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自述 - Z​sh​ (year of the Dragon) / Red Fox - Hacktaoist Leader
« on: October 26, 2014, 03:57:14 PM »
Red Fox is the known handle for whoever started the hacktaoism group wanted by the Chinese government and many large corporations including BioServ for cyber crimes and treason. To the public and many of the hacker community and supporters on the internet know them as a group that fights against the supressive government and freedom of Hong Kong. As their name suggests they follow Taoism principles incorporated into their group ideals and actual hacking techniques. Red Fox is rumoured to be a master of iFeng Shui in desktop and virtual interfaces. There are many documents online published by Red Fox about the principles of Hacktaoism and even practical applications of Feng Shui when building a system.

There are many rumours surrounding the identity of Red Fox, if it's actually multiple people or that the founder is dead or arrested like the Chinese government keeps reporting.

All anyone knows is when the Red Fox strikes there will be a couple of CCTV images and eye witness reports of someone in a trench coat, baseball cap with a black and red material covering the mouth and sunglasses in the area.

Other hackers have used similar clothing to impersonate Red Fox to try and help or for their own gains, many being amateurs have been arrested or killed some of these have been used by the government for propaganda against the Hacktaoism.

Red Fox has always made large public displays to defend or disprove the lies that are broadcast. Last year the HKPD made a series of surprise raids on several secret hacker gatherings and found a data storage nod in the net. This lead to many prosecutions of proven associations with Red Fox and the Hacktaoism group, only some of the evidence wasn't dubious or thin, but it was enough to convict 7 people for life imprisonment.
Red Fox made a public viral video condemning the illegal attacks and false imprisonment of 7 innocents that had no affiliation or connection with Red Fox.
Then a vow to not rest until they were freed and to shut down the court house for 7 days after the sentencing. The court house building was then cyber attacked for the week after.

Since the massive push by the Chinese government and HKPD to break up the hacktaoist's and apprehended Red Fox it seems to have not stopped anything and maybe with the very public attention of the Hacktaoism case and how it was handled caused a lot more support especially in Hong Kong.

BioServ also helped fund the operation that tried to bring down Red Fox and continues to publicly stand against what it calls 'cyber terrorism' and has a reward for any information given that will help apprehend Red Fox. They also off the books have their own private security working on tracking down Red Fox.

If you have any information about Red Fox or Hacktaoist activities then please call the BioServ hot line.

This activity book is for detailing your days activity and what has been learnt. This has been authorised by your social worker to help develop your key skills of problem solving, communication and personal development. Please follow the step below and hand the book back at the end of the week to your social worker for discussion.

  • Take notes throughout the activity to better understand and remember what you have learnt
  • Fill in the two boxes clearly mark. Description/Thoughts.
  • Guardian Signature in box provided

This is a mandatory exercise and failure to complete will effect your social record.

This is an amazing parody of the popular song 'Some body that I used to know' by Walk of the Earth. Another well done parody that rips George Lucas and is very catchy. If you haven't seen this enjoy  8)

A Green and Unpleasant Land / Feng Shui: Four Bastards
« on: April 20, 2012, 09:11:11 PM »
Feng Sui Blurb

Bad guys are coming out of the woodwork to wage the secret war. Powerful eunuch sorcerers from acient China. Modern-day conspiracy masterminds. Cyber-demonic scientist from the future.

They've almost won: Portals through time lay bare a secret history of our world, a history that changes like the breeze and can erase you without you even knowing it.

There's only one thing standing between these monstrous powers and complete control of all of human history: You and your buddies.

The Four Bastards campaign trailer.

Air, Earth, Fire, Wood, Water - the cornerstones of an abominable plot to control the world's chi. To stop it, our heroes must wage a kung-fu campaign across time, from moden-day Hong Kong to 1850s Canada to 2056 Containment Site DS4S. The missiles-flying, choppers-exploding, bullet-riddled climax brings them to Three Gorges Dam, a colossal structure that will divert the flow of the hallowed Yiangtze River.

Can the players stop the nefarious plot of the Four Bastards?

Things to think about before the game.

Action movies and particularly the characters and which one you would like to play, the system is kind of flexible and there are lots of archetypes to choose from.  Also as it's Feng Shui it is a Hong Kong themed game even through a lot of this campaign won't be spent there you still should have ties and reason to be in HK as that is were it starts, so think of Chinese action and kung fu movies when thinking of inspiration.

