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STRONTIUM DOGS / Re: Life in the 22nd Century
« Last post by The Dan on October 19, 2017, 08:45:09 PM »
Humans being what they are, crime has been a major interstellar export. The extensive, chaotic, network of partly governed colony worlds, conflicting stellar empires, and lawless asteroid belts has given criminals the perfect environment to escape to escape the law. Just as the frontiers of the old American west offered sanctuary for outlaws, desperadoes and fugitives from justice, so too do the colony worlds.

The Galactic Colonial Authority (GCA) serves is a vast and sprawling secretariat that functions (barely) as the unifying bureaucracy for the galaxy. Strangled by its own red-tape and corruption, the GCA has turned to private law enforcement as a means to police the worst sectors of the galaxy. Enter the Seek & Destroy Agency.

Established in 2167, the S/D Agency is a semi-private organisation operated from a massive orbital habitat known as the Dog House – even thought its official name is S/D Central. The S/D Agency is the only organisation with a trans-galaxy sanction to seek-out and, where permitted, kill, criminals and fugitives from justice. Technically it has no powers of arrest and its agents can only apprehend subjects or return fire upon them if they are executing a specific warrant. Therefore, the S/D Agency is not a police force; neither is it, officially, a part of the galactic executive or administration: if it were, then the GCA would be sanctioning murder directly and many of the S/D Agency’s operating practices (hiring mutants, for example) would be vulnerable to government scrutiny. Instead, the S/D Agency works in a shadowy position somewhere between government partnership and private bounty hunting company.


The S/D Agency operates from S/D Central or the Dog House. The Dog House contains the administrative offices for the entire S/D Agency, which still relies on human executives to assess incoming warrants, assign them to specific Strontium Dogs.

The new Dog House is in orbit around Pluto (apparently that’s a joke?), far from earth. It is divided into three sections: Red, White, and Blue.

White is Administration and Operations, reserved for “norms” and houses non-mutant administrative staff, in strict segregation from their mutant employees. They keep the agency running and are also charged with keeping their mutants in line.

Blue is for mutant bounty-hunters; living quarters, mess halls, practice gyms, etc. Living quarters have various name, official and otherwise, often based on ghettoes from back on earth, or famous deceased Dogs.

Red section contains cells for prisoners, and, a recent addition, barracks for “Pen Dogs” - mutants serving prison sentences, who are offered time off their (usually excessive) sentence, in exchange for various “community service” which amounts to unpaid labour, black ops and wet-work. All Pen-Dogs wear an explosive collar to guarantee their obedience. 

White Section houses FIDO 2, the S/D computer system that is the primary interface between S/D and the GCC for administering warrants. FIDO stands for Federal Information Directory Operations and it holds detailed records on every criminal and fugitive that has ever been made the subject of a GCC warrant, pulling-in information from hundreds of thousands of System Law Enforcement computers from across the galaxy.

This means that, as soon as the GCC issues a warrant for a particular criminal or fugitive, S/D has, via FIDO, a complete history of that criminal’s activities, known movements, habits, sphere of operations and so forth. All this information is beamed directly to Strontium Dogs’ Warrant Units – the handheld computers that are slaved directly to FIDO. The minute a warrant is accepted by a Strontium Dog, he has access to all pertinent information for his quarry. Changes to this information are constantly relayed via FIDO and any changes (such as an increase in the reward) made automatically.

FIDO also monitors the location of S/D agents via their warrant card, meaning that urgent warrants can be directed to Strontium Dogs in the right vicinity (or even directed away from them, if a particular agent is more of a liability than an asset). The GCC insists on knowing where licensed-to-terminate mutants, carrying exceedingly sophisticated weaponry, are at any given point in time.

Ultimately, all Strontium Dogs are on a very long leash.

CHANGELING / Re: The Striped Pavilion
« Last post by Ant on October 19, 2017, 07:24:22 PM »
Our current situation does have the feel of a book somewhere along the way, I'll agree there
CHANGELING / Re: The Striped Pavilion
« Last post by TWIISTED on October 19, 2017, 07:01:53 PM »
Your all wrong we are in the world of the Harry potter books we just don't know it yet.

Oh for those who don't know I am specter "nose twitches" nice to meet you all you may have heard of me you may not of either way is good means I'm doing well.
CHANGELING / Re: The Striped Pavilion
« Last post by Ant on October 19, 2017, 06:33:51 PM »
I feel like there is so much I don't know, or can't I am left with just a feeling or instinct of things
STRONTIUM DOGS / Re: The Roll of Honour and Infamy (Dramatis Personae)
« Last post by The Dan on October 19, 2017, 06:31:51 PM »
More Veteran Dogs - The Mentors

(for Jones the Voice, see above)

‘Dapper’ Gaston de Nez
Veteran bounty hunter and expert tracker, de Nez is known for both his olfactory skills and his suave, elegant style dress-sense. Has no mouth and thus cannot speak, only make nasal noises. Gaston knows a lot about alien flora and fauna. He was recently hit by a time weapon and lost 3 years of time.

