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: Mongoose Dredd RPG - Judges' Handbook 2
: 348 October 23, 2013, 10:39:05 AM
Looks like The Judges' Handbook 2 will be published soon. I can heartily recommend it as I wrote it and I need the royalties.
Thanks to all those players who helped inspire me when I was coming up with extra rules for Dredd Traveller. I would like to include various Player Characters in fiuture publications.
: Re: Mongoose Dredd RPG - Judges' Handbook 2
: The Dan October 26, 2013, 11:31:35 AM
"Sweeney's Law!"  ;D

I am hoping HBO pick up the series, as then there'll be more nudity.
: Re: Mongoose Dredd RPG - Judges' Handbook 2
: 348 November 14, 2013, 09:00:00 AM
PDF didn't not meet it scheduled releasr for October. Accordin to current release schedule itsout this month (November). Meantime here is the back cover text ~

The Justice Department of Mega-City One has a large assortment of specialist units to help police and defend Mega-City One; from the relative safety of the offices of the Administrative Division, up into the vehicle strewn skies patrolled by the Flying Squad and down into the perpetual twilight of the red light districts of City Bottom, where the Vice Squad seek out their lurking informants. The Justice Department also maintains a presence throughout the globe, various Mega-Cities host the Diplomatic Department, whilst other Judges are stationed in the undersea dome of Atlantis, the strife torn ghettoes of Ciudad Barranquilla and the vast, and blizzard swept plains of Antarctica.
Details are provided for various units, vehicles, robots and equipment of the Justice Department that have not previously been covered in earlier Judge Dredd role play supplements. Players can chose further Divisions for their Cadets to train with, whilst rules are also provided for sixteen different Specialist postings, from the anonymity of the Public Surveillance Unit to the gaze of the vid-cameras of the Public Relations Department.
The calamitous disaster of the Day of Chaos which has devastated the city, its citizens and the Justice Department, is examined and rules are provided for determining what events and misfortunes befell individual Judges and cadets. This handbook also allows a glimpse of the shadowy workings of Black Ops Division and the brutal might of the Space Marines who currently help to police the remnant of the Mega-City.
Finally, a gallery of individuals from the 2000AD comic archives are provided who can provide assistance or hindrance to Judges undertaking various missions.
: Re: Mongoose Dredd RPG - Judges' Handbook 2
: 348 December 04, 2013, 08:38:53 AM
Mongoose have just posted the all new Judge's Handbook II on Drivethru. You can grab your own copy here; ... te_id=7242

Prepare yourself for a new look at the Justice Department and many new options to make your Judges truly unique!

: Re: Mongoose Dredd RPG - Judges' Handbook 2
: 348 May 29, 2017, 09:45:40 PM
The book was withdrawn from sale when Mongoose no longer had the rights to 2000AD material.
Alas, I has undertaken a lot of work on five other Dredd RPG books (two of which were completed) that will not see print, though hopefully chunks can be used in the next RPG incarnation of Judge Dredd. 

If I run another Traveller JD campaign, I am happy to  forward the relevant extra rules and background info from these works.