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Skill Packages
As the final part of character generation, you need to vote on a “skill package” – this assigns you some extra skills but more importantly describes to me your general approach to life and bounty hunting, and the type of adventures you want to have. The packages are:


Traveller Package A good, all round package where the Strontium Dogs take on a variety of roles in addition to bounty hunting.

    Pilot (any) 1, Sensors 1, Comms 1, Computers 1, Gun Combat (any) 1, Medic 1, Persuade 1, Stealth 1 [/li]

Gunslinger Package For where the Strontium Dogs rely on their expertise with weapons, aiming to outgun the opposition.

    Athletics (co-ordination) 1, Gun Combat (any) 1, Gun Combat (any) 1, Heavy Weapons 1, Leadership 1, Tactics 1, Stealth 1, Special Weapons 1

For campaigns with an emphasis on investigation and detection, rather than who draws a blaster the fastest.

    Advocate 1, Admin 1, Computers 1, Gun Combat (any) 1, Investigate 1, Persuade 1, Stealth 1, Streetwise 1

Revenge Package For campaigns where the Strontium Dogs are keen to gain revenge on enemies made during character generation, or where a generally hard-as-nails attitude is being taken against the cruelties of the galaxy.

    Gun Combat 1, Heavy Weapons 1, Interrogate 1, Leadership 1, Recon 1, Special Weapons 1, Survival 1, Tactics 1

STRONTIUM DOGS / Re: Life in the 22nd Century
« on: October 19, 2017, 08:45:09 PM »
Humans being what they are, crime has been a major interstellar export. The extensive, chaotic, network of partly governed colony worlds, conflicting stellar empires, and lawless asteroid belts has given criminals the perfect environment to escape to escape the law. Just as the frontiers of the old American west offered sanctuary for outlaws, desperadoes and fugitives from justice, so too do the colony worlds.

The Galactic Colonial Authority (GCA) serves is a vast and sprawling secretariat that functions (barely) as the unifying bureaucracy for the galaxy. Strangled by its own red-tape and corruption, the GCA has turned to private law enforcement as a means to police the worst sectors of the galaxy. Enter the Seek & Destroy Agency.

Established in 2167, the S/D Agency is a semi-private organisation operated from a massive orbital habitat known as the Dog House – even thought its official name is S/D Central. The S/D Agency is the only organisation with a trans-galaxy sanction to seek-out and, where permitted, kill, criminals and fugitives from justice. Technically it has no powers of arrest and its agents can only apprehend subjects or return fire upon them if they are executing a specific warrant. Therefore, the S/D Agency is not a police force; neither is it, officially, a part of the galactic executive or administration: if it were, then the GCA would be sanctioning murder directly and many of the S/D Agency’s operating practices (hiring mutants, for example) would be vulnerable to government scrutiny. Instead, the S/D Agency works in a shadowy position somewhere between government partnership and private bounty hunting company.


The S/D Agency operates from S/D Central or the Dog House. The Dog House contains the administrative offices for the entire S/D Agency, which still relies on human executives to assess incoming warrants, assign them to specific Strontium Dogs.

The new Dog House is in orbit around Pluto (apparently that’s a joke?), far from earth. It is divided into three sections: Red, White, and Blue.

White is Administration and Operations, reserved for “norms” and houses non-mutant administrative staff, in strict segregation from their mutant employees. They keep the agency running and are also charged with keeping their mutants in line.

Blue is for mutant bounty-hunters; living quarters, mess halls, practice gyms, etc. Living quarters have various name, official and otherwise, often based on ghettoes from back on earth, or famous deceased Dogs.

Red section contains cells for prisoners, and, a recent addition, barracks for “Pen Dogs” - mutants serving prison sentences, who are offered time off their (usually excessive) sentence, in exchange for various “community service” which amounts to unpaid labour, black ops and wet-work. All Pen-Dogs wear an explosive collar to guarantee their obedience. 

White Section houses FIDO 2, the S/D computer system that is the primary interface between S/D and the GCC for administering warrants. FIDO stands for Federal Information Directory Operations and it holds detailed records on every criminal and fugitive that has ever been made the subject of a GCC warrant, pulling-in information from hundreds of thousands of System Law Enforcement computers from across the galaxy.

