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Rise of the Runelords / Re: A civilised discussion.
« on: March 25, 2019, 07:06:47 PM »
Obvious injustice.  Yeh.  Right.

Gruumsh says lots of what I do is gifts.  Could be divine.  Don't seem natural to spit poison.  That's a snake trick.  There's other stuff.  He only really act through other Tung.  The angry Tung.

Might be worth it.  Don't like poison.  Makes Tung sick.  This is a lot to take in but you speak sense.  Think it might be time to talk things through with One Eye...

Tung gonna go to bed.  Gonna be a long night.  Um... look, not saying nothing but if he right about his power and his threats, might be good chance Tung not survive.  If that what happens...


Tung wearily stands.  He takes out his ioun stone, looks thoughtfully at it then stuffs it in an unseen pocket in his dreadful loincloth.  He slowly shambles out of the room, axe on his shoulder.  He nods sadly to his two friends as he leaves.

Rise of the Runelords / Re: A civilised discussion.
« on: March 25, 2019, 04:40:22 PM »
We don't know what their upbringing was?  Bunch of thieving murderous goblins livin' in a statue brought up by a chieftain weren't it?

Nah, they weren't alright.  Them injured ones, maybe they were alright.  We didn't kill them.  Probably not  long term threat unless one earns something about healing real quick.

Choice of god.  Right.  Accept that, yes.  Tung promise, really promise, that Tung will think about it.  Tung really will.  Been doing research when have time.  Dunno about divine favour being withdrawn though.  That sound bad.  Bad.  I ask Jiro, actual question not argument, what are other option?  Hard to imagine other god accepting Tung now.

Tung looks around the room nervously.  He's not entirely comfortable here.

See... well... weren't gonna mention nothing about this but that where Tung's other eye went.  Probably deserve to know if we's talking deep stuff like this.  Jiro brother now, owe him that much.  Sacrificed it.  Maybe even ate it, don't remember what happened.  Is... old, old ritual, pledge of faith.  Bit... one way process.  Figure that actions like that reduce Tung value to other gods.  'specially good gods.

Rise of the Runelords / Re: A civilised discussion.
« on: March 25, 2019, 01:28:34 PM »
Nah, not blood.  Upbringing.  S'like… you got that phrase for it.  Nature or... nurture?  So yeh, not all goblins.  Same, not all orcs.  Most orcs.  Most orcs Tung met, they more like Lursa.  Wouldn't trust a lot of them in some places.  Urban orcs sometimes okay.  Urban goblins probably alright?  Never met one of them.  S'why Tung don't talk to regular people much.  You people is different, travelling types, usually a bit better about listening to people what don't fit in.

Yeh, definitely it ain't fair to them.  Ain't wrong most of the time.  Bad odds for gambling when stake might be your head.

Gruumsh… Jiro, you got to realise, Tung didn't choose Gruumsh.  Tung tribe did.  Long, long standing tradition.  He been there since first day.  Probably be there until Tung dies and last of tribe is gone.  Maybe they all waiting in his place, waiting for us to be family again.  Dunno about that.  They all pretty stupid, might not have found way to afterlife without help... but yeh, he bad.  Definitely bad.  Says it himself.  Shame, yeh.  He what we had, though.  He listen, he teach, he lead.  He lead like orc.  Orc diplomacy different, ain't words so much, more actions.  He a tryant?  Yeh.  Good leadership quality for orc.  And yeh, sometimes he want bad things.  You take them as they come, maybe find other option.  Sometimes he insist, most times not, always another option once he sure you committed to him and he ain't feeling so insecure any more.

Not sure this something can really convey with words.  Not language problem, just not a point to make with words.  S'hard to explain.

Rise of the Runelords / Re: A tense exchange
« on: March 25, 2019, 08:03:29 AM »
Hail Gruumsh, strongest of all, knower of all, conqueror of all.

"Well, well, well.  Haven't we been busy?"

Every day is a gift to be savoured.  Wasted time is wasted life and the pursuit of a productive existence is noble.  But you have something in mind?

"He lives.  You have resurrected the dead, Tung, or at least have demanded that another perform the task for you.  Tell me, why do you feel appropriate to defy fate?  To rob another of his place at his god's side, of his family in the afterlife, of his eternal reward?"

The choice to return was his as much as ours.  I trust he felt no obligation to return when called.  But then, I do not know what happens when we die.

