so he began the walk briskly to meet up with Diesel and Atari and find out what information they had found.

“Where’s Keys?” Ed questioned Diesel as he strode through the pub doors.



“Yeah. What you drinking?”

“Beer please. Have you contacted the others about him?”

“Yeah, left a message but they’re not answering. Fred Christ has him, I called Atari’s phone and he said to go an pick him up.”

“Well all we can do is wait and see what the others say. But this may work in our favour. We can send Miss Vaughn in to go and pick him up, posing as his friend. The lady boy could say that Key’s has been  working with a small media firm and the thirst for a story has made him greedy. All of this could get our man on the inside a doorway in?”

“Yeah, great idea. So we just sit here and wait for the others?”

“Sounds good to me. I bet I can hit that dartboard with this dart in my left hand….”

Several hours later Schmit’s funeral was over and the others rung back. They arrived in the pub where Ed and Diesel sat around a table with more empty bottles on and around it than a recycling bottle back from the late 1990’s.

“YOU LEFT A MAN BEHIND” Tom was not happy. In fact the remaining conversation between everyone had nothing nice about it. Tom was furious and not seeing sense in the story. How was he blaming Ed and Diesel for messing up? Their side of the plan was completed with upmost success and involved them being far away from Keys.

“BUT YOU LEFT A MAN BEHIND” There it was again. Perhaps it was a marine thing? Perhaps it was because Ed and Diesel were drunk and having a great time while they waited for the others to arrive. That may have something to do with it.

“Well if you guys answered your phone then you would have been here sooner.” Diesel tried fighting back but Tom was already too far gone. He stormed out with Walker, so Diesel and Ed finished their pints.
Sat in the black van, Tom and Walker sat in the front in silence. A heavily beaten Atari sat in the back, covered in bandages and cuts, violated all within an inch of his life.

“What happened Kid” Ed flung the van doors open and got into the back of the van.

“Yeah what happened” Diesel followed.

“You left me…..” Atari said quietly.

“Yeah man you got fried and when we got to you, you were gone” Diesel explained.

“Did you faceplant before frying or just fry?” Ed asked. Perhaps it wasn’t the best way of asking. Alcohol can really make a difference between what is thought and what comes out. Any sober man would have simply asked if he got any info, but Ed remembered Keys faceplanting that time in the restaurant and then coming out with his findings.

“Tom, pass me your gun.” An odd request from Atari but Tom agreed. “Ed where’s the safety?”

“Here you go kid, but what happened? Did you get the info or fuck up?”

It was at this point that Atari broke. The gun wavered upwards in his weakened arm and his finger pulled the trigger at Ed. “YOU GUYS FUCKED UP AND FUCKING LEFT ME. Tom stop the van I’m getting out.”

“Fuck this. I’m out.”  Diesel got out too.

“I’m with you, Fuck this bollox” Ed dusted off his jacket and followed Diesel to Vaughn’s car that had pulled up behind the van and they both squeezed into the passenger seat.

“Atari get back in, they’ve gone.”  Tom just wanted to get the team all home and safe… Must be a marine thing.

Ed rested his head on Diesel’s shoulder. “I got your back”
Diesel rested back towards Ed “I got your back. BFF?”
Ed smiled and raised a little finger towards Diesel “BFF.”

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Re: The 'gripping' diary of Ed Winchester
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To say the events of the last few hours have been revealing would be both an understatement and an overstatement.

We began the day with a team meeting after yesterday’s fiasco. We explained to Tom and Walker that although we had turned to drink over the situation, we were waiting for them as we had no method of storming in as a 2 man squad to get Keys, which would have linked us to him – thus blowing our in-rout as a media interest group, and we had no intention of being part of the team to get him because of this. We decided to move on with the mission and not to split up again!

Working on the truth that Christ’s security had been attacked the day before, and that Tom and Walker had posed as a military unit designated to bringing in ex military revivals that had gone crazy, we devised a plan for Diesel to imitate Christ’s voice and call the opposition party. Hopefully we could flush out his contact and gain some inside information.

