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改变 Gǎibin / Re: 诈图 - Zh​ t​​ (Rouges Gallery)
« on: December 17, 2019, 06:44:20 PM »

AsinGioro Suji

改变 Gǎibin / Re: 诈图 - Zh​ t​​ (Rouges Gallery)
« on: December 05, 2019, 07:46:50 PM »

Girl from appartment

改变 Gǎibin / Re: 诈图 - Zh​ t​​ (Rouges Gallery)
« on: December 05, 2019, 07:42:14 PM »


改变 Gǎibin / Re: 诈图 - Zh​ t​​ (Rouges Gallery)
« on: December 05, 2019, 07:40:49 PM »

Zou Yan (The Fangshi "fortune teller")

改变 Gǎibin / Re: 诈图 - Zh​ t​​ (Rouges Gallery)
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改变 Gǎibin / Re: 重生 - Chng​shēng​ (Rebirth)
« on: December 02, 2019, 11:34:54 PM »
The Great Race

The great race loomed just on the horizon, The Jade Emperor had decided on a method to record time and had decreed that the first 12 animals that crossed the river would be the year of measure.

The Cat and the Rat were best of friends and together, the two of them hatched a plan to ride the Ox across the river, they knew the large and hardy Ox was accustomed to crossing rivers and would likely finish first.

At the start of the race, the two animals slipped atop the Ox, the Rat suggested they would keep a lookout for logs and help the Ox cross first and being somewhat slow the Ox gratefully accepted. But, as the Cat and the Rat rode atop the Ox, the Rat jolted abruptly forward. The sudden force sent the Cat flying off the Ox and into the river.

The Cat let out a piercing hiss directed at the Rat, but by then, it was too late, the force of the water swept the cat away, and the Ox, with the Rat atop continued. (Even to this this day, Cat still holds a grudge against Rat for missing a place in the Zodiac. This is why Cat hates water and hunts Rat every time he sees him!)

The Ox lumbered towards the finish line. The Ox was going to come first. Suddenly, the Rat leapt from Ox's back and crossed the finish-line first. The Ox crossed the finish line a moment later. However, the Ox was too composed a sort to make a big fuss and graciously accepted second place.

Water splashed forth from the river. The Tiger had burst from beneath the water, his coat sopping wet. The water had weighed the proud Tiger down, but the well-muscled Tiger pushed forth in spite of the burden, hind legs rippling with tense firmness. His huge paw prints bore down on the damp muddy shore and with one final fierce stride, the Tiger claimed the third spot in the Zodiac.

The Jade Emperor watched as the trio of Rat, Ox, and Tiger crossed the finish. He applauded them. They would be the first three animals of the Zodiac.

The Rabbit stood perched upon a rock in the river. He was only lagging slightly behind the Tiger. River water lapped up at his paws. The Rabbit let out soft huffs and heaves. He had been trying desperately to keep up with the Tiger. Despite the Rabbit's small stature, he had kept pace, leaping from one rock to another so he could quickly cross the river. A long trail of rocks jutted up from the river bed. As worry overtook the Rabbit, the Rabbit hastened his motions, pulling back hurriedly on his strong hind legs.

A moment later the Rabbit's eyes widened. A log was floating slowly by. Nearly leaping up from the river, the Rabbit sped into a wild paddle, water flying up around him. He pressed both paws to the log, clinging on as tightly as he could muster.

Alas, the log was barely moving, bobbing complacently in the water. A sudden gust stirred thickly in the air, sending the log hurdling down the river. The Rabbit's heart throbbed in slow motion as the log drifted towards the shore where the finish line was. The Rabbit's pulse gradually slowed, seemingly one beat at a time, as he neared the shore, a deep-seated feeling of relief overtaking him. The Rabbit peered backwards as he floated closer to shore. No other animals were in sight. The Rabbit hopped right across the finish line

The Rabbit did not stop as he passed the Jade Emperor. The Emperor was smiling at the Rabbit with a generous grin. The Rabbit passed rice paddies as he made his way towards the forest. Reaching a shaded and secluded thicket the Rabbit collapsed into a tiny heap of white fur. A mix of relief and exhilaration had seeped through his being, replacing the disappointment he had felt about only getting fourth place.