Also at the start of the game you will all know each other and be a part of a hero fighting team call the Dragons, which I'll explain more about at the first game but as the campaign I'm running is suppose to be in the middle of a long running campaign we all need to pretend that everyone has thought alongside each other against evils threatening the world as heroes must.

Hope this helps give you ideas but if you don't have any the book will be inspiration enough to make you a great character to kick butt with  8)

See you all tuesday guys.

A Green and Unpleasant Land / The Book of the Holy Natural Order
« on: January 25, 2012, 08:05:24 PM »
Priest of Eden returns

My disciples, My friends
My fellow rangers.
One night very soon,
My guidance will leave you.
But remember one truth,
That Eden will return to you.

Eden's return will be marked,
A sea of destruction.
Found Eden sheltered,
In a green but unpleasant land.

Continue Edens work,
protect and nerture.
All your will be needed,
Until Eden's time of awakening.

My disciples, My friends
My fellow rangers.
Doubt will be sown,
With time to grow.
Events will happen,
Watch out for the signs.

A whole country is lost,
to those of his legion.
A whole city is taken,
by those that we trust.
The nights sky is lit,
by the unnatural sun

Edens return never certain,
Doubt will come first.
With faith Eden gifted,
Unknowing keeper of Destiny

My disciples, My friends
My fellow rangers.
Hells island Eden's journey,
With the sky as an enemy.
Yet the ground Eden's saviour,
With a clan called to aid.

Unattested Eden enters hells castle,
With Eden's abomination inhabiting.
Now Eden will be tried and tested,
With no knowledge or hope to protect,

Now is the moment,
Of Eden's darkest hour.
Gone from earth once more,
Eden's return never certain.

My disciples, My friends
My fellow rangers.
With faith as guidance,
Eden will awaken once more.

Now with knowledge and hope Eden returns,
Yet a world still uncertain will unfold.
Eden will need trust and guidances,
With destiny now known but untold.

Have faith in God and trust in man,
Protect the knowledge and keep hope in nature.
With Eden's Will and Rangers Strength,
May Destiny protect those it guides.

(I do hope this sounds ok, I'm trying to go for old prophecy text now translated so it will be a little ruff from a couple of miss translations. Spent a few hours writing and editing this to try and make it read well hope it does now)

A Green and Unpleasant Land / Observations of a Priest
« on: October 19, 2011, 07:54:48 PM »
14th October 2115

This is the last night in my quarters, but as I look at the sparse room and see only a handful of possession I resolve myself to moving on.

I need nothing but what God gives me,
I do nothing but what Gods wills me,
But you can always make things easier.

That last line Rhys use to add on to me laugh as a child, still does today. I guess that's where this feeling comes from, I will not miss the home but I will miss the people in it.

I keep telling myself the missions only 7 days but something inside me answers back 'but that's just the beginning.' And I know it's the truth speaking.

I need nothing but what God gives me,
I do nothing but what Gods wills me,

I find this mantra calms my spirit and puts everything into perceptive, I have a duty to God and the Church and Brother Inspector Rhys has not trained me to fail in that duty. I have everything I need to complete my mission, I am ready to serve.

I need nothing but what God gives me,
I do nothing but what Gods wills me,
But you can always make things easier.

The Fallen / Announcement
« on: March 21, 2011, 04:41:04 PM »
Hello everyone,

Just making an announcement about The Fallen Live Action Game. The Nightingale pub is now not a usable venue which only leaves The Albert which has just changed hands once more and unsure of the opening times on sundays as they were only 4 hours in the afternoon last landlord. Venue is an issue with live games and it is even harder these days to find a suitable free venue for several hours.

I am also finding it hard to find the time to sort out important parts of my life (getting a better job to making more money lol) while putting time into creating a enjoyable and engrossing game.

And so mainly because of these two reasons I have decided to put The Fallen game back on the shelf for the foreseeable future. Circumstances may have changed in 6 month or a year to allow me to start it up once again and I may organise some one off's to test new idea's for the system and introduce people that have never played live to see if their interested. Also I may run some table top games for some of the people that were interest but had never played.