Diesel really came into his own. Just enough panic to be swearing, yet enough to remain in control of the situation. A meeting was established at a park that ‘Diesel Christ’ insisted with the unknown man on the end of the phone, and the stage was set.

The agents are good. A few suited individuals crowded around our informant to be. The plain clothed agents are even better. I nearly didn’t notice them and still to this moment don’t really know if I did notice them or simply other people in the park. I know some of them were there, the slight glances out of the corner of their eyes, the patterned rout around a jogging path with occasional stops in the same place to tie a shoelace, or take a drink… Very professional. I wonder if Peterson’s guys are that good, or if I simply haven’t noticed them before I had my cybernetic implants?

From my vantage point I was able to get everything I needed. Sound dampening cut out all surrounding sounds other than the conversation, enhanced visual capabilities got a good close up of our man, Ming! All without a glint of a camera or a planted microphone, the future is indeed a wonderful place for a top crack reporter like Ed Winchester.

After it had all died down we headed back to our new pad. Diesel took a call from Ming and it turns out that after my name had been dropped, it had been researched and come up with links to Peterson and our campaign employers. I am to be taken out of the picture if ‘Diesel Christ’ sees me again. It’s about time!!!

With great fame comes great responsibility, I’M ED WINCHESTER AND YOU BETTER KNOW IT!

We are making our way to Peterson right now. The findings are a gold mine I think. Not concrete evidence of exactly what and who is involved, but enough evidence that something is going on. This chip in my brain is probably worth more than the rest of me right now. God it’s good to be back in this game.
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Re: The 'gripping' diary of Ed Winchester
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I… Spy… With my ‘super doper enhanced robot eye (of doom tm) something beginning with “Where they hell are those guys and why haven’t they called in yet?”

Diesel laughed over the phone speaker. They had been on stakeout for several hours now and the most exciting thing that had happened involved Ed suggesting the others went off in transit just and him and Diesel would stay back in case it was a decoy. Ed thought he knew Fred Christ’s type. He must have gotten wind that something was wrong by now. After all, the larger number of security were present at the Angels 8 district and for those to have turned up out of the blue, Christ must have called Chang and asked what was going on… The truth of the matter was, he thought the first van was a decoy and with the others out of the way, him and Diesel could have a bit of fun calling in Petersons crack squad when the real trafficking happened, fire off some shots of his hunting rifle, and diesel could blow some shit up….

As it turns out, the most fun they were having was a very VERY long game of ‘I spy’….

“So where are they Diesel? Surely they have followed it to a stop by now?”


“I hope they’ve not gotten blown up or anything, though if it did happen, at least we weren’t there this time to be blamed”


“You’re bored aren’t you Diesel?”


“Do you think we have been a bit hard on Keys? Atari, or whoever he is? I mean, he’s come from the past where he was a computer wiz-kid, but just keeps failing with modern day computer hacking. Perhaps it’s just moved on so much that he needs better kit or a ‘Net for dummies’ book?”

“Oh, can we buy him that Book, please Ed?”

“Hahaha, seriously though Diesel, I think I feel a bit bad about the poor kid. I may donate a few dollars to his new kit campaign. After all, we will need him one day to be an internet hacking genius. I’d rather him be good at shutting down a sentry robot as it targets me running through an exploding building with a fine girl holding onto my hand – rather than it blowing me to bits.”


“Where are they though…. Man I’m just going to start picking guards off for fun if they don’t hurry up. I mean look at him, do you see him, the one that looks like something out of the x-files… HAHAHAHA, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER…”
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Re: The 'gripping' diary of Ed Winchester
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*** Sez - Will you help me write my (or our if you want) writeup for the last game that I didn't attend? ***

“Hi, I’m Ed Winchester, and the news today. Bob the Transient has just left his post to be replaced by ‘Random Dave 19’ the transient. He’s new to these parts and it looks like ‘Random Dave 8’ is no longer the largest of the bunch and it’s obvious that tensions are brewing between them. Meanwhile ‘Old Big eyes’ the village nerd seems to have realised that his hands aren’t as big as they should be. Perhaps it’s time to get more work done and re-write that DNA for the 3rd time this year?”