This means that, as soon as the GCC issues a warrant for a particular criminal or fugitive, S/D has, via FIDO, a complete history of that criminal’s activities, known movements, habits, sphere of operations and so forth. All this information is beamed directly to Strontium Dogs’ Warrant Units – the handheld computers that are slaved directly to FIDO. The minute a warrant is accepted by a Strontium Dog, he has access to all pertinent information for his quarry. Changes to this information are constantly relayed via FIDO and any changes (such as an increase in the reward) made automatically.

FIDO also monitors the location of S/D agents via their warrant card, meaning that urgent warrants can be directed to Strontium Dogs in the right vicinity (or even directed away from them, if a particular agent is more of a liability than an asset). The GCC insists on knowing where licensed-to-terminate mutants, carrying exceedingly sophisticated weaponry, are at any given point in time.

Ultimately, all Strontium Dogs are on a very long leash.

STRONTIUM DOGS / Re: The Roll of Honour and Infamy (Dramatis Personae)
« on: October 19, 2017, 06:31:51 PM »
More Veteran Dogs - The Mentors

(for Jones the Voice, see above)

‘Dapper’ Gaston de Nez
Veteran bounty hunter and expert tracker, de Nez is known for both his olfactory skills and his suave, elegant style dress-sense. Has no mouth and thus cannot speak, only make nasal noises. Gaston knows a lot about alien flora and fauna. He was recently hit by a time weapon and lost 3 years of time.

Hans Oslo
Mercenary, ruthless and with a reputation as much for smuggling, extortion and blackmail as for bringing in warrants, Hans always has an eye on the main chance. By nefarious means he owns – through third parties and dummy companies) his own ship, the Centenary Hawk. He’s disliked by many other Dogs, and not just because of this dodgy reputation; he never fought in the Uprising or rebellions.

Lester “the Jester” Claypole [Deceased]
Lester is dead – an ignominious end for a long-serving Dog who survived the turbulent Uprising, Final Solution, and life on the rim> He was semi-retired to the Unclaimed Artefacts office, where he sorted through various alien junk dropped off by fellow Dogs. He rarely left the Doghouse, but did so with an apprentice for one last adventure. He did not return. The Frenchman drinks a lot – could be related.

The Lump
The Lump is relatively young but a competent bounty hunter and an all-round decent guy. Unfortunately, his shambolic mutation (a massive corral-like, cancerous mass swallowing his shoulders and head) means he’ll never be accepted by the norms. Lacking any peripheral vision and unable to turn his ‘head’, the Lump has been shot in the back three times by bounties.

Scab Jones
Born in the infamous Milton Keynes ghetto, Scab is a tough, no nonsense ‘street ronin’ familiar with the neon alleys and cheap motels of near-earth. Scab is the brother of mutant criminal, Impetigo Jones, who was killed by Jonny Alpha. When Jonny came looking for information on his brother, he was forced to shoot Scab and beat him within an inch of his life. Scab has hated Jonny ever since.

STRONTIUM DOGS / Re: Soundtrack and Trailers
« on: October 14, 2017, 03:31:49 PM »

I am sure I can add to this list as time goes on, but these are the movies I have been watching to get in the Strontium Dog movie.

The Nuclear War
The War Game
First, an important public service announcement....

The Earth
Blade Runner
Children of Men

Mostly This
Battle Beyond the Stars
Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
Total Recall

The Strontium Dog Life
Cowboy Beebop
Guardians of the Galaxy
Space Rage! Escape from Prison Planet

The Weird Stuff
Thundar the Barbarian

STRONTIUM DOGS / Soundtrack and Trailers
« on: October 14, 2017, 03:22:00 PM »
So.... The Soundtrack

Its here on YouTube.

