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Sorry if it sounded like I was having a go at arrangements, I know it's not the easiest of jobs for you to organise and I appreciate all the work. I'm glad that it's sorted now because nothing would have made me happy about paying £35 more than everyone else. :D

Just seen the choice too, can't believe I got my third choice gutted :'( might have to steal Chris D's A&A place on Sunday since he's apparently GMing, I need my A&A safety blanket :D

I prefer that idea as I was shocked to read I would have to pay £75 not £40 for the hotel, I'm not exactly solvent at the moment being on benefits and £35 is a lot of money.
I'll be down at Cherry Tree Mike for breakfast & Pint you know it.

Chóng Shēng / Re: 诈图 - Zhà​ tú​​ (Rouges Gallery)
« on: November 17, 2014, 07:41:52 PM »
Thanks 50 that's perfect.

Sam guess that's in his younger days when he had too  ;)

Chóng Shēng / The Honk Kong 6 - Caper 1: Training Days
« on: November 12, 2014, 01:51:18 AM »
[Red Fox walks past the groups old table continuing down the room as he approaches an archway that leads into a room that seemed open at first but quickly suggests privacy with the many alcoves surrounding the open middle of the room. Each alcove that was occupied was dimly lit casting shadows of unidentified activities. Red Fox walks past a couple of the alcoves until he spots a darkened booth and disappearing into it before it lights up with that same dull light. If anyone looks into an alcove as they walk past will see a possible meeting between gui but the shadows of light seemed to make it difficult to see their faces and the sound from their conversation doesn't seem to leave the boundary of the alcove.]

We are safe to talk here, the Feng Shui helps to keep our conversation private. [Red Fox says as the rest of the groups enters the alcove.]

So we have a lot to talk about it seems, we all have a lot to learn tonight before we can even decided our next move. I know that I maybe can shed some light on at least who we are dealing with in regards to BioServ but I'm guessing we all have mortal issues that will still need to be dealt with. But it seems at this point that if BioServ do hold our remains and they are in whatever facility is below that Elevator, they are for the time being a priority. I at least have a extensive knowledge of the operations of this Corporations. [Red Fox pulls out a roll of smart glass and rolls it out onto the table along with a flexible plastic keyboard. The screen on the table seems to light up and the red fox logo appears before it's replaced with a complex web of red data streams. The imagine seems to focus on a section of the web but as it enlarges the image it also starts to replaces it with other colors. Before everyone's eye's the smart glass seems to display a top down imagine of a computer generated Chinese garden.]

Welcome to my custom iFeng Shui OS, from here I catalog and analyse all data that is relevant or possible relevant towards helping the movement. [Red Fox looks up from his keyboard but as he does instead of actually seeing the rest of the group his focus is on the small screen on his glasses that is searching for any reports on their recent robbery.]

Chóng Shēng / Re: 冰轮 - Luna Club (PC chat)
« on: November 08, 2014, 02:50:31 PM »
[Red Fox nodes to show acknowledgement of Yo's words but says nothing as the club tour plays in the bottom corner of his view, while he leaves his software to run analysis on it as he continues onto more important information like the man's death. He instantly finds several news articles on the club owners demise and quickly scans through for all important information.]

Chóng Shēng / Re: 诈图 - Zhà​ tú​​ (Rouges Gallery)
« on: November 08, 2014, 02:41:41 PM »
With the addition of ishades (sunglasses that access the internet) and his face guard being black and red this is what Red Fox looks like.

Chóng Shēng / Re: 冰轮 - Luna Club (PC chat)
« on: November 06, 2014, 08:00:06 PM »
[Red Fox scans the rest of the group sat around the table and while talking searches the internet for all profiles of each of them and starts to try and delve further into them]

So lets do proper introductions [A voice comes from under the cloth covering his face]  if we are apparently bound together I know I'd like to understand better who I'm bound too. My name is Red Fox and I'm a computer Hacker that helped create the Hacktaoist Movement, I am... I was wanted by the Chinese Government for treason, the HKPD for cyber crimes and terrorism and also several large corporations including BioServ who might have been the ones that caused my death. That is all for an introduction who's next?

[His mirrored sunglasses stare at the group waiting for the next one to speak while he continues to absent mindlessly troll the cyber world for all information on his new companions waiting for anymore information they were will to give.] 