I will keep people updated on face book and the forum to anything happening relating to the Fallen game.

Apologies for the short notice as there was suppose to be a game this Sunday, it has been a hard decision to make but I think it's the best for a lot of reasons right now.

The Fallen / New day, new venue
« on: February 09, 2011, 10:34:28 PM »
The Fallen Live Action Role Play Game will be switching days to a sunday, the first one being this sunday. From there dates will be confirmed in advance so people can let us know if there is a larp weekend at the same time.

Also a possible change of venue as Ben has said we should be fine with using the upstairs of The Nightingale a new pub in Lindley, I understand that people may think the venue is a little out of the way and they would be right, a little is the right word. There is a bus that takes you right outside it from town which is frequent and also if we organise it taxi carpooling can be arranged to make a cheap easy journey as it's only 10 mins out of town.

Anyway the Albert is not going to be a viable place for sunday role playing as it's only open 12-4 and I think most people would prefer to start later and go on a little longer if possible.

I will be going to have a look to see if The Nightingale is a suitable venue for the game and will up date you when I know.

The Fallen / The News of Darkness
« on: February 06, 2011, 08:12:35 PM »
Here will be posted some news reports from the local area each month giving brief information on events that have transpired during the month between games.

If you would like to research further into any of the stories please PM me with what you are doing to look further into a particular story and I'll reply with what you find.

The Fallen / Fallen: Days Of Fire - Minds Eye Theatre Game
« on: January 27, 2011, 10:10:14 PM »
This is my little brief on my game so new people to this type of role play can have a little understanding and may have a interest in joining. If you have any more questions please pm me or catch me at HUGS on tuesdays.

What is Minds Eye Theatre?

Minds Eye Theatre is a live action role play system that focuses on social interaction more than physical combat which is the well known live action role play with actual weapons. The game is played out in a couple of rooms with the largest used mainly for the Court that the players attend and interact with the other players in court and other kinds of social politics. The game is driven by players and their involvement in events that happen within the town and so players are taken out of the room if they want to interact with the rest of the world and is run by a Storyteller.

As a big part of the game is player interaction there will be many friendships forged and enemies made between the players and this spark is what makes a Court room an important tool in the game and can have the most enjoyment at times.

Were are we?

The location of the game is Huddersfield but a darker bleaker world. The park is not being rebuilt but continues to fall into ruin, St Georges square is still bland weathered outside the old and worn looking train station. The the bad in the real world is worse and the good doesn't seem to be trying as hard, oil spills, wars, natural disasters and on top of that supernatural creatures manipulating and causes more horrors onto the world.

So which supernatural creature are we tonight?

In this game you play fallen angles that have been trapped in a prison for a millennia while humanity has continued and forgot the war between the Angles and Fallen. Present day the prison walls are starting to crack and the less powerful of the fallen are managing to escape back into the world. Unfortunately the pull of the Abyss is still strong and they have to anchor themselves to a mortals body to stay. The mortal has to be very weak willed or just at an inch of death for the spirit to enter the body and all the memories of the mortal are left to mix in with the fallen's memories of everything which can not possible fit inside a human brain. The end result is a immortal being that helped shape the universe now a shadow of it's former power and a fraction for the knowledge it once held, also with a possibility of losing the vessel and being pulled back into the Abyss.

Final thoughts

Hope this explains some of what the game is about, the best way if you think you might be interested is to just come down and play one game with one of my character and experience the game first hand to see if it's something you'll enjoy. Also the night is about coming and playing a game but also to meet up with people and have a few drinks and laughs, this is the main reason I started LARP and the reason I continue to play.

The Fallen / The Ruling Ranks
« on: January 27, 2011, 09:31:50 PM »
Whatever else the fallen became in the blackness of the Pit, they remain creatures of hierarchy and order, compelled to define their possessions, duties and rank relative to the other fallen in their vicinity.  Restoring the court system upon their release was second nature to many fallen, particularly in the face of outside threats such has demon-hunters and the implacable Earthbound.

