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: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: Hunk of Huddersfield November 02, 2018, 10:33:15 PM
21st august 2105
Well that was a shit show but I supose every cloud has a silver lineing since ivíe now got a job out off that riot, I only went to make sure no harm came to Annabel Magnus.
That Cohen seems good and as long as the pay is there I can lend him my trade. The George inn was a laugh with Mouse and Annabel Magnus, glad to meet a fellow man of honour but Iím home now and Annabel Magnus is staying the night as sheís too drunk to go home on her own.

22nd august 2105
Woke up this morning with a buk on my chest and the window open, someone must have broken in during the night. I need to move, hopefully somewhere closer to St Cornilious since Iím expecting a lot of work to come my way soon.  Beter ready myself for my first job.

23rd august 2105
 Went to church as normal but when I returned there was a caling card handed to me on my return to go see Mr Cohen tommorow. Ill have to go after Iíve moved apartments tommorrow morning. Wonder what work heís got for me. 

War is hell, and I'm the devil!
: Re: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: Hunk of Huddersfield November 07, 2018, 10:44:47 AM
24th august 2105
That place was built like a fortress, one way in one way out. Must have been some money spent on it.
What ever they have done here they never wanted it to leave with this amount of security.

What the Fuck were they all disfigured and non human leik.

How could someone violate Godís work like this. Its an abomination. We had to put them out of their misery.

We returned to Cohens with our finding. All this language is beyond me let alone trying to read these papers. Thats what those smart folk are here for but they wouldnít be around here without me and mouse. Other than that im glad to have my first paymint £15 for a days work ainít bad gonna get myself something special.

Must figure out what to do with this typewriter I stole. Wonder if anyone wants it for a £1 or 2 or maybe I can give it Annabel Magnus for her his birthday on Thursday sheís he's been talking about wanting one for a few years now.
Beautiful, ain't it? Someone should take a picture.
: Re: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: Hunk of Huddersfield November 14, 2018, 11:29:07 PM
Scout report of evening of 24th august 2105

I successfully observed both main exits of the pub.
I used my best disguise as a broken street light. Nobody saw me as usual, in-fact most people stayed away from where I was stood (Almost as if I was invisible)
Annabel Magnus knew my disguise and where I was gonna be stood so when she came out she could see me straight away.
I then entered the pub and drank Peters drink ( not complaining about a free half pint)
Saw mouse following the men in question down an ally (he said they got into a cab but he sent Richard after them)( a few diffrences between his tale of events and Richards, not sure who to believe)
Richard found where they were going and it matches with Peters information. Now time to plan our next adventure. Not liking Moles idea of going for the women and children.

Your eyes can deceive you. Donít trust them.
: Re: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: Hunk of Huddersfield November 26, 2018, 11:17:40 PM
25th august 2105

First day off in a while. Made sure I gave my house a quick once over and then cleaned my beautiful Ava. Have to make sure she's nice and clean. she's seen a lot of action recently.made sure to Wrap Annabels Magnus birthday present for Thursday. hope she doesn't realise its the typewriter I stole from that nice warehouse we visited, she's been wanting a typewriter for a while now. ive given it a quick clean but Ava was calling so I had to go tend to her. Had to go see Cohen this evening not a lot important said Richard and Peter going to be posh, think I might get myself a posh coat or something, Magnus was reading up on something from that beautiful warehouse and me and moose were being the exquisite men we are. Well man and a half. He's such a little man. But just as good and strong a fighter as everyone else

26th august 2105

Went to see my mates again today as Cohen didn't need me and since Annabel Magnus was busy I thought I might as well see them again. Asked them if they could find me stuff to make a nice officer coat but they seemed bit too curious as to why. Those things are hard to come by so doubt they'll get me any soon. But off to pub tonight to find out what Petehard found out (yes Petehard has a nice ring to it I think) might not drink so much tonight my vocal chords need a rest.
: Re: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: Hunk of Huddersfield December 05, 2018, 10:14:12 AM
Scout report of the Smedlingtonsí 28th august 2105