Over the finish line the Dragon soared swiftly, moving in a majestic aerial stride as it shimmied through the clouds, his long tail streaming and lashing about the placid sky, wind racing past him. As the Dragon made his rapid descent, the clouds seemed to part. The Jade Emperor stood awaiting the great creature. Why has the Dragon not come in first place? he wondered. When the Jade Emperor addressed the Dragon, he began to explain the circumstances that had befallen him.

"Exalted Jade Emperor ~ on my way I saw several villagers that were in trouble. A fire had ignited amidst their crops and they had been surrounded in a circle of blaze. I knew that my spot in the Zodiac was on the line, but I could not stand by and watch. To put out the flames, I used my breath to extinguish the blaze, snuffing it out like a flickering candle. I had to be careful though. I did not want to also sweep the villagers up in this gale of my own creation. I also saw a tiny Rabbit in the river clinging to a log, so I used my breath to push it to shore."

The Jade Emperor smiled again. He was well acquainted with the Dragon's nature. He was not disappointed in him.

As the Dragon and the Jade Emperor spoke, the Horse was in the midst of galloping across the river, splashing up water as her hooves moved like beating pistons through the ankle deep water, beads of mist silhouetting her strong equestrian form.

The Horse burst from the river. Only a few strides separated her from the finish line. Something slithered through the grass. From the grass the Snake surged out, approaching from behind the Horse's hooves. Overtaken by shock the Horse recoiled, leaping backwards. A high nay exited the Horse's mouth, hooves thrown up towards the sky. With a quick slither, the Snake crossed the finish line.

The Jade Emperor watched the snake move past the finish-line, still smiling. He did not judge the Snake. The Snake had merely been clever.

The Horse lowered her long-face, a tinge of shame lingering in her dark beady eyes as she stepped slowly across the finish line. Fear had cost her the sixth spot. Her legs, which moments ago had carried her in an untamed gallop were now locked in slow shaky steps, which barely left imprints upon the dirt.

Back in the river, the Monkey, the Rooster, and the Sheep, all floated atop a raft, which the Rooster had found resting by the opposite shore - unclaimed by anyone.

Together, the three of them worked furiously, using lengthy branches as makeshift paddles. The sticks would often get caught in tangles of unwieldy underwater weeds, which weaved up from the riverbed, but the three of them did not stop paddling, severing the leafy binds with forceful branch strokes. When the Rooster, the Monkey, and the Sheep reached the river's shore, they let the Sheep cross first, the Sheep had been so comforting and formed such harmonious bonds with them, that the others felt it was only right to let the Sheep claim the 8th place. If the sheep had helped foster these bonds, they may not have all made it to the finish-line.

The Monkey claimed the ninth place by merit of his strength and boundless energy and the Rooster took the tenth place for his encouragement and direction.

Coat sopping wet, the dog scrambled across the finish line next, panting as he did so, canine tongue flapping from his open mouth. The dog was an adept swimmer, but because he had not bathed for some time, he had over indulged in the river, frolicking without a care in the water. The sun sat high in the sky today and had heated the water, making it pleasant to bathe in. And, thus, the dog claimed the eleventh place in the race.

By the finish line stood the Jade Emperor. Eleven animals had already crossed. There was only one spot remaining in the Zodiac now. What animal will conclude the race? the Jade Emperor wondered.

Over the horizon, a loud exhausted oink sounded. The Pig waddled towards the finish line, pink skin caked in dense layers of dirt, sniffling snout pasted brown with mud. Yet, the Pig moved at a surprisingly swift gait, little feet locked in a tiny cyclical gallop.

The Jade Emperor gave the pig a sharp glance as he crossed the finish line. "How has one such as you who possesses such surprising speed fallen so far behind?" he asked.

The Pig snorted as he readied himself to speak. "Sorry, Exalted Jade Emperor - I was hungry and couldn't resist stopping to gobble something up. I felt sleepy after eating, and couldn't help myself."

The Jade Emperor smiled again as he peered down at the dirt covered Pig. The race had concluded. The Pig collapsed onto his side, lapsing back into sleep. Snorts that sounded like snores sounded from the Pig's rotund heaving form. The 12 animals of the Zodiac had been decided and so concluded the great race.