Gruumsh... what is death like?

"You live in eternal pursuit of the deaths of others, innocents and antagonists alike yet you only now choose to ask this question.  Only now after one brush too many for your liking, is that it?  That you consider Gruumsh callous is laughable.  But no, insensitive Tung, I will not withhold this information from you.  Please, ask me your questions."

Will it be painful?

"It depends on how it happens.  Almost certainly.  For many it is the worst pain they will ever experience.  For the truly lucky, they either pass in their sleep or their minds break from the agony before the moment of passing, rendering them unable to notice."

Is there an afterlife?  Will my spirit endure?

"Remain faithful and yes, there is a privileged place upon holy ground waiting for you.  Defy your faith, shun your heritage and I cannot say."

But I have committed terrible deeds throughout life.  What of them?

"What indeed?  Terrible is relative to those who would pass judgement upon you, Tung.  Certainly were you the worshipper of a valourous, saintly sort of god then yes, you would already be quite doomed.  Do not forget that you worship a celebrated god of pain and war, my child.  Whilst yes, there is room for vast improvement in your conduct, you have not strayed far enough from the path yet to warrant such worry."

I have tried my hardest to serve you completely, my lord.

"Effort is not enough.  Without results, good intentions mean nothing."

I see...

I sent Lursa's axe along for analysis.

"The only pureblood you have met in months and you finally learned her name?  I am sure she would be thrilled."

It generated a lot of excitement, as did the gold helmet.  Unfortunately I feared we would not receive adequate compensation for a gold helmet in Sandpoint.  I also had a citizen assist me with some words.

"Yes, I saw your letter.  Tung, you do realise that a barbarian has no need of a last will and testament?"


"Traditionally your weapon is bequeathed directly to the opponent who slew you, preferably bequeathed directly into their skull.  Anything else becomes the property of scavengers, similar to how you came to obtain that belt of yours."

If nothing else, I wished to state that I have no intentions of being resurrected, should I die and that decision be made.

"You don't wish to return to battle?  Coward."

I do not wish to leave your side should I earn a place there.  If I do not qualify, my soul is not worthy of a second chance and I will gladly accept my fate.

"A coward and a sycophant.  You know better than to attempt flattery.  You are saying what you think I wish to hear.  Or are you truly stating, please do correct me if I am wrong, that should you be condemned to a demon-haunted pit of filth, you have so little self-esteem now that you would simply lie down and accept that you had earned your torment?"

Who am I to judge myself?

"You retain your humility at least.  You've been thinking again, haven't you?  I can always tell."

Lots of time to think.  Lots to think about.  It has been a trying month, Gruumsh.  I have witnessed more death than I think I ever have and all because of goblins.

"That wrath portal probably played a part.  But let me not distract you from another racist tirade."

I have no further to say on the matter of goblins.


We chartered a boat.  The captain seemed upset despite having clearly been told that we were bringing cargo aboard.  No matter, he was paid for his efforts.  Paid too well, I thought.

"When did you learn the value of money?  Until recently your currency was blood."

When it becomes so abundant, you start to take an interest.  We have enough money now to buy a small town's worth of property.  We could be doing so much good with this money.

"And yet you resurrected a waste of flesh."

And purchased many powerful enchantments.

"I approve of this.  You certainly need all the assistance you get on your misguided quest to even consider following in your parents' shadow."

Besides, Jiro was not a waste of flesh.  He died to protect me.

"Justify a poor tactical choice however you'd like.  I thought you respected his intellect.  You are a poor judge of character."

He is alive now.  The process was very confusing.

"I note that you didn't join in with the clapping of hands and the singing?"

Praying to another god?  Of course not, you would have harmed me.

"Clever boy."

They would not have welcomed my contribution, I am sure.  I was happy to observe.  Clerics are very powerful, aren't they?  What were your clerics like?

"Not like that.  In the old days the occasional priest would call upon me for favours.  To bolster their strength, mostly.  Tung, becoming a conduit to the divine is not something that comes easily to your race; realise that.  Prayers to me are seldom answered and favour is more infrequent still.  My priests tend to pray in blood and offerings.  If it pleases you to do so, you could consider yourself a priest of Gruumsh I suppose.  Maybe a paladin, reinforce those foolish notions of virtue you seem to have developed?"

