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There Will Be Blood / Drazar
« on: November 30, 2013, 07:24:19 PM »
A brief description

His eyes are a deep blue, striking and almost glowing, they are eyes that most people have to look twice at to make sure they are real. Combined with his pale red skin (similar to how skin looks when it becomes very warm from either water or been in the sun too long). His skin also feels warm to the touch although most people would assume this is because of how red is skin is which people put down to the fact he burns in sun light rather easily (he doesn't but it's a common misconception that he has never corrected).
He stands around 5'10" and is fairly small framed and gives the impression of a somewhat frail youth (early 20s) but in reality he is much older (32).
He is completely bald and for any who have seen him, he never seems to shave yet he always looks like he has clean shaven every morning.
His teeth are more needle like rather than that seen on a normal human, although he has learned to make sure people usually do not see them, even when not wearing his mask. His nails on his hands are slightly more pointed than normal but not so much as to draw any real attention to themselves.

Personality wise he seems mostly friendly if not reserved to others, which is what most people expect for a Druid and this is his default way of acting/behaving to those he does not know. To those who do not care about his Daemonic nature he is actually rather friendly and more than willing to talk to them with genuine interest. However should he be with someone who has a disliking Daemons he is an entirely different person, more cunning and manipulative, able to work his way around them, acting polite and civil, gaining their trust until he has completed whatever it was that brought him into contact with such a person.

An image of Drazar (ignore the glowing eye and mask as I'm unable to swap these due to lack of photoshop. His robes are also brownish rather than black)

A brief background

A strange man to most, especially at first glance. To anyone who pass him by he is a solitary Druid and healer, able to effortlessly switch between the various languages used around the Margomarrissi and even adapt to the local dialect and accents used. To those who are able to spot this dialect and accent change would assume he can either very quickly learn/adapt or that he has traveled the area for a very long time. To those who are able to spend more time with him quickly learn he is of exceptional skill and knowledge in the art of Earthpower. Even to those he now travels with he keeps mostly to himself, hiding behind his mask, for should his companions discover his true nature and purpose, death will surely follow. Occasionally he will talk to the non-Pelosians at greater lengths as he is aware of their beliefs upon his kind and feels more comfortable with them.

Drazar's true nature is that of a half-blood, a Harcen. Lucky to the Raphelians, a lost spirit to the Dummoni and a plague to the Pelosian's, it is an interesting choice that Drazar chose to live in place surrounded by Pelosian Inquisitors, perhaps it was the thrill and excitement of living on the edge of life? If only it was just that. Instead it was simply a place to satisfy his more sadistic nature while he gathers information about his past, about his Daemonic heritage.

To allow him to find this desired information and a way of contacting this Daemon, he found an 'employer' who would locate targets or places of particular interest for him and as each task was completed he would (over the last few months) uncover more about his past.

While he does consider the Dummoni his allies (for the most part) he cares not for the Dummoni's aims or even their lives, they are simply a means to an end, providing a suitable distraction for him to inflict the pain and suffering on those he hates most while he continues on with his tasks and journey. Drazar will provide help to the Dummoni but only if doing so will help him, whether it is a distraction or making sure a body of some Pelosian does not get traced back to the masked stranger.

How did Drazar end up on the Caravan?

After completing one of his tasks, but before he could escape the town, Drazar was forced to slit the throat of a Pelosian who had gone to investigate the noise some stranger had made in his direction. Using his Earthpower he had silenced the man and made him think some vines had burst from the ground and wrapped around his arms, legs, and mouth leaving him stuck in place... While the man was dying and before Drazar could move the body several people had turned around the corner and while Drazar had managed to slip away unseen the body was found and the alarm was starting to be raised. As he neared the exit and made his way out several men were making their way into the town, one of them finally dressed wearing more ceremonial styled clothes than the others around him... Unfortunately for Drazar this man was well versed in the art of detecting Daemons, fortunately for Drazar, he was not as quick on his feet at the moment and Drazar had managed to escape into the woods before he was caught.

