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: Fireside chat
: Mike Moriarty September 03, 2018, 08:22:55 PM
This thread is for in character chat between sessions.

Everything here should be in character and please sign posts with your character name as not everyone may be familiar with your forum handle
: Re: Fireside chat
: 50 October 17, 2018, 06:02:21 PM
(In the late autumn chilll will try to position himself as close to the warming fire as possible, before looking round with clear curiosity at the others.)
So, what a ... varied group we are! Yet it must be said we seem to work fairly well together. (Chuckles) well perhaps excepting my over enthusiastic rush to attempt to seal the breach at the end there!
: Re: Fireside chat
: The Dan October 17, 2018, 06:10:36 PM

Crack Bones the ogre. Eight and a half feet tall, broad-chested, long-armed. Skin like old cracked leather, a sickly waxy-grey. Many scars. Hair like steel wire, pulled tight to his skull in sparse dreadlocks, ending in a short, 'egg-whisk' topknot at the back. Notable gear: A worn, many-notched sword, a battered Ambrian knight's shield, the paint all worn away; a tarnished bronze amulet, the sun-symbol of Prios. Age is hard to guess on ogres, but there's a sense of weary experience about him. Unlike the hunch of most ogres, he makes an effort to stand up straight.

When relaxing, he chews on the end of a long pipe of bone, that looks like it was carved from (perhaps) a human shin bone. He carried a scrap of thick carpet, to sit on when the chairs can't take his weight. And sometimes, he reads a battered book. Or writes in one, with painstaking care.

Crack Bones

"So... They call me Crack-Bones. I am good at it. Most people know me, what I do. That's why I am here. But who are you people? Why would this... Anadea seek your service?"
: Re: Fireside chat
: 50 October 19, 2018, 09:21:49 PM

(Nods to Crackbones... then after a second or two looking round the rest of the group, turns to look into the fire for a moment before speaking)

Lady in faded brightness came,
Cast from the hallowed halls.
Adrift.. a rift... from guiding creed
No less her grace carried forth.

With whisper yet she called to arms,
The muster of giants and dwarves.
Queens men, light-bringers, the un-beholden,
When peals their duty known.

Voices of the ages carried forth,
Riding ancient forest limbs.
Masked but seeking answers,
From ringed throat yet to speak.

With quarry blast the challenge set,
Cursed ground spews ruined men.
The caved-in eye where muster hosted,
Now afflictions source.

Resolute the commencement,
Blight met with soul and steel.
Bow, blade, blessing, bolt,
Through the cursed barrier leap.

The pit of maelstroms maw found,
Intent... to glut - scream revealed.
Sallied then the mustered force,
Intent... to starve the villain.

Ascending horror Knight and Necromancer,
Shield and stave struck in challenge.
Mustered soul responds,
No more to be taken the line is drawn.

With flying feet and selfless vigour
The lowest leads the way.
Giants of stature and soul flock to banner,
For now the breach… held…

(Looks up blushing, and takes a long drink)
: Re: Fireside chat
: 50 October 19, 2018, 10:06:38 PM

..apologies my new friend... to answer you  more name is Ulavan and as a theurg of Prios I know Anadea to be a good and concerned ... compasionate soul

I myself feel that the radiance of Prios should be shone in every corner so those that want to live in the light can do so
: Re: Fireside chat
: The Dan October 19, 2018, 11:18:47 PM

Crack-Bones listens intently, drawing on his bones pipe, staring off.

That was a good song. Crack-Bone's song is all crunch and snap and screams... He laughs humourlessly, then suddenly smiles. There was a time though, when I would walk the camp and the people would shout 'CRACK BONES COMING!" as I came, and gamblers and debtors would scatter like deer. Good times.
: Re: Fireside chat
: The Dan October 25, 2018, 08:22:26 PM
Crack-Bones has been brooding on the old crone's song for some time, with repeated, solemn baritone mutterings. Until:


Fathers, Mothers,
young and old
left us here in the dark,
in the cold

Running, fighting,
all life ahead
I'd rather remain,
here with the dead

Silent, frozen
never dry
I am alone to sing
and to cry.