I am a barbarian.

"Do not forget that.  It pleases me to know that your head is not entirely in the clouds."

Jiro has rejoined the group.  We did a little shopping, saw the city.  A local museum paid us handsomely for the helmet.  I think Sabina lied about it.  I think Sabina isn't a good person.  What does Gruumsh think?

"Gruumsh is literally incapable of caring less."

Then she must not be good or you would be telling me to kill her.

"Ah, there's that logic again.  Do not second guess me.  Listen and obey.  You place is not to think, do you not understand this yet?"


"And while on the subject of thinking, why are you talking to that ELF about the afterlife?"

Curiosity is only natural.

"Not for your kind."

I want to learn more about this world.  I want to interact with it in ways that don't involve killing things.  Maybe even create something, leave a lasting legacy.

"You're already attempting, ineffectually, to spread my word.  What more do you hope to achieve?"

I want to write.  I want to tell our story.


It is not so ridiculous!  I have already begun to learn...

"Just what the world needs, more self-indulgent whimpering POETRY.  ELF talk, Tung, that's what poetry is!  And it WOULD be poetry, I know your mind all too well.  But yes, learn your words.  Perhaps when faced with a dire fate in the future, you could turn your foe aside with an impassioned speech?  With heartfelt, tearful oration?  I am sure that with your lack of grace, your inability to communicate and your unfortunate dental affliction-"

Yes.  You have made your point.  It would still be useful to be able to write.

"You time would be better spent indulging in physical pursuits.  Learn to torture, Tung.  Still a creative way to express yourself, yes?  Is that not a compromise?"

Don't like torture.

"Of course you don't.  That slave brand still itches, I assume?"

Not a slave.  Performer.  Don't want to talk about that.

"Ever the cooperative conversationalist.  Wasn't that a creative pursuit?  Didn't 'performing' bring joy to hundreds, One-Ton?"


"My word, how irritable.

Oh, one more thing, Tung.  Inconsequential, really.  That ELF of yours?"

What.  What about him now?

"You can tell him from me, tell him to his face, that if he ever attempts to have you question your faith again he will learn exactly how much Gruumsh wishes to see him dead, yes?"

I... won't.

"Hmm.  You would prefer that my wrath came as a surprise, perhaps?  Or are you too much of a coward to dare cause offense?  Tung, it is a lonely world indeed without any friends and never forget, Gruumsh is the oldest and truest friend you have.  Do not test this relationship."

You won't kill him.

"You challenge me?  What a thoroughly stupid notion, One-Ton.  We shall see how long your nerve holds in time."

Rise of the Runelords / Re: A civilised discussion.
« on: March 23, 2019, 10:32:52 PM »
Blood?  No.  Everyone got the same blood.  It ain't bad blood.  Seen a lot of it, know plenty about blood.  Don't know why goblins like that. Think it how they brought up.  Like rats, they is.  Like, you never see a brave rat 'less he has 20 mates and he knows he not gonna be the one to get smashed first.  Or when they desperate.  S'good comparison.

Maybe goblin has potential for good.  Tung believe it when Tung see it.  Might as well assume that them abb... abber... them bad magic-twisted wizard monster things.  Might as well think that maybe one of them have capacity for good.  Maybe every so often you get good demon.

Yeh, Gruumsh not easy to live with.  Not easy to understand.  He have bad ideas about things.  He salvation of Serrated Fangs, though.  Worshipping old One Eye be great old tradition for us.

Sometimes when he in good mood he open to other opinions.  Best to focus on them good times.  Gets you through.

Don't think he want to kill you that much.  You still here for one thing.  Not 'less he were acting through Lursa but then, he not big fan of Lamashtu either.

Rise of the Runelords / Re: A civilised discussion.
« on: March 23, 2019, 07:34:37 AM »
Tung suppose.  Angry about the elf thing for a while, definitely.  Be different if you weren't part human, probably.  He seem to have accepted you in his own way, probably because you good fighter.

Think it's orc thinking?  Like, we don't understand something, all we know is to hit it.  There's reasons you people don't like our people to be around.  A lot of us is like that.

Tung looks into the middle distance for a short while.

He very good at few things, not so good at others.  Maybe not a happy person.  But then, lots of his flock die young.  That kinda thing got to make a god a bit defensive.  Trick is to... gently manage expectations, you know?

