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: So You Want To Play A Psionic...
: Smeghead September 13, 2019, 05:00:39 AM
You little snowflake.

Psionics are the funky space wizards of Space Shlubs. These extraordinary abilities are thought to have some connection to hyperspace, but no scientific evidence has been found to verify this. Some enounter a so-called 'awakening' event in their life which result in them gaining psionic abilities, others are simply psions from birth. In some of the latter cases, though, the subject may never truly know their potential.

Psionic abilities manifest in a number of ways - but broadly grant their subject the powers of empathy, telepathy and telekinesis. It's said that some Psions have been able to perform much grander feats - such as instant teleportation or foresight - but such rumours are insubstantial.

For Psionics in Space Shlubs, I've taken the in-build magic rules with Genesys and adapted them for Psionics. In order to use Psionic abilities you must have Psionics as a Career Skill   either by taking the Psion career - representing that your character has spent a great deal of time honing their psionic abilities - or by taking the Tier 3 Psionic Training talent which will grant you Psionics as a Career Skill. At character creation this will cost you 50XP total - a significant chunk, but this will unlock your ability to use Psionic abilities.

The Psionic ability rules can be found in a Google Doc I've prepared here (, but I'll also sum up what Psions are able to do...

Deal strain damage to a target - allowing you to eventually knock them out. You can also add a number of extras to the ability which add additional effects to the attack such as knocking a target down or forcing them in a direction.

Distract or otherwise disable your target, making their checks harder.

Allows you to detect a target's thoughts and emotions. If you roll well enough you can even probe for specific things.

Allows you to alter a target's mind. This starts with just allowing them to adopt a particular emotional state, but by increasing the difficulty enough you can go all the way to direct control.

Allows you to pick up objects (and people). This has a lot of uses, such as throwing objects to deal damage or stealing weapons from your enemy's grip.

A catchall for any abilities that don't fit into the other categories. Generally simple parlour tricks which don't have tide-turning results unless used very cleverly in special circumstances.