It is a bad end, to have only such a song. Better than nothing, but she needs... more. A start, or an end, I think. To make it more than it is. But I have no tongue for it. You have singing in you
  Can you do that? Give her a better end?"

(He's looking particularly at Ulavan & Korick)
: Re: Fireside chat
: Brewster24 October 26, 2018, 02:56:26 PM

Thinking, wondering,
why such a grump,
From this isle,
what fun to jump

Now that's an ending! I'll admit she did scare the crap out of me but it's not that bad. Sure she's blighted or whatever you call it but she has her own private island and lake! Some people would kill for that. Maybe she should be more grateful for what she has.

Gob begins to snigger then gets back to doing whatever childish pursuit had taken his fancy
: Re: Fireside chat
: The Dan October 27, 2018, 11:23:50 AM
Crack-Bones sighs.

Crack Bones

Goblins... Never a thought to the virtue of old things. tuts Trapped in the long dark way to nothing, eaten by the earth while breathing still. Have you no pity for that?
: Re: Fireside chat
: Brewster24 October 27, 2018, 01:10:45 PM
I have pity for a life wasted sat on an isles all alone doing nothing. Lifes too short to waste sat alone, blighted or not. If your dying either do something about it or at least find an exciting way to pop your clogs.

My parents used to say I was crass but I never gave the time to work out what that meant.
: Re: Fireside chat
: The Dan October 27, 2018, 01:24:18 PM

You say a wise thing, goblin. It is better not to linger on too long; to be the ashes and the not the fire. I would have given her an end, if I could. But it was not wanted. Maybe I was wrong to let it go. Maybe we should go back, and see it done?.
: Re: Fireside chat
: Brewster24 October 27, 2018, 02:10:20 PM
We would have enough time before corruption is a problem but wasn't she a witch. It might not be easy.
: Re: Fireside chat
: 50 November 05, 2018, 10:12:21 PM

Stirred from thought looks up at Crack-bones question and shakes his head..

That was not my feeling ...

pauses and looks away so as to avoid meeting anyones gaze

Fathers, Mothers,
young and old
left us here in the dark,
in the cold

Running, fighting,
all life ahead
I'd rather remain,
here with the dead

Silent, frozen
never dry
I am alone to sing
and to cry

Retaining, honouring,
Lest tradition be lost
Despair in sacrifice
as memories host

Warding, Warning,
lest err be remade
By reckless conquerors
Imprudent crusade

Waiting, Listening
Ere whispered reply
Faith and memory
‘Til quiet vigil descry

Hearing, answering
past tomb spewed blight
Ring brought souls
Bring the chance of light.

Looks back at Crack-bones again

no ... I feel like she has earned her melancholy ... and perhaps with Prios light to bring us wisdom enough she may yet help us understand and resist this rising darkness
: Re: Fireside chat
: The Dan November 05, 2018, 10:58:18 PM

That is a song worth remembering. One worth signing.
It's good for things to have a proper end.
: Re: Fireside chat
: 50 November 05, 2018, 11:39:51 PM

Nods Though perhaps caveat.. so long as we remember that oft each is likely the beginning of the next tale too?

Pauses and looks a little nervous

...forgive me for my impudence... but you seem most unlike my expectation of ogres...

: Re: Fireside chat
: The Dan November 06, 2018, 06:41:37 PM
He smiles.


I have no special talent. We are not foolish creatures. < glances at Gob > But most folk do not talk... philosophy with my kind: Set out to train a hound and you get only a hound, eh? But Father liked to talk. Liked his own voice and to argue. And to give me books.

< taps his bicep, then his head >

This is muscle. And this is a muscle too. If you want to survive, you have to use all the muscles.

: Re: Fireside chat
: 50 November 07, 2018, 09:18:48 PM

Most certainly true i'm sure... in my case though I feel I should play to my strengths

<Prods his own slight paunch with a self depreciating sort of smile> muscle is certainly lacking in some areas...

<Moves to rest his hand over his heart and smiles again> ...i hope I can make up the shortfall with conviction and compassion.

