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Student Nationals / Student Nationals 2020
« on: September 04, 2019, 06:18:41 PM »
Campaigns are now in full wing so time mention Nationals

For our new members the Nationals is a large gaming tournament/social/convention where a shit load of gamers from societies around the country decend on some unlucky location for a weekend of dice, models, cards and possibly the "odd" beer

The Nationals is hosted by a different society each year based on who won the previous year and this time will be held in Sheffield on the 24th - 26th April 2020

At Nationals everyone plays a particular game category for the weekend with the categories covering roleplaying/card gaming/wargaming/board games etc and runs on a very similar system to HUGS campaigns in that everyone who is interested needs to submit a 1st,2nd and 3rd choice of categories.

All of the categories as well as all other generation information can be found in the brochure which is found here:

Attendance is £25 and the deadline for me submitting our entry is 31st December so will need everyone who wants to go 's choices/entry fee before the end of the year. Do keep in mind that there will also be hotel/transport costs with transport just being a train ticket as Sheffield is nearby. For hotels Alex is looking into this but it normally ends up something like £60 for the weekend if your sharing a room, usually double that if you want a room to yourself but thats just an estimate.

Further information will be posted in this thread or there is also a facebook event linked to below

As normal if you do want to come game choices need to come to me and entry fees to Ben

The Throne of Thorns / The Campaign So Far
« on: July 15, 2019, 09:35:14 PM »
The Campaign So Far

This thread is here to provide details of what has happened in previous years of the campaign. This is very cut down version of things and is missing a lot of detail so let me know if you want more info on something

Ill be formatting it per gaming year and then breaking that down to in character months to give a sense of how much time is passing in the game world. This will mean some months have a lot more detail than others as some were done via downtime.

This thread does assume you have read the “World of Symbaroum” thread or otherwise know about the world and probably wont make sense without this.

Year 1

Starting Characters

Crack Bones - Huge ogre enforcer and longtime feature of Thistle Holds underworld

William Ward - Retired queens ranger and skilled hunter/woodsman

Korik - Brutal dwarf thug

Ingriðr - Changeling witch from the Odaiova clan seeking out corruption.

Gob - Impulsive and reckless goblin thief.

Freyr - Changeling rogue and social butterfly.

Kirsten - Noble born master medicus.

Ulavan Sciomi - Theurg of prios and expert loremaster.

Orlandan's Month, 22 Years After The Victory (Autumn)

The group were brought together in the Fern tavern in Thistlehold by a former temple initiate named Anadea who explained she was looking for help with a threat to the town but could/would not involve the guards and that she was working on behalf of a powerful benefactor who would pay them whatever was required. This meeting was interrupted witches aproaching the town and then a massive sink hole opening under were the Fern had been killing Anadea.

Investigating Anadeas death they found she was working for an elf named Teara-Téana who with the help of Mayor Nightpitch they met at the elven stronghold called The Hall of a Thousand Tears. There they found out the threat to the town was a group known as the Midnight Cult who had decapitated the bull god Eox and taken it into the town to perform some ritual. During this time Ingriðr is found murdered in her bed presumably by the cult

When they headed back with the Nightpitch's permission they faced the Mightnight Cult in the caverns below the town exposed by the sink hole and defeated them when the ritual was only part way through. It seemed that Erlaber the cults leader was attempting to turn himself into some sort of blight beast. They then returned Eox head to Teara-Téana allowing him to be restored.

Nightpitch rewarded them not with coin but with information, apparently the lost city of Symbar had been found by someone called Elmendra on Karvosti. He also informed them the Queen, the Church and various other factions were now looking into this new information as they all want to be the first to get there.

They set off to Karvosti with this and when they arrived found there had been an assassination attempt on Tharaban the High Chieftain with some links suggested it may involve the northern clans and that Prios worshippers had killed local villagers.

They began their search for Symbar and through Elmendra's former associates found she had travelled to 3 locations and so decided to follow the path she had taken. Following Elmendra's path they discovered they had found someone in the depths of Karvosti and how to enter the ancient cliff of the High Chieftain.