The Ruling Ranks


The highest-ranking fallen in Creation next to Lucifer himself, the five archdukes were chosen by the Morningstar to command his legions in the war against Heaven.  These fearsome angels - Balial, Abaddon, Dagon, Asmodeus and Azrael - each held sway over a fifth of the infernal host and the entire world was divided up between them.  The five archdukes vanished at some point after their imprisonment in the Abyss, drawn from the Pit by forces unknown to the fallen.  In the wake of their disappearance, many powerful dukes vied for their place as the penultimate leaders of the fallen, but their efforts onl successed in further splintering the loylties of the infernal host.


During the War of Wrath an archduke was served by a council of trusted dukes who acted as his lieutenants and commanded the Legion's largest corps.  With the disappearance of the archdukes, these fallen are the highest-ranking fallen remaining in the Abyss.


During the war the Legion's many brigades were commanded by the barons of the host, each one commanding tens of thousands of rebel angels and governing thousands of square miles of territory plus the human flocks that lived there.  Those barons who survived the war remain trapped in the Pit, but in several major cities such as London, Paris, Los Angeles and New York, one of more fallen have assumed the title as a right of conquest. 


During the war, the fallen overlords commanded each of the Legion's numerous battalions, holding authority over several hundred angels and several hundred square miles of terrain, including fallen bastions and human settlements.  None of the host's surviving overlords have yet managed to escape from the Pit, though there are scores of fallen who claim the title.
Overlords are often also the Lord of a particular part of their domain, making them "First among equals" in the lords of the region.  This means that overlords often double their duties as both local lords and regional overlord.


Lord make up the backborne of the ruling class of the fallen.  During the war most fallen lords commanded a company of several hundred rebel angels and a number of fortresses and watchtower covering enough territory for a small country, now most fallen lords claim little more than a single city or collection of small towns as their own.
The Lord is Tyrant of the court, maintains order in the bounds of the court and handles matters such as enforcing the edicts of the higher ranks, integrating newly-returned fallen into the court, dealing with renegades and potential enemies, and managing the court's resources.  The lord does this with the aid of the five ministries.

Fell Knight

The lowest ruling rank among the fallen are the fell knights, fallen who have risen from the lower ranks by virtue of skill and heroism on the field of war.  Fell knights are typically the primary vassals of fallen lords, commanding small bands of demons and overseeing the bastions and settlements of the domain, but they are also commonly found serving as champions in the retinue of higher-ranking nobles.  They may control small domains of their own, such as a particular neighbourhood or district, or they may oversee particular affairs within the lord's domain, such as marshalling soldiers in its defence, maintaining order, enforcing the lord's will and similar duties.  New knights are created at the lord's will from the lower ranks of the fallen, and knighthood is often a promise reward for faithful services.

The Lower Ranks
Beneath the ruling ranks of the fallen are the majority of fallen, who offer their loyalty to the infernal court, obey the court's edicts and rules and otherwise go about their business, trying to curry the court's favour and avoid it's wrath as much as possible.  Most of the fallen are in this category: returned in mortal flesh and struggling to regain some measure of the power and knowledge they once know by gathering faith to sustain themselves.
Fallen in the lower ranks can still wield a measure of power, for example the ministers within the court hold power and infulence, even though they do not necessarily possess ruling rank.

The Fallen / The Ministries of the court
« on: January 27, 2011, 09:31:15 PM »
b]The Ministry of Eagles (The Watchers)[/b]

The fallen of the Ministry of Eagles are often referred to simply as The Watchers, for their primary role is the collection of information and intelligence of the enemies of the court and the fallen as a whole.  The Ministry of Eagles specializes in gathering and organizing information of all kinds, employing every method from powerful evocations to the sharp eyes and ears of well placed thralls.  The fallen understand that information is vital to their survival and success in the modern world.

The Ministry of Aurochs (The warders)

The Ministry of Aurochs is made up of fallen primary concerned with the defence of the court and the enforcement of it's laws.  The Warders are entrusted with the safety of the court and it's members.  During the war this meant protecting high-ranking fallen against enemies, serving as bodyguard and a first line of defence.  In the modern world the Warders most often protect the court from other fallen looking to cause trouble although they work with the Ministry of Dust to protect the court from any dangers originating in the mortal world as well.  Agents of the Ministry of Aurochs also serve the court in a more social role.  As their name implies the Aurochs are stubborn traditionalists.  Its their duty to uphold the rules, traditions and customes of the court.