<Brows wrinkle for a moment>

But again please forgive me if I seem to pry ser Ogre ... you mentioned your Father... yet from what I've read I was under the impression Ogres somehow sprung full formed from the vast Davokar and their lineage was therefore somewhat obfuscated?
: Re: Fireside chat
: The Dan November 12, 2018, 11:01:30 PM
Crack-Bones turns a tiny, hand-made chess piece over in his hands, part of a set he's whittling.

This is Father. It is a long story ( He was one of you. Ambrian, I mean. Young when I first knew him. Old by the end. When he took a shovel from my hand and gave me a sword again. He was a proper bastard. Good with that long knife you people use. Very good. Taught me, the hard way. Heh heh.

Taught me other things too. Reading. Talking. He loved the sound of his own voice, being oh-so wise. But also to have a good argument, a... debate. All the time. He said he was a teacher, in the old country. But now we were big-named adventurers. He was a man who knew people, and who people came to for help. For a strong arm to settle a debt, or a vendetta. Men like Taran would come to us for information. We lived in Blackmoor. He kept order over many tents - no trouble from the likes of Korrick, or Gob. Not in our tents. All good until the Blood Robes and the damn Keep came along.

He holds up the tarnished symbol of Prios.

Good man. He give me this. Shame he is dead.


Where you come from? Where did you learn your things?
: Re: Fireside chat
: Belzera November 13, 2018, 12:06:14 AM
Corrik sighs at the mention of his name, holding up two fingers in an offensive gesture while he allows Crack-bones to finish his story.

"So Adoptive father, adoptive home, simple story."

He then mutters looking over to the Priest before taking another sip from his drink, thinking for a moment as he listens to their stories.
: Re: Fireside chat
: The Dan November 13, 2018, 04:37:43 PM

(smiles at Korrick)

Ha. You are trouble in the Heap. But I am Scold, so no problem. Other people, big dwarf hammer problem - hehe. But they do not come to Crack-Bones for help, so... no problem between us.

Yes, all stories simple. Get more simple over time. Only complicated when you are in them, I think.

Like maybe story of a dwarf in Thistle Hold, without other dwarves?
: Re: Fireside chat
: Belzera November 19, 2018, 10:02:50 PM
Corrik as they group is walking back towards town with the party sans the priest who was left in town is humming tunes and singing, or half singing as he walks, starting confidently he sings starting slow and picking up pace with the final line

"It's that time of year once more and again
When the green turns golden brown
And the summer sun shall fade to winter sky
Old Temp-lar, it's a-time for you to die

Repeating it a few times seemingly ignoring others words, smiling seemingly happy before he moves on trying a few different lines, pausing as thoughts pop to mind

"With King and no wait...."

He pauses and thinks before trying again a few moments later

"With Kin and All are born to fall ah better, better, after all triplets!"

He nods and moves on happy again

"And all must die as sacrifice, Underneath the Autumn sky no... no... not that how about... Underneath the Starry Sky no no... it was in daylight.... hrm Underneath the Seasons Sky better, better, hrm maybe not sky, sun? Underneath the Seasons Sun yeah, like that now next..."

He falls just humming a tune as he thinks taking about 5 minutes before he continues to ing on and off again, repeating the first parts over and over, eventually continuing on

"Hide your pride, let I decide, Who must live and who must die, Underneath the Seasons Sun"

He repeats what he has a few more times smiling and nodding to himself, singing the whole lot merrily before pausing after a dozen repetitions

"Still missing something, hrm, not sent them off..."

He smirks and starts trying out more lines

"The Reaper comes for the parley and the guy, all must fall beneath his Swing,
 Seasons Change and we wait for darker days, The Old Templar is a-sleeping in his grave!

He nods to himself and starts to sing the whole lot together grinning happy with his work.

"It's that time of year once more and again
When the green turns golden brown
And the summer sun shall fade to winter sky
Old Templar, it's time for you to die

With Kin and all are born to fall
And all must die as sacrifice
Underneath the Seasons Sun
Hide your pride, let I decide
Who must live and who must die
Underneath the Seasons Sun

The Reaper comes for the parley and the guy
And all must fall beneath his swing
Seasons change and we wait for darker days
The Old Templar is a-sleeping in his grave
: Re: Fireside chat
: 50 November 26, 2018, 11:42:45 PM

On hearing Corrik's verse as he comes in to the inn.

