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Star Wars / In character chat
« on: October 12, 2016, 10:32:17 PM »
In case you wanted to RP out of session, WARNING; YOU MAY EARN BONUS XP FOR NON SESSION RP! :D

Star Wars / Character Backgrounds
« on: October 12, 2016, 10:31:29 PM »
Post your backgrounds here!

Metro 2033: The Dark / Into The Mouth of Hell We March.
« on: February 11, 2015, 01:57:54 AM »
Journal Entry 1:
10th February 2033
Well, shit.

Today was an interesting day, I met the crew that the Dark One showed me, they were a... interesting lot. One was dead when I got their. Poor arsehole, got shot limb from limb, there wasn't even a head left... Pierre (Or Frenchie as I call him, it's a French name, come on!) is a drug addled smackhead who shoots when he thinks no one's looking. No problem with that, we all have our vices,though from the knife incident, won't benefit the group that much. Volk is a strange one, keeps to himself and wanders off at times to do something, I may have to keep an eye on him. Tomsk is the de facto leader or co-leader if you count Wellington, they make the most decisions anyway. Both enjoy their drink and women... Can't disagree more on that front.

So anyway, turns out these guys had fucked it all up. Artyom's dead, so on one hand; The Dark Ones are safe, on the other; They'll be MONUMENTALLY pissed at them for letting him die, he was their... what's the word... Conduit? To speak with us. So they'll be mad to put it gently.

Then we run into Hanza territory, had to avoid the locals but that damn Tomsk must have noticed something... He interrogated me in Polis's finest run down bar. I answered him truthfully, if I have to trust these guys, might as well start off telling them enough to seem like an open book. They won't know EVERYTHING of course... That's only for me, myself and I.

And now... The Surface. It looks just like that vision. It's beautiful, dangerous as all hell... But beautiful. And now we march to the Library, to find this damn book. Should be interesting.

Metro 2033: The Dark / Pavel Cheryno
« on: February 06, 2015, 03:42:00 AM »
Pavel Cheryno:
Age: 27
Home Station: Vidyenka
Role: Scout.
Occupation: Guard
Current Station whereabouts: Polis

All was dark... Story of my life.

The silence, that was what was so strange about the tunnels, the complet lack of sounds, beside the drip, drip, drip. The Creak! of the pipes running beside them.

The tunnel was pitch black, the lack of light was palpable, his vision limited to the cone of the flashlight. The crunch of my boots on the gravel of the track was amplified by the tunnel. We’d just left the station they were ordered to gather supplies from and were heading back to Polis.


I quickly whipped around, with my Kalashnikov raised to see Novak stumble and land on the rail. His pack splitting and his gear spewing out all over. I slowly lowered the weapon and sighed.

“Chyort, you had to have a pack break here? Of all places?” I asked exasperatedly. My bumbling colleague looked up sheepishly.

Why do I get stuck with the idiots?

“I can’t help this place is so dark it makes seeing random crap impossible!” He spluttered indignantly as he scrambled to grab the dropped items.
“Well hurry up, we need to get this to Polis, before any bandits come. Andre hates complications, almost as much as he hates tardiness.” I chuckled before turning, straight into a gun barrel.


“Good day gentlemen, could you lay down your weapons for us? That way we can guarantee no… unpleasant business!” He smiled from beneath his crappy helm, his battered flak jacket and helmet wobbling off his skinny frame. He was flanked by four men, two either side, each with just as bad weapons or armour. Or both. I lifted my weapon off my shoulder and set it down slowly, he heard Novak do the same behind him.

Well shit, this is all we need…

“Now, we’re going to take all your belongings and be on our merry way, you get to live. IF you act accordingly and try something stupid. We clear?” Asked the Bandit, I nodded slowly, not daring to try anything, no heroics. They get you killed, though his accent... that wasn't Russian.

Two of the bandits moved forwards, one patted me down, the other did the same to Novak. They were lax to say the least, they didn’t even find the snub revolver in my boot…

“Now you’re disarmed. You can kneel by the side of the tracks, we’ll relieve you of your goods and we’ll be gone, know you’re helping a good cause, for you’re helping the Reich!”

