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Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor / Questions Thread
« on: October 05, 2019, 01:12:40 PM »
I wasn't planning on heavily using the forum this year (it's not that kind of game) but feel free to ask questions here!

Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor / Map of Candlewick Vale
« on: September 10, 2019, 04:09:50 PM »

Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor / Character Creation
« on: September 09, 2019, 09:55:43 PM »
Your PCs (pathetic children) are all individuals, but they all have some things in common.

You're all orphans of a most peculiar type.  For ages, between 6 and 11 years old. Perhaps a little younger or older if your concept insists.

You all have some kind of strange and creepy skill.  It might be the ability to talk to dead people, to walk between mirrors or simply fingernails that cut like knives.  But it's something odd, different from the norm.  I will be bringing some potential suggestions to the first session, but really you want to come up with something yourself. Trouble is so muchj more delicious when it's self inflicted after all.

Can you have more than one creepy skill?  Oh yes.  But the more you have, the more obviously strange you are. One creepy skill?  Only really noticable when it's in use.  Four creepy skills?  Dogs growl, children hide and adults bolt their door if you dare to leave the manor.

Backgrounds? Oh dear. How embarassing. You seem to have misplaced yours.  You have no past and you are explictly forbidden from making one for your character.  They have no pasts. Either they don’t remember them, don’t want to think about them, or they simply don’t come up. They are who they are right now, without justifying it with backstory or history. An orphan’s past is obscured from the character’s own player. It is part of the mystery.  What you do have is:

Echoes. Perhaps it's the smell of fish, an antique locket or a line from a nursery rhyme.  They're not a past, merely the unintelligable remnants of one. Still, with time, perhaps one of your echoes will shed some light on who you truly are.

Names. You still have one of these.  It's entirely up to you, but there is a certain cadence to many PC names.  Somewhat archaic (think 1930s) and never using one syllable when you could use five. Dave Smith?  Not entirely impossible, but you are an oddity in your normality.  Eustace Pennistone-Rathelbone. Ah, now that's a Candlewick name to be sure.

The five questions.  You don't have to answer all of these, but try to answer at least some of them to pinpoint your character.  They allow you to hint at possible histories without defining them.

How do others see you?

The image, attitude, appearance, and manner in which you are perceived by others, regardless of how well it reflects who you really are.

How do you see yourself? Regardless of what you do or what others believe about you, how you perceive yourself. Who looks back at you from the mirror when you brush you teeth?

What is Creepy about you?

Never adopted, never accepted; why? Because there’s just something not right about you? What makes you Creepy?

What do you do to try and fit in?

Pretend you don’t care all you like, but fitting in is important. What do you do to fit in? How would you compromise yourself to be accepted?

What are you most afraid of?

If your most horrible fear were made flesh and bone, what would be lurking under your bed waiting to grab your foot when you got up in the night to go pee?

Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor / Introduction
« on: September 09, 2019, 09:29:51 PM »
Our story starts, as so many do, in an orphanage.

It is not home, but it is where you live.  And you watched as other children were taken by adoptive parents, to their new assuredly loving homes.  The blonde boy with the sweet smile.  The shy, yet warm hearted little girl. Even the twitchy girl who never spoke was taken in by kind hearted folk.

But not you.  You were too strange. Too unloveable.  Too offputting.  Too creepy.  Poor orphans.

And you learned not to hope.  To cover your brittle soul in a layer of hardened cynicism.  To refuse to laugh and to love, to make yourself weak.  It is truly a tragedy.

But then, when it surely could never happen, it did.  A man came. He was not like the others, these loving mommas and poppas.  He was cold as ice and hard as rock.  And he spoke to the Director of the orphanage. 

And so it came to pass the Director addressed you all.

"This nice man, he will be taking you to a new place for you to live! A huge and very fine house in a valley by the sea, and there you shall have your own rooms, and shall have many other children to play with, and you will be taught many things! Won’t that be splendid? Oh yes, it will!”

And you find yourself in a black car going down the road at speeds that surely can not be normal, with a man who hardly speaks.  On your way to Candlewick Manor.

Won't that be splendid? Oh, yes, it will!

Revolution / We need a new press statement...
« on: May 04, 2019, 08:12:59 PM »
My contribution:

Whitby is dead, hacked down in the street like the mad dog he was.  Hastings is dying, slowly and carefully.

How many warnings did you expect?

There is no respite. We are in the rich's homes, their parties, their very minds.

We demand nothing. We require nothing expect for their end.