Introductions / Re: Greetings!
« on: November 04, 2014, 05:30:08 PM »
Hi Alex,

I'm Afrodave the one without an afro right now due to some charity accident involving sheers :) So I wear a flat cap instead because I'm reet Yorkshire.

Sam is definitely a Hipster, I thought he was just denying it because of Hipster stuff. We all know what he's like. ;)

自述 - Zì​shù​ (year of the Dragon) / Losing Someone Close
« on: November 04, 2014, 12:59:05 PM »
[Open secure file - Red Fox Project]
Waiting for my informant is as good a time as ever to reflect on a man that gave his whole life for the cause.
Christopher Jin started out life in a loving family home in America. His father had moved over from Hong Kong for business and met Sarah, who he married and later had Christopher.
Until Christopher was a teenager life looked perfect for the Jin family, but then cracks started to form. Christopher's parents were arguing a lot and he started to stay away from the family home. Which put him into some danger situations and found him brushing with the law. Christopher discovered that is natural ability with computers was useful to a lot of people. Luckily in hindsight Christopher was caught hacking into ATM's and was put into young offenders for 2 years, during his stay he obtained many qualifications in computing and decided to straightened up.
He left just after his 17th birthday and was taken by his now divorced father to Hong Kong to hopefully start fresh.
For the most part it worked and Christopher managed to achieve a PhD in Computer Science, after that he created his own virtual network system using Taoism and Feng Shui principle in its development and architecture. His new operating system was sold in the millions and he soon was the hottest name in the tech world. Not long after his success he married Lynda Chong and their daughter Lilly was born.
Christopher had everything he wanted in life but unfortunately the story never ends there.
BioServ approached Christopher to help them create a new system using his designs but with advanced ideas. He couldn't pass up the opportunity but it quickly became a nightmare. At first he wasn't given much information about the project but was expected to build a new system. After much protest from Christopher he was given access to higher levels and realised that this company was into very strange business including research into actual chi energy. They actually want to try and power machines using chi, Christopher's PhD was on the theory that computers were so ingrained into us that chi could possibly flow through it and tested this theory with what would become iFeng Shui.
Christopher continued to work for them but was continually unimpressed with how BioServ operated behind the scenes. He also at this time became involved with a small hacktavist group fighting for more freedoms for Hong Kong and main land China especially in the cyber world. At first it was just something to occupy his mind away from the project but also it helped his guilty conscious for selling out to such a soulless company.
A lot was learnt in that first group before it all collapsed with the arrest of it's leader after his government hack was traced. From his death the idea of Hacktaoism was born along with me Red Fox. Christopher let only me actually commit cyber crimes in the name of the Hacktaoist, but with Christopher's systems experience and every members computers accidentally left open to be borrowed to help the cause.
Christopher Jin and Red Fox worked well and during the first 6 months many government secrets were exposed by Red Fox in the name of the Hacktaoist movement but also cyber protests were created which was heard across the world. Still today the Chinese government has not relaxed any of its laws or blockers on the internet but the Hacktaoist movement does not waiver and has vowed to continue until the Chinese are free of repression in the cyber world.
Unfortunately Christopher's job was starting to effect him mentally and he was starting at crack. Working long hours was also causing arguments at home which brought back memories of his home life. He never wanted his daughter to feel the same unwelcome feeling he once felt. He decided to leave the family home and found himself a tiny apartment, this was a big mistake as now he only had me to support him but I wasn't best qualified to know what Christopher needed so I pushed him further into our work hoping that doing something good might help him.
I was wrong he became more paranoid and reclusive. BioServ also noticed his erratic behaviour and finally had enough to kick him off his own project. Christopher took this badly and foolishly didn't advise anyone of his intention to steal his project from BioServ. He wasn't thinking straight at all but was still a damn good hacker and managed to obtain a lot of his original notes before he was cut off by the security system.
He immediately passed everything onto me and I secured it away, which was lucky because BioServ was coming straight for him. They had no evidence it was Christopher but they had strong enough suspicions to come after him. He hadn't informed BioServ of his move so they went straight to his family home.
We only have the police report to go on but it looks on paper like a accidental fire but Christopher noticed specific items of his missing and knows there was no fault with the alarm system. Seeing the photos of his wife and daughter's chard bodies was the last straw and he finally broken.
Christopher died that day, I was left to pick up the pieces and continue the Hacktaoist movement because I know that's what he wants me to do.