Me and Magnus arrived on the side of the river a good few hours before people arrived for the fight. My disguise as a broken streetlight worked yet again if anything better this time as no one looked towards mine and Magnusís direction. I looked through my scope to look for one of the men from the bar and so David Harcroft immediately as he pulled up with who we assumed to be the Smedlingtonsí. They were wearing basic clothing much like all the other wealth that came tonight but both were wearing silver and gold respirators as a sign of their wealth. Both looked out of place and awkard around the higher social class, no one was rude to them but people knew they were new money so didnít talk to them as long as many other. David looks to be the reason as to why the smedlingtons are doing all these things with their money as he fit in more tonight than nearly inane only Mr looked more comfortable tonight.
Magnus seemed more distracted about watching the fight than about watching the Smedlingtonsí and I will consider a different partner on other mission as the distraction is unacceptable on such an important scouting mission luckily I am such a good scout I didnít need his eyes but if something had happened he would have been no use.
Court marshal recommended. Charge of insubordination against Magnus Green.
: Re: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: Hunk of Huddersfield December 12, 2018, 09:51:23 PM
29th August 2105

This was written in the few hours between the meeting at the George and Karl going to Magnusí practice

These people are starting to get on my nerve, unwilling to kill those that must die. It seems the only people I can trust in life are my girls Ava and Annabelle they will always be there for me. They know what must be done. They will guide me to the light that is true and just.
Until these pacifists learn that action is needed in this place I shall keep the £177 they found hidden in my house.
I need to see Annabelle as these thoughts are not healthy and she shall help me but first I shall see if Ava needs me. Sheís such a special girl. I shall write again by end of day unless these pacifists finally man up, then we shall be doing what is required and taking the lifeís that we should. But I will be going to Annabelle now to talk of these events and gather her opinion.
: Re: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: Secretly a doom bot December 13, 2018, 10:46:20 AM
And the group think Richard is bad...
: Re: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: Hunk of Huddersfield December 13, 2018, 12:16:17 PM
The group know Richard is bad, Karl is to stupid to carry out anything unless others have told him what to do.
: Re: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: Hunk of Huddersfield January 11, 2019, 03:33:59 PM
30th August 2105

What happened to me last night. They say I took the wake but I never stood up all night.
Did Annabelle drug me? But what about the door Iím sure there was a hole blasted through it.
But damn what ever happened last night felt good but damn did my head hurt this morning clearly from a fall but I donít know when that happened. I feel like I did on my first fitness test for the brigade, exhausted and hungry.
Now I am home and can sort these munchies, Damn Iíd heard people talk about this but I never thought theyíd be this bad.

My temper is waring thin with this moronic midget thinking he is the leader of this group.He needs to remember his rank as a penal corp and shut that mouth of his or Iíll have to shut it for him. Did he touch my Ava last night. I need to clean her again and again. Get his dirty prints off her. That 100 guineas reward that Annabelle told me about in the paper for information to do with the burglary him and that stupid killer Richard went on. Maybe the only way to shut him up is to make the police a visit as there are no crimes they can tie me to. If not Ava has seen little action due to this revolution.

This revolution bores me. I was promised money and strong feelings of success but all Iíve been given is attitude, descent, and disapiontment. The only reason I still make my voice known is for Annabelle. These people try to command me even tho I am their superior. Peter is the only new friend I have made from this rabble. I must speak to my girls about this to see their views before I act.
: Re: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: Hunk of Huddersfield January 27, 2019, 11:11:56 PM
31st August 2105

I went to the barracks this morning to see my friends. Hopefully they can help me out with this situation Iím in. I feel I needed to be back there so offered £150 to any man that can get me an officers uniform and a riffle brigade uniform. All of them soon took me up on that offer so I must have offered the right kind of reward. They took me on the wall again. How I miss them days. I canít wait for this uniform then I can go back on the wall anytime I feel alone as I know ill always have my friends there. My brothers that replaced the ones I lost.

On my way to the barracks that moronic midget, mouse, was outside my house as I left. He seemed to be injured with the way he was positioning his left leg. If this meeting wasnít so public Iíd have had to restrain myself not to let Ava have her revenge for touching her. He asked me where I was going and was very degrading as always and expecting of me to come with him as soon as he arrived but id already made plans even if I didnít i wouldnít have gone with him. Iíd have rather have been shot than be alone with him. He told me Richard was a serial killer which doesnít surprise me I knew he had the eyes of a man thats killed before. The conversation was like him Short and Stupid. He needs to learn respect or he will be taught it.