Andonias Month, 22 Years After The Victory (Autumn)

During a visit back on Karvosti they received some major news in that the Knights of the Dying Sun had split from the Curia and formed their own church called The Church of Dead Prios due to their belief that Prios has died and now the only thing left to do is avenge him

The group entered Karvosti through the underworld and found it at least partially overrun by spiders. They found their way to the reliquary were an ancient unidentified women confronted them resulting in her death at their hands, though before they did she revealed the spiders were under the command of a spider princess named Karathran.

In the Karvosti's reliquary they also had to put down Gob as he turned into a blight beast after smashing a protected ornate vase but then found what they were looking for, an ancient tablet describing details on Symbar but which needed translation.

They took a copy and left the cliff having to take out Father Argaton and a group of black cloaks on the way out as they attempted to stop knowledge of Symbar getting out to the wider world. It was at this point that Bran a former soldier who's group had been killed by Argaton and his men joined them.

The headed back to Thistle Hold but not before finding out that Queen Korinthia herself had marched an army up to Karvosti to for reasons unknown but thought to be related to the search for Symbar.

When back in Thistle Hold they realise it is going to take months to translate the tablet and so decided to buy a plot of land where the sink hole has been filled in and start constructor on a house for the group.

Freyr left the group as an active member due to adventuring not being for her but offers to carry on helping with information and other tasks.

During this time a number of important bits of political news comes to light:

The schism in the church goes further than the Templars leaving, there is also growing discontent with the church in general and a secret movement to reform the church to the older gentler version of Prios lead by Deseba the Old and Father Sarvola.

There is some sort of alliance between clans Saar Khan and Gaioa that threatens the south called the Sovereign Oath

The Queens has marched her troops back from Karvosti having apparently gotten what she wanted.

Tomals Month, 22 Years After The Victory (Autumn)

The group spend most of the month finishing construction of the house and continuing with translating the tablet

They find out that the Soverign Oath now includes clans Godinja, Enoi and Yedesa as well and appears that they are going to march on Karvosti under the banner of the Blood Daughter

It is announced in the coming months there will be a royal wedding between Duchess Esmeralda of Kasandrien (Queens Korinthia's half sister) and Thabor of Yedesa (High Chieftain Tharabans son)

The schism between the Reformists and the Curia Loyalists in the church becomes more pronounced though not quite out in the open. The group very strongly coming down on the reformist side.

They learn that the queen has sent a force to support the southern clans against the Soverign Oath with everyone assuming war is inevitable.

Kirsten travels north to lend her medical skills to any war effort.

Towards the end of the month Will receives a letter from a reformist priest he knows asking for help in Ravenia. While there they find The Whip of Prios (Elite Black Cloaks) have supplied information regarding Duke Ynedar being a reformists and thus a heretic to a large force of Templars attack the city looking to take the dukes head. At the battle of Ravenia the group are instrumental in defeating the templars even though it is a phyric victory with hundreds of lives lost in the battle.

Serlielas Month, 22 Years After The Victory (Winter)

The group travelled back to Ravenia on Duke Ynedars orders to get Deseba, Sarvola and Sarvola's son Aluin to come to Ravenia and things are no longer safe for them in Thistlehold.

They find the southern clans have joined under Tharaban to face off against the Soverign Oath with the queen

The issues with the church are becoming more pronounced with many people having been burnt as heretics and sorcerors along with several supposedly heretic theugs and liturgs linked with the reformists. Also the church has seemingly become more bold in denouncing the nobility for working with the clans and allowing the upcoming marriage to occur.

The translation of the tablet was completely and revealed that as well as the city Symbar the emperor of the Symbaroum empire was also called Symbar and it suggests he is buried beneath Yndaros the capital city of Ambria having been moved their by the people of Lindaros who lived on the site until 200 years ago.

Ulavan and Bran decided to go to Ravenia to help with the reformists.

The rest of the group still on the path to finding Symbar and so are preparing to set off for Yndaros.

