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改变 Gǎibiàn / Some Reflections from Mr Star
« on: November 24, 2019, 03:04:40 PM »
As the eclectic group proceeded along the long corridor, a jostling throng approached and proceeded them from an array of mirrors. 'Star' instinctively sited himself inside the small phalanx of his companions, wary lest anyone notice that his reflection wasn't anywhere amongst their myriad doubles. Willing their progress to speed along, his eyes widened... 'He' was here!.. a brief look of surprise flashed into the face of his master who had suddenly joined Star's companions.
It had been stupid to come here, inevitable that He would be present! Star's eyes nervously flicked across the sea of faces as his senses reeled, fighting his reluctance to gaze on the gloating face of his tormentor as he trying to work out just which image showed the physical location of 'Him'. There he was! The sneering, assured visage with the confident air, or was it? Nearby an angry face, near twin to Star's, stared with murderous gaze...or the other which laughing silent mirth..Star was bewildered, unused to seeing his own features or even those of Him, now dozens...No! Hundreds! infinity of faces confronted him, one stared pityingly, another stifled a yawn of indifference, another, his true self perhaps, screamed in mute terror. Although seemingly trapped in the same instant no two where alike and, somehow Star knew, none where the same person.
He faltered in his progress along the enchanted corridor, and was fleetingly aware that mirrored image of the young girl at his side was looking intrigued at him. Star willed himself forwards through the sea of phantasms, brooded on what they portended.

Hell Trek / EPILOGUE
« on: June 17, 2019, 08:23:19 PM »
The Rhand women decide to wait with Atlanta whilst she recovers from her injuries before continuing to a mining settlement where they will, hopefully, meet men whose proposals they accept. Atlanta turns down a proposal from Keef Proctor and Danni turns down a proposal from Vernon Stillwell.
Marty Crane and Irma Markmann become engaged.
The former crew of Freedom 16 are keen to start prospecting.
The Robinovs intend to move further inland into the mountains.
Sybil Moon makes disturbing prophecies about the crew of Canye 4.
'Billie' Band Junior makes a good recovery from radiation sickness, though he is now completely bald.

Nearly half a continent lies ahead of the adventurers who crewed Canye 4 if they decide to continue to Death Valley to scatter the ashes of Canye's uncle at the battle site of the Battle of armageddon, prior to reaching Mega-City Two and the promised inheritence.

Hell Trek / Seven Page story
« on: May 21, 2019, 04:21:14 PM »    The source material I used for the SHOK trooper is this seven page classic that actually got pirated and used for an eighties movie!

Hell Trek / Comm Traffic
« on: April 03, 2019, 04:35:13 PM »
Helltrekkers! We admire and respect you. You are following in the brave traditions of our white ancestors, the Boers who sought a life free from interference and the American pioneers who took the torch of civilization across this great continent. They too faced nature's wrath and cruel attacks from feral savages. We mean no harm to our white kin, all our kind are the master race, the true inheritors of a devastated world brought about by a Jewish conspiracy aided by their negro pawns. Cast out those parasites who cling to you, the black and the yellow man. Look for and purge the mutants amongst you.As for the so called 'uplifts'..they are merely a race of inhuman servitors bred by science to serve their masters.
All men, women and children of white race are free to pass through our glorious new town and may choose to purchase a  crossing or can elect to join our growing band as we reclaim our destiny. Do not be led like sheep to be butchered under a degenerate pipedream of so called 'equality'. Come drive towards us with your weapons lowered and a white flag and you will be welcomed. If your fellow travellers question your decision, pay them no heed. All hail the new American Empire!

<Transmission from Nu Munich>

Hell Trek / Markmann Convoy Voting
« on: February 20, 2019, 12:48:22 PM »
Day 3:
Call for the exiling of Pike Forrest
For [11] Crane 2, Canye 4, Plymouth 5, Mantua 6, Skyclad 10, Alder 11, Proctor 14, Robin 20, Rhand 21, Western 24, Bronski 25
Against [9] ITT8, Davis 9, Freedom 12, Lucky Roller 13, Matt 15, Damascus 16, Happy Waggon 19, Casa 22, Merrick 23
Abstention: [3] Trant 7, Applepie 17, Applemac 18
Trekk Leader: Vote not cast
Result: Pike is exiled from the convoy, his uncle, Major Trant elects to stay with him.