Expect us.  A storm is coming to London.

Revolution / Press Statements
« on: March 06, 2019, 04:04:38 PM »
Thought we'd all contribute as we see fit and nick the best ideas from each!  My sample:


We bombed the press district.  We did so because the corrupt media barons drink champagne with aristocrats and politicians, laughing at the pain of the poor while they lie to us.

The deaths of two working men was unfortunate but unavoidable. We had assumed there would be a fire exit in the back. We had assumed their bosses would have some basic humanity. We will not make that mistake again.

Who are we?  We are the man who loses his job after a machine saws off his hand. We are the whore you laugh at while you do your sordidity. We are the Rooks dweller born malnournished and malformed.  We are the rats in the sewer, we are everwhere and we are coming for you.

Be warned. The nature of your oppression is the aesthetic of our anger.


Revolution / The Tragic Tale of Miss Tyndall
« on: February 13, 2019, 04:22:22 PM »
The best that can be said of Miss Tyndall's life is that at least her formative years were happy.  True, her father was often working late, keeping his bakery afloat.  But she never doubted her parents love and their life was comfortable in a lower middle class kind of way.

Best of all, she was in love with her husband Hilton Tyndall.  The two had got together as childhood sweethearts and unlike many such relationships their love had evolved and blossomed over time.  Her parents didn't entirely approve of his career as a promising new undertaker, but the Tyndalls were a similarly respectable middle class family which helped them swallow their concerns.

They'd got married when they were both 17 and had been in marital bliss for just over a year when tragedy struck.  It's the fear of every undertaker's wife that their husband won't return from his work, but this was far worse than she could ever have imagined in her worst nightmares.

She insisted on seeing the body, despite her parent's advice.  And poor Hilton had been mutilated beyond belief by something obviously possessed of far more malicious intelligence than any animate.  Worst of all was the look of sheer horror on his face.

She never cried.  Not even when alone.  She never cried. But the day after seeing the body she went to the Mourner's Guild and signed up on the spot.

It's rare for the Mourner's Guild to take someone so low class (and compared to most of her fellow trainees her background was poor) but there was something about her expression that meant the Guild felt unable to turn her away.

And their decision was quickly proven right. Through sheer grit and determination Miss Tyndall took to Mourner training quicker than any other student that year. The only thing that was unusual is quite how antisocial she was, even for a Mourner.  Putting her all into work left her no time for socialising, not even with the other students and faculty.  She wasn't unpopular, always being courteous to the other residents of the Guild. But it's fair to say she was more respected than liked.

And after three years she was more than ready to graduate.

Despite her lower middle class social origins the Mourners sent her to an aristocratic family, the Fetherstonehaughs, who were wealthy, influential and had made very clear they expected the very best the guild had to offer.  And Miss Tyndall was certainly that.

She liked the Fetherstonehaughs.  They were formal, even stifled, but that suited her. The children were well behaved and the lady of the house was the toast of the social circuit. But it was Cyril  Fetherstonehaugh who drew her attention.  Middle aged and charismatic, she'd never come across a man like him before.  While the very model of propriety in public, in private he laughed and he even made her laugh for the first time since Hilton died.  They talked into the night sometimes and he finally broke through her shell and then her vow of celibacy.  She wouldn't have done it if he'd been happy, but he'd explained to her how he was in a loveless marriage and how Pearle was “the only woman that truly understands me”.  And she fell for it, having no experience of charming witty men to suggest otherwise.

And while he couldn't leave his wife for social reasons he'd never abandon her no matter what happened.

Well, unless a journalist for one of the scandal sheets caught them in a tryst apparently. Because that's exactly what happened.

And while the Fetherstonehaughs might not have been able to squash the story, they made sure that she got the blame. Press conferences will held with the whole family, with Mr Fetherstonehaugh sombre and repentant.

And the story quickly became one of a wanton hussy using the grief of a good but weakwilled man to tempt him with the apple.

And for the second time Miss Tyndall's life fell apart.  She was unceremoniously expelled from the guild, Cyril broke off all contact, the press hounded her and, most devastatingly, her family decided that they weren't prepared to have their middle class respectability compromised by scandal and disowned her.

And Miss Tyndall stands out in a crowd which means it's very hard for her not to be recognised.

And for the past year she's been in hiding, dreaming of the day she gets revenge on not only the Fetherstonehaughs but every single aristocrat.  For her experiences have made her less idealistic, more cynical, more realistic. And now she understands that the Fetherstonehaughs are merely a small bite of a rotten apple.  Indeed, studies have suggested to her that poor Hilton was killed by a vampire. And what are vampires if not aristocrats taken to their logical conclusion.