So to summaries the current situation:

The alliance of northern clans known as the Sovereign Oath is marching on Karvosti which is being defended by the southern clans and an Ambrian army

The Sun Church is riven with internal division between the Reformists and Curia Loyalists as well as butting heads with the Queen/Nobility and dealing with the secession of the Templars

The alliance between High Chieftain Tharaban and Queen Korinthia is about to be sealed in a marriage between Duchess Esmeralda and Thabor of Yedesa

Elves in the Davokar are becoming more aggressive

The Group are heading to Yndaros to find the final resting place of the man known as Symbar both to aid their own goals and the Reformists

The Throne of Thorns / Hoodlums Hovel - Thistlehold
« on: July 10, 2019, 12:48:08 PM »
This thread is here for anyone who wants to add further detail and such to the groups house in Thistle Hold

After the Midnight Cult were dealt with the massive sink hole that has swallowed an entire block in Thistle Hold was filled in and the reconstruction of the block began under the supervision of Building Commissioner Kalio Galeia.

During this time the group purchase a plot in the newly available land and over the course of several months built a house they have named Hoodlums Hovel to act as a base of operations. The house is of typical Ambrian style construction made primarily out of wood and and plain to look at except everything is larger than normal allowing Crackbones and other ogres to use it comfortable. It covers 2 floors with a yard in the back with contains Koriks small smithy and is laid out as below:

The Throne of Thorns / House Rules
« on: January 24, 2019, 11:58:41 PM »
So occasionally I make changes to the rules so they wont match the rules in the book exactly. I will list these here and if you have any questions please post in this thread or speak to me on a Tuesday

Abilities that ignore x amount of damage
There are a number of abilities that rather than giving extra armour saying "Ignore x amount of damage" such as robust and berserker which means things that they still affect things that ignore armour. This damage reduction will apply on a common sense basis so for example an ogres robust will help them against a blow or fall that ignores armour but would not against a spirit that drains strength with an ethereal touch

Reason for this is to tone down the power of this a bit so characters cant become almost immune to a lot of stuff but mainly just so it makes more sense

Corruption Threshold
When a character crosses their corruption threshold they will still take D4 permanent corruption but this corruption will convert their temporary corruption at a 1 to 1 ratio instead of adding strait on top. If there is not enough temporary corruption to convert the excess permanent corruption will be added on top so there is no way of avoiding it.

Reason for this is in the rules as written with the permanent corruption just adding on it would be possible for someone to lose a character from using an artefact once if you they unlucky. Corruption should be fucking horrific and still will be with this change but shouldnt result in instant character death off a single bad dice roll.

Anyone who is being actively attended to by a Medicus will heal 2 toughness with a full nights rest rather than 1

Reason for this is just to give Medicus an extra bit of utility different to magical healing

Repeated Bleeding Out
Failed death checks persist through an entire battle so if a character is bleeding out, healed and then dropped to 0 toughness again the failed check count does not reset to 0. Characters also get a -1 to all attributes for each failed death check they currently have

Reason is that you can have a fights where someone is reduced to bleeding out multiple times and then healed with no real consequence

Unopposed Ability Rolls
The below abilities have their unmodified attribute roll replaced with an opposed roll

Acrobatics: Quick <- Accurate
Man at Arms: Quick <- Accurate
Maltransformation: Resolute <- Resolute
Tormenting Spirits: Resolute <- Resolute

Reason for this is a bit for balancing but mostly because its makes no sense that the opponents skill level has no effect on these things. Also acts as a bit of a buff for Accurate which is often a natural dump stat

Student Nationals / Nationals 2019
« on: October 29, 2018, 11:14:20 PM »
Hi Guys,

So now everyone is settled into games etc I thought its best we mention Nationals.

For those who are new the Student Nationals is a big gaming convention/tournament/social attended by hundreds of gamers from gaming societies around the country.

The Nationals moves location each year depending on who won the previous year and so is taking place from 12th - 14th of April 2019 in Glasgow.

At Nationals everyone signs up for a particular game category to play for the weekend with the categories covering roleplaying/wargaming/card games/board games/etc

We take a 1st/2nd/3rd choice from everyone wanting to go in case categories fill up and the game choices as well as loads of other information can be found in the brochure linked below…/brochure-v2.pdf

If you want to attend entry is £25 but please keep in mind there will also be hotel/transport expenses. We are currently looking into estimates on how much that will be and will post that up as soon as possible.