This meeting this afternoon I donít care for. Annabelle is unusually quiet I am surprised she hasnít come seen me after Saturday night. She needs to explain what happened or I may be forced to find it out through other methods. Ill give her till Thursday before I approach with my least preferred method of finding out what happened. If sheís drugged me with this wake that she knew nothing about then I donít know where our friendship will be. I may have to go speak to my solicitor to change my will. I canít trust her with Ava when Iíve gone I shall have to leave it to Oscarís son. The only thing that can come good of this meeting is going to be seeing Richard against mouse.

mouse and Annabelle are planning something. She is getting closer to him day by day. Is he poisoning her mind with his moronic opinions. I must address this issue with immediate action required. I donít trust either of the pair right now and must watch my words with them at this meeting. My words must be used like bullets, used only when need but with a deadly outcome.
: Re: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: Hunk of Huddersfield January 31, 2019, 11:53:14 AM
31st August 2105

That bitch, how dare she steal from me. She has changed. She is no longer the same. Ava is my only girl now and maybe she is needed to make sure that bitch is no longer an issue. Now to clean this mess sheís made clearly sheís been in only my hiding spots have been ransacked but nothing has been taken. I may need to move this position is compromised. Her court marshal shall come now. Her absence means she canít defend her case but the ruling shall carry. For her insubordination she is charged with 2 weeks in jail. For her thievery and lies she is charged with death by the hands of those sheís hurt.

Mouse had arranged to meet me at the George inn whilst at the meeting this morning so I meet him and gave him Annabelleís book and told him about all her lies. He told me he didnít believe her anyway and as a result. Her bag disappeared with Violet, that thieving bitch. We went out for dinner and a talk. He knows Catherine my good friend. She taught him how to shoot. I may have to pay her a visit tomorrow when I go for my gear. Up early tomorrow to get to the barracks and back before I must go to the dogs again with mouse.
: Re: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: Hunk of Huddersfield February 10, 2019, 03:36:39 PM
1st September 2105

I write now whilst mouse goes to meet Cohen yet Iíve been summoned to arrive just 5 minutes after. I donít know how long 5 minutes are but I shall leave shortly.

Ive got it. Ive got it. Im finally back to the good old days. This armour is mightier than any. This armour shall insight fear into my enemies, into that bitch. Ive given mouse my word I wonít hunt her down as repayment of the debt I owe him for not shooting me after what she had done. There is just one benefit in this deal. I get to kill her if the group decides thats best. Whoever takes this right from me shall have their head taken in her place. This constant moving now is annoying me but twice since joining this revolution my house has been raided. Is someone after me. I need to move. Hide. I may try lay low at the barracks for a while. This officers coat is great everyone is saluting me on the wall today. Ahh it takes me back. I must remember to salute back tho or my game will be up. These medals I need to find what they mean as they are the only chink in this armour. I wonder now what Cohen wants. I shall put this armour on before arriving. Make them question who is there. Make him think his revolution is foiled. I do hope Annabelle is not there, I feel it shall be difficult to not put a hole in that head of hers. This promise Iíve given mouse will test all my will. She doesnít deserve a quick death but a slow one nor does Ava need to be soiled with the kill of that bitch. Whats that you say dear? You want to be the one who blows her head off that wimpy thing she calls a body. I guess my dear you shall be the one to do the job. I go now to Cohens to see what that man wants. I hope its him wanting to pay us cause my pockets could do with some more weight in them.

whilst walking to Cohens a song can be heard coming from Karl
It is sang in the tune of one more step along the world I go

One more bullet in my gun I load,
one more bullet in my gun I load;
for the bullet shall be new
as these bullets were made for you
And it's from my gun it shall travel to you;
They keep me waiting till I kill you.

Round the corner my eyes shall turn,
more and more about my target I learn;
and the new person that I see
Oh Magnus are you ready for me
And it's from my gun it shall travel to you;
They keep me working till I kill you.

As I travel through this neighbourhood,
keep me traveling to were I should;
when I see no where to go
Ava will be telling me the way, I know
And it's from my gun it shall travel to you;
She keeps me ready till I kill you.

Give me courage when the work is rough,
keep me working though the work is tough;
death and money in all I do,
keep me working along with you
And it's from my gun it shall travel to you;
She keeps me hunting till I kill you.

You are mightier than the world can be,
you are younger than the life in me;
ever old and ever new,
keep me murdering along with you
And it's from my gun it shall travel to you;
She keeps me killing till I kill you,
: Re: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: Hunk of Huddersfield February 13, 2019, 08:36:41 AM
Legendary Deathwatch Riffle Brigade Officer Karl Hemmingway was murdered in a memorial park this afternoon. He died instantaneously with his wife, Ava, alongside him the whole time.
711 kills 1 death
Fucking Camper
: Re: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: PaperWitch99 February 13, 2019, 09:10:15 AM
He will always be remembered by his dear friend Magnus.
: Re: The tales of Karl by Karl for Karl
: Hunk of Huddersfield February 13, 2019, 09:12:52 AM
such a dear friend of 7 years that you wish to drug him. Keep Ava safe will you old friend. Beware of the Fog that is set to come upon London.