She's ready for revenge, she's ready for revolution. And a recent invitation from “Mr Cohen” is one that has more than captured her interest.

Revolution / Mr Mole's Personal Journal
« on: October 18, 2018, 03:40:48 PM »
(Note: Mr Mole's spelling and grammar is far worse than this. I've cleaned it up)

This will not stand.

This is my kingdom and interlopers are not welcome here.  The sheer cheek of it. To send the boys from the City to murder my people. With no rhyme or reason.

And they had the sheer nerve to shoot me.  It is all about respect and they showed not a jot.

Who sent these orders? I must know. This was a planned attack, not merely a bit of argy bargy that got out of hand. There is a rival behind this, directing from the shadows. And he will have a name and an address. And I will find him and we will talk. Oh, how we will talk.
Where to start?

The local blue bellies should know something.  This was not one of their operations. Normally the locals are very sensible.  They will tell me if not from local pride then from necessity.

This will not stand.

(These notes are scrawled throughout the entry).

Teach – Salad without his bombs. Seemed scared.

Urchin – Did well.  Clever little tyke.  Could go places.

Dwarf – Bit trigger happy but good strategy. Pleased.

Gun Show – Shot people.  Good at it.  Not a big strategist.

Doc – Good squirt, but overly sentimental. Jack a Nory, there?

Pratfall – Carney? Clown/strongman?  Strong but incompetent.  Maybe has thug potential.

Revolution / Character Connections
« on: October 10, 2018, 09:44:25 AM »
For working out any characters that know each other before the game starts.

If you have any reason to have worked with a black marketer/fence/loan shark, Mr Mole makes sense as a connection.

Equally, if you're very street or criminal based, he does have criminal associations and street reputation.  So you may have at least heard of him, even if you have no reason to have met him directly.

He also grew up in the Rookeries, althoug he's 41 so likely older than most characters from there.

L.A.R.P. / Blackened Hearts - A Pirate LARP (30th September)
« on: September 19, 2018, 09:52:30 AM »
The Uni now has a shiny new LARPsoc.  (Join if you're interested, obviously)

We're running a big taster LARP on the 30th September.

Blackened Hearts.

Some blurb:

It is a fine day for larceny upon the high seas indeed! The Devil hisself must have blest the crew of the Black Kraken with his own luck—how else could it be that you would happen upon the fat Spanish treasure galleon the Urca de Lima, separated from her escort and crippled by one of the worst storms that ever scoured the ocean? Then again, even in these most favourable circumstances, the Spaniards fought long and hard before you finally took her. The Urca de Lima now trails behind you, a small prize crew doing what they can to keep her limping along just long enough to get to the port of Tortuga.

It’s been clear sailing all week all the way back to Tortuga—almost suspiciously easy-going and peaceful, in fact—and without much to do the crew’s been going stir-crazy thinking about how they’ll spend their ill-gotten rewards. In fact, the Captain’s arranged for an early share of the loot to be divided amongst the crew. Those who aren’t needed to sail the ship are able to enjoy the rest of the evening with a little bit of early gambling and drinking, so everyone is in high spirits. All that’s left now is to enjoy the rest of the evening as you coast into port, and maybe swindle some of your fellows out of their share.

Wait, what's all this about a curse?

* * * * *

Blackened Hearts is a live action roleplaying (LARP) scenario for 8 to 15 players plus a Game Master (GM) that runs for approximately two and a half hours, not including set up and tidying afterward.

In a LARP, you take on the role of a character and physically act out that character’s actions, pursuing their goals and interacting with other players while remaining ‘in character’. More specifically, this scenario is a parlour-style LARP, meaning that the area of play is confined to a relatively small area and the focus is on roleplay and intrigue rather than combat.

Blackened Hearts uses a very simple set of mechanics to govern what a character is able to do in the context of the scenario. It is designed to be played with the assistance of a GM who will facilitate the game..

If you're interested in playing (non students are also welcome) either drop me an IM here or an email at

ADVANCED FIGHTING FANTASY / Character Creation Guide
« on: October 05, 2017, 01:29:28 PM »
Feel free to discuss this as a group to make sure you have a spread of capabilities. This isn't a game about secrets.


AFF is pretty gonzo in its approach so you have a mostly free hand here.  If it fits into a high fantasy world, it almost certainly will work here.