“Hehehehe. Over”

“Diesel, I’m so Bored. Over”

“Me too. Over”

“I’ve been wondering Diesel… Why did Flux see you as a Robot with Lazers for eyes? I mean, it’s a strange one really. Do you want to be a Robot? This future is amazing and you could be if you wanted.... Over”
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Re: The 'gripping' diary of Ed Winchester
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'I have always been a robot. To be honest there are worst things I could have been.. a pony.. a monkey with a fez... a fluffy bunny. If anything I owe that girl that for coming up with something vaguely cool. Now I'm in the driving seat I want to be the best robot I can be... and if it takes years to graft the metal to my bones.'

Diesel looked at the clock display on the phone. It had been nearly two hours since the others had chased after the van.

'I'm gonna ring Tom and find out what's going on.. this is taking too long. Over.'

'Don't be too long.'

Ring Ring Ring

'Hello?' grunted Tom.
'I'm Bored!'

'The other person has hung up.... beep..'


Diesel fumbled with the phone looking for Leo's number.

'Hello?' mumbled Leo, his voice sounding stressed.
'Where are you? There is nothing going on here and fucking Tom just hung up on me!'
'We are at a hotel where they took the girls. I'll text you the details but we need to get Walker to the hospital. He's in a pretty bad way.'
'Will you still be there in thirty minutes? It's going to take us a while to get to you?'
'Erm... I won't be Tom and Vaughan are staying to question people.'
'Ok, well we'll head off then'

'Hi, I'm Ed Winchester. Still rather bored on stakeout.'
'Ed - get to the shop on the corner.. we're hiring a taxi. Over.'
'Right, on my way..'

I'm not crazy... my mother had me tested..


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Re: The 'gripping' diary of Ed Winchester
« Reply #20 on: April 02, 2013, 12:54:05 PM »
Ed walked around the corner to a very sad Diesel pacing in circles, a taxi pulls up. The driver leans over ''Taxi'?

So Walker's got himself shot up again? I was hoping the call would be something like they have tailed them to the location and it's not a diversion and to get there and we'll go in as a team.... Looks like they split up and didn't wait for backup, something we got a grilling about last time, aye?

Yeah.. And they hung up on me. Just like last time when they were at that funeral.

OK. Lets just get Walker to safety and we can bring this up another time.

Yeah.... Driver, take us to ****

Right you are missus.


Oh ok sorry Miss... ter?

Just drive please sir, we have a dying friend and we're the rescue party.

The taxi pulled into the traffic and onto the highway nearby. Those familiar lights began flashing by as Diesel and Ed Winchester traveled to the scene.
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Re: The 'gripping' diary of Ed Winchester
« Reply #21 on: April 04, 2013, 01:42:12 PM »
Ed and Diesel arrived back at the flat. Walker wasn't in good shape and the others looked tired and deflated. The girls had all gotten away, their investigations at the crime scene had resulted in the findings of 1 x pube and that was about it. But this was the future, this was 'find a pube and find a man' territory. The team rested up, tomorrow was going to be a long one...

Bzzz Bzzzz. Vaughn had learnt how to send texts it seems and asked Ed to go across the hall to look at his findings. After a quick 10 minute groom of the hair, Ed entered Vaughns flat and was overwhelmed with the number of newspaper cuttings that surrounded one tired looking Vaughn in the middle of the sea of ink.

They began discussing possible candidates that could be into Transient ladies. Past stories, political agendas, where they had been the other day. Everyone had an alibi apart from 1.

Atari entered the room asking for a pube. The team had begun to get used to his odd requests. His lack of social understandings and interaction skills were a warm relief to the seriousness of day to day life since they all woke up. He left for Toms room, scanner in hand and other palm open in pube accepting position.

After a little more investigation in both rooms, Vaughn and Ed went to Toms room.

"Glad you're here" Tom said, I think we have our man.

"Let me guess" Vaughn began

"Anders" Ed finished

"Looks like it" Atari finished.

The rest of the day involved lots of talking. Diesel almost nodded off from time to time and Ed, Tom and Walker pushed hard in the battle for leadership in their next mission objective... Operation Spill the beans!