Also we will need to know who is wanting to come by the end of the year especially as Glasgow is a bit further travel than Bradford last year so we will need to know numbers as early as possible so we can get logistics sorted.

Any questions let us know here or in person and id advise anyone new who is interested to talk to HUGS members who have been before and will have lots of stories and info about Nationals.

Also if you want to come and want to give in choices post below or send me a message. Regarding entry fees see Ben

The Throne of Thorns / Thea's Sketches
« on: October 24, 2018, 12:34:39 PM »
Thea is doing some awesome sketches of people and events in the game which ill be hosting and posting in here for her so they can all be seen in 1 place

The Throne of Thorns / People and Places of Note
« on: October 17, 2018, 12:54:08 PM »
So this thread will be used to list people and places you have encountered in the game.

I will gradually add anyone of note you meet with a 1 line description just so we have a place were people can jog their memories on names etc:

Player Characters

Crack Bones - Huge ogre enforcer and longtime feature of Thistle Holds underworld

Korik - Brutal dwarf thug

Bran - Retired Ambrian solder and veteran of the great war turned treasure hunter

Yagaba - A witch of the white path from Clan Baiaga

Kit - Sneaky goblin killer and adventurer

Farina - A witch of the red path from Clan Godinja accompanied by her familiar the large wolf Orla

Dead Player Characters

Ingriðr - Changeling witch from the Odaiova clan seeking out corruption. Strangled to death in her room at the witch and familiar

Gob - Impulsive and reckless goblin thief. Turned into a blight beast after breaking a statue in the witches reliquary under Karvosti and was put down by the rest of the group

Lothar - Changeling berserker from clan Zarek. Killed by dwarfs whilst trying to break into Plob 17 in Yndaros

Kirsten - Noble born master medicus. Burnt to death by Kullinan Furia during the battle on Emperor Symbars funeral ship in the Yonderworld

William Ward - Retired queens ranger and skilled hunter/woodsman. Killed being infected by a group of Spites in the ruins of New Earthmoor

Former Player Characters

Freyr - Changeling rogue and social butterfly. Currently based in Thistle Hold and agreed to help the group with information gathering if needed

Ulavan Sciomi - Theurg of prios and expert loremaster. In Ravenia working on the reformation of the church

The Throne of Thorns / Fireside chat
« on: September 03, 2018, 08:22:55 PM »
This thread is for in character chat between sessions.

Everything here should be in character and please sign posts with your character name as not everyone may be familiar with your forum handle

The Throne of Thorns / Character Generation
« on: September 02, 2018, 08:07:46 PM »
Character generation should be mostly open ended with my main concern being that we have a cohesive group which is why there will be a discussion between players before we actually do any stats. What this means in practise is that we could end up with a standard style mixed group of mercs and adventurers or if the players agree there could be a more focused group such as a cell of Iron Pact sympathisers etc, all up to you guys.

The characters will start in Thistle Hold and will not be using starting stats and so will be higher than normal competency and the only thing that you need to qualify you is some sort of reputation for fighting the corruption of Davokar or some reason someone might think you are into that. Please note this does not mean you have to be good guys if you dont want to be, this reputation could be false or could have been gained while doing something with an ulterior motive etc

In the game I will be allowing the following races though this may get restricted depending on what people choose to play as certain types are intolerant of others.

Ambrian Human
Barbarian Human

If you really want to play one of the other races you may be able to convince me if you have a good idea but I dont currently see how they can fit in the game

Likewise for magic I will be allowing the below


Sorcery and Symbolism are maybes and I would ask you to speak to me first if you want to play these

I would recommend reading the "World of Symbaroum" thread before character generation and if you would like further details on the world I can provide document on the below

A world overview document far more detailed than what iv done
A document on Thistle Hold and commonly know information
A document on Karvosti and commonly known info which also includes detailed information on Clans Baiaga and Odaiova

For these documents or any other questions PM me on here/Facebook, ask below or see me on a Tuesday

The Throne of Thorns / The Game
« on: August 30, 2018, 12:59:08 PM »
So as you may have guessed the setting/system I will be using is the Swedish dark fantasy game Symbaroum. This is a fairly straight forward system where players can be very powerful but its also very brutal and deadly so be warned that things could get messy

If you are interested in getting your own copy of the books here are some links for the core book

Hard copy:

For the campaign itself I am actually running a published mega campaign that they are using to explore the big mysteries of the setting in depth. This means there is information out there about the campaign you can find if you look so please avoid anything saying its about "The Throne of Thorns" as it wont be nearly as fun if you know exactly what is going on.