<quietly sighs>I always feel its the easier path to be spiteful and dismissive of those we find ourselves in disagreement with. To look to violence as a first recourse removes the requirement to think.. and to feel. It makes it easy to justify our own failings and to blame others as we revile them for the weakness of being inferior to our skill with blade or bludgeon. I wonder how often we do that so as to avoid meeting our own gaze in the mirror.

Glances at.crackbones and gives a small smile.

my story is also long.. and simple both... I suspect somewhat tame compaired to the other tales here however... some night soon when we are not so troubled I will share it with you all my new friends

<Pauses an takes a drink> but yes like your father I hail origionally for Alberetor <then his gaze unfocused>

Fear is a father’s gaze dead, bleak.
Home no longer a place safe to seek,
Love turned to bitterness as life withdrawn.
Vile entropy raised, hope is forlorn.

Fear is a child’s cry, lost and alone,
Of wearied men split to the bone,
Kith taken by demand of direst event.
Rallied in hope, by blackness circumvent.

Fear is a soldier’s weeping slumber,
Ghosts real and imagined rising in number,
Returning victorious, to death and decay.
To land where no longer the light hold sway.

Fear is a refugee’s backward glance,
Marching through Ice risking all on chance,
Last look at the home shorn of welfare.
To a promised land so on lips a prayer.

Fear is knowing home can be taken,
In pride a promise may again be forsaken,
A new land ruined, death its only harvest.
So pray and do right the only catharsis.
: Re: Fireside chat
: 50 December 04, 2018, 11:06:42 PM

Sitting diwn near the fire during our first trip into the Davokar.

<looks up and around the vibrant canopy> ..ahh... this brings back such old memories... I can just recall those images of childhood in my country... beforethe dark lords came
: Re: Fireside chat
: TheaFH December 06, 2018, 03:05:27 PM

She pokes the fire with a stick, keeping her head down and nodding along as Ulavan speaks. As a once very sheltered kid, and still only a young adult, she knows embarrassingly little of what he’s talking about.
 “Must’ve been a horrible occurrence, that,” she says, somewhere between a statement and a question. It certainly doesn’t sound pleasant.
: Re: Fireside chat
: The Dan December 11, 2018, 04:59:48 PM

Beat a dog enough, and it will raise its pups to bite at everyone, that's what I know. Someone came and wrecked their land and drove them out... So here they are, forcing their way into Davokar, killing clans and raising up towns and cities, adventurers and queens. Wrecking ours. Maybe. I don't know.

Makes me wonder who these dark lords are. Were they too driven out by a bigger dog? Is it all a great dance in a circle, and in time the clans will be forced on and drive out the dwarves, or whoever - or did Ambrians go delving after a Davokar of their own; trying to tame the earth and chain the wild; waking some buried god up, or pulling treasures from the earth, until the earth spewed up the dead to teach them a lesson.
: Re: Fireside chat
: The Dan March 12, 2019, 10:21:44 PM
Later, after the skirmish....Around the embers of the campfire, Crack-Bones is puffing on his pipe, looking thoughtfully over at Ulavan and Will.

Crack Bones

So... You want to talk about what happened?
: Re: Fireside chat
: Will_you_please March 14, 2019, 08:32:32 PM
Will to Crackbones
It's just a waste. They were my brothers and sisters in arms and yet they were slaughtered. It sickens me to think I've seen this sight  far too many times where fellow soldiers lay dead around me... brings back too much from my past that no man or living thing should've experienced!
: Fireside chat
: Brewster24 March 16, 2019, 09:27:48 PM
Gob - They may have been your brothers and sisters but they attacked us and tortered that poor goblin. They fired at Ullavan.... a priest!!! I can see this happening again and I don't think we should feel bad getting caught up in it all

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: Fireside chat
: Brewster24 March 16, 2019, 09:29:53 PM
Gob - though please can we avoid mages, fire hurts

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: Re: Fireside chat
: Belzera March 16, 2019, 09:43:07 PM
Korik with a whet in his hand, sharpening the sword taken from the leader of the ranger group, speaks up after Gobs words, his eyes focused on the blade.