Dashing swashbuckler?  Noble knight?  Retired pirate?  Light fingered rogue?  Bookish scholar?

All absolutely fine.  Even samurais can be accommodated; you'll just be from the little known island of Hachiman.

Morality and You

There's one exception to the “anything goes” rule.  This is a heroic campaign and your characters need to fit that.

A bit of moral greyness is fine.  A puckish rogue or a hard bitten mercenary isn't an issue.

But no priests of Death or blood soaked sociopaths.

Races of Titan

The main PC races are as follows.

Humans – The dominant race on Titan and the race most heroes come from.  Humans are found in many shapes, sizes and colours across Titan, from the pale skins and muscular frames of Frostholm to the dark skin and hair of the Shamutanti Headhunters. Humans are found living as fur-clad barbarians, silk-clothed townsmen, in stone castles, wooden huts and in caves. In fact, almost any culture and racial type imaginable are found on Titan, and almost any of these are suitable Hero material.

Elves - Elves are an ancient and very long-lived race, naturally magical and at home in the woods and forests of Titan. Although there are several sub-types of Elves, most Heroes will be of this common wood Elf stock. Tall, lithe and with pointed ears, Elves usually have a haughty demeanour and consider themselves the most advanced race throughout the known world. Bitter enemies of the warped and twisted Dark Elves, the ancient Elven race is normally insular, paying little attention to events outside their
forest homes.

Dwarfs are a short, heavily bearded people who live in underground cities and mines. Normally principled, Dwarfs love gold above almost all else and so can often be found living in the dungeons and caves of evil sorcerers, if the price is right. Doughty warriors due to their toughness and bravery, Dwarfen Wizards and Sorcerers are however incredibly rare. All Dwarfs consider the distant city of Fangthane as their spiritual home, even those who have never been there.

Special Cases

These characters are no more “special” than others. It's just they have a few extra rules so need singling out.

Priests – It might be useful to chat to me if you're looking at this but it's not necessary

Titan has a large pantheon, with many gods to choose from. I won't list them all here, but if you can think of a concept it's likely to be under a deities remit, from peace to storms to learning.

Note: Priests of Logaan, God of Tricksters are banned, even though they aren't evil per se.

Priests get a handful of powers, specific to their patron deity.

Users of Magic – It's strongly advised you talk to me ahead of time

Partly so I can make sure that you have your spells printed up.

There are several schools of magic to choose from

Minor Magic – Hardly a school, more just a useful technique.  Minor magic is used both by powerful spell casters and those who have no other magical abilities. It gives you access to cantrips; minor spells that won't change the world but can be useful in the right circumstances.

Wizardry - Wizardry magic draws its energy from the invisible arcane power that permeates the world of Titan, and the long apprenticeship of a Wizard uses the learning of many millennia to develop the knowledge to use this power. Thus Wizardry spells are powered by magic points, the in-game manifestation of the arcane power. A Wizard can only channel so much power in a single day, requiring a good sleep to recover their magic points

While Wizards only start knowing a few spells this is more than balanced out by the fact they can learn new ones from spell books and tutors.

Sorcery -Sorcery is a magic style initially developed in the Old World, but now disseminated across the whole of Titan. Sorcery uses the same arcane energies as Wizardry, but instead of distilling these energies from the surrounding environment to power spells, Sorcerers draw energy from their own bodies. Thus Sorcery spells are powered by STAMINA rather than magic points and a Sorcerer will only use magic points if she also knows minor magic spells.

One consequence of this approach is that some spells require physical foci, or components, for the spell to work properly. Whilst many of these components are easy to obtain, some are much rarer. The primary consequence of Sorcery is that using spells depletes the casters own physical reserves, possibly leaving them more vulnerable to attack. Unlike Wizardry, Sorcerers learn all of the spells
available during their training.

While this gives them farmore options, the fact Sorcerers are using up their physical health makes them more vulnerable. For a beginning Sorcerer, casting even a handful of powerful spells may be putting their life at risk.

The components range from the easily available (a gold coin) to the esoteric (a green wig) to the downright difficult (a gold jewel).

Mask Magic - Mask Magic, or Southern Mask Magic, is a very specialised type of enchantment using the essence of different creatures embodied within sigils to achieve an effect.

Mask Magic is powerful, but very focused.  A beginning practitioner starts with one known mask and must search out a teacher to learn more. (Considering the rarity of mask magicians this can be an adventure in itself!)