The Prologue
Two Tribes, Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Times They Are a-Changing, Bob Dylan
Gods Gonna Cut You Down, Jonny Cash

STRONTIUM DOGS / Re: Free Archive: Dog Breath Back Issues
« on: October 11, 2017, 09:08:05 PM »
Hey these are great... and free!  8)

STRONTIUM DOGS / Re: Life in the 22nd Century
« on: October 11, 2017, 06:45:04 PM »

In northern England, mutants are confined to the West Yorkshire Reservation for Mutants (WYRM), an area set aside after the first mutant uprising “for the protection, treatment and betterment of the afflicted” –  a ghetto no doubt, but better than hell holes like Salisbury or Shytehill.

It's not too bad, all told. There’s power in some places, intermittently – usually wasted on flickering neon signs and entertainment. A few groundcars are charged by the dregs of scavenged batteries; more run on ethanol, methane, or steam. Robots are few and far between; ancient, battered, and faulty but powerful status symbols. Most people scrape by on barely better than Victorian technology. With no official jobs available, there’s only cash day work for the underworld or unscrupulous corporations. Alcoholism and drug abuse is rife.

The WYRM sits just outside the New Huddersleeds Metroplex, which sprawls on the edge of the irradiated heathland known as the Dewsbury Moors. You are walled in, the Metroplex walls tower on both sides of you, dark concrete, gun turrets and barbed wire. There are only two exits, the Utterthwaite and Blamire Gates, both guarded by a private security companies contracted to “protect” the mutants within. You almost never see guards inside, unless it’s a full-on raid with APCs and riot gas. Their barbicans also house what passes for the administration buildings of the ghetto, where mutants toil in endless queues and paperwork to get meagre benefits like food rations and basic medicine. Most mutants need to make some kind of deal with local gangs just to get by.

There are three main districts: Compo, Clegg, and Foggy, named after the crumbling tenements were mutants are housed and educated. Compo is where most of the ghetto's food is produced, in rooftop gardens and dank middens. Foggy is mostly rubbish-choked canals and belched smoke from scrap-fires.

At the heart of the ghetto, where the Peacekeepers never come is ‘Gangchester’ - the red-light district and black-market zone controlled by diminutive mutant Smalley Biggs. He runs a ‘cooperative’ of the six largest gangs, including the Full Metal Whippets who run bionic weasel battles and other animal fights, the Tetley Men who control the illicit trade of opium and booze, and Scufflers who control the majority of food production.


The ghetto doesn't judge by appearances, but there are some mutants, the most extreme, and the exiles, that have been driven below the trash heaps and ruined cellars. These 'morlocks' live apart, unwilling or unable to scrape a living in what passes for mutant society. Monstrous in form, often insane or driven by urges unpalatable even to the rest of mutant kind, they are best left alone.

STRONTIUM DOGS / Life in the 22nd Century
« on: October 09, 2017, 05:42:05 PM »

Earth is only one part of a galactic community, encompassing dozens of species and hundreds of colony worlds - many of them dusty rocks from dubious terraforming, or abandoned planets that suffered their own apocalyptic wars. Earth is but one planet among, and a damaged one at that, but humans... humans get bloody everywhere. Earth has several colonies - many now controlled by the empire of New Britain or humanity's surviving gigacorporations.

Earth is a wreck. 70% of the population of Britain and other First World countries were wiped out, and the rest forced to rebuild amidst nuclear winter, mutation, and lawlessness. In New Britain at least, this led to fear, xenophobia and a domineering, fascist government determined to reclaim the glories of its pre-war ‘empire’ in space. Many people think earth itself is a bit of lost cause.


New Britain is more backwards than forward looking – it rebuilt with unpleasant, brutalist architecture modelled on the 1970s, and uses old ideas, or literally re-purposed, old technology rather than seeking innovation. Technology is spread unevenly – lunar bases, major corporations and star-liners have access to high technology; backwoods colonies and slums have little more than early 21st Century tech with a weird scattering of super-hi tech devices. Imagine a future imagined in the 1980s, where CDs are the hot new thing. Computers and robots are somewhat clunky, with odd personalities, modern smartphones don't commonly exist (mobile phones never really recovered from the nuclear EMP).