I think we from same place, now Tung think on it.  Tung from far East.  North East.  Terrible place, long winters.  You know where everyone else come from?

Rise of the Runelords / Re: A civilised discussion.
« on: March 22, 2019, 09:55:05 PM »
Well you died that one time so he lost a lot of interest after that.  Thought you coming back was a bad idea.  More frustrated now than angry, definite improvement.

Good people is hard.  Depends.  Not sure he see good or bad.  Just enemies.  Simpler way to live, everything all black and white, no tricky grey.

Gods leave their followers?  Sounds all backwards to Tung.  Maybe that's how your poet gods work.

You drink, small friend?  They got these strange tiny cups.  Probably good size for you.  Dunno what else they good for.

Rise of the Runelords / Re: A civilised discussion.
« on: March 22, 2019, 08:52:25 PM »
He not particular.  I think he likes it well enough when things what he thinks should die get killed, just thinks it beneath his interest if they die in stupid weak ways.

Disfavour not a concern.  He get angry if Tung do right thing for wrong reason all the time.  He like... you know the rage, right?  Like with that other orc, she got angry then she killed you...

Oh, yeh.  Sorry.  Shouldn't talk about that...

So you fought her, yeh, and she got angry and hit harder.  That's like... that's what Gruumsh is.  Fighting spirit.  All unfocused energy.  Sinew and bone and blood.  That's probably the best way to describe him.  So your god all finesse and thoughts, he all strength and feelings.

Can see why you let your god.  Sounds... caring.  Easier to get on with than war gods.  Than orc gods.  That's fine though.  Gruumsh don't wanna make.friends.  He very professional like dat.

You know much about Gorum?  Sounds like Gruumsh.  Starts with same sound.  Maybe that just Gruumsh in a different body.  He don't do that tricksy magic stuff much but he probably could if he wanted.

Tung notices Beshka come in

So do bird come inside or do bird live outside?  You got a good bird there.  Brave bird.  Wonder if we could get bird barding.  Dat'd be REALLY good.

Tung begins laughing for just a bit too long at the idea of a roc in armour.

You got a good place here.  Food's funny but it's good.  Wine is a bit lighter than Tung's used to.  More of a full bodied red kind drinker, Tung is, but it very invigorating.

Rise of the Runelords / Re: A civilised discussion.
« on: March 22, 2019, 07:36:45 PM »
Cold blood?  Yeh, sometimes.  Usually warm blood.  He don't like elves.  Think it's something to do with that eye of his.  He seems to like eyes.  They're his... holy symbol.  I think.  Saw some painted when I still lived in the mountains.  Maybe he watch over us with them eyes.  Says he's able to see lots of things.  Must be the eyes.

He likes killing on his own terms.  Dunno if he knows word "honour" but I think honour is different to him.  He like big odds, he like hard fights, like to know you tried and tried.  Likes it better if you nearly die.  More primal that way, yeh?  Primal good word for him.

Think he speaks to me because he's bored.  Doesn't like other gods much.  He not a... effervescent... friendly.  He not friendly.  Don't like people much, tell the truth.  Dunno about Tung.  Maybe Tung is the only one what listens.

He talk about you, yeh.  He don't like you.  Elf, elf, elf he says.  Not elf, Tung says, half man too but still he shout elf.  Tung correct him, though.

Katana?  Dem skinny dancing swords?  What's a god do with a katana?  Maybe your god not so strong as One Eye.  Gruumsh probably snap a katana by accident.  But then, Gruumsh like spear.  Spear long weapon.  He must have good, good spear.  Maybe Shizuru have good katana.

Is it nice, Shizuru?  Sounds complicated, worshipping it.  Looks like lots of ceremony.  Gruumsh easy god, you see.  You just fights a bit for what he believes in.

Completely failing to read the room, Tung pulls his ioun stone out of his socket, regards it thoughtfully then licks it clean before screwing it back in.

This adventure ain't what I expected you know.  So much danger in such a small place.  You think we can keep doing this?  Don't wanna lose nobody else.  You good people.  Tung think so.

Rise of the Runelords / Re: A civilised discussion.
« on: March 21, 2019, 05:51:26 AM »

Tung look vacantly into the middle distance for a full minute before seemingly becoming aware that perhaps there was more to the question.