Conjuration - Conjuration is part specialised enchantment and part summoning. Conjurers either create a shell for an animating spirit (such as in a Golem) or use a summoning circle to draw an otherworldly creature to Titan (as in a Demon). It should be noted that the summoning or creating of some of these creatures is regarded as an evil act. A conjurer must also know the specific ritual to summon or create the intended creature.

Difficult, time consuming and expensive to pursue, Conjurers only ever master a few of the possible rituals, but can become very powerful nevertheless.

Chaos Magic - Chaos magic is not for the fainthearted or those who have a long life in mind. This very different magical style does not use formulaic spells and rituals to make specific effects happen. Chaos Mages do not draw on the natural energy of the world or their own physical power for their magic as do wizards and sorcerers. Rather chaos mages tap into that most primeval of energies; that of chaos. Hugely powerful whilst at the same time hugely dangerous, chaos magic is a threat to its caster and target.

Chaos magic is outlawed in most civilised countries, but still persists in wild areas of Khul and Kakhabad. Chaos magic has found most favour with races such as orcs and goblins as it offers the potential of huge power without the years of apprenticeship and learning. Chaos mages tend to be loners who avoid civilisation due to the changes wrought by their craft, and tend towards voluminous robes and other covering clothing.

(Think carefully before taking this school. Chaos Mages have a short but eventful life!)

Non Standard Races – talking to me beforehand is mandatory.

If you want to be something other than dwarf, elf or human that's possible. But it requires prior consultation with the GM.  Both because I will obviously veto anything overpowered, but also because it will require statting up.

If you're going with this, I strongly advise reading the next section.

Racism in Titan

As mentioned earlier, humanity is the dominant race in Titan. With that being the case, non human characters may face at least some level of racial prejudice.

Dwarves – Dwarves have it the easiest here.  The bigger cities frequently have a small dwarf population who have relocated there. And many towns have regular dealings with dwarf traders.

As such, humanity is pretty used to dwarves and they're not considered remarkable.  Most humans will be fine with dwarves. Any bigotry a dwarf faces is likely to be on the level of stereotyping and the occasional insult from bullies.

Elves – Elves will stand out in all but the most cosmopolitan cities, drawing stares and whispers.

Humans sometimes consider elves haughty and untrustworthy. Still, this is unlikely to lead to actual attacks. But merchants adding an unofficial “elf tax” to transactions isn't uncommon.

Other races – This will depend on the specifics, but in general.

Unusual Races (Gnomes, Sprites) – These will mostly find themselves in the same position as elves.

Rare races (Centaurs, Birdmen) – Even if there's no hostility, these characters will find it very hard to avoid being the centre of attention. It can be hard to prepare for an adventure while a crowd of gawking urchins shadows your every move!

“Evil” races (Goblins, Trolls) – Even though not every member of these races is evil, most are. And that  influences how they're treated.   Only those cities who already have residents of these races (mainly Port Blacksand and other evil cities) will show anything approaching tolerance here. In a best case scenario the character will find themselves sleeping in the stable. In the worst, the entire party will be run out of town by a mob with pitchforks and flaming torches.

ADVANCED FIGHTING FANTASY / Welcome to the World of Titan
« on: October 05, 2017, 01:24:11 PM »
The world of Titan is an extremely dangerous place. Mankind and its allies huddle in fortified settlements, for beyond the castle walls the wild lands stretch across three continents. Out in the wastelands, Orc tribes war with each other for dominance. Savage monsters roam at will in search of food. Evil sorcerers ready their inhuman armies for battle. No one, surely, would venture out into such inhospitable places - unless the rewards were so great a hero couldn't possibly refuse!

- The Book Allansia, late 3rd century AC.

The World of Titan is the world of Advanced Fighting Fantasy. It's a high fantasy world, full of monsters and magic.  Evil sweeps the land, while brave heroes fight for the forces of good.  For the kind of technology available, think medieval fantasy.

Titan is made up of three main continents, alongside various small islands and suchlike.

Allansia, Land of Danger

The biggest of the three continents, Allansia offers the greatest prizes for a daring adventurer, but also the greatest dangers. Existing in the northern hemisphere of Titan,  it has a varied mixture of cultures, terrains, and climates, and a history of devastating wars whose legacies exist most acutely today.

The most well-known area of Allansia lies in the north-west. It has been called "Allansia", "Old Allansia" and the "Teeming Plains". It lies between the Icefinger Mountains in the north and the Desert of Skulls further south. There are no organized kingdoms in this area of Allansia, just several villages and city-states coexisting in a feudal-like system. The notable cities in the region include Salamonis, Port Blacksand, Fang and Stonebridge.