改变 Gǎibin / Re: Backgrounds
« on: December 02, 2019, 07:14:19 PM »
Beautiful and portentous - look forward to the next instalment. :)

改变 Gǎibin / Re: Backgrounds
« on: November 24, 2019, 07:54:00 AM »
Great opening!
Dark, and emotive ... and extremely clear why you resisted reincarnation!  8)

改变 Gǎibin / Re: 诈图 - Zh​ t​​ (Rouges Gallery)
« on: November 05, 2019, 06:13:35 PM »


改变 Gǎibin / 诈图 - Zh​ t​​ (Rouges Gallery)
« on: November 03, 2019, 07:37:38 PM »
Gallery of folk both fair and foul .. feel free to post your own mugs here if you like :)

改变 Gǎibin / Re: Backgrounds
« on: October 11, 2019, 05:21:31 PM »
Excellent!   8)

Great start .. looking forwards to finding out more about the hunting of Mr Wancheng!

改变 Gǎibin / Re: 重生 - Chng​shēng​ (Rebirth)
« on: October 01, 2019, 05:26:55 PM »
Game choices blurb:

Chong sheng .. set in the turbulent city of 2032 hong Kong.

Yang : The Chinese government continues increase its presence and influence in the special administrative region, opposed by corporate leaders and local politicians alike.

Yin : Unbeknownst to most a power struggle is growing between different factions in the spirit world.. their conflict inevitably spilling into the mortal world.

This is an action game with a heavy underscore of supernatural shenanigans.
Players will be for example ghosts refusing reincarnation, enlightened animals seaking cultivation, or  spirits (or mortals) drawn into the escalating conflict.

D6 homebrewed rules make it quick and cinemagraphic with plenty of scope for excitement.

改变 Gǎibin / Re: 重生 - Chng​shēng​ (Rebirth)
« on: September 18, 2019, 09:05:59 PM »
The year was 4730 ...or at least it was as the Chinese counted them.
Ren-zi - the 49th year of the 78th cycle since they started reckoning such things, and Year of the Water Rat as well! A lucky year for those who would encourage change and use intellect over brawn! Hui Lin had told him before they set out earlier that evening.

Jake wasnt so sure, as far as he was concerned it was February the 7th 2032, and a Saturday night, and this year the alignment of the moon meant the Chinese new- year was going to be on Wednesday, right in the middle of the working week instead of near the weekend, so pretty much everyone in New Hong Kong was using it as an excuse to have a major party lasting the whole week!

fucking Satuuurday night man Jake complained quietly at Hui Lins back, I should be down at Joe Bananas trying to get laid by some AV wannabe, not breaking into the fucking vaults of a Sanatorium!

Quiet! hissed Hui Lin, not looking up from the phone in his hand or the thin wire leading from it to the card stuck in the door lock. Ive told you before, this is a Hospital as well as a Sanatorium, and we are here to find out once and for all just what Bioserve are trying so hard to hide.  And the fact that it is Saturday night and the middle of the biggest party this city has seen for many years is precisely why we have come now there done!

The door lock winked from red to green and with a slight hiss of the seal clicked open. Hui Lin stepped to one side, and with a quick glance up at the motionless security camera Jake stepped forward to push it open fully. 

I hope your right about that software re-running last nights footage for the guards Jake muttered as he stepped forward into the room with his taser leading the way.
It was dark in there, and cold. Jake could feel the warmth being sucked from his skin as he moved forward.
The room was big, he could tell that much in the dim glow from the corridor lights, and full of bulky looking equipment with little lights twinkling on their displays, reminding him of the new years illuminations festooning the streets outside.

You worry too much Hui Lin stated from behind him, as he flicked a switch and with a snap the lights in the room sprung on.
Now revealed in the harsh glare of the florescent lights the room was indeed big, huge in fact. Long steel tables stood in neat rows down the centre of the space and white sided trolleys holding computers or weird looking scientific paraphernalia were scattered all around. Against each of the long side walls curved steel cabinets with glass fronted doors were stood, next to each a complicated series of wires and tubes fed into the wall mounted medical style machines.
There the resemblance to anything Jake recognised as Science ended. The walls and floor were covered in complicated looking zhngtǐz characters and weird diagrams, and a large brass gong was suspended by heavy chains from the ceiling half way along the room. Several wrought Iron braziers stood along each side of the chamber at the foot of each was a small black lacquered wooden chest.

Holy Shit! Jake exclaimed looking round what the fuck is going on here? he half turned to look at Hui Lin who was poking at the strange looking Shenist ceremonial robes hung alongside the white lab coats on pegs just inside the door.