Don't know much about Gruumsh.  He don't talk about beliefs much.  He have lots of ideas about things he like and things he don't like.  He like duty but on his terms.  He like war, killing, stuff like that.  Orc stuff.  He good at being orc.  He old orc god, maybe oldest one of all, but maybe all gods old.  He say he is old.  Do you get new gods?  I hope not.  I think we have enough of them.

Gruumsh was worshipped by my tribe.  Think they found him in the sky in the old, old times but they didn't talk about how.  Tribe might not be good word.  Not really word for it in fancy Common.  Don't matter now, there ain't no Serrated Fangs now except Tung and Tung not going to make more.  Haven't met any other worshippers yet but he say he more popular in other countries.  This not good orc country, you see.  Too much civilisation.

He have a few names.  One Eye was the oldest and he quite proud of it but get very touchy when you ask about the other eye and where it go.  He strange sometimes but he bring the strength and he bring the rage and he bring lots of gifts.  Too many, sometimes.  Very generous.

A brief international rumble heralds the coming of a tremendous belch.  Tung looks momentarily pained, swallows heavily and takes a deep breath.

He talk about you all.  Think he might like Samantha.  Thinks she's funny but don't know why.  He find lots of strange things funny.  He say it rude to assume you can understand what gods think because they is gods and don't think like mortals.

What is Jiro's gods like?  I bet Jiro... worships someone with one of those big long swords, huh?  A god what always knows the proper, nice words to say and thinks about stuff a lot.  Eastern gods must be fancy.

Rise of the Runelords / A civilised discussion.
« on: March 20, 2019, 07:20:28 PM »
Tung sits slumped on the floor that evening, his slender build and tremendous height, even while seated, giving him the look of a clothes horse casually tossed against a wall.  He declines repeated offers of seating.  He doesn't feel comfortable on real furniture, it's unfamiliar.

He idly glances toward Jiro

"Look, Tung know it not your fault.  Orc did this to you.  Hope you don't think we all like that.  I mean yeh, we is but not... all is.

Tung not make this point well.  Tung wouldn't hurt friend Jiro, though.  Jiro orc now.  Special not-real orc.  Word... is... hon-our-ary.  Jiro always talk about honour.  This Tung's honour to Jiro

Maybe Jiro not so good as orc but very nearly.  Very good for human.  Elf.  Half...



So... you get to live again, right?  You think you gonna do things different now you seen the other side?

Rise of the Runelords / Re: A tense exchange
« on: March 08, 2019, 01:04:38 PM »
Hail Gruumsh, strongest of all, knower of all, conqueror of all.

"Ah, you have a civil tongue in your head now?  It is about time.  After all I do for you and have done for your people.  Disgusting."

How long have you known my people, my lord?  Father said you came from the old times but was never very specific.

"Since their birth, young one, but the problem with oral tradition is it often loses detail in the telling.  Allow me to enlighten you.  I have known them since a band of oppressed travellers met on the plains one fateful morning and decided to band together as a tribe for mutual protection.  They have known me since the evening of that same day.  I know not how long ago that was, such trivially short spans of time are not worthy of my attention.  I believe that you mortals had not yet discovered that black powder substance that some mortals are so obsessed with.  And the world was colder, then.  Fewer creatures upon it.  Why must you all BREED so frequently?"

Propagation of the species, natural urges to leave a legacy... I suppose there are a few reasons.

"Yes, and all disgusting.  But not like you.  You who have taken so many lives but created none in return, your approach pleases me."

Not another boon.

"Oh, a minor one.  After all, you celebrate a great victory today, yes?  I see that the Lamashtu worshipper and her pets lay dead but a stone's throw from her own altar.  That, too, will upset the mother assuming she still has enough sense about her to even notice.  Yes, a small boon for now."

I feel... the same?

"You are not exerting yourself.  It will become apparent to you when the time is right."

I see.  Well... we found a wall made of coins in her chambers.  It appeared to be part of a trap or mechanism.  I do not really understand the distinction.

"They are the same, just that a mechanism kills you by making life too easy, making you slow and fat.  A trap kills you by burying foreign objects in your body. Both are to be avoided by your kind."

Hmm.  The wall was an illusion, I think?  Somebody said something like that.  It looked real enough and seemed solid.  No matter.  We found how to move it and passed through.  There was a very large door with an ornate lock on it.  It looked like a receptacle for a 7 pointed star.  I did not understand the significance of the icon but it was probably a reference to Lamashtu.  Everything down here is Lamashtu, goblins or Runelords.  You know, I still do not think I understand what a Runelord is.