Ed remembered the card that Anders had passed him and it was decided that he would call and as subtly as possible, hint that they needed a meeting with him and JUST him, before the campaign elections began tomorrow. The call was made, the hint was dropped, and the meeting was arranged.

They decided to stay the night at Schmits old place. Just in case they were eliminated for having sensitive information.

The next morning came, the trip to the huge building was a pensive one. Everyone had a restless nights sleep bedding down on army mats and bed rolls, everyone other than Walker and Tom it seemed.

Bzz Bzzz Toms phone alerted him to a text from an unknown number. A text requested them to ask at reception for a package, which was dutifully passed over to Tom and opened.

'I don't know what you have done but do not go into that meeting room. There are secret service in there. Get out. Hide. Do NOT go in there. P.'

"What the fuck is this?" Tom stated, and passed the note around for all to see.

"I don't know, I don't care. I've had enough of double crossing, paranoia, and bullshit from other people right now. All we have is Anders money, his campaign, his reputation. Without this we're picking up shit into bags and I'd rather be shot to death by secret service than that." Ed proudly stated.

The chorus of "yeah" rang around them all.

"I'm going in. You guys can come too, or if you hear shooting, just get out safely. I've talked my way out of more than this before, and we have everything we have also located off-site."

Shortly after, the team entered the meeting room, Ed sat down on the opposite side of a small table int he middle of the room and began talking to Anders on the other side. He explained the Meeting with Ming and (Diesel) Christ, what had been said and that it involved where he may have been the other night.

"yeah they know, yeah, it looks like they know everything" One of the secret security men whispered into an ear piece and concealed microphone.

The security team began to draw weapons!
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Re: The 'gripping' diary of Ed Winchester
« Reply #22 on: April 12, 2013, 11:33:51 AM »
Rain… The sort of rain that tells a story. A story of bedrail, murder and the mighty fist of political powers.

Only a few hours ago I was sitting in a board room, 4 guns pointing at me and holding a fake gun under the table pointed at their spokesman. I say their spokesman because he most definitely wasn’t candidate Anders. The one man we thought didn’t seek to gain anything from political espionage, had sent a body double and had just issued our execution.

They say ‘knowledge is power’, but at this point it looked like ‘just to be safe’ had all of the power in this room.

Height of table: 700mm, width of table: 900mm, estimated time to vault it and break the spokesman’s neck: 3 seconds, number of shots fired at a moving target:  4, estimated hits from experts: 3 to chest, average penetrating armour hits: 1.5, anticipated damage: light….

Peterson boldly strides into the room, 2 guards in tow just as I was about to unleash my acrobatic attack on their clone. He says he’s in charge, his men pat us down and we all look around at each other. Who is in the know? Is Peterson here to pull the trigger, or here to take us away from all this? Lets role with it, if Peterson needs taking down, this may be our last chance to get close to him. The game is afoot.

Peterson leaves his lackies to do the dirty work and makes his escape. That dirty rotten politician, he’s in on it isn’t he, and we have just been playing a part in their game to increase votes. But we’ve been too good, we’ve gotten too much, too close… and what doesn’t add up is why they aren’t bothered that one of our team isn’t here?

On the rooftop. This is when the rain began. I should have brought an umbrella for my execution, though perhaps I didn’t have one because today would not be that day. Tom pulled a small pistol from his sleeve and shot the first of Anders men. The guards gun skidded across the wet floor and was within my reach. I rolled, grabbed the gun and took a shot. It missed but served its purpose as a distraction in our direction. Diesel had a few precious moments and unleashed an ear deafening scream from his modified voice cyberwear. 2 guards hit the ground and one remained, I took another shot and this time it was true to the guards head. The only execution today was that of the other two guards who were clutching their ears, Peterson’s men placed their weapons to the back of their heads and issued their judgement.

Peterson was obviously not our man. Anders wants us dead, but why? As the rain picked up its momentum and beat down on the bloodied scene. Peterson’s air transport cut through the sky and landed next to us, this was what Walker did, he was our escape, he was our flight out of this twisting story of growing confusion.

‘Keys’ was sitting at Schmitts watching the news. A report came in that the media were on the scene of Angels 8. Accused of Terrorist activity, the transients were being wiped out!