Now I'm here waiting for a contact with info on the improvements BioServ made to their security systems, which I'll need if I'm going to bring down one of the largest and most powerful corporation in the world and bring justice and final piece to the Jin family.

[Close secure file - Red Fox Project]

Red Fox never made it back from that meeting or a body ever discovered. Hacktaoist's are still searching for their leader Christopher Jin aka Red Fox.

(Edited to take out the double posting part of it.)

自述 - Zì​shù​ (year of the Dragon) / Red Fox - Hacktaoist Leader
« on: October 26, 2014, 03:57:14 PM »
Red Fox is the known handle for whoever started the hacktaoism group wanted by the Chinese government and many large corporations including BioServ for cyber crimes and treason. To the public and many of the hacker community and supporters on the internet know them as a group that fights against the supressive government and freedom of Hong Kong. As their name suggests they follow Taoism principles incorporated into their group ideals and actual hacking techniques. Red Fox is rumoured to be a master of iFeng Shui in desktop and virtual interfaces. There are many documents online published by Red Fox about the principles of Hacktaoism and even practical applications of Feng Shui when building a system.

There are many rumours surrounding the identity of Red Fox, if it's actually multiple people or that the founder is dead or arrested like the Chinese government keeps reporting.

All anyone knows is when the Red Fox strikes there will be a couple of CCTV images and eye witness reports of someone in a trench coat, baseball cap with a black and red material covering the mouth and sunglasses in the area.

Other hackers have used similar clothing to impersonate Red Fox to try and help or for their own gains, many being amateurs have been arrested or killed some of these have been used by the government for propaganda against the Hacktaoism.

Red Fox has always made large public displays to defend or disprove the lies that are broadcast. Last year the HKPD made a series of surprise raids on several secret hacker gatherings and found a data storage nod in the net. This lead to many prosecutions of proven associations with Red Fox and the Hacktaoism group, only some of the evidence wasn't dubious or thin, but it was enough to convict 7 people for life imprisonment.
Red Fox made a public viral video condemning the illegal attacks and false imprisonment of 7 innocents that had no affiliation or connection with Red Fox.
Then a vow to not rest until they were freed and to shut down the court house for 7 days after the sentencing. The court house building was then cyber attacked for the week after.

Since the massive push by the Chinese government and HKPD to break up the hacktaoist's and apprehended Red Fox it seems to have not stopped anything and maybe with the very public attention of the Hacktaoism case and how it was handled caused a lot more support especially in Hong Kong.

BioServ also helped fund the operation that tried to bring down Red Fox and continues to publicly stand against what it calls 'cyber terrorism' and has a reward for any information given that will help apprehend Red Fox. They also off the books have their own private security working on tracking down Red Fox.

If you have any information about Red Fox or Hacktaoist activities then please call the BioServ hot line.

Student Nationals / Re: Student Nationals 2014 - Leicester
« on: March 18, 2014, 08:43:36 PM »
yep no problem, I'll ask you to send me the back details a the end of the month or I'll forget them.

Student Nationals / Re: Student Nationals 2014 - Leicester
« on: March 18, 2014, 12:46:06 PM »
No worries Ant, do you want me to drop it in the bank account or I can give it you the tuesday before we go as I should be down then. Either way is no problem.

Student Nationals / Re: Leicester 2014 - Games allocations
« on: March 18, 2014, 12:24:04 PM »
Oh yea A&A again every friggin year :D

A Bitter Tide / Re: Cancelled game 4/2/14
« on: February 04, 2014, 02:00:42 PM »
Is this because you heard I was coming down, glad I read this first. I'll probably skip tonight and stay another day next week and come down when my game is on.

A Bitter Tide / Re: Character Introductions
« on: October 29, 2013, 04:53:48 PM »

Spirited ~ Raphelian ~ Pirate


Average height of 5ft and lean, he would be described as attractive if it was't hidden under the scruffy hair and dirty clothes that make it obvious of his pirate lifestyle. He is easily mistaken for a early 20's but to the keen eye his smooth and hairless face with no sea weathering or age lines shows he true age.

He dresses in old Raphelian clothing that would be years out of date for the high class and have faded with patches covering holes. He has a large brimmed hat and bandanna. His only possession that can be seen are his cutlass and simple bag.

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