"Do not trouble yourself with pondering that.  You will not discover one.  If you had, you would already be dead."

Like the tarrasque you told me about?

"Somebody has been paying attention.  No, not like the tarrasque.  Although to be eaten alive would be quite the poetic end to your career.  Goodness, what fun that would be to watch.  And I know you enjoy poetry, yes?  I wonder when the beast is next due to awaken..."


"Oh, nothing.  Just thinking aloud.  Tell me, what year is it?"

I do not know.

"Hmm.  Pity."

There were strange things down there.  Another torture room.  Sabina doesn't seem to think it was for torture but I think it was.  I think she just wanted to feel okay about taking the knives in there.  I do not think I care about what she does with any items down here, there is a bad energy all around, stealing will make no great cosmic difference.

Incidentally my lord, what was behind that locked door?  We did not find any seven pointed keys.

"When will you learn that I have no intention of solving your problems for you?  Would you really like that, for me to hold your hand throughout your entire life, make your decisions, decide your right from your wrong, deprive you of any illusion of choice or free will?  Tung, that sounds almost like slavery to me.  Like a self-imposed prison of philosophy."



"Sometimes I wonder if leaving you at the circus would have been the best thing for you.  For a bararian your lack of confidence and desire for rigid certainty are very poor traits."

My charging headlong into conflict got Jiro killed.

"Oh, you blame yourself?  Good. Take responsibility for one less ELF.  After all, had you truly lived up to your potential and fought her head on, why, he would surely be among the living now.  It is obvious to anybody with sense."

Please.  Please do not do this.  We are healing him.

"You are healing death?  HA!  No, fool, you are CHEATING death.  Do you not expect to pay a price for that?  'tis a dangerous little endeavour you embark upon, interfering with the natural order.  Why, do you suppose, is it that necromancy is such a universally despised concept?  Still plenty of time to reconsider, leave him dead, let him travel to his meek little paradise.  Why, he might even see his wife again.  And here you were contemplating taking him back into a life of conflict.  How cruel.  How bereft of tact you are."

It is what he would want.

"He was not strong enough to survive and you think he would desire a second attempt to play the hero.  You think that the conflict to follow will become easier to resolve?  That foes will become weaker?  You are more of a fool than I first thought.  He is destined to die again.  BOUND.  You are certain to lose him again.  I cannot make this any more clear.  But no, please, defy me.  Prove you know better.  When you fail and you most certainly will, do not speak his name unto me again.  Do not mention him.  I tire of your insistence that he added anything of value to the world."

... he did.

"I have heard enough.  Speak of fighting.  Speak of blood.  Cleanse my troubled mind of this ELF-talk."

A crab.  We fought a crab.  It made its home in a gold helmet.  We think it may be valuable for research purposes and are taking it to the next city where they may be able to give us a fair price.

"You are welcome.  I do not require thanks, not that you bothered to offer any."


"Do you seriously believe that crabs in solid gold giant-sized helmets exist in nature?  Tung, how would such a creature enter a temple?  What would it eat?  Where would it find a helmet like that and how would it kill the occupant or retrieve the helmet before whatever DID kill the occupant took it?  And even then, what warrior would wear a solid gold helmet, so heavy and soft?  Tung, stupid Tung, you saw fit to challenge me?  Did you not order, nay, DEMAND that Gruumsh provide you with the necessary resources to perform a resurrection ritual?"

You manifested a crab?

"Think about it, young one.  Any other god would have created a pile of treasure, made a magical item, loaned you the service of an altruistic priest.  You would have had your prize and learned nothing other than to beg and to want, there would have been no value, no appreciation.  When Gruumsh provides you with a time of plenty it is in the form of battle!  You had to SLAY your treasure to earn it, do you not see?"

That... is a valid point.


Thank you.

"Do not ever test me again."

I will not.  Thank you, my lord.

*In the depths of an unpleasant, dry and lifeless plane, a tremendous humanoid sits and ponders.  He watches through a green eye crackling with energy, he looks upon a more vibrant plane.  He carefully considers the facial expression and mood of another, much like him but far smaller.  There is nothing to read in that open, trusting face.  The oaf believes him entirely.*

Hell Trek / Re: Mood Music
« on: March 07, 2019, 08:17:53 PM »
You may enjoy Retrowave Radio.  I use their app at work but they have a site for the non-phone inclined.