The Ministry of Lions (The Sword)

The Ministry of Lions compliments the Ministry of Aurochs as much as it competes with it for influence within the court.  Whereas the Ministry of Aurochs is charged with the general defence of the court, the Ministry of Lions makes up the court's elite soldiers, warriors and generals.  The Sword combine valor with bloodlust and a hunger for conflict of all sorts.  They're often seen as a blunt instrument the court wields against it's enemies, but the Sword can be as careful and deliberate as a scalpel, neatly cutting away any emerging threat to the court or the fallen as a whole.

The Ministry of Dust (The Guides)

The Ministry of Dust during the war were responsible for seeing to the protection and needs of humanity, the ultimate prize in the conflict.  Since the failure of the rebellion and the imprisonment of the fallen in the Abyss, the purpose of the Ministry of Dust has changed.  Currently this Ministry serves as an intermediary between fallen and mortal society.  Guides are regularly in contact with organizations like the media and law enforcement.  They arrange cover-ups, kill potentially troublesome stories or investigations, and subtly divert attention from their own activities by focusing it on their enemies.  Conversely the Ministry of Dust is also in charge of cultivating potential sources of faith and mortal vassals.  They look for opportunities to increase human belief in the supernature, nurturing the spark of faith and fanning it into flame that the fallen can draw upon for power.

The Ministry of Dragons (The Censors)

Their tendency towards rebellion and questioning authority is reflected in the structure of the infernal court by the presence of the Ministry of Dragons, named for fearsome visage of the First Rebel, the great Morningstar himself.  They are the five ministry and their primary task is to keep the other ministries true to their intended role as servant of the court.
Thus the Ministry of Dragons serve as censors to the other ministries and to the structure of the court in general.  They can say the things that everyone is thinking, but do not dare to voice aloud.  They are critics who cannot be easily silenced and censors who are always watching for signs of corruption, double-dealings, or betrayal.  The truth is that the Ministry of Dragons doesn't really weed out the corrupt and untrustworthy, merely the stupid, the careless and the arrogant, which is enough for most fallen.  They actually encourage the fallen to be more circumspect and cunning in their dealings with each other, since no fallen is eager to suffer public sanction, much less caught and punished for their indiscretions.  The Dragons represent a kind of demonic Darwinism: those who cannot survive their attention are not worthy of attaining power within court.
Since the Ministry of Dragons is charged with policing their fellow fallen, who watches them?  Pretty much everyone, since Dragons tend to earn more than their share of potential enemies and there are always fallen in the court who are delighted by the opportunity to embarrass or bring down one of them, especially a high-ranking one.  Of course, potentially damaging information can also be put to good use by ensuring the ministry's cooperation in the future.

The Fallen / Got to have Faith
« on: January 27, 2011, 09:29:10 PM »

Faith is the energy of the cosmos, the breath of the Creator and lifeblood of the damned.  Fallen use faith to enhance themselves or to alter reality using the tools given them by their former Lord.  The irony is that Fallen cannot generate faith themselves.  Faith is about belief, not knowledge and Fallen know the truth about the Creator and His grand experiment.
Unable to fell the faith they require, fallen must turn to humans for their belief. By opening a mortal's eyes to the wonders and horrors of the cosmos, a fallen can draw out the precious breath of faith.

There are two ways in which to collect faith from a mortal, Reaping or Offered.


If a fallen can show a human the truth about the world, can show him her Celestial nature, she may be able to harvest some slight power from the mortal's belief exhalation of faith.  But how do you convine an unbelieving human that you are a fallen angel?  Revealing your infernal anima isn't enough, because that doesn't impart meaning to the observer.  They have to believe that the fallen truly is a messenger of God or a horror straight from Hell, which requires the fallen to act.


When a mortal comes to believe completely in the true nature of the fallen and feels an ongoing respect for (or terror of) that fallen, then he may become a continuing source of faith.  This is far more reliable source of faith than reaping, and fallen who want to further their goals need to establish relationships with humans who can offer them faith.
While the system and mechanics of offered faith are simple, it is not a simple thing to groom someone as a source.  Entering into a bargain is a momentous and dangerou act, and fallen must work hard to find mortals who have potential for being worth the trouble and effort.
To become a source of faith a mortal must enter into a voluntary agreement with a fallen.  The fallen gives the mortal whatever he desires, in return, the mortal offers her his faith.  Exactly what the mortal gains will vary from person to person, of course.  It cannot be something mundane, because that lacks the meaning required.  The fallen must share her power with the mortal in some way, which often means gifting him with one of her evocations or abilities.
The fallen gains at dawn all faith that is offered to him through his Thralls, this can not exceed your permanent faith score.