(Allansia is the place most Fighting Fantasy books are set and where you will be starting your adventures)

The Old World

The Old World is the most civilised continent on Titan, being covered almost entirely by the kingdoms of Femphrey, Gallantaria, Brice, the Northlands, Lendleland, Analand, Ruddlestone and Mauristatia. The only region without any form of government is Kakhabad, a lawless area North of Analand.


Khul is situated in the southern hemisphere of Titan separated from Allansia, to its north-west, by the Ocean of Tempests and from the Old World, to Khul's north-east, by the Ocean of Serpents. The physical make up of the more settled parts are where the earth and rocks are a very dark black colour. This helps give it its alternate name of the "Dark Continent" (as well as the fact that little is known of Khul outside of its shores).

Blades in the Dark / Vigilantes & Academia
« on: December 23, 2016, 08:17:41 AM »
These playsets are finished and fun. Thought people might want a look.

Blades in the Dark / Devil's Bargain List
« on: November 24, 2016, 12:47:51 AM »
I thought people might find these interesting/useful/amusing.

Blades in the Dark / Some Cults of Doskvol
« on: November 20, 2016, 11:45:54 AM »
Name: Cult of the Whispered Scream
Followers: Tycherosian Refugees, Academics, Whispers, Demons (allegedly)
Base of Operations: Nightmarket
Typical Activities: Occult Research, Ghost Abuse, Secrets Men Were Not Mean To Know
Tier: 1

Description: The Cult of the Whispered Scream has its origins in Tycheros and was spread to Akoros by a handful of Tycherosians who moved over and took their god with them. Since then, the Cult has spread out but only gradually. So far, the only people showing interest in their practises are academics and other weirdos. They are noticeable for two main things.  They always speak in a whisper and take very poorly to people who refuse to do the same when in their temple (actually a small house). And they always cover their entire body, including faces with black cowls. Rumour on the street suggests that this may hide more than standard Tycherosian oddities. Indeed, the more suspicious suggest that the high priest is not even human. 

They haven't caused that much of a splash yet, because their activity is largely inward looking.  They look to improve their insight (often through the ingestion of leviathan blood), to study their sacred text and to acquire new rituals. Their long term goals are unknown.

Name: Cult of the Kindly Stranger
Followers: The destitute, the starving, the left behind.
Base of Operations: Dunslough
Typical Activities: Soup kitchens, Charity Work.
Tier: 2

Description: The Cult of the Kindly Stranger are among the most popular of the Forgotten Gods, at least among the cities poor.  This is largely because of the fact that they are known as a good source of at least one hot meal a week. (Their resources are limited and they frown on people who turn up too often). They even have a doss house as part of their temple. All that and they don't even preach, let alone insist on conversion. In is true that the occasional person goes missing shortly after staying at their doss house. But the destitute disappear all the time.  And the local poor see the cult as far too beneficial to raise many questions.  They react even worse to strangers who insist on stirring up trouble for the cult.

Name: Sect of Our Blood Spilled in Glory
Followers: Cutters, Thugs, Psychopaths.
Base of Operations: Crow's Foot
Typical Activities: Slaughtering rival cults, slaughtering their enemies in the name of their dark god, slaughtering.
Tier: 1

Description: Less priestly, more a bunch of dubious cutters who've found religion. The Sect of Our Blood Spilled in Glory is always up for a fight, whether their enemies (a nebulous term which can sometimes merely mean “people we've taken an irrational dislike to”) want one or not.  The normal residents of Crow's Foot tend to hide and stay off the streets when the Sect is having one of its “hunting parties”. Their copious use of Bloodneedle helps their mood none.  So far, they are officially neutral on the war going on although they are believed to lean towards the Lampblacks.

Name: Creed of the Satin Lady
Followers: Libertines, Artists, Slumming Nobles
Base of Operations: Silkshore
Typical Activities: Sex, Drugs, high quality coffee
Tier: 2

Description: The Creed of the Satin Lady see vice as a sacred duty. This, understandably, makes them a cult with more support among the noble population than is common among the forgotten gods.  They are always looking for new thrills, new experiences, new excitements. They run several high quality vice dens in Silkshore which brings in a regular income and the occasional new convert wanting to get high on religion.  The occasional overdose is deeply regretted.  It would be deeply vulgar to suggest that they deliberately induce overdoses on the most vulnerable of their 'clients' as a sacrifice to their Lady.

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