“What have you done you bastard?”

“Not me, perhaps you’ve been double crossed?”

“I don’t know, I just know I’m getting bombed to shit! All this because of 2 dead prostitu…….”

That was all we needed. The final piece of the puzzle. Illegal trafficking for sex was one thing, but murder afterwards? That was career destroying.

We met with Peterson that night, in the shell of a great machine of war. How fitting that these titans defended us at one time and now were lost, just as we had defended the Anders campaign and now found ourselves on the run from that which we protected.

We have 2 days. 2 Days to clean this up. 2 Days to get Anders out of the running with no proof. But he doesn’t know that, he doesn’t know we have nothing and we know he’s willing to over react at the slightest hint of spreading the news.

Spreading the news… That’s what I do….  That’s what I do because I’m Batman Ed Winchester
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Re: The 'gripping' diary of Ed Winchester
« Reply #23 on: April 17, 2013, 11:29:43 AM »
Ed’s notes are scribbled on the back of a piece of paper found at Schmits place. Something about a stock take is discarded on the reverse.

1)   It’s Anders the Democrat. The real Anders likes to get kinky and abusive with Transients. He’s gone a bit far and now is scared about evidence coming out. He discredits the Transients publicly using the media so that everyone thinks badly of them, softening any potential blow that he’s been involved in two of their demise. He orders our silence just to be safe and then has all bases covered.

2)   It’s the Republicans. They have been playing us all along. Fred Christ finds out where Anders DNA is located as he has had a double made. Working with the Republicans, they get one (or more) made themselves and use it to frame the real Anders with footage of what looks like him and Transients. Ming new that Christ hadn’t setup the meeting with him in the park and sowed the seeds to us to validate our distrust in Anders.

This Falls down at two points. Firstly if the Republicans wanted the footage from Fred and he was holding it from them, they would not have needed to be so public with the media. They could have sent heavies in and trashed everything to get what they want. Secondly, when we had that visit from Anders at our flat, he was enigmatic, eloquent and everything expected from a politician… Definitely NOT a meat suit double. He handed me the phone number, He answered in a meeting and agreed to meet us at the event where we were attempted to be silenced.

3)   Anders is Missing. The Republicans could have kidnapped Anders. They could have taken his phone and replaced him with either a well informed meat suit or a body double. This would answer the phone number I was given by ‘him’, but seems unlikely they would have gone this deep into framing someone.

The data we got from the guards who stated they work for Anders, from Angels 8 showed footage of Anders in an ‘act’ with Transients. This would be the largest, most well planned republican strike at the democrats to get their own people to turn against Anders, ever known to man. Could they do it? Probably. Would they do it? Lots of risks and requires perfect turns at every corner…

What keeps bugging me : Are we doing the republicans work for them? Have they had a hand in using us to bring down the democrat front runner. Even if he is a bad man, have we done all of their work for free?

Do we bring Anders down?      Yes / No    yes    NO !!!   YES !
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Re: The 'gripping' diary of Ed Winchester
« Reply #24 on: April 24, 2013, 01:16:38 PM »
Walker had been an interesting character. Sometimes heroic when faced with cyber enhanced punks, racing towards fellow revivals in need, pushing to rescue the people of Angels 8, then sometimes he had been quiet, thoughtful and rational.

‘But now he’s not with us.’

They had spoken about not splitting the team, that safety was when they were in numbers, but now they were 1 number down… 1 man down in their team.

Walker had been so close to death before, out of the fight. Like the time he didn’t wear armour to a gun fight, the time when  he wore armour and got a wall shot into his face. But now he wasn’t walking with them as they travelled deeper into the secret areas of Fred Christ’s Church.

Diesel had blown the doors of hideout off the hinges, Walker would have said something about that, but not today, all were silent as the smoke cleared and the rest of the team moved onwards. Always onwards…

The hunt for Fred Christ continued. He’s the one with the answers, he’s the one that is the key to the cloning and who he was playing.
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Re: The 'gripping' diary of Ed Winchester
« Reply #25 on: May 08, 2013, 11:50:54 AM »
It all happened so fast…

Tom and Walker entered Christ’s stronghold and Diesel and Ed took up sniper positions. Diesel got spotted by the republican muscle man’s goons as they made their leave from the building. 2 goons closed in on their location. Diesel took the shot with his crossbow… Miss. Ed followed up with his rifle, the goons head exploded. The body stood for a second as it span around with the force of the shot, flinched, and fell to the ground.