Lasers have fallen out of favour. Blasters are the most common firearm, with the rich favouring ‘combi-weapons’ and variable cartridge blasters. Many melee weapons are enhanced with high tech capabilities - there are electro-knuckledusters or laser-whips. Deadly Time weapons were common in the 22nd centuries wars, but are now strictly limited after a number high-profile incidents. ‘Pocket nukes’ are the terrorist’s weapon of choice.

STRONTIUM DOGS / The Roll of Honour and Infamy (Dramatis Personae)
« on: October 07, 2017, 02:06:07 PM »
Classic-Era Dogs (some still around)

Durham Red
A female mutant ‘haematovore’ (vampire), possessing blood fuelled strength, endurance, and immortality. Worked with a number of other mutant bounty hunters over the years. Subject to obscure prophecies about a vital role in the future. Present whereabouts unknown.

Evans the Fist
Welsh mutant and former S/D agent, now ‘retired’ after his licence was revoked. Immensely powerful right arm, which grows directly from his head.

Frinton Fuzz [Deceased]
Son of Clacton Fuzz, a general of the first mutant uprising. Exceptionally hairy, obscuring his whole body. Killed in action while working with Durham Red. His younger brothers (twins) are newly fledged S/D agents.

The Gronk [Alien]
Pacifistic alien from Blas, in the Gallego system. Fur-covered, tentacles, conical humanoid. Long-time companion of Johnny Alpha, despite his ‘poor weak heartsies’ and utter lack of courage or combat skills. Skilled physician.

Johnny Alpha [Deceased]
Famous mutant bounty hunter and hero of the mutant underground army. Possessed x-ray vision from his glowing mutant eyes, and limited telepathic powers. Due to time travel and paradoxes, the exact circumstances of his life and death cannot be 100% determined. Most people agree he died saving mutants from Arcadia, during the Second Mutant War.

Jones the Voice
Welsh Mutant, still a Strontium dog despite showing little apparent talent for the job. His snout-like mouth can emit subsonic tones to induce headaches, nausea, and perhaps shatter fragile objects. Claims to have once been the boyfriend of Durham Red.

Lionel Death [Deceased?]
Unpleasant ‘living skeleton’ S/D agent, an expert in torture and interrogation. Died in an ‘friendly fire incident’ between his team and Durham Red/Johnny Alpha. Some recent stories suggest he may still alive… probably just rumours.

Middenface McNulty
Ageing, hard-talking, alcoholic Scottish mutant, long time Strontium Dog and former insurgent of the mutant army. Has fungus-like growths on his cranium. Recently lost an arm and had the stump augmented with a bionic replacement.

Precious Matson
Mutant journalist. Her mutation is that she has a third, centrally located breast. Which is not terrifically useful but is probably a conversation starter.

The Torso from Newcastle [Deceased]
Headless mutant resistance leader and former Strontium Dog. Killed bring down Nelson Kreeler during the Doghouse ‘civil war’ of 2182.

Vince Scampi
Bounty Hunter with a prawn-like crustacean head. Good with a gun, they say.

Wulf Sternhammer [Deceased]
Norm, actually a Viking from the year 793 AD, brought back to the present. Best friend and long-time partner/sidekick of Johnny Alpha. Famous for his strength, tolerance of mutants, and “happy stick” (a massive, two-handed hammer). Murdered by Max Bubba.

« on: October 07, 2017, 12:57:05 PM »

Traveller has been around since 1977, and is one of the earliest Sci-Fi RPGs.
It's had a few editions and different publishers, but it remains pretty simple and pretty much the same as ever... I'd say it's default form creates fairly gritty, realistic "hard" Sci Fi. Strontium Dog is a little more wild and space opera-y than standard Traveller.

You roll 2d6 and add a small modifer from your stats or your skills. You need 8 or higher to succeed.

You have these statistics:
EDUCATION (what you were taught, not your IQ)
SOCIAL (always 0 for filthy muties)
INFLUENCE (your social skills)
PSI (your ability with psionics, if any)

There's no "hit point" - damage is taken directly from you STR, DEX, and END.
When two stats hit zero, you're unconscious. When they're all gone, you are dead.