Uses of Faith

The Fallen's innate powers only work if the fallen has a point of temporary faith, this also applies to using the apocalyptic form.  Some Lore's also require a point of temporary faith to be spent.

The Fallen / Tormented souls
« on: January 27, 2011, 09:28:38 PM »

The fallen are all haunted by the past.  The two greatest things they loved, God and humanity, both turned their backs on them and consigned them to millennia of torture and pain, but nothing Hell could off was worse than the first terrible wounds inflicted by the betrayal of their Creator and their beloved changes.  All fallen carry a measure of that pain with them, and many are driven mad by it.  A fallen's Torment is a measure of the anguish and suffering it carries, and how it deals with those painful memories.

How it works

Torment is rated from 1-10 with permanent and temporary aspects, torment is gain in many ways and you gain 1 permanent Torment when you have 10 temporary.

Torment vs Virtue

When a character sins, the player must make a test against an appropriate Virtue. 
If the Virtue test succeeds the character feels remorse and a sense of horror at how far she has fallen and her temporary Torment does not increase. 
If the Virtue test fails the character exults in the rush of power, stoking the fires of her personal Hell.  Your Characters temporary Torment increase by 1.

Acts of Kindness

Where cruel and selfish actions increase Torment, kindness and selflessness are balm to the torment of the fallen, those not too proud or lazy to seek it out.  Acts of kindness remind fallen of the divine beings they once were, and they can help reduce one's torment.  Such acts must be truly kind and compassionate, done for no reason other than the act itself, without expectation of reward.  Supposed acts of kindness aimed at creating a pact or winning over a mortal (or any other selfish reason) need not apply.

Torment can also be bought off with experience points.

The Fallen / Basics - Background
« on: January 27, 2011, 09:28:07 PM »

You are an angles that created the universe and most important earth and the human race. When the job was finished God gave you only two rules.

1. Love humans and that our love for humans would equal the love for the maker himself.
2.  Hide ourselves from humans to never let ourselves be seen, heard or sensed by humans in anyway.

not long after an angel named Ahrimal perceived a knot of great destructiveness and turmoil which caused a great debate between some of the angels. The debate drew no closure between those that wanted to follow god and those who wanted to help humanity. Until the morning star entered the debate joining those that wanted to help humanity.

Lucifer and those that followed came down and revealed themselves to humanity with a gifts of peace and knowledge, humans accepted there gift with solemn joy and Lucifer opened there eyes. The angels taught the humans much about fire, taming of beasts and the glory of spoken word. It was one night that lasted one thousand years in which the two became four which became many, became a nation. which our aid true humanity had slipped its bonds and worked its full potential on the world, but however great the night of rejoicing the day of reckoning was still to come. When the Sun came up on the new works of man, it rose with a vanguard of angels. The angels were given a choice to return back to god, where the punishing angels  may strip you sinners down into nothing unshaping your forms silencing your names and sending you to the black annihilation. The humans were also given a choice,to forsake the tainted gifts of these rebels turn aside from your ill gotten knowledge and you yet may return to the good graces of your maker. Some angels and one tribe of man, took the offer the angels were not seen again, and the humans returned to there ignorant lives.

Those that remained would have stand against God, and the war of a thousand years began.

The war drew on, and the angels constructed there own utopia. Angels and the Fallen continued to fight in battles that would never be seen on earth again. Near to the end Lucifer commanded all the Fallen to retreat from mankind and a group called the Watchers was created to teach all the tribes of man the full knowledge of creation in the hope they could fight against God. Some of the fallen grew jealous that yet again they were denied contact with the humans. Some went back and created a heinous abomination between man and angel. When Lucifer discovered what they had done he destroyed the fallen and there creations. This was the opportunity God was waiting for and wasted no time in pressing it to his full advantage. All the fallen were shackled and awaited gods judgement.

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