After a day or so of travelling Drazar had managed to make it to another town, the one his 'employer' had told him to go to after his task. Upon getting to this town he was told to speak to the Uru who was in an Inn and that he would provide a way to distance himself from the Inquisitor who was no doubt on his tail. And so Drazar found himself working for Eduardo Skuza and his Caravan as a translator and healer.

Still need to modify this post with a few tweaks as well as adding a more developed background, a mini story and possibly some small thoughts of Drazar on other PCs

L'Tonnerre / R.I.P Lady Constance
« on: June 11, 2013, 11:21:48 PM »
I always knew she was a crazy one but I obviously didn't grasp just how crazy. It's odd in a way, thinking about it, of all the ways she could have died it, was by her own hand. I always imagined she would go out in a blaze of glory perched somewhere overlooking a group of guards or bandits, shooting them and watching their heads explode with a smile, almost a laugh, on her face whilst she pulls the trigger, finally dying as their numbers prove too great even for her.

Instead, I saw her slumped on the ground with Andre holding her in tears, her face becoming ever more pale as her blood flowed from her chest through the wound, past the dagger that pierced her heart. I almost think she would have been glad to have died with Andre showing his affections for her so strongly haha I can almost imagine the look on her face now at the thought.

Even in death she had still found a way to get the group arguing. At least she got the last word in, so to speak, so very like her. I bet shes smiling now, stood beside the Queen laughing at the shit that's now going on because of her. Although I sense mixed emotions in regards to her burial and possessions. Happy that she is with her Queen but sad that her weapon will likely never kill again. I bet the crazy woman is turning in her grave at the very thought, it's tempting to take it from Etienne but I'm not sure she would want him dead.

I have to say, I will miss her. She was a good friend and the first person I could connect with. It's been 6 years since I was last able to say I had a real friend. Although, in a strange way, she was like the little sister I never had. I taught her things, gave her advice and helped her in times of need. We had a connection and I felt more at ease around her... And then the fire came, like the one all those years ago, and yet again I lost someone I cared for. Perhaps I'm one of those people who is better off alone, for the safety of others if nothing else.

Either way, good bye Constance, I'm lucky to have met the real you and perhaps one day we will meet again with tales of greats kills and better still, we can fight once again together, maybe even seeing who can get the most kills as we do so, finally see who is the better Assassin. Although I would be worried of her shooting me in the leg if I won. Hahaha.

Good bye dear friend, you will never be forgotten.

L'Tonnerre / 26/02/13
« on: February 26, 2013, 06:58:52 PM »
Sorry guys but Im far too under the weather tonight to make it for the fight  :'( which I was looking forward to!

So, just in case someone sees this in time, Im happy to have Character Points spent (Ive got just over 20 to spare) to make sure Xavier doesn't fail at anything he's planning to do and some of his stats just incase
Crossbow 10
Daggers 8
Stealth 6
Dodge 7
Wounds 28
Armour 1d6

If he tries to kill an unaware opponent steathily he gains +2 dice to the action. His crossbow is reload able after 2 rounds (and reduces all armour by an additional d6) and he has 2 daggers and 2 hand bows.

Good luck guys and sorry I cant make it again :(

Student Nationals / 2013 Student Nationals Wargaming
« on: November 22, 2012, 10:53:14 AM »
It seems 40k is 1500pts and Fantasy has dropped to 2000pts  :-\

L'Tonnerre / Antonio 'Xavier'
« on: October 31, 2012, 12:10:59 AM »

Draft 2

As a small child, Antonio lived with his parents in a small cottage in a tiny village, the landscape was huge fields beyond the farmyards with clusters of trees dotted about in every direction. To the South was a forest that provided plenty of wild meat, berries and wood that people needed It was the idyllic place for a small boy to grow up in. Everyone knew each other well and helped with any work that needed to be done, no one went hungry or cold, every job was done, life was pretty much as perfect as a normal common person could get.