Your mutations will skew your stats, and may grant other abilities or hindrances.
Characters gain skills by serving terms in a career - in Strontium Dog, that's always bounty hunter.

That's pretty much it!

STRONTIUM DOGS / Re: Propaganda and Other Images
« on: October 07, 2017, 11:21:28 AM »

STRONTIUM DOGS / Re: Propaganda and Other Images
« on: October 07, 2017, 11:19:12 AM »

STRONTIUM DOGS / Propaganda and Other Images
« on: October 07, 2017, 11:05:56 AM »
New Britain, 2190 AD



« on: October 07, 2017, 10:29:36 AM »
Previously, on Strontium Dogs...

This game is set after the main timeline of the Strontium Dog comic from 2000 AD. PCs are the next generation of mutants, struggling to get off planet and survive in the newly reinstated 'Search and Destroy' agency. That means anything you already know or want to read up on about the adventures of Jonny Alpha and his fellow mutants is fine. Some characters are still alive, older and (sometimes) wiser. The truth is often confused however - so what you read might not be the exact truth.... or even the truth at all.

So what about the last generation?

‘Nobody ever knew who fired the first missile – but suddenly the
whole world went crazy.

There had been other wars – but not like the Great War of
2150. When it was over, every major city in Britain was nuclear
wasteland. But the British were resilient. Slowly, painfully, the
30% who had survived began to pick up the threads of life…’

Johnny Alpha,
Portrait of a Mutant

2150 AD – The Big One
Nuclear war ravages the earth. 70% of Britain’s population is killed. The ensuing Strontium-60 fallout, the “strontium winter” of 2150-51 causes a massive increase in mutation.

The previous wars of the 22nd Century had created their fair share of mutants, and by 2150 these poor wretches have become loathed and despised, particularly in Britain, where right wing fanatic Nelson Kreeler has pushed Anti-Mutant Laws through parliament, formalising the apartheid of ‘norms’ and ‘muties’ - enforced by a private police force known as Kreelers.

2162 AD – The Mutant Uprising
Mutants, disenfranchised and ghettoised, have had enough. An underground guerrilla army forms, at first smuggling food and medicines but later acquiring weapons and fighting back against paramilitary pro-apartheid gangs and the police.

2164-67 AD – The Camps
Right wing anti-mutant firebrand, Nelson Kreelman establishes mutant labour camps; in the next three years 20% of the mutant population is housed in one of these dreadful concentration camps – half starved, riddled with disease – and the mood of the mutant army began to shift away from hit-and run skirmishes to all-out war.

2167 – The Battle of Upminster
Jet-pack equipped mutants lead by the Evans the Fist of the FWM (Free Welsh Muties) raid Britain's floating palace and bureaucratic hub, the Upminster. Other mutant regiments also rose up across the country.

They release the Mutant’s Charter:

The Mutants’ Charter
We, the undersigned, make known to the King and Government of New Britain our beliefs:
• That all humans are created equal
• That mutants have the unalienable right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness
• That the extermination of one race by another is unnatural and unfair.
•  That until the Death Camps are closed – until Mutant Rights are recognised – it is our duty to resist in the name of Humanity.

The government responds by unleashing terrible ‘time weapons’ against the ‘insurgents’. The mutants eventually surrender to King Clarkie in exchange for clemency and a promise of more equitable relations in the future.

The promises are not kept. The anti-mutant private police force, the Kreelers become more draconian, despite attempts to forge a new peace between norm and mutant. The mutant army formerly disbands but continues as a banned terrorist group.

2168-2180 AD – Rise of the Search & Destroy Agency
The S/D Agency is established as part of the reforms agreed by King Clarkie, and in response to the increasing lawlessness and expansion of colonial settlement across the galaxy. The Galactic Crime Commission had called for some form of law enforcement assistance for years – and with large numbers of mutants exiled from the Earth with considerable military and combat experience, the creation of an agency that could use their talents was the ideal solution.