Hell Trek / In the Rad-wagon
« on: February 05, 2019, 11:24:56 PM »
Kanye 4 stinks of sweat and noxious grot-pot meals, but is the safe heaven from the radio-active wilderness of a defiant band of adventurers. [This location is used for inter-party chat between helltrekkers]

Hell Trek / Invitations.
« on: January 27, 2019, 08:29:36 PM »
Amidst all the training, purchasing and modifying equipment, the Canye-23 crew have invites to the following exciting events:

Week 2: Evening party [clothing option] at the con-ap, penthouse suite of Cob and Beryl Wanders.

Week 4: Afternoon show, 'children and adults of all ages welcome'.
Jolly Journey to the Land of Lollypops, held in the Floella Benjamin Block civic hall by MAGIKO’S MARVELOUS MECHANICAL CIRCUS.
Free admission but contributions to charity welcome, refreshments available.

« on: January 26, 2019, 08:06:06 PM »
Trucks are generally sand coloured, tracked Radwagons.
Markmann 1 [6] Trekkmaster Karl Markmann :-X, former architect and his family;   :-X Barbara, Irma 16,’Franky’ Franco 14, Alison Van Damm aka ‘Damnation Ali’ is the grizzled looking trek guide.

Abe (a former mall security guard) and Tandy Crane and children Martin 'Marty'  (16), Ella (14), Denzill (11) and 'Josephine Jo-Jo' (8)             
Engels 3[0]  An ordinary, Grud-loving family. Dwight & Beth Hammond. Will aged 17, Dorothy aged 16, Susie aged 14 and Grandma Mabel Engels   :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(   
Canye 4 [5]
Canye, Doctor Cornelius, Derrek, 'Hernando' :'(, IBM, 'Jeb', Sullivan Kane, Manchester, Alicia [pcs]
+5x robo-otters. Three aredestroyed  :-\ :-\ :-\   
PLYMOUTH 5 Joe :'( and Elsa Cotter and Abraham and Wilmer Cotter. Two brothers and their wives. All are devout Grud worshippers.   Wilma Forrest :'( (from Trant 7)
MANTUA 6 [2 now 0] Julio and Romana Montana, :'( :'( a young couple married on the first evening of the trek.

ITT8 [5 now 1]   Anton ‘The Badger’ Brockmann  :'( X[lead guitar] Calvin 'Cal' Roberts [vocals] :'(, ‘Lonny’ Killmeister [bassist] <maimed>, Simon ‘S.A.M.’ Alphonso Magnusson :'( [keyboard], ‘Mad Mazie Molotov’ :'([drums].
Inverted Testicular Torsion is a LOUD rock/metal band. They play the most, treble heavy, distorted metal that they can, designed to be almost painful to listen to, to make it as challenging as possible for the audience.

Davis 9 [6] Mauve coloured raddwagon.
Ike  :D and ‘ :'( Gabriella and children Clay 15 yr, Slim 13 yr and Louisa 8 year-old. Plus Sybil Moon and Trek-born infant, Cornelius D Davis. Ike is an author, conspiracy theorist and mystic. 

Skyclad 10 [4 now 1]
 Ned :'( and Alicia Henderson Cob :'( and Beryl Wanders :'(, . Naturists. Lotto winners. They wear see through coveralls when outdoors, but also wear some small clothes as a sop to protesters.

Freedom 12[5]   Ella Corollis, Jonah and Taco Korbett :'(, Kiera Smith, Stefan Shirov    Democrats who want to escape the ‘fascist Meg’. The ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ will be reluctant to take orders without debates.

‘Lucky Roller’ 13 [1]
William ‘Billie’ Band Jr. Eldster, Derrek

Proctor 14 [4 now 2] Keef and Louisa Proctor :'(, ‘Candy’ Kandicia 14 years, Barnaby   :'((11 years)  Beth Hammond, the sole survivor from Engels 3.
Matt 15 [2 now 1] Turkey logo   
Mathias :'( and  Matilda Matthews :'(. Carrying cloned livestock to start a farm.
Later front part crewed by 'Gazza'  :'( and Dotz' Merrick  :'(.