Even better… Bloody fascists…

“I’m sure we can come to some sort of arran-“ The sentence never got finished as a hand slapped me, not too hard, just enough to stop the words tumbling from my mouth.

“DO NOT, speak unless I tell you to dog.” Spat the Nazi. The tone of his voice, arrogance, smug superiority. He’ll get his soon enough.

“Got it all Mein Offizier.” Muttered one of the other party members, hooking my bag around his shoulder.

Ausgezeichnet! Well, only one last thing left to do…” He said jovially as he pulled a Walther P38 from his and turned, firing a shot into Novak’s forehead. He slumped onto the wall, slowly sliding down. Leaving a grisly red claret trail to the ground on the wall. He pointed the gun leisurely at my face.

“I’m afraid… I lied.” He smiled.

Der Felwebl Dietrich! We have incoming!” Shouted a nazi as they opened fire at a single form walking towards them from the track I came from. The leader looked around in annoyance.

I reached into my boot and grasped my revolver. I drew it hastily and shot, the bullet ripped a long scalding black line ripped across his cheek, the sergeant recoiled in pain, firing a shot from his Walther impacted me in the shoulder. It threw me back into the wall with a grunt, the air knocked from my lungs. The sergeant angrily turned and kicked me in the chest, hard. An audible CRACK was heard over the silence.

Auf Wiedersehen, Polis dog.” Said the Sergeant.

You will be safe. He will be stopped.

The Sergeant lifted his weapon, before he noticed something.

Where was the gunfire?

More importantly.

Where was his men?!

He turned and saw a long thin black torso, looking slowly up, he saw large, long arms and two black eyes staring at him inquisitively. The Sergeant screamed and ran down the track, dropping his weapon, cursing and screaming in German the whole way. The creature cocked his head and turned to face me, it wandered over and touched my forehead with a long slender finger.

The space was new, unfamiliar, totally alien, there was a strong sensation of wind on his face. The tunnel was gone, above him were large white shapes hung lazily in the sky.

The… Sky?

The view of blue above him was astonishing.

“Do you approve? We thought you’d appreciate it.” Said a voice that sounded like many coalesced into one.

“Who are you?” I asked the creature, it looked almost like a curious child as it stared at him.

“You would call us… a ‘Dark One’ but know we mean you no harm… we need your help. Save us!”

“Save you? How?”

“There is a group of people, the veteran Dimitri, Tomsk the leader, Volk, the stranger, Wellington, the drunk, Pierre, the addict and now you. Without you, they may yet fail.”

Images flashed with each name, a differing face to a name.

“Fail what? I don’t understand!” I told it. It shook its head.

“There is no time, we work hard to keep you here. Listen carefully: You must join the five and help them on their journey, they are trying to find a young human called Artyom, he’s attempting to eradicate us. Not because of hatred on his part but because of the orders of his elders who fear us. They are travelling away from your Polis station, they are travelling into danger. From multiple sides. Go now, help them, we will speak with you again soon…”

The shapes obscured the blue and all went dark…

“He’s over here!” the sounds of boots filled the tunnel as I opened my eyes groggily to see the black uniform of Polis, “Get him up, we have to get back to Polis!” My eyes drooped shut again.


My eyes open at the bar, the smell of vodka, mixed with blood, sweat and smoke filled the air with a foul reeking stench, my eyes followed five individuals in particular.

Well, shit… The Dark One was right.

The five moved through the station to the chain linked fence, moving out of the recently bandit occupied station and out towards the first checkpoint, I regarded them the whole way. The only one that I could make out was Dimitri, who held himself with an air of authority, with a face set in a permanent frown, his greatcoat flapping with a Dragunov shouldered over his back.

I swilled my vodka in my mouth, setting the glass down with a THUNK! Slowly, I got up and made my way casually to the bar. I paid for the drinks and moved towards the door.

That’s when the gunfire started…

Introductions / Welp, I'm finally here.
« on: January 31, 2015, 02:47:47 PM »
Yeah, you can probably tell who this is by the username. Now my account is authorised I can stop lurking and start posting. :)

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