Mutant S/D agents, known as 'Strontium Dogs' enjoy new-found freedom as they rove across the galaxy, serving warrants on the worst criminals of earth and alien races on behalf of the Galactic Crime Commission. Despite the dangerous work and ongoing prejudice, its a freedom few of them would trade for life back on earth. 

2170 AD – Reality Quakes
Criminal Max Bubba escapes into the past via technology stolen from the Canterbury Time Labs. New ‘Strontium Dog’ Jonny Alpha and other mutants travel back to 793 AD to track him down, as ripples of chaotic time paradoxes and ‘reality quakes’ threaten to destroy the time/space continuum.

Jonny Alpha and the ‘norm’ Wulf Sternhammer (a Viking brought back from 793 AD) will go on to become the most famous bounty hunters of the S/D agency, and heroes of the mutant people.

2182 AD – The Adolf Contract
Jonny Alpha is sent back in time to apprehend Adolf Shicklgruber, to bring him to justice at the end of World War II.

Later this year, Jonny will be framed for the murder of innocent civilians on the Scottish colony planet Och 11.

2184 AD – Jonny's Rage
Criminal Max Bubba somehow escapes from captivity, and takes revenge on those who put in there: Wulf Sternhammer is killed and Jonny Alpha takes bloody revenge on Bubba’s gang.

2185 AD – The Final Solution
The New Church, a cult of religious zealots taking up the anti-mutant cause after Kreeler's death, offer mutants a new life in a ‘paradise dimension’ where they can live free from persecution. Mutants from the ghettoes of Milton Keynes are the first to ‘volunteer’ to go to the new mutant Eden of Arcadia.

2186 AD  - The Fall of Arcadia
The Final Solution is revealed as a hoax - ‘Arcadia’ is actually a hell-dimension populated by demon-like aliens. The Doghouse, orbiting base of the S/D Agency, is transformed into a bomb by Lord Sagan of the New Church. In retaliation the Dogs crash the station into Salisbury Cathedral, base of the New Church, killing Sagan.

Jonny Alpha manages to free the mutants exiled to its fiery desert, sacrificing himself in a ritual to open the gate back to earth. Despite this, rumours of Jonny’s survival persist.

2190 AD – Old Dogs, New Tricks
As part of yet another round of concessions and attempts to reconcile norm and mutie, a new Dog House is constructed, to house a new generation of Strontium Dogs.

STRONTIUM DOGS / What the Hell is This?
« on: October 06, 2017, 10:40:09 PM »
So you have decided to play a uniquely British post-apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi spaghetti western. This should be easy to explain...

Welcome to Strontium Dogs: The Next Generation!

SD is a game of mutants, bounty hunters, and the bad end of space - where every planet is Jabba's Palace or the cantina scene from Star Wars. Set in a dystopian post-atomic war, 80s retro-future, the characters are mutants, warped by the nuclear fallout that ravaged the earth. Disenfranchised, vilified by the media and victimised by New Britain's fascist government, mutants are herded into ghettoes and camps. The only job mutants are allowed, the only way for them to escape the poverty and desperation of the ghettoes, is to become a Search & Destroy agent - the titular Strontium Dogs - and chase down the scum of the galaxy while protecting themselves and their fellow mutants against prejudice and oppression of the ‘norms’ back home.

From the creators of Judge Dredd, it's a little bit Red Dwarf meets Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy mashed with V for Vendetta and Clint Eastwood movies. It should be violent and funny and gross and its action adventure but it also a satire with things to say about politics and prejudice and being different.

Don't take my word for it: Watch the Fan Film

It'll be fun, come play.

Some Inspirations

Battle Beyond the Stars
Blade Runner
(and technically the first 10 minutes of the Stallone version)
Doctor Strangelove
Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 1 & 2
The Omega Man
A Fist Full of Dollars
(and other classic Clint Eastwood Westerns)
Rogue One
Space Hunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
Star Wars
(especially Jabba's palace and the Mos Eisley Cantina)
V for Vendetta

TV shows:
Blakes 7
Buck Rodgers
Day of the Triffids
Dark Matter

Classic era Dr Who
Dark Matter
(especially the sewer mutants)

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