Moments passed and no sign of the other goon.

“He’s got one of those pills on him.” Diesel excitedly bellowed at Ed.

“OK, but if you want to go down there just be careful. Load that crossbow and I’ve got your back if he comes round the other side.”

Diesel ran down to the corner of the building and glanced to see where the other goon was.


Diesel’s small, childlike, delicate frame almost flew from the ground. His cybernetic eye piece shattered into the air exposing a mixture of wires, attached to flesh and bone. Blood flew from the other side of his face as the bullet exited with a devastation 10 times larger than its entry. Diesel lay motionless.

Ed vaulted over the debris, out of the window and ran over to his friend. His rifle slung over his shoulder, he drew his automatic SMG as he dashed to the scene. Ed’s Eyes welled up with tears as he got closer to Diesel’s lifeless body. Ed plunged his only use of ‘speed heal’ into Diesels neck… Nothing.

The goon was coming round the opposite corner of the building. Ed remained crouched and stretched his arm straight towards the corner. Through tear washed eyes he saw his foe turn the corner and bring his gun down to Ed’s level… The weapon roared with anger, hatred, as Ed emptied the entire clip at the goons face. He watched as the jawbone disappeared and the recoil moved the line of devastation up the goons head… His nose collapsed, his eyes exploded and finally his skull caved in from the massive trauma of the array of bullets.

Ed turned back to Diesel, he reached for his ‘synth skin’ and took a detailed look at Diesel’s neck… It wasn’t moving. Ed reached outwards… There was no pulse.

Would the ‘Trauma team’ cards still work? What is there to loose? Ed snapped his card and threw it on his friend.

“I got your back buddy.” Ed whispered.

Ed stood up just as his phone rang out. T O M lit up on the screen.

“Ed, we’ve found Christ and Ming, get over here, we’re leaving.”

“Diesel is down. Critical. The Trauma team will be here any moment.”

Ed lowered the phone as he began making his way to Tom and Walker, just in time to hear Tom curse and shout to Ed.

“Ed, bring Diesel’s grenades, we might need them to get out of here.”

Ed turned back, took Diesels bag of explosives, wiped his face dry and looked up to see the clouds parting as a fully armoured gun ship broke through the clouds.

“See you in a bit BFF”
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Re: The 'gripping' diary of Ed Winchester
« Reply #26 on: May 16, 2013, 12:20:32 PM »
Diesel can’t be gone. He’s survived death before. “Are you sure?” It had kept coming out of his mouth when he was told the news by the doctor. Round and round the conversation went until Ed got over the shock. There must be a way to bring Diesel back, he just had to think of it….

Vaughn didn’t take the news too well either. A fury filled lunge at Ed was enough to send both of them into a rage over their friends death. Why did Vaughn care anyway? He’d lost his friend Flux a long time ago, Ed was merely hours into the news about Diesels demise.

On with the Plan. Fred had the key, the witness to Anders activity and Ed no longer cared if Fred lived or died, it was just about getting that witness and finishing what they had all started. It was time to talk Fred round that he needed them and they needed him. Tom was loosing it with Fred Christ FAST, but Fred was about to play his ace card. This was it, everything they needed and all in exchange for letting the Transients simply be played in all of this. Not a bad deal really, after all, they had all gotten themselves wrapped up in the same game.

The journey to Fred’s ace in the hole was a long, drawn out endeavour, and someone was following them. It was not surprising that it had come to this, a last minute dash to a witness to get the evidence before whoever was following them either took them out, or whoever they were going to meet. Vaughn drove his car with  Atari as they tried to create a decoy, Walker drove like an expert, winding in and out of streets – Ed leaned out of the window as Walker flung round a corner.

“You lost them Walker” He reported.