Because this is a huge campaign unlike a standard HUGS game this will run for multiple years(Im currently guessing 3 but dont hold me to that). If you join you are not committed to staying for the whole thing as im quite prepared for players/characters to leave and join the game each year but do keep in mind that this does mean that the plot will not be nicely tied up after a year like most games. Also it is likely that there may be off years in the middle of this to allow people to play other games but this will be discussed with and decided by players

Also another note is that this is a dark fantasy game and so may contain graphic scenes in which I dont generally hold back. Its not a horror game so it wont be back to back torture scenes or anything but something to keep in mind if your a bit squeamish.

Any questions about the format of the game ask below or PM me on here/Facebook, ask below or see me on a Tuesday

The Throne of Thorns / The World of Symbaroum
« on: August 29, 2018, 10:13:07 PM »
**Note that since the start of the game there have been various political changes in the game world that make some of the below inaccurate. I am leaving this thread as it is as most is still relevant and so people can see how the game world was at the start of the game for context. Details of the changes to the world are in the "The Campaign So Far" thread**


Below you will find a brief description of the world of Symbaroum we will be playing in this year. This is intended as a brief primer in broad strokes but I can also provide the full background of the setting should you wish to read a more in depth account of it.

For any setting questions PM me on here/Facebook, ask below or see me on a Tuesday

The game is set in an area of the world just south of the nation sized forest known as Davokar which covers what was the ancient Symbaroum empire. The Symbaroum empire fell approximately 1000 years ago the cause of which is subject to wild speculation ranging from dragons and giants to it collapsing under evil corrupted magic. In the current day the interior of the forest is an extremely dangerous place to go being plagued by monsters, ghosts, areas of corruption were reality bends and the elves of the Iron Pact who are determined to prevent its exploration and are perfectly happy to kill those who stray to far in.

However the outskirts of the forest and the plains surrounding it are inhabited by the 11(originally 13) clans of the barbarians tribes (Think celts/vikings more than a D&D loin cloth barbarian) who have managed to live in relative harmony with the forest, and elves under the leadership of their chieftains, and spiritual guidance of the witches. The clans are not a unified nation and each clan differs in many ways to the others but they do broadly have a shared culture and while they may raid and sometimes fight each other they are mostly in a loose alliance of sorts. On the plateau of Karvosti there sits the High Chieftain Tharaban and his mighty wrathguard taken from 9 of the strongest warriors of each clan binding them together in a way, as well as the Huldra who leads the witches of all the clans.

just over 21 years ago everything changed in the region with the arrival of the Ambrians(Think your typical central European early medieval nation) fleeing their homeland of Alberetor to the south of the mountain range called The Titans. They had fought a long and bloody war against powerful invading sorcerers they call The Dark Lords and their undead armies which they had won but it was a Pyrrhic victory with their king having been killed and their land blighted by dark magic causing it to slowly die with crops stopping growing and corpses refusing to stay buried. During the war they had abandoned their old pantheon of gods by elevating Prios who represented the sun above all but gone was Prios the Lifegiver and in his place was Prios the Lawgiver a harsh and unforgiving god of war.

After the death of King Ynedar he was succeeded by his daughter Korinthia who herself was captured in the war and only the heroic efforts of templars and champions of Prios saved her. She had her forces explore beyond the Titans to the north where she knew her people originally came from to find a new land for them to flee to and they found plains ripe for cultivation. These plains were inhabited by clan Kadiz who surrendered and were integrated and clan Jezora who were annihilated by Korinthia's armies which were hardened by decades of war. Over the past 21 years the Kingdon of Ambria has come to entirely dominate the plains south of Davokar and build up a mighty kingdom split into 7 duchies and Korinthia ruling from the capital Yndaros.