Even as a child Antonio was skilled with hiding and creeping up on people, the other children thought he could almost melt into the shadows and appear out of them somewhere else. This skill would later prove to be invaluable. As with all boys he had some level of interest in weapons and warfare, what boy didn't? But he again proved to be rather exceptional with a Poignard. Dodging every blow sent his way with the other kids wooden sword he would then get them with his dagger. But this was nothing compared to his skills with a Crossbow, although these were only small ones unable to do much damage beyond a bit of bruising, he was able to consistently hit his target, whether it was moving or hiding in the distance. The other children turned it into a game of finding out just how good Antonio was at hitting them, although after a few games the other children became fed up of getting covered in bruises. What started off as a set of children's games would later set Antonio up as an expert assassin, but to think of it at the time was unthinkable.

One night however Antonio's life would change dramatically. At the age of 18 his village was attacked by bandits, why they attacked such a village Antonio never found out, they had nothing of any real value but slaughtering everyone they left none alive, or so they thought. Antonio had managed to hide from them all, his ability to blend in saving his life. He even managed to kill one of the bandits, but not before finding out where they had come from and who had led the attack. After slitting the bandit's throat, Antonio realised he almost enjoyed doing it, and he was pretty good at killing people silently. It was then that Antonio decided he could make a living from this, and perhaps doing so would give him the skills needed to one day avenge his family and friends.

Over many years he did find each of the bandits and killed them, but not before making sure they saw him and reminding them of what they had done. The look on the face of each man was the same, and yet Antonio never grew tired of seeing it, in fact he almost found it funny. But, there was one that eluded him, the man who led the whole raid, Antonio knew he was drawing ever closer but each time he grew close the man slipped away... Antonio vowed to have his head, one way or another

L'Tonnerre / The Fall of a City - Antonio 'Xavier's' thoughts
« on: October 30, 2012, 11:55:12 PM »
I know it was a town but the title didn't sound right or as cool XD Also to point out this is a kind of campaign write up so feel free to pm me about changes/things I've missed off in regards to detail etc

Week 1 ... Draft 1

It should have been a simple job, get in the city, kill the target and leave. Instead I got caught up in some political war and lost half of my equipment. Amongst all the chaos I found a stable to lay low in whilst the fighting past me by, sadly other people had the same idea and it suddenly became too crowded for my liking.

First came some young fool who spent most of the night trying to kill himself or at best seriously hurt himself, no wonder he had a doctor with him, the strange couple however are almost the complete opposite of one another. The doctor calm, intelligent and sensible. The young lad, just plain stupid is the only way to describe him, I intend to keep my distance from him before he gets me killed, or if it comes to it, kill him first. Next came a young gentlemen who, I later found had some rather unusual powers. At the minute I don't trust him but I'd rather be with him than the fool. Then there was his, pet? I'm not sure if that is the right word but the best way to describe him is a giant cat. Seems useful and obedient enough, he should be useful. Lastly came the lady, attractive but somewhat naive with the real world. Somehow I suspect I may end up carrying her, even if she does end up kicking and screaming. So far though she has proven to not be an issue.

After minor introductions screams came from just up the road as soldiers lined up and opened fire on everyone they could see. Far too professional for my liking, as soon as they opened fire once again I left and the others followed. Weaving in and out of all the small alley ways heading towards to North/East gate to avoid all the soldiers. After some events that I hadn't quite seen other than the fool had fate on his side and the statue thing that had come to life failed to kill him, twice, the doctor muttered some words and it decided to move after the soldiers hiding at the other side of the bridge. Thankfully the Cat had seen them earlier and warned us about them. While the soldiers and statue fought we made it across the river, almost losing the doctor along the way. Once we all got across we heard a loud boom as the statue fired its cannon after failing several times to fire. The statue threw itself back inside the walls and taking out half a dozen to a dozen men with the shot. After that we made haste up North.

Heading to a bridge with a toll booth to get to the nearest city or town we took a more scenic route to avoid detection, much to the horror of the lady but she went with it, knowing there was little choice. Upon arriving to the booth it was pretty clear the guards here were killed with little resistance, they had no chance, two of them didn't even have equipment on them. The odd thing is it was made to look like they fought inside the booth. It begs the question why. After taking the food, water, and some weapons and armour we made our way to the forest. In the case of the not so sly, fool who looted the place for gold, money. If he thinks hes getting away with all that he can think again.