 After multiple street corners, backtracking and general paranoid directions from Fred Christ, they pulled the Van up and Fred said it was time to get out. Walker was convinced it was a trap and so Ed said he was willing to go in alone. This is all they had, there one opportunity, and he wasn’t going to pull out now. Was Ed brave or Stupid? Honestly… Probably a little of both!

Tom stepped up and accompanied Fred and Ed into the apartment block. Whatever game Fred was playing he knew how to push tom’s buttons. Tom’s anger shone again and Fred dug his heals in once again.

“Ed, Get your fucking pit-bull off me”

Ed realised the danger in this but had to continue. They had gotten this far. “Tom stick back my friend, if you hear any shooting, then come in gun’s a blazing.”

Fred Christ and Ed Winchester entered the apartment and the door was closed behind them. Had Fred engineered Ed Winchester to be here alone for some diabolical reason? Or was he simply the only person who had related to him?

Ed smiled to himself – He had engineered this. He was the only one that would gain the evidence from the witness. He was the only one with all of the parts to the puzzle. He was the only news reporter that had the story. With the recordings he gained, his mind was the golden ticket in all of this and it was time to leave.

Ed left the apartment and was greeted by Walker and Tom. Walker instantly enquired about Fred Christ, to which Ed replied “He’s staying here, we should keep our side of the bargain. I’ve got everything I need.”

As the door closed behind them, a window smashed inside the room. Tom and Walker sprung to attention, their eyes fixed back on the doorway to the room they had just left.

Ed simply smiled to himselfand carried on walking away, quietly saying “Come on lads, that’s Fred’s problem now.”
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Re: The 'gripping' diary of Ed Winchester
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Peterson upheld his side of the bargain in the end.

Ed had ensured that whatever happened, Peterson was the one that got the footage from the interview with Fed Christ’s witness. Ed had let Peterson’s men follow them to the witness and because of that, they were on the scene to give supporting fire against the private security force of Anders. As they fled the scene sat in the ‘sundan’ driven by Atari, the only thing going through Ed Winchesters head was ‘This is for Diesel… Then the fame.’

It was strange how Ed’s perceptions on life and what he thought as important has changed so drastically since being revived. Was it something in the process, being born again, or simply the loss of someone who understood him? This was not to be questioned however, ‘it is how it is’ Ed thought.

The group met with Peterson at the drop-off point in the foot of the large robot once again. Ed handed over the footage and that was that. All the data, all of their work, this is what Diesel had died for, he only hoped that Peterson was a man of his word.

An hour passed and the footage was leaked out to the media. Everything fell into place and Anders was ruined. The Democrats were seen as foolish for supporting such a twisted man, but the campaign was still there. It could be rebuilt with the teams help.

After a nights stay in a hotel on the outskirts of the central city limits, Peterson arranged to meet the team over a meal. The question was asked to each of the team, “What would you like as way of a thank you?” All Ed needed to say was “You know what I would like.”

Flux walked in the room. The innocence of a youngsters face, she had obviously never met the team before. Peterson had done it. He had found what was Flux from the Revival plant before it had been lost. There was Flux, the same girl they all met when they were born again.
Flux smiled “Hi Guys”

Ed smiled “Hi Flux, you may want to take some notes” Handing Flux a notepad and a Green Pen, Ed’s cybernetic eye focussed deep into Flux’s eye. Was Diesel behind there? Behind that retina, sitting on an imaginary chair watching Flux TV?

Ed saw nothing, but what did he expect in the early days?

Remaining on the parties books, Ed Winchester grew and grew in media popularity. His retro style of reporting, his voice, his mannerisms became acceptable and liked by many watchers of daytime TV. Whenever there was danger… Ed was there, and Flux was also requested to be present!
“Flux likes shinny things and is a dab hand with explosives”
“Flux is a girl and I need a girl to relate to this criminal”
“Flux could disarm this bomb that this mad man has placed in the city”

One day he would be saying ‘Diesel’, one day something that Flux saw would be traumatising enough to bring Diesel to her rescue. Until that day Flux was under his protection, Flux would see him as a friend….

Happy Birthday…

Merry Christmas…

Happy revival Birth day….

AKA Ed Winchester, McKracken, Morgana, Caldiem