In the present day the Ambrians and the Clans maintain a peace though some of the clans are more or less openly hostile such as clan Karohar. However unlike the clans many Ambrians believe they have the right to cultivate Davokar, extract its riches and secrets and ultimately take what the Symbaroum empire left behind, the town of Thistle Hold in particular is built for explorers of the great forest. Over time this is causing more and more friction as the clans and especially the witches cannot help but noticed the number of corrupted creatures coming out of the forest increasing. To compound this issue the recently discovered Sarkomal tablet contains a prophecy suggesting Ambria will gain lordship over what was the Symbaroum empire.

“…where night and day are without meaning, where darkness shimmers and light gathers in shadows, there stands the throne that again shall carry a mistress, a regent, a peer of the divine…”

Student Nationals / Nationals Hotel
« on: February 03, 2017, 09:29:11 PM »
After a bit of a delay nationals Hotel has now been sorted and we will be staying in the Ramada Hotel in Nottingham city centre. Breakfast is available but chose not to get it included with the rooms so people can make their own decisions on what to do in the morning.

The Hotel itself is very central however Nottingham University is actually a bit out of the city centre but there are easy transport links including a tram line that will go from the hotel to the university

It is going to be £140 per room so £70 for the weekend for those of who are sharing which needs to be paid at least a week in advanced so for this reason I am setting a deadline for payments of 07/04/2017.

Would prefer this to be transferred to the HUGS account rather than given in cash so please contact me or Nate for details

Current list of people is below so please let me know if anything changes and also for those sharing let me know if you want to share with anyone in particular or I will allocate rooms.

Declan Nugent
Chris Diek
Henry Baldry
Eleanor Jones
Afro Dave
Andrew Sparks
Craig Cartin
Antony Porter
Claire Porter
Michael Brown
Connor Baker
Mike Moriarty
Ben Smith

Simon Celments
Adrian Barnes

Any questions let me know


Student Nationals / Student Nationals 2017 - Nottingham
« on: August 08, 2016, 12:21:03 PM »
Hi Guys,

First bit of info is not up for next years nationals including dates

The National Student Roleplaying and Wargaming Championships 2017 will take place on the weekend of the 21st - 23rd April 2017.

It will take place on University Park Campus, part of The University of Nottingham.

Thank you all for your patience while we've arranged matters. We hope you'll all join us for the event next year.

We're also excited to announce the launch of our website, which has some more information about the event -

Will update this thread as and when new stuff comes in


Student Nationals / Nationals Categories
« on: February 21, 2016, 09:02:26 PM »
Hi Guys, Nationals game allocations are up and are listed below. Let me know if there are any problems

Adriane Barnes - X Wing
Afro Dave    - Action & Adventure
Alex Chan - Eastern
Andrew Sparks - Social Board Games
Ant Porter - Bolt Action
Ben - Humour
Ben Smith - LARP
Damian Broadley - Bolt Action
Declan Nugent - Urban Fantasy
Eleanor Jones - Weird and Wibbly
Fifty - Homebrew
Henry Baldry - Paranoia
James Biltcliffe - Fantasy Open
Jonny Clementson - Gods & Demons
Justin Boofer - Social Board Games
Kimberley Hulme - Urban Fantasy
Michael Brown - Eastern
Mike Moriarty - Weird and Wibbly
Paul Thomas - Call of Cthulhu
Pete Seed - Homebrew
Rhianna - The Gauntlet
Sam Flintlock - LARP
Sarah - Temporal Disruption
Shorty - Horror
Stevie Harrison - X wing

Student Nationals / Nationals Hotel
« on: January 11, 2016, 10:25:00 PM »
Hi Guys,

Can everyone going to Nationals let me know if you want to be booked into the hotel with us?

Cost is looking to be about £35/£40 a night assuming you are willing to share a room, obviously more expensive if you want one to yourself but cant give exact prices until iv got numbers

So please post below or on Facebook saying if you do or dont want in on the hotel and if you want to share a room or not

Also its helpful if you post even if you dont want to stay with us as it means I dont have to chase you up

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