We made it to the forest and set up camp for the night trying to stay warm and dry ourselves from the river... Something tells me it will be a long night indeed.

General Wargaming / Spare Parts
« on: April 26, 2011, 03:23:51 PM »
Would anyone be willing to part with either Dark Elf Warrior spears (shields would be nice if you have any going spare) and Warriors of Chaos Helmets (spare Knight helmets are also welcome)?

Im in need of a rather large number of both and dont fancy having to buy loads of both for my next project army ... if your willing to part with them Im happy to see if I have anything you might want to trade for them! Just pm me or reply here if your interested  :)

Student Nationals / Friday Morning
« on: April 06, 2011, 09:11:04 PM »
I was wondering what time ppl are heading to the train station for as I wont be down at 10-11 (unless ppl are setting off then?) and since I have no idea where we r ment to be in Sheffield (or how to get there) I thought id best ask ... if the going in 2 groups is still happening wot times r the trains they r planning to catch

thanks in advance guys  :)

General Wargaming / 2500pt game on 23/3/11
« on: March 22, 2011, 12:34:34 AM »
Was wondering if any1 wud like a 2500pt game using the Student Nationals restrictions (No Special Characters, No Folding Fortress and all BSBs can take mundane equipment) tomorrow at Patriot?

Timewise half 3 onwards is fine by me ... Im hoping to keep testing my list and would like to see how my somewhat tweaked list will fair in comparison to the old one  :)

For Hire / Iyther's thoughts
« on: February 23, 2011, 04:50:08 PM »
Well where to begin ... Hmm well I think its best to start off with the bad so we can at least end on the good and feel somewhat more cheerful

So the bad ... Well despite his honest intentions at times it really has to be Sullis. His constant 'trying to do the right thing' is rather tiresome but added ontop of his constant sexist remarks its just plain silly but oh no its not just to me its to Allegra as well as 'we cant fight', Im fairly certain me and Allegra have done far more than him when it matters. He just usually ends up goofing something up and making a complete fool of himself and not even in a funny way oh no a really embarrassing way that makes all who surround him feel embarrassed while his stupidity clouds his brain from realising what he actually just did but this appears to be typical human males of his age it seems. I mean how stupid can you be as to wear metal armour when fighting a monster that eats the stuff.
So far I have only one memory of him where we have actually got along and well ... Lets not think about that one shall we <Shudders from the thought> ... Oh I tell a lie there is another, when I had him agree to help find the Orb and along with it the ingredients, money and spells that came with it and he lets himself be hit repeated by monsters. I suppose stupidity does have its uses.

Next Id say Dirk and Joe are about as good/bad as each other, each having there own ups and downs such as the whole trying to help the ghost, which I knew was a waste of time trying to do and ooh look I was right, no surprise there. Then Joe when he wanted to lure the Rust monsters out of the whole but refused to use his armour as bait, something that would have had them out in seconds but noo we had to wait for half an hour to kill them and they didnt even get past the enterance so his silly armour would have been fine however he did redeem himself with helping me put the Orb into place to get the treasure and spells so he is, for now, somewhat barable and useful since he can fight off the monsters and beasts and so keep them away from me. As for Dirk, well he's healed me twice so he at least has his uses ... for now.

Next is Allegra, she at times is annoying when she acts incredibly childish but at othertimes is nice to be around, especially when she gets her own back on Sullis, now that is fun to watch. We have our good moments and our bad moments but I think some form of friendship is there although its a little hard to tell, Im curious as to whether she is a little scared of me at times but only time will tell really, hopefully some kind of friendship will form and well if it does I think Sullis should be worried although I doubt his brain would even realised anything was happening, much to mine and Allegra's amusement   <A smile appears on Iythers face and she giggles a little>

Next is Francis, well he seems like such a nice guy although a little weird even for an Elf. He's clearly not been brought up by Elves ... Humans I'd say but he means well and he helps me when he can. He is definately and improvement as far as the other male members are concerned in terms of manners and personality are concerned although I suppose comparing him to Sullis in that manner is a rather poor comparison ... I guess thats like comparing a common meal to a magnificent banquet, just ... rather ... pointless really. Its safe to say I like him and we get on well, although I am most definately under the impression his manners are, at least, partly to do with his fear of my magic and the more destructive appearance they have rather than the fine art in which they truely belong, hopefully in time he will realise this but continue to act as nice and politely as he does, I would hate to have another Sullis in the group, one is just bad enough really.