"We tried talking, it didn't work, wasn't going to work, they had a job to do and that job is getting the Queen the path to Symbar by any means nessesary"

He pauses and glances at Will.

"You may call it needless, but, that side of the encounter, the questioning side, is one I'm taken many a time in my life. Leaving those that you questioned alive when fam... when superiors want what they have or are seeking is not the way it is done."
: Re: Fireside chat
: Will_you_please March 16, 2019, 10:31:52 PM
Turning to Korik
"That wasn't the proper way to react when someone announces your formal title. Something has changed with the rangers or could their mission have made them forget their greetings?"
: Fireside chat
: Brewster24 March 16, 2019, 10:34:06 PM
Gob - The templars in Karvosti were being weird and ignoring the priests. Maybe a similar things happening with the rangers, shits kicking off and groups are changing

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: Re: Fireside chat
: Will_you_please March 16, 2019, 10:56:38 PM
Muttering to himself
Will - "Too much has changed since my time. Makes me wonder how many rangers there are out there who still remember the terror days...and the joy day before the terror..."
: Re: Fireside chat
: TheaFH March 16, 2019, 11:03:40 PM

She’s been listening to what’s been said, but still remains a bit confused about what just happened. “I still find it weird that they didn’t trust you more, especially with your background, Will,” she says, and shrugs, before turning to Gob. “And I agree, that mage was nasty business. Magic in general... can be very unpleasant.”
: Re: Fireside chat
: Belzera March 16, 2019, 11:08:14 PM
Korik laughs at Freyrs' words

"Oh they reacted perfectly reasonably to someone popping out of the forest shouting while you are in a tense stand off with a potentially dangerous target, they showed the respect deserved of an ambusher appearing"

He shakes his head slightly before speaking

"Regardless of what they say. Now, you expect too much of them Will, you are a former ranger, not an active on, not one of their own"
: Re: Fireside chat
: The Dan March 16, 2019, 11:09:38 PM
Crack-Bones takes a long, thoughtful drag on his pipe while Korik speaks.


My heart is heavy for you, Will. If it means anything, I hoped it might be some ruse, that they were not as they appeared, but oh well.

Well, we are in the game now and no mistake. Your own people trying to kill you, just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That means this is all real, worth killing for - or at least they think it is. That is something worth knowing. One hound off our trail, also. A hard fight but not without cause, or without worth.
It is a shame though, them being Queen's Rangers and all. You hear such fine tales of them, saving people, slaying bandits, monstrous beasts and abominations... Pity. Maybe they were good men, doing their duty to the end? I don't know, but I respect that.    I have spoken of this before (, but the world is not a children's tale; good men join both sides of quarrels. I have killed good men and bad, in my time. Mostly they were just men. Mostly it seemed like a good reason at the time. Mostly it was because someone told me so too. Hmmph.

But I do not think the battle is what offends our priest. If we must, then speak now. Do not let it fester - but afterwards, never again. No songs, no jokes, nothing in a book. No one can ever learn what happened today, or we will be outlaws with a price on our heads.

: Re: Fireside chat
: Will_you_please March 16, 2019, 11:22:01 PM
"I am used to killing men with ranger cloaks...just never live ones. This is a passing feeling, one that I felt on my first battlefield. Like the previous one, this one too will fade."

"I have my own reason for this journey and I intend to uphold it. It was unfortunate that the Captain had to perish with her dream but I hope it'll enlighten her to know that our missions are the same."

Looking at Korik and the rest of the group
"I wish to have that rangers bow and if anyone has anything against that then I would like to hear it."
: Re: Fireside chat
: TheaFH March 16, 2019, 11:55:48 PM

She nods along to Crack-bones’ words before letting out a deep sigh and leaning back where she’s sitting on the ground. At least she knows well enough to keep her mouth shut in the future about what happened here, after all, you can’t carry on with fraud and framing behind bars. She looks up at Will when he speaks, and smiles encouragingly. “I think you’ve made yourself deserving of that bow. It’s better that it’s handled by someone that knows what he’s doing.” This is said with a pointed look towards Gob.