Damascus 16 [5] Vernon Stillwell age 34, ‘Big’ Bart age 37, Arnold Boronni age 44, Errol De la Croix age 32.Georgie Whittle age 36.   Unremarkable looking Vernon is the spokesman for this collective.

Applepie 17 [6 now 4]
Ester, Deborah, Jael,  Judith :'(, Naomi, Ruth :-\<loss of an eye>All female commune of elderly, lesbian Neo-Mormons and firm believers in the power of matriarchy. They call themselves “Jobsians” and believe in using no technology beyond dial-up and believe Steve Jobs is their messiah (the have everything classic Apple-analogue).
Applemac 18 [6 now 4]   The Jobsians Becca, Huldah, Jamimah,  :'(, Sharon, Zemirah   

Happy-waggon 19 [2+3 droids] Elderly, flower-power, spray painted school bus filled with electrical brick-a-brac and potted plants and an extra roof structure and trailer.
Penny Pendle :'(, Benevolence ‘Benny’ Isambard :'(, Tic, Toc and Cogworth ;D 'Jeb'
Robin 20 [6+2 robo-dogs]
Ivan Rozanoff and family.
Elizabeth – The mother.
Ernest – The oldest of the four boys, he is 15. <maimed>
Felix– The second oldest of the boys, he is 13. 
Josef – The third oldest of the boys, 11 years old. 
Erik – The youngest of the boys, he is 8 years old 
Tartar and Trotsky– The family’s robo-dogs   

Rhand 21    [6]
Jake Rhand, Atlanta [strong woman], Mrs Menendez, Danielle Dumoire, Leila Normans, Mary Rose, Shane Rose (infant)   

Casa-de-Winter 22 [10]
Doris ‘Mama’ :'(and ‘Papa’ Peter Winter :'( and ‘children’ aged around 6 to 10: Angel, Miguel, Hassan, Mildew, Wimpey, Constance, Wayne and Hun. The Winters are a kindly couple with a large brood of children to fuss over, though unknown to most of the convoy, the brood are replicates.   

Western 24 [4 now 0]
Jake :'( and Abigail Western :'(, Katherine ‘Kat’ [17]    :'( and Bartholomew ‘Bat’ (12) :'(
Family who seem to adapt a wild west image, based on old 20th C movies. Their equipment includes ‘Trigger’, a six-legged robo-horse.

Bronski 25 [3 now 2] Kirk  :'( an ex astro-miner and family. Vera Bronski  :-X, Jo-Jo  :' (their four-year old son. Gary ‘Gazza’ and Dorothy ‘Dotz’ Merrick and infant Ligella ‘Ella :'(’.
Couple with a mutated infant who has a prehensile tongue.
Smitt 26 [2 now 0] Ex astro miner Werner :'( and Debbie Smitt ex barworker :'(. This vehicle is painted in bright red and festoned with various hazard signs, denoting its cargo of high explosives.
Trant 7 [2]Major Ernest Trant, a silver haired veteran with a cyber eye and powered leg braces. His younger sister, Wilma Forrest*, a severe faced woman of fifty years and her son Pike Forrest aged 22.
*Transferred to canyye 4 for medical treatment, then Plymouth 5.

Alder 11 [5]
Nathan and Sarah Alder, Son Levi and Mary, Aaron Alder is brother of Nathan. Grud fearing community noted for using venomous snakes in their rituals.

Aging half track   [3]
Zemirah, Jael and Becca from the Jobsians using the vehicle 'Appletree' (formerly Merick 23) used by the Merricks who transferred to another vehicle a few days out, in search of the sacred apple tree of Rainbow County.

‘Lonny’ Killmeister, badly wounded, elects to recover at Stinking Creek waystation.
Elsa, Abraham and Wilmer Cotteat Stinking Creek till they can get on another convoy. 


« on: January 24, 2019, 07:59:37 PM »

William 'Billie' Band Jr a former janitor at Mega-U.