It's all 80s inspired, mostly synth.  Plenty of tracks evoking the mega corporation cyberpunk action movie aesthetic.

May not be a perfect fit for this campaign but it may be up your alley.

Rise of the Runelords / Re: Sandpoint Downtime Thread
« on: March 06, 2019, 12:11:25 PM »
A bit of a downtime to do list, assuming everything goes well with shifting the helmet, getting home, not getting mugged etc:

  • Vaguely try to mash the two axes together for a while in case anything happens.
  • Deliver the double headed axe to Demmel and his research pal.  They can keep it if they like it.  If they need any more information or want to chat about findings, Tung's happy to spend time with them.
  • Attend Jiro's resurrection (if permitted and if we secure funding)
  • Tung will be quite interested in discussing the afterlife at length with the resident priest.  He's very interested in what happens after you die.  This will be peppered with sincere but blunt questions like "Why is necromancy bad but this is different and okay?"
  • Go to the ioun stone specialist and discuss the statues found with ioun stones embedded in their eyes, see if that's a normal practice, see if there are any local rumours

Any remaining free time will be spent (unless anyone needs Tung for anything) around the temples in town.  Sometimes just to attend services if they're happy to have an orc but to discuss beliefs, philosophy and morality.  Tung won't mince words if he disagrees with anything and will occasionally be direct to the point of being rude but he will genuinely try to see other points of view.

He's not bothered about loot, particularly.  He has one job in combat and does it more than well enough for the moment so any money can go towards the resurrection fund or to any other cash that the party needs.  He'd like to get more than basic sale price for the belt, if possible, since Jiro died for it.

Rise of the Runelords / Re: A tense exchange
« on: February 28, 2019, 08:10:49 AM »
Alright, out with it.

"Whatever do you mean, my champion?"

Let us, just this once, avoid the conversational pleasantries and get it over with.

"I have really no idea what you could be referring to, Eye of Gruumsh.  Does something trouble you?"

I have a jackal's head.

"Oh.  Yes, that.  You're... you're in quite a bind there, aren't you?"

Are you stifling laughter?

"No, no.  No.  Absolutely not.  I am just... *cough*... thinking of something humourous I heard from another god recently."

Name them.  You do not converse with other gods.  You consider them beneath you.

"You have to admit, this situation is a little amusing, Tung.  It is a good look for you.  It will certainly improve your rapport with the locals.  Mortals love dogs."

Look, we have slain our foe, yes?  Brutally.  Mutilated the corpse, smashed altars, ensured the safety of the town from goblin invasion and dealt a sizable blow to the mother of monsters.  I think I have earned your attention for a moment.

"You only had to ask.  This is a new side of you.  Normally I am used to a more tearful, apprehensive Tung.  This new assertive Tung is quite different.  You are actually truly upset!"

My friend was murdered by a cultist.

"Sticks and stones.  And such religious intolerance!  Did you learn that from your parents?  I certainly did not teach you-"

Stop.  Just stop.  All I want is for you to revive him.  I am certain that you can.

"I will not."

Can not or will not?

"I have stated it twice now.  I will not again."

Then provide us with the resource to have him revived.  Surely you can manage that?

"Manage?!  Watch that tongue of yours.  You are taking things just a little too far, pup.  Nurture the anger, let it drive you but never, for one moment, forget your place in the pecking order.  You, a lowly orc warrior on the brink of exhaustion, you have the gall to attempt to insult Gruumsh?"

That is not entirely what I meant.

"Oh no, no, we both know it is.  Now you lie.  Now you presume I cannot see you lie directly to me.  One-Ton, you will correct your tone and your behaviour at once or it will go very hard with you.  Am I understood?"

... yes.

"Now what were you doing?"

... I was being foolish.  I was upset.  You did not deserve to be spoken to like that.

"And what are you?"

Your servant.


*Tung's vacant eye socket begins to itch.  He feels a familiar emotion welling up and has to make a concetrated effort to hold back his tears.*

I am thankful for your guidance.  I am thankful for the treasures that our victories have brought us.  We will find our own way to generate the money.  I will do it in the name of Gruumsh.

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