Hui Lin glanced up at Jake Onmyōdō ward against Guǐ. he answered sharply ...perfectly safe for you. Now quickly see if you can find any documents or data discs.

With a nod Jake moved into the room, ..Guǐ, you mean like as in ghosts? he asked as he carefully stepped round a delicate looking table holding a set of surgical instruments and three Chinese coins sat on a folded black cloth. I know you guys are hot for Feng shui and all... I mean, were underneath a forty floor skyscraper with a big hole punched right through the middle to let-the-bad-out for gods sake... but this man, this is just too fucking whack!.

Onmyōdō  has little to do with Feng shui , now just shut up and keep looking! hissed Hui Lin as he moved down the opposite line of tables, though Jake couldnt help notice him muttering and occasionally making little sidesteps and funny hops. ...It is an occult art, imported from China originally, that is loosely based on Taoism and Wu Xin, it has particular excellence in dealing with Guǐ, especially if one is not a Taoist priest or Buddhist monk....

Hui Lins monologue was cut short as Jake suddenly cried out from the other side of the room Shit! theres someone alive inside this one!.

What? Let me have a look! responded Hui Lin as he hurried quickly across the room to where Jake was stood in front of one of the glass-doored steel cupboards.
Lights were flashing urgently on the machine mounted on the wall next to it and through the condensation fogged glass Hui Lin could just make out what did appear to be an adult man. There was a sudden hiss of steam from the cupboard door and it clicked forward a fraction. Moments later up and down both sides of the room the hiss-click noise was repeated from each of the other cupboards.

Gah! What did you do!? yelled Hui Lin over the rising crescendo of escaping steam.

Nothing! Jake shouted, then looked a little sheepish. ...well I may have lent by accident on that green button there...
he said pointing at a large knob marked with a strange Hanzi ideogram.

The cupboard door in front of him was suddenly pushed fully open and a naked man with wires and tubes trailing from all over his body slumped forward onto the floor with a groan.
Somewhere in the distance the woo-woo of an alarm started, with a groan Jake exclaimed Fucking worst Saturday night ...EVER!

改变 Gǎibin / Re: 冰轮 - Luna Club (PC chat)
« on: September 16, 2019, 09:53:20 PM »

On Gage street down a box strewn alley between Yellow Door Kitchen and ABC chāoshāng stands a rather plain looking wooden door under a bright red neon sign announcing LUNA CLUB.

Those entering through the door will find a long set of age stained wooden steps, nearly steep enough to be a ladder, climbing to a dim reception room with a blue glass panelled door at the rear. The air here is cool, as is the attitude of the doormen who stand before the glass from behind which the deep thump of music can be heard, certainly the notice to the side which reads "members only" in traditional, simplified and pinyin Chinese as well as English could very well seem superfluous when compared to their intimidating presence. 

For those lucky enough to be allowed to pass by the two lumbering bouncers (Ntu and Mǎmin) the wide sweeping interior awaits. Throughout the lighting above matches the dcor and is low key but sumptuous - reds, blues, and black with strips of floor level neon on the walls giving the whole place a slightly ethereal look.

Several rooms fan off the main, some have dance floors, where a strange fusion of ancient Chinese strings and modern bass rhythms keep the clients entertained. Others have a scattering of tables where food, drink and company can be enjoyed by the less energetic. At the back of the main room a broad copper covered bar stands with several dedicated staff serving all manner of exotic drinks to the crowd.
Luna herself can often be found here, circulating near the end of the bar, her sinuous curves complimented by the reflected red copper light as she chats and laughs with the clients.

(OOC: A thread for Players to have in-character chats and maybe meet new friends and find out a little gossip)

改变 Gǎibin / Re: 重生 - Chng​shēng​ (Rebirth)
« on: September 16, 2019, 09:06:49 PM »
Broad overview of Chinese religion.

I've tried my best to make this readable and split it into the various main religious practices, but in China and HK most people would follow the whole mishmash as one thing!

Anyway, as a side - I've not touched upon Confucianism either.. 'cause although it is a hugely important school of thought, which we in the west might look at as religion-like, it is an ethical/philosophical practice only and is basically humanist at its core. So as it has no mystical facet, for our purposes I dont need to care about it here!! :)

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