Hans Oslo
Mercenary, ruthless and with a reputation as much for smuggling, extortion and blackmail as for bringing in warrants, Hans always has an eye on the main chance. By nefarious means he owns – through third parties and dummy companies) his own ship, the Centenary Hawk. He’s disliked by many other Dogs, and not just because of this dodgy reputation; he never fought in the Uprising or rebellions.

Lester “the Jester” Claypole [Deceased]
Lester is dead – an ignominious end for a long-serving Dog who survived the turbulent Uprising, Final Solution, and life on the rim> He was semi-retired to the Unclaimed Artefacts office, where he sorted through various alien junk dropped off by fellow Dogs. He rarely left the Doghouse, but did so with an apprentice for one last adventure. He did not return. The Frenchman drinks a lot – could be related.

The Lump
The Lump is relatively young but a competent bounty hunter and an all-round decent guy. Unfortunately, his shambolic mutation (a massive corral-like, cancerous mass swallowing his shoulders and head) means he’ll never be accepted by the norms. Lacking any peripheral vision and unable to turn his ‘head’, the Lump has been shot in the back three times by bounties.

Scab Jones
Born in the infamous Milton Keynes ghetto, Scab is a tough, no nonsense ‘street ronin’ familiar with the neon alleys and cheap motels of near-earth. Scab is the brother of mutant criminal, Impetigo Jones, who was killed by Jonny Alpha. When Jonny came looking for information on his brother, he was forced to shoot Scab and beat him within an inch of his life. Scab has hated Jonny ever since.

CHANGELING / Re: The Striped Pavilion
« Last post by BioSpark on October 19, 2017, 04:01:02 PM »
Childhood, you say?  Now there's a notion.  These people do have that air about them.

While it is hard to believe that a world of stories and magic has been hidden from the general populace, despite how self absorbed they tend to be, that would make a lot of sense.

Thank you for offering that thought.  If we understand what this new world is, I would wager that we stand a much better chance of surviving in it and making the most of what it has to offer.
CHANGELING / Re: The Striped Pavilion
« Last post by Ant on October 19, 2017, 12:55:36 PM »
I have had dreams of such things,  but thought those things had gone with childhood
CHANGELING / Re: Character Bios
« Last post by Captain Shortworth on October 19, 2017, 12:15:29 PM »
Alsandair had spent many lifetimes dancing through the Autumn world. Never in one place for long, even his beloved Ériu. A wanderer, a drinker, a fighter and a lover. Many things to many people, but never a bore.

He had a love of rhyme and song almost as big as his love of the drink, and although he moved through courts up and down the realms of men he was always happier listening to the songs of the downtrodden. There’s was the music of passion and energy, revolution and rebellion, either in spirit or action.

He danced and drank with poets and bards, firebrands and revolutionaries. Stood on pickets, marched in protests, and lived for what the next generation of youth would have to sing about.

As more and more of his Kith and Kin fell to banality, he knew the secret to keeping his interest in this world. There was always new music, and if you knew where to look, it was a source of passion and pride, and with that, flowed the glamour.

All things change though, and the poets were made laureates, singers faded away, and the world watched them go, enjoying the fall to drugs and ill humour more than they ever did the passion. Selling out, becoming homogenised, playing the same tired beats to the same unfeeling crowds. He could feel something waning, and for the first time, it worried him.

He knew what he had to do. Times always change, and eventually the world will wake to a new day, when people on the street will scream about injustices, will get a crowd fired up, will bring disharmony to those in power who feed on the normalities and everyday dreariness of the modern world.

When he wakes again, he hopes to find that passion, and if he can, he’ll join the chorus, and rage against the world.

Vestigia: The taste of cold greasy food, the sound of a baying crowd, the smell of fresh rain on warm tarmac.
CHANGELING / Re: The Striped Pavilion
« Last post by Captain Shortworth on October 19, 2017, 12:02:37 PM »
I've spent many a night lulled to sleep by the lapping of the Thames against the bank, and never had an inkling of anything other than water. To be fair though, never would have thought much of Elves and Fae either, so who knows, next time I fall asleep on the bank I might have a different time of it.
CHANGELING / Re: The Striped Pavilion
« Last post by Ant on October 19, 2017, 11:50:12 AM »
Well, I'll not worry about the reality or not for now...the fact we are so interactive suggests it's real, in my experience anyway.

As for kings and queens, I don't know, I mean I have some memory of a king and queen of the river, oh no maybe like guardian spirits of the city...they get some effigy for the Lord mayor's parade don't They?
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