Finally and possibly my favourite companion, that is when he behaves and doesnt start messing around thanks to Sullis, is Orion. He is loyal and actually likes me and is far more intelligent that Sullis haha, I bet I could have a far better and more interesting conversation with Orion than him.

Hmm the more I think about it, the more Sullis annoys me so I shall go to sleep and wake up with a fresh mind.

Student Nationals / Wargaming
« on: December 28, 2010, 08:19:45 PM »
The warhammer points value this year is 2500 using the 8th ed rules. No special/named characters or the folding fortress allowed. You'll also need to bring 3 40mm square based objectives. 40k will be 1500 points, characters permitted. Again 3 objectives, this time on 40mm round bases. You're only allowed to use stuff in published army books (latest version up to a month before the event) -with the exception of the witch and Daemon hunter books available online rather than the published books.

Just to let everyone know 40K is 1500pts and you need 3 objectives on round 40mm bases
and WFB is 2500pts and you need 3 objectives on square 40mm bases

This is from the organiser and I thought Id let everyone know as I nvr found this info in the pack

Things I want / Metal Phoenix Guard
« on: November 16, 2010, 11:44:32 AM »
Well I know its a long shot but does any1 have any of the old metal Phoenix Guard models? (the ones just replaced by the horrid plastics, as you can guess I dont like them one bit!)
Im only looking for rank and file models but im looking for quite a lot of them, unpainted is prefered tho im happy with 'repaintable' ... If you have any let me know on here and if you can bring them with you today that will be great as we can organise a price etc before games tonight  :)

Jakab's Summer Game / Back with Banel
« on: August 31, 2010, 02:40:40 PM »
Back inside the mound with the rest of the group. Banel sat down at his desk reading his notes and muttering to himself, Plikah stood next to him attempting to read the scrolls on Banel's desk. Behind the daemonologist is one of his daemons, the deep blue Praying Mantis like daemon, its eyes firmly fixed on Hefli who is swinging his axe about in a more relaxed manner. Sat down at the other side of the room is Kyth, his bow layed down on the table as he watches the daemon stood infront of Hefli

Downstairs tied to the bed is Tallia, her eyes clearly showing the pain she is in ... Oderin ignoring the obvious look of pain on her face is quietly watching her moves and observing/studying her ... Some time passes and Tallia begins to struggle less and attempts to do wot she can to make herself comfortable

Upstairs Hefli has begun to strech and clean his armour, Kyth looking around at the various runes marked along the walls ... Then a large thud can be heard against the wall to which the daemonologist is sitting by ... some dirt falls from the roof and the tables shake from the impact, downstairs dirt also falls from the well as well as the roof ... ... Banel looks around in a somewhat panicked manner, the daemon looks around in a more confused manner and Plikah (the dromish boy) moves closer to Banel with a look of terror on his face

What the ... No it cant be?!   <Banel begins to move to the door, with Plikah still grabbing hold of him, as he gets closer to the door he takes a hold of the boy and points to the table>   Go hide under there   <Banel then looks towards Hefli and Kyth, the look of panic still not having left his face>

Jakab's Summer Game / Meeting Myran
« on: August 22, 2010, 05:26:05 PM »
Carrying on from last weeks game due to me not been able to turn up next tuesday, Kohl, Ilph and Beluci have just started speaking to Myran


<With a confused look on his face he glances from Ilph to Kohl to Beluci> So ... So my brother sent you? But why?

Jakab's Summer Game / Player Questions
« on: August 10, 2010, 03:14:51 PM »
I thought I would start a thread for any questions that people may have and dont feel a PM is needed, such as Descriptions, general questions etc ... More indepth questions that your character wishes to ask will be 'directed' to Gygh (the village elder whos brother you are looking for) and so that will be done in character on the forum.

Hopefully this makes sense to others.

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