A man of small and slight stature. Voted for Hernando in the recent election for a Trekkmaster.


« on: December 04, 2018, 10:52:55 PM »
[Following the parley with the Matt Damon Block's robot rebel leaders, the adventurers reunite in the garage/workshop complex of Bedlam Turning. The robo-otters frolic and demand attention, Manchester has (as ever) droids needing some repair work, but they still find time to discus the hectic events of the past afternoon and evening and formulate plans for the day ahead.]

Hell Trek / Anthems to the Judge
« on: December 01, 2018, 05:16:21 PM »

Hell Trek / Block Channel 101
« on: November 01, 2018, 12:59:55 PM »
[extract from an interview with Myron Mistralle on 'Matt Matters' 04:16:98]
Mistralle: Oh, I think its unquestionable that the new block security droid program is an unqualified success, violent crime and theft are already at the lowest recorded levels for our block. In fact the Gottwrangler Android Company will be showcasing the new droids at the forthcoming Robot of the Year Show later this month and I think all of us in Matt Damon can take pride in our pioneering this technology that will benefit all honest citizens of our city.
Matt Banker [in apologetic manner] What about these reports of vandalism, threats, harassment and brawling concerning the security droids.
Mistralle: Every project will have a trifling amount of teething problems that can be soon rectified by a skilled company. [leans further to camera] We will always have nay sayers, in some cases motivated by those misguidedly protecting the so-called rights of a criminal element in society.'

Hell Trek / Down Time
« on: October 29, 2018, 10:29:26 PM »
Next session will be working out any income garned in the next few months and a few encounters prior to the next full adventure.
Gambling is ilegal but lots of citizens bet in the illegal Mega 5,000 race. Odds include following:

5:6 Judge fatalities from bikers
4:1 Winner is a 'Mutie' [gang who spend a lot of time in Cursed Earth]
4:1 Winner is a 'Spacer' [gang whose members undertake off-world jobs and events]
5:1 Pedestrian death toll under 100
6:1 Winner is a 'Scar'
7:1 Winner is Spikes Harvey Rotten of the Muties
7:1 Winner is Zoot Smiley of the Spacers
8:1 Winner is a 'Valkyre' [all female gang]
8:1 Winner is a 'Brigand'
9:1 Winner is an independent
10:1 No one finishes
10:1 Winner is an 'Alien of Death'
12:1 Winner is a 'Psyker Biker' [reputedly psykers]
15:1 Winner is  'Flash' of the Spacers
16:1 Winner is 'Bones' of the Muties
18:1 Winner is Deamoia of the Valkyries
20:1 Winner is Filthy Rodriguez of the Scars
80:1 Pedestrian casualties over 1,000
10:1 Judge Dredd has his Lawmaster bike destroyed.

Hell Trek / Mega-City One Timeline 2098 to 2099
« on: October 24, 2018, 08:15:11 PM »
October: After being missing for over 24 hours, 10 year old Raymond Faye of Matt Damon Block is located and rescued from the ruined building of the of the Empire State building by heroic locals of his home block.
November: Devastation and fatalities as the Mega-City 5,000, an annual illegal bike race, tears through the city.
Late December: All the stock of the eagerly awaited, must have xmas day toy; the Little Jovus doll, are destroyed in a failed heist.
March: The Judge Killer 'Whitey' is captured by Judge Dredd in the ruined Empire State Building. In the aftermath, Judge raids are conducted against the gangs infesting the old building.
Later that month the mayor's son is amongst individuals captured by mutant cultists of the Cursed Earth. The citizens are rescued by Judge Dredd.
A bizarre but short spate of killings claims the lives of three top executives of the Sensor-Round holo-vis company. The culprits prove to be old movie robotic-monsters that have been activated by deranged old-movie fan, Kevin O'Neill. The gigantic gorilla robot, Krong attacks the Sensor-Round building, but falls to its destruction after a confrontation with Judge Dredd, crushing O'Neill nce it impacts with the street.
April: The official unveiling of the Statue of Judgement, a structure that dwarfs the nearby Statue of Liberty. The first day of the new attraction, is marred by a violent confrontation between Judge Dredd and a